Filament geotextile paving method1. Using

Filament geotextile paving method

1. Using a manual or mechanical roll shop; the high quality long fibre filament needle punched geotextile is smooth and the left margin is modified as appropriate;
2. Filament geotextiles usually overlap, several methods of stitching and welding, the width of stitching and welding is usually 0.1 m or more, and the overlap width is usually 0.2 M or more. Possible long-term exposure of geotextiles should be welded or stitched;
3. The filament geotextile method can also be connected by hot air welding. The two fabrics are connected by a heat gun at a moment of high temperature heating to partially realize the molten state, and immediately have a certain force, so that they are firmly adhered together and cannot be connected. To wet heat bonding (rain or snow) weather. For a minimum width of 10 cm suture, the minimum width of the lap is naturally 20 cm, when hot air is welded to a minimum width of 20 cm for the seam
4. Sewing with the same quality and geotextile, materials that are resistant to chemical attack and UV radiation are more resistant to sutures;

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