Female Flibanserin Powder

Female sex powder flibanserin powder CAS167933-07-5
Flibanserin is the world’s first drug to help women with low libido, reducing the libido-suppressing serotonin and increasing the libido-stimulating dopamine.

This product can directly affect the female brain to control the sexual pleasure area, so as to restore the female gradually declining sexual desire. By modulating the human system that stimulates libido, flibanserin helps restore the balance between inhibition and arousal that leads to healthy sexual expression. The effects of the drug are not immediate; it takes several weeks to get results.Nootropics Powder

Like antidepressants, flibanserin affects the brain’s production of chemicals associated with mood and desire. In fact, it was used as a treatment for depression before it became a sex drug.

Flibanserin regulates chemicals in the female brain and only works in women with significantly lower libido. There is no way a drug user can be „aroused“ by flibanserin if they are no longer interested in someone. It doesn’t overdo it, it’s not an aphrodisiac, it just helps balance the chemicals in a woman’s brain that make her want to have sex with someone she likes, but not more than normal. But it will take time for the drug to work, and flibanserin needs to be taken daily by women.

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