The roast suckling pig is a main dish of the Manchu Han feast

Heavy manual labor and monotonous life make unsafe college students try to improve themselves. The Great Northern Wilderness is a natural granary. If we want to do something, there will be unexpected harvest. Find a wooden stake as a fulcrum, and put a rope on it so that you can catch a lot of sparrows. The sparrow is cut through the chamber, take out the viscera, stuffed into a few grains of salt, paste it on the yellow mud, and roast it on the fire.

and we have also made a bold attempt in the snow and ice. Legend has it that a long time ago, a family yard had a fire, the fire was fierce, the flame rushed to the sky, and the things in the yard were burnt out. The owner of the house hurried home and saw only a piece of ruins, stunned. Suddenly a smell of fragrance came to the nose, the master followed the fragrance to find it, and found it was a scorched pig, tasted delicious, and later “roast suckling pig” became one of the dishes. We cook in accordance with the law. The farm’s young are not easy to survive in winter, and they are left behind after death. This is our raw material. The Beijing people of “North Airlines” graduated from Beijing to make a suckling pig, after his processing, after more than an hour, it flutters out the smell of meat. A few people eat it carefully. Everyone looks at each other. The face is full of bitter expression. At this time, the dignity, taste, and elegance are all lost to Siberia. There it is.

We are interpreting the evolutionary history of human society and exercising our ability to survive in bad conditions.

In summer, after the rain, the sky is washed with water, and the blue is transparent. There are several rainbows on the far side of the mountains, which adorn the Great Northern Wilderness with many colors. From time to time, squirrels jump on pine trees, and pheasants look for food in the grass. One Sunday, a few of us went down the grass-kneed path into the dense hazelnut groves, bypassing the blister fields, and found a “New World.” There are a lot of tussah trees and linden trees. In the moist and not breathable environment, the trees are full of rich and thick wood ears and various mushrooms, especially the rare and loveliness of the Hericium erinaceus in the tree trunk. We have been busy picking up a lot. Go back through simple processing, wash the ears of the fungus, use the boiling water, mix with sauce, vinegar, garlic, one person divided a large bowl, big chap, after eating everyone praises, until now still linger lingering fragrance. Hericium erinaceus is rare. It is steamed in a cage, dried and preserved by everyone.

In the Great Northern Wilderness, eating willfulness, eating boldly, eating open and eating for life is unforgettable.

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