Chaos of block chain

Chaos of block chain
Speed up industry standard development block chain can become a trust machine.
In addition to the above-mentioned technical risks and performance issues, the development of block chains

is also facing many challenges, such as inconsistent concepts, unclear development path, diverse and complex

industry application scenarios, lack of supervision, platform and application security, and so on. These problems

interact with challenges, which also spawned “block chain chaos”.

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In the block-chain product market, some technology vendors claim that their products are block chains, but

in fact, it may be just a system with transaction restrictions but no control mechanism, it may be just distributed

storage. However, there is no industry standard to evaluate this form, so it is difficult to judge and correct

it copd exacerbation.
Moreover, with the soaring price of the virtual currency represented by Bitcoin, the concept of digital

money began to appear in the daily life of ordinary people, but for most ordinary people, digital money is just a

vague concept, they only know that investing in Bitcoin will make money, but they know nothing about Bitcoin

itself. Some technology vendors cleverly grasped the psychology of the public. Digital money has been reduced to

fraudulent material. They use block chain development to operate some paradoxical “block chain projects” and

randomly build an ICO. Road shows all over the country publicize their projects to attract investment, nominally

labeled as block chain projects, but in fact they are swindling around money.
Some observers have broken through the current torrid situation of ICO: “due to the regulatory vacuum, the

public lack of awareness, the ICO market fish and dragon mixed, there are many”cheater money”. Even if the puppet

entrepreneurs compile a story and piece together a white paper, they can build an ICO, put on the cloak of a block

chain and lay down a ponzi scam, and make a big profit, investors can’t stop it.
Block chain disorder not only damages the enthusiasm of investors, but also seriously hinders the healthy

and orderly development of block chain industry. Some experts pointed out: “The urgent task of block chain

development is to further unify the fragmentation standards of block chain industry development and establish a

complete block chain norms and evaluation system. To make a clear judgment on the product identity, performance,

safety and other aspects of the block chain, and to build a trusted block chain, so as to curb the occurrence of

block chain disorder, and to create a good environment for promoting the development of the block chain.

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