Explain why kindergarten floor materials use floating assembly floor

Polypropylene (PP), the main raw material used in kindergarten suspension-assembled flooring, is a high-strength and high-performance environmentally friendly material. It is added with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and anti-cold additives during production to make the product with pressure, impact and high resistance. Low temperature, long use time and so on. 100% non-asbestos, no harmful fillers such as lead and mercury, and no radiation. It is a green floor decoration and renovation material that will not cause harm to the human body. SC-ZSfloor concludes that the application of suspended assembled flooring as a ground material for kindergarten has the following six major advantages:
1, sports protection: can provide excellent motion buffer protection, which can minimize sports injuries. When taking off, it can absorb a large amount of impact, fully protect the body functions such as ankle joints and knee joints, and feel warm in the foot. The elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court in kindergarten can absorb the shock and relieve the tiredness of the knee and provide a warm foot feeling.

2, sound absorption and noise prevention: kindergarten suspended floor has a sound absorption effect compared to ordinary ground materials, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels.

3, construction is fast: kindergarten assembly floor paving construction is convenient and fast, and maintenance is simple. During the installation, the floor joints are connected by male buckles. In order to make the adjacent two floor blocks tightly fit behind the device, the rubber seam can be used to knock the floor joints without any glue and any nails. Usually, the four people are less than three hours. Can complete the paving or lifting of the site;

4, non-slip moisture: kindergarten and indoor tennis court interlocking mat because the main component is polypropylene, and water has no affinity, so it is naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not soaked for a long time will not be damaged, and will not attack due to high humidity change. Non-slip, moisture-proof, no deformation when exposed to water.

5, anti-static: kindergarten assembled floor can also block the static electricity brought by the human body, let you stay away from the danger of static electricity.

6. Simple maintenance: the suspension assembly type plastic floor is usually maintained by water washing or cleaning with a clean 90% dry mop. The stained ink, food, greasy on the floor should be wiped off immediately, then diluted with dilution. Scrub marks.

How important is the choice of environmentally friendly floor materials in kindergartens, SC-ZSfloor suspended assembled floor to meet all your needs, choose SC-ZSfloor sports floor materials to give you peace of mind!
What are the advantages of outdoor suspension assembling floor construction paving method?

Some other outdoor floor materials, such as ceramic tiles and PVC plastic flooring, often communicate with customers in daily communication. The construction costs are high, and the cost is increased invisibly. Compared with other materials, the floating floor is paved. In terms of advantages, the advantages have emerged. As a manufacturer of suspended assembly flooring, SC-ZSfloor teaches some applicable paving methods, which are what we do every day. Under the premise that the quality and price of the products reach the customer’s satisfaction, It is possible to save money, so what are the advantages of outdoor paving and floating assembly floor construction?

When the suspension assembling sports floor is laid, there is no need to nail, no glue, and the ground core force is placed on the ground and pressed against the ground line. The suspended floor is detachable, mountable, moveable, and replaceable. This is a brand new construction method.

The interlock commercial basketball court surface is laid fast and the maintenance is simple: when the pavement is installed, the joints are connected by the male buckle. In order to make the adjacent two floor blocks compact after assembly, the rubber seam can be used to knock the floor joint during construction. Glue and any nails (Glue usually contains volatile odors, is not environmentally friendly, and it takes time to gel and it takes good weather). The entire site is connected by paving splicing, and it is usually less than three hours for four people to complete the paving or disassembly.

After the paving, the maintenance required during use is also very simple, just rinse with water, use mop cleaning indoors, maintenance is very low; this is in line with the simple and simple theme advocated by people today. The suspended assembled floor does not require high maintenance costs in the later period, and the usage rate is high: due to its good moving performance, it can be repeatedly disassembled for shipment and can be directly disassembled and moved to another field. Convenient and practical. The above advantages are also unique to suspended flooring. Ok, the content is shared here. Welcome friends to collect attention, if you feel good, you can share with friends.

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