Epic had conflicting the self refund badge feature

Epic had conflicting the self-refund badge feature, breadth players can be issued a acquittance instantly for any acquirement aural the endure 30 days. The affair with this affection is that players are alone accepted 3 self-refund tokens for a lifetime and some players may adopt to Fortnite Items use this alone if they accept purchased a corrective that they may not in fact like a few canicule afterwards or charge V-Bucks to acquirement a new account in the shop. The Japanese adaptation of Fortnite on PlayStation has a acceptance awning afore purchases and players accept been allurement for this to be implemented to abstain adventitious purchases.

Epic agent Fortnite Items had afresh declared on a Reddit column that they are acquainted that players accomplish adventitious purchases and will be arising a new affection breadth players will be able to acquittance items up to 5 account from the acquirement of the account and they accept not entered a game. The Best Abode to Buy Fortnite Items, Materials, Weapons, Traps. You can see the abounding acknowledgment below.

“We neither wish to add abrasion for players nor do we wish to account from adventitious purchases or players regretting a purchase. Our antecedent band-aid for this was to add a acquittance badge system.As an advancing iteration, we are traveling to acquaint an “undo” button to the abundance page that allows you to calmly acquittance afterwards application up a badge aural a 5 minute time window, bold you haven’t started a bout aback purchase.

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