emilio pucci dress is a new fashion choice for spring and summer

Now the floral dress is no longer a rustic, rustic floral dress that is still in your mind. We don’t believe that we can take a look at the show field. But this emilio pucci dress seaweed head is not made out of thin air, actually it is a “cake. Volume” hairstyle evolved. Do not buy a fit, buy an oversized size it! When it is inadvertently slipped from the shoulders, revealing the most sexy neck and shoulder curves of women, it looks more sexy and can keep up with fashion trends. It also has its own style of wear and is a new fashion choice for spring and summer!
Both the free and easy sneakers and the high heels are sexy. The balance of the man’s balance is applied to the shoes. It gives people a fresh sense of visual contrast.
What is a cake roll? In simple terms, it is a big wave, because the design of the design is like a cake with thousands of layers, and it is known as pucci shirt a cake roll. However, it is not the same as the traditional big wave. Its ripple is very special, it is not random random bending, but a fixed “sweep wave” structure, very recognizable.
How to wear this spring and summer? Is it lace, print, small fresh, retro, art, or a girl? Which kind of dress can be easily controlled? Today, with the United States sister to look at a variety of spring and summer with look ~ spring shoes and girls wearing them as diverse – but who does not like a little change? Amy’s you can stand out with these shoes in the spring and summer.
The perfect storm of prints and colors. Enthusiastic printing meets elegant kittens and makes you incarnate.
At first glance, this match is a bit dazzling, but the colors of the shoes and socks are echoed with the illustration color of the jacket. The overall unity is full of fun. If you pick a pair of boots in all the boots while taking into account the real wear and stylish, the 5cm thick and short boots must Defending champions ~

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