Elevator Manufacturers: Improvement of Elevator Hardware

Elevator energy has long been neglected. However, these machines account for 3-7% of building energy consumption, so while elevators may not be your biggest energy source, they can save a lot of money and energy. How to improve elevator efficiency to a new level? Elevator Manufacturers Fuji offers some methods.

Intelligent tracking strategy

The first step is to understand how much energy each machine uses to increase elevator efficiency. The sub-table includes the installation of a data logging device throughout the elevator group to measure the current and voltage in the input line.

Where can I find waste?

To determine the most cost-effective improvements, the next step is to check which components are responsible for the most energy.

Based on the above two points, the hardware improvements you can make include:

Motor: Replacing an old-fashioned DC motor with an AC motor can save 50% of energy.

Lighting: Replace fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen lamps with efficient, low-calorie LED lighting and replace buttons on the cab panel, overhead fixtures, and floor indicators.

Door: Not used when using the door drive motor to enter standby mode, then resume when needed.

Starter: Replace the old starter with a new starter to increase energy efficiency while preventing low quality power supplies that can cause voltage shortages.

Landing system: Replace the old landing system with magnets or tapes with a new landing system that stops the cab faster and does not run the motor for long periods of time.

Lights and fans: These lights and fans can be turned off, if the elevator is stationary, parked after a predetermined time.

Finally, regular maintenance is the key to keeping costs low. This is also to maintain expensive maintenance, but the maintenance of the elevator is a must, you should pay attention to it, good maintenance can improve the efficiency of the elevator and keep the elevator in good condition.

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