Elevator Manufacturers Fuji: Common Problems with Elevators

From old operating systems to worn pulleys, there are many reasons why elevators can fail. Elevator Manufacturers Fuji has studied some of the most common elevator problems and provided solutions to prevent elevator downtime.

The amount of the elevator arrangement is the elevator apparatus room. It includes elevator absorption machines, motor architect sets or solid accompaniment ability supplies, as able-bodied as ascendancy equipment. Ascendancy accessories is an important allotment of the absolute operating mechanism, which accelerates, decelerates and leveles anniversary floor. Most of the circadian aliment is agitated out in the apparatus room. This includes accepted aliment of motors, generators, switches, contacts, brakes and controls. Here are some accepted questions:

1. Problem: beat pulley

Pulleys with beat pulleys could could cause added abrasion on the ropes, accretion the abrasion of the pulleys. This creates a besmirched bend for the key components. The position of the caster can be afflicted or replaced, so be abiding to analysis the canal contour to verify the fit amid the braiding and the pulley.

2. Problem: Motor drive misalignment

When the motor is aligned, the motor is affiliated to addition accessory and shaft alignment is critical. If not appropriately aligned, the motor bearings will activate to wear. Misalignment of the shaft can be detected application avant-garde laser barometer accessories or artlessly application adjudicator chords.

3. Bearing noise or bearing failure

Spherical roller bearing bearing failures cause more than half of the motor failure. Noise bearings are often attributed to vibrations within the motor. We can use an inductive absorber to sink current and protect the system from potential faults. Also, ensure that all grounding is protected and connected to minimize failures caused by electrical noise on the ground.

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