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MEXICO CITY Womens Vince Biegel Jersey , Sept. 7 (Xinhua) — China has created 1.8 million jobs across Latin America and the Caribbean through trade, investments and infrastructure projects over the last two decades, according to an International Labour Organization (ILO) report on Thursday.

The report, named „Effects of China on the quantity and quality of jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean,“ indicated that the number of jobs facilitated by the Chinese economy in the region between 1995 and 2016 represented four percent of the total created jobs.

Around 60 percent of these 1.8 million jobs were linked to growing trade with China, 20 percent to infrastructure projects and 15 percent to direct Chinese investment, said the co-author of the report, Enrique Dussel Peters, during the presentation.

„Until today, China in Latin America has generated almost 2 million jobs,“ commented Dussel Peters, coordinator of the China-Mexico Studies Center at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Jose Manuel Salazar, the ILO’s director for Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted that it was the first study concerning China’s impact on employment in the region. He added this showed how China was increasing its importance and influence in global trade and investment at a time of a protectionist stance from the U.S. government.

The ILO, which has 187 member states, is a United Nations agency dealing with labour problems, particularly international labour standards, social protection, and work opportunities for all.

SAN JOSE, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis told Xinhua in a recent interview that closer relations with China have helped promote the country’s development.

The president made the remarks following the inauguration of a Chinese-built and funded National Police Academy in the country’s east-central province of Limon.

Cooperation between China and Costa Rica has been raised to a new level since they forged diplomatic relations 10 years ago.

„There are so many (bilateral) projects that are making a difference to people’s lives,“ said Solis.

Many bilateral programs aim to improve Costa Rica’s trade, security, and infrastructure, an area that has traditionally lacked investment, said the president.

The Chinese presence in Costa Rica dates back to at least 1855, when a group of Chinese rail workers arrived from neighboring Panama and found jobs in agriculture. Today, there is a sizable Chinese community in the country, especially in the capital of San Jose.

„Costa Rica is a country that identifies itself, in the first article of its Constitution, as multicultural and multiethnic, meaning we recognize we are the outcome of the presence of many peoples and many cultural traditions, one of the most important of which is perhaps the Chinese,“ said Solis.

China’s relations with the Latin American region is „essential,“ given its significant role in global affairs and its influence as a world power, said the president.

To that end, he celebrated Panama’s decision to establish diplomatic ties with China, saying it gave „added value“ to China’s presence in southern Central America.

„I hope that as a result of that decision by the government of China and the government of Panama, Costa Rica can also form part of this ecosystem of political and trade ties in southern Central America, and that with our decade of experience, plus Panama’s trade impetus, we can establish a bridge, a trans-Pacific partnership with China, of great benefit for our countries,“ said Solis.

Solis said his country will focus on improving and expanding its free trade agreement with China.

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