During my time I was also very blessed to OSRS gold

During my time I was also very blessed to OSRS gold work on jobs outside my role based on which I believed you/runescape needed, some of them include the ability to exchange Skyboxes, the debuff bar, thing tooltips and the Clan Ava Rework/Broadcasts upgrade, which I hope you still enjoy to this day! I thrived on trying to make sure as many runescape communities and players were listened to and replied on, should things go wrong I wanted to make sure we’d messaging out to try and cope with whatever had happened. Jagex employed me in this industry when I was 19, I’m now 25, have a beautiful wife and perfect little woman and I’m proud of the mark I hope I’ve left runescape.

I owe it all to Jagex for giving me that opportunity, and now I’ve a great chance ahead of me!I’ll continue to play with in-game in my accounts’Shaunyowns‘ and I’ll maintain my FC open if you want to stop by and say hello! Thank you for everything, you gave me the opportunity to be the person you listen to when you’ve issues/feedback to get runescape and I will never forget it.

We’ll all miss you dude. It’s gonna be hella different for the community without you, and I expect that ends up taking over your roll within Jagex does a job in the very least equivalent to what you’ve done for us. When you started to really become part of the community to us, even if I was not active in RuneScape I’d see what you came by to say. I see the way you departing Jagex is the exact same way I feel about my present workplace. So many changes coming through, and perhaps they didn’t listen to you as far as they should but in the end youare only 1 person in one department who can only do so much. We the runescape players didn’t mean to place so much stress on you but guy we expect you know how much you mean to us.

Account sharing is allowed on can tou buy runescape money (besides for the best ranks/inferno) just done because the acc holders danger. I really like torvestas content also but at precisely the same time he’ll borrow a maximum battle main, which he has, simply because the borrowed accounts comes with an infernal cape. So he’s basically borrowing an infernal cape, maybe not the accounts, which is sort of a gray area imo.

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