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to ask you what you wanted more than anything else in your life Nat Berhe Giants Jersey , what would be your answer?

Most people automatically say, almost every time I ask the question, “I want a million dollars,” or “I want to be rich”.

Seldom do I hear people say they want to create a plan of action, set goals, take action, and set the ball in motion to get from dream to reality.

This is the part that most people never consider. Sure, everybody wants to be rich, happy, thin, tan, and gorgeous, but how many people actually map out how to get what they want? That’s what the most successful people in life have done.

Think about it. I live in Massachusetts, and if I wanted to drive to Los Angeles I wouldn’t just get in my car and drive in a straight line heading west Ereck Flowers Giants Jersey , right? If I did, I’d end up in the southern part of Lake Ontario. If I wanted to get to L.A. I’d have to have a map to guide me there.

A map to success in life is very similar. You have to plan the steps you need to take to get to your ultimate goal. There are winding roads, bridges, and shortcuts you need to plan for. You need to figure out exactly how you are going to get all the things you want and need.

So, you need to write your own MAP (Massive Action Plan) for success. Just use a regular notepad.

Fisrt, write down all the goals you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to start a business, get a better job, go back to school, whatever. Take as much time as you need to write down all your goals, big and small. You should have at least 10-15 goals, unless you’re already perfect… which none of us are, so write them down! Do this now, and then read on.

OK, now look at your list Michael Strahan Giants Jersey , and then choose the three goals that are most important to you. On a new sheet of paper write down your three most important goals, and under each one write a paragraph or two explaining why that particular goal is so important to you. Write down why your life would be better if you accomplished each goal, and then how much you’ll miss in life if you don’t reach your goal. Take as much time as you need, and then read on.

Pretty Powerful, huh? You always knew striving for these goals was important, and you always knew you wanted to accomplish them, but until you write it down and see it on the page it never seems clear. It sure seems pretty damn clear now, doesn’t it?

Now that you’re fired up let’s do a fun exercise! Just like the last exercise, you’re going to make a list. This time though you’re going to let your mind run wild. I want you to list all the material things you want. Forget whatever financial situation you’re in, or want to be in, just have fun with this. No matter how outrageous it might seem, write it down. List private jets, expensive sports cars, yachts Phil Simms Giants Jersey , mansions, anything you want. Don’t be overly specific though. Write down private jet, not Learjet model 31A. You get the idea. Go ahead and write out your list, and then read on.

That’s quite a list you’ve got now, huh? Now do the same as the previous exercise and list the three you want the most, and why you want them. Do it then read on.

Wow! How cool is your list? Now, let’s get ready to reach those goals, and get those things.

What can you do right now to set the wheels in motion toward reaching your top three goals? When I say right now I don’t mean tomorrow or next week, I mean RIGHT NOW! What can you do? You know you can get started right now, so get going! Write down three actions you can take this second to get started, and then start doing them. Take MASSIVE ACTION! Change your life starting immediately!

Start writing a business plan if you want to start a business, spruce up your resume, or get a course schedule from the school you want to attend. Do something, anything Mark Bavaro Giants Jersey , no matter how small. Once you begin it gets easier to take the next steps.

Go online or call the nearest Maserati dealer and get a brochure, or get info on a private jet you’d like to have. This is action, and you need to take some action to get started. It may seem small, but when the day comes that you take your new yacht out for its maiden voyage, or move into that 20 room palace you’ll look back to this day, I guarantee it!

On paper lay out all the things you need to do to get to where you want to be in life. The map may seem long and daunting, but I’ll bet Bill Gates felt the same way the day he decided to start Microsoft, and look at him now. Become a client and you’ll learn a technique I call Batching to make even the longest MAP manageable, and easier to accomplish.

Well, that’s it for now kids! Get going, take MASSIVE ACTION, and live every day like the winner that you are! Remember, success doesn’t just happen to others, it can happen to you to… if you know how!

Until next time… LIVE everyday with burning ZEAL!

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Ted Hebert is an Article Marketing Specialist and author helping companies of all sizes grow their business through article marketing. He can be reached at Ted@Atunga or visit http:www.Atunga . To check out Teds book Lawrence Taylor Giants Jersey , Get the Gleam, visit http:www.getthegleam

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