Does the moisture of the stone affect the output of the Raymond mill?

Generally, when users use Raymond mills, the requirements for stones are different. For example, what is the hardness of the stones milled by Raymond mills, and the required moisture content of the stones is within a few percent, etc. The users of the milling machine are all confused, so the following is a brief introduction by the editor of Shanghai Shanzhuo Heavy Industry:
During the processing of the stone by the raymond mill in india, the stone is first placed between the grinding rings of the grinding roller with a spatula, and the stone is tightly crushed under the centrifugal force and gravity of the grinding roller. On the ring, the stone is finally crushed and ground into powder.
After understanding the working principle of Raymond mill, a lot of heat will be generated inside the grinding cavity during the grinding of the stone. If the moisture of the grinding stone is too large, the moisture of the stone itself will be heated during the grinding process. It will evaporate to a certain extent. In this way, the airflow direction inside the grinding chamber of the Raymond mill will be changed. If the situation is serious, it will lead to low capacity and explosion accidents.
During the grinding of the stone by the Raymond mill, due to the excessive moisture of the stone itself, the stone sticks to the inside of the grinding cavity due to the high humidity during rolling, which causes more and more stone powder to adhere. The speed and pressure of the Mongolian mill are also increasing, which eventually leads to the output of the mill.
If this phenomenon is not handled, the friction of other components will be increased, the speed of grinding will be reduced, and the wear on the accessories will be caused, which will reduce the life of the Raymond mill.
However, different types of stones require different moisture during operation. Generally, the Raymond mill requires that the moisture is generally not higher than 6%, so that it can better display good results. This ensures that the milling efficiency and quality of the Raymond mill can achieve good results.

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