Do you hear the common thread here

The quality of the food products we eat is of paramount importance when it comes to the nutrition that these foods contain. Animals must live on pasture and have access to lots of sunlight in order for them to get the nutrition they need which will be passed to us in the products we eat.

For example, we mentioned the importance of vitamin K2 to activate and make available the vitamin A and D for bone production dental instruments. Well, animals create K2 from vitamin K1 that they get from eating green grass. In fact, the amount of K2 in animal products drops significantly when the animal is off green grass. The lesson here is to source the quality of animal products well. Organic is always wise too. You see, healthy animals living on their natural foods accumulate the minerals from the food they eat and concentrate them into very available forms when we consume their products.

I understand how it would be great if we could live healthy, vital lives without having to consume animal products, but from our studies of history and nutrition, we are gratefully and hopelessly dependent on animals to optimize our nutritional needs.

Let’s quickly offer a list of foods that we consider to be some of the highest nutritional components of a healthy diet.

One important source is quality products from healthy animals living in their natural environments. This includes eggs from pastured chickens or ducks, fish eggs, the organ meats of cattle and other grazing animals, chickens and fish as well as dairy products from pastured cattle, goats or other milk producing livestock.

Another big source of lots of healthy fats and proteins along with a bunch of very available minerals is homemade bone broths or stocks made from bones of healthy animals living on pasture. We consider bone broths to be a foundational component of a healthy diet. Every traditional culture has their version of grandma’s chicken soup that they rely on to provide their families lots of nourishment in a very easy to digest form.

Also, any discussion of optimizing diet for greater oral health wouldn’t be complete without including the vital role of naturally fermented foods to increase the beneficial bacteria in our guts. Like we mentioned above, it’s the good bugs in our digestive systems which make the food we eat available to absorb! We consider foods like unpasteurized saurkraut as well as homemade kefir and yogurt if you do dairy, fundamental parts to a healthy diet as these foods nourish and support a healthy bacterial colonization in our bellies.

The special place butter has in our home…

If you lean toward a vegetarian diet, then look at the traditional Indian diet and how they eat A LOT of dairy products in the form of yogurt like cultured milk products and clarified butter, or what is called ghee. We really consider butter to have a very foundational place in any healthy diet scian nebulizer. However, we really have to get the very best butter possible in order to be really helping to optimize our oral health. An easy way to determine the value/quality of the butter your family eats is to simply look at the color of the butter. The paler the color, the fewer vitamins in the butter. We may have to write a whole separate article just on butter. It really does deserve the individualized attention.

As an interesting side note, consuming animal products like fatty cuts of beef and organ meats is the very best way to stabilize and optimize blood phosphorus which, as you know from the first article in this series, is the game when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy dental scaling machine.

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