Did not find a rookie who could change the team this year

Tracy McGrady was selected to NBA Live Coins the Magic Hall of Fame today and McGrady was interviewed.

When asked if he would stay with the Magic, McGrady said: „I have a lot of professional career, but no, I will not look back, I like the time I spent there.“

McGrady also talked about the previous news that Doug Rivers refused Duncan’s spouse to land on the Magic team during the recruitment of Tim Duncan. He said: “I only learned about this during the All-Star weekend this year. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know anything about it. Doug Rivers, are you real? I have to meet him.“

Talking about this year’s rookie, Tracy McGrady said: “I didn’t find any rookie who could change the team’s situation. I’ve seen some of these young players’ races. Of those players who finished the year at college, I’m not. Kevin Durant did not see Carmelo Anthony.“

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