Development of Ultrafine Mills Needs a Long-term Planning

In order to realize long-term development in machinery industry, crusher enterprises should make a long-term planning for their products. Zenith Machinery as the industrial leader has made the following planning for development of crushers.
1. To improve the crushing equipment continuously.
1) Improve the structure of existing impact crusher, increase crushing capacity for medium hardness ores and convenience of equipment maintenance. The improvement is mainly focused on plate hammer and rotor structure. Besides, the research and development of high wear resistance and high tenacity materials of plate hammer are also very important for increasing service life of plate hammer and improving production efficiency.
2) Optimize structure of impact rack and improve one-time crushing rate and energy utilization rate.
3) Use modern electromechanical integration technology and control methods so as to continuously increase automation degree of ultrafine mills, save production cost and improve productivity and economic benefits.
4) Advocate energy-saving and highly efficient production concept in order to adapt to needs of customers and market and connect with international machinery industry.
2. Increase investment in research of ultrafine mills.
Only by continuously upgrading and replacing products can crusher enterprises truly satisfy demands of the times. Upgrading of products is inseparable from unremitting efforts and positive work of technical personnel. Research emphasis of Zenith Machinery is laid on energy conservation and high efficiency.
3. Reduce environmental pollution of equipment.
With the vigorous implement of mining rectification, energy conservation, emission reduction and other policies, the competition between crusher enterprises will be fiercer. Meanwhile, the accelerating pace of urbanization, new rural construction and industrialized production puts forward higher requirements on energy conservation and emission reduction of ultrafine mills. But, the general small enterprises don’t have the ability to provide highly efficient and energy saving crushers, hence, they lose the market competitiveness. Zenith Machinery as the powerful and capable crusher manufacturer promises to abide by the environment protection principle in the later production process and continuously upgrade products. Planning the future development directions of crushers is very meaningful for improving overall competitiveness of company. We believe that the future of Zenith Machinery will be better through the above reform of development directions of crusher equipment.

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