Description of Material Selection for Daily Plastic Packaging Bottles

Description of Material Selection for Plastic Packaging Bottles for Cosmetics and Daily Chemical Products:

1. The plastic packaging bottles are usually made of pp, pe, K, as, abs, acrylic, pet, etc.

2. Cream cans, emulsion bottles, matching caps, bottle stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dust covers commonly used in cosmetics and daily chemical products markets are injection molded. Pet bottle blowing is formed in two steps: firstly, a tube blank is made by injection molding, and then a finished product is made by bottle blowing; Other containers such as emulsion bottles with thinner wall and washing flat are blown bottles.

3. PET material is an environment-friendly material with high barrier property, light weight, difficult to break, chemical corrosion resistance, high transparency and other characteristics. It is suitable for making pearl, colored, magnetic white, transparent and other packaging bottles and is widely used in jelly water filling.

4. Acrylic material is an injection bottle, which has poor chemical corrosion resistance and cannot be directly filled with paste. It needs to be blocked by an inner container. Filling should not be too slow to prevent paste from entering between the inner container and acrylic to crack. Alec cream bottles are free from obvious scratches, and all requirements are high during packaging and transportation. Acrylic bottles also have high permeability, thick walls on the senses, thick and generous, but expensive.

5. AS has higher transparency than abs and better toughness.

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