Dental Teams Must Play a Role in Communicating Treatment Possibilities

There are influential moments when opportunities occur to discuss and validate your treatment options with patients. Finding occasions to introduce and sustain the perception of quality care is the responsibility of every team member.What Is The Composite Cost? for more information.

From vital social media exposure to the initial moment of telephone contact and post-treatment continuing care visits, the team is building a quality culture during all patient encounters. Every team member is responsible for those critical moments when the patient’s choice to choose your practice and your care is validated.

Why is this important? Experts contend that more than 80% of the reason patients choose to work with your practice is based on the relationship that is developed between them and you. The relationship begins the moment the patient comes in contact with your practice, through your social media presence to the initial telephone encounter and entrance into your office and connection with your team. Further studies suggest that patients decide to choose your care within 10 minutes of entering your office. They haven’t even met the doctor yet, nor has a treatment plan been presented.

In other words, patients are not judging the quality of care provided by the doctor but the perception of the quality of care being demonstrated by the way every member of the team treats them and the way the team describes the quality of care being provided by the dentist.

Most patients joining the practice don’t know whether the dentistry being provided is exceptional or that the doctor is committed to excellent care unless someone tells them. This information is shared by the team, from the initial phone call to the new patient consultation through their recare visits. Endorsement of the doctor and his or her treatment by team members is not an option but a requirement Dental Chair.

Social media experts will state that Google reviews are critical to your social media presence. Patient reviews confirm that other clients have a high regard for the practice. Many patient comments refer to the way they were treated during their dental visit, not extolling the quality of the impression or the exceptional margin of the crown. All patient interaction is significant to their satisfaction and their opinion that they received an outstanding dental experience that was worthy of the fees charged.

From Awareness to the Phone Call

With few exceptions, the moment that patients call your office, they have chosen your care. Something inspired that person to call your office today, and that reason needs to be discovered. The responsibility of the receptionist is to find out the reason and validate that the patient made the right decision to contact your practice. The receptionist only has a few moments to make the right first impression.

Each team member plays a critical role in introducing the practice’s attributes and advantages. The hygienist has ample opportunities to discuss outstanding treatment plans and introduce new treatment possibilities during the patient visit. Being chairside with patients is an exceptional opportunity to communicate quality and endorse treatment micro motor. Together, they all validate the doctor’s treatment suggestions and extol the quality of care being delivered in their office.

There are myriad duties in the daily regimen of the dental team: orchestrating the delivery of treatment, arranging armamentarium, records management, and maneuvering the schedule to optimize chair time. In addition, the team members are responsible for communicating quality and perpetuating the practice culture. Demonstrating knowledge, empathy, enthusiasm, sincerity, and presence accomplish this.

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