Custom Football Jerseys stay in Chelsea to better

Chelsea have weathered this summer, and after the coach changes, the lineup seems to have undergone major changes. Authoritative Sky Sports broke the news that Atletico Madrid is ready to rent Giroud, but fortunately the French have declined to say goodwill. Giroud has decided not to transfer to Atletico Madrid, even if it continues to compete in Chelsea. The threat to Giroud is that not only is there Morata now, but it is understood that Higuain is coming. Due to the arrival of Ronaldo, Higuain is not willing to substitute, has been posted on the price tag, 60 million euros can be sold, and Chelsea has always Custom Soccer Jerseys been the pursuer of Higuain. According to the latest “Daily Mail” news, Abu has defaulted to sell William. Sky Sports disclosed that La Liga, the giant of La Liga, has made three offers to William. It has now risen to 65 million pounds. Abu has been touched by Barcelona’s three-pronged, and today the Spanish media has also exploded. The Barcelona team has already traveled to Chelsea to start William. Negotiation, if this deal is reached, Abu will use this money to eat Higuain. For Giroux, if Higuain is in place, he will be replaced by a substitute. But Giroud is not afraid of such a challenge, and Jilu seems to be used to it as a substitute. Custom Soccer Jerseys During the Arsenal period, Custom Baseball Jerseys he concentrated on giving Van Persie and Lakazette a substitute and eventually became a “face-type” striker, which made Wenger feel indispensable; when he came to Chelsea, he gave Morata a substitute but succeeded in putting the Spaniards Squeezed into the corner and won Conti’s trust Custom Basketball Jerseys to become the team’s main force; in France, he gave Marshall and Lakazette a substitute, but Giroud also pushed the former two out of the national team and became the World Cup. Main force. It can be seen that Giroud is not guilty of resentment, but conceives retreat and then proves himself. Jilu knows that even after going to Atletico Madrid, the position is also after Costa and Griezmann, and it is also the fate of the bench. Accustomed to the rhythm and life of the Premier League, Giroud is better to Custom Football Jerseys stay in Chelsea to better adapt and compete. It is understood that Atletico Madrid has also shifted its target, they are targeting Cavani in Paris and Kalinic in Milan.

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