Construction waste treatment equipment Harmless treatment Construction waste

According to statistics, in most countries in the world, the sum of dismantling garbage and building construction waste of old buildings generally accounts for 20%-30% of the total solid waste, of which the amount of construction waste is less than half that of old construction garbage. At present, the amount of construction waste in China has accounted for 30%-40% of the total amount of urban waste, of which building construction waste accounts for 5%-10% of the total weight of urban waste, and annual construction waste amounted to 40 million tons, most of them. Construction waste is transported to the suburbs for storage or simply landfills without treatment. Most of the construction waste is solid waste, which mainly comes from the three ring cutting festivals in construction activities: construction (production) of the building, use and maintenance (use) of the building, and demolition (rejection) of the building. The construction waste generated during the construction process mainly consists of excavated earthwork, broken bricks, concrete, mortar, pile heads, and packaging materials. The construction waste crusher during the construction process mainly includes renovation materials, plastics, asphalt, rubber, etc. Dismantling wastes such as waste concrete, waste bricks, waste tiles, waste steel bars, wood, broken glass, plastic products, etc. In order to ensure people’s health, protect the environment, save energy, and make the construction wastes resource-recycling and harmless, SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and produced construction waste treatment equipment, including construction waste crushing stations and construction waste brick making equipment. Currently, it has been applied in first-tier cities in China and is favored by customers.
The production line of construction waste treatment equipment produced by SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production line designed according to market demand. The production line integrates feeding, crushing, screening, conveying, and brick making. The construction waste generated from the demolition of houses will be recycled and aggregated after being broken at the construction waste crusher, and will be used as a retaining wall for retaining walls. It will be equipped with fly ash, cement, etc., and will be made into road bricks, grass-planting bricks and permeable bricks through the brick making machine. , hydraulic bricks, colorful tile and other 7 categories, including recycled fine aggregate, medium aggregate, coarse aggregate, small standard brick, guide blind brick, square brick, porous wall brick, single row of hole wall brick, Maple Leaf Bricks, Spanish bricks, Dutch bricks, Hollow bricks, Semi-circular roadsides, Square roadsides, Single-hole grass-planting bricks, Well-shaped grass-planting bricks, Single-hole interlocking hydraulic bricks, Tooth-shaped grass-planting bricks, Four-hole grass-planting bricks, Eight character grass bricks and more than 20 varieties of environmental protection building materials. The overall layout of the production line is good and the process route is smooth. Good environmental protection: Low noise, less dust, less pollution, suitable for production operations in the demolition and reconstruction area of ​​Chengzhong Village. Good economical performance: The construction garbage brick machine has the advantages of small area, no fixed site, and low investment in land construction costs.

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