Construction waste recycling equipment

Recycled concrete is waste concrete after sand washing machine to clean, Ultrafine Mill Abnormal Problem, screening grading and the whole screen equipments according to certain proportion resulting from the interaction of “recycled aggregates” as some or all of the aggregate concrete preparation. Adjusted at the same time adding additive and admixture, increase the compressive strength of recycled concrete has good mechanical properties and the hardened endurance performance. On a large amount of waste concrete crushing processing, recycling use of the recycled concrete technology is often thought of as the most effective measures to solve the problem of waste concrete. Concrete recycling equipment can solve the environmental and social issues can do it again, waste is architectural waste into resources.

Construction waste recycling process

Using waste concrete as the raw material crushing machine, jaw crusher is generally selected as the coarse broken, the impact crusher as the secondary crushing, good quality, high yield. Vibrating feeder at the same time of continuous uniform feeding, can remove dirt and impurity in the concrete. Sieving machine group chooses vibrating screen, dust removal using impulse type dust catcher and vibrating screen combined with spray equipment, can effectively control the dust pollution. The dust at the same time, spray equipment finished product can be clean. Host device adopts the design of subsided, greatly reduces the noise and meet the environmental requirements. In addition, after the rough broken unit mounted in addition to the steel and iron equipment, steel, iron removal from the waste concrete. At the same time of not affecting production, eliminating the steel, iron equipment damage. Complete concrete recycling equipment matching reasonable space layout, small footprint, good quality stone.

Recycling Concrete Protect the environment. Choose appropriate concrete recycling equipment (impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.) for construction waste recycling processing, can effectively improve the performance of recycled concrete, expand the scope of construction waste recycling, reduce building demolition of construction waste, reduce the unreasonable land use, protect the urban environment.

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