Conduct Regular Audits

The only way of knowing whether or not you are succeeding with your social marketing is by conducting regular audits. Focus mainly on these metrics:

How many people are you reaching each week/month?
How many people are talking about your healthcare practice via mentions, shares, and retweets?
How many visitors are coming to your dental site from your social media channels?
What is the percentage of social traffic among your overall traffic?
What is the quality of the traffic that comes from your social sites?
How engaged is this traffic?
How many clicks are you getting on your social media posts?
Each of these metrics can help you understand what you are doing great and where you need to make changes. Google analytics is a great tool to track not just your website metrics, but also your social media implant machine.

Social Influencer Marketing

Online influencers can give your brand a big boost and connect you with a more engaged audience segment. But it takes time to cultivate influencer relationships. You will need to spend some time searching for influencers within your community or industry.

However, if you can convince these people of your subject matter expertise and provide them with a regular source of useful information, they can become a part of your content distribution and brand awareness system. These influencers can share your content with their own followers, which could position you and your dental practice in front of a huge new audience dental equipment.

Accessibility, Acknowledgement, and Reciprocation

Once you are on social, you need to be available to your audience. So, consistently publish content and participate in conversations if you want to be fresh on their minds. Building relationships is one of the most important aspects of social marketing.

Make sure you acknowledge anyone who reaches out to you so they know you care about their presence. This in turn will encourage them to connect with you regularly dental file.

Most importantly, don’t just expect your social audience to share your content and always talk about you. You need to do the same for them. Spend time sharing and talking about content published by others as a way of reciprocating their interest in your dental practice brand.


Don’t expect overnight success with your social marketing. Research and audits can definitely help you understand your audience better. However, you will need to experiment with different kinds of content and techniques before you can get your social game right. In the meantime, it is best that you continue to measure your results by analyzing them via social media audits at regular intervals.

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