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If you have never considered optimizing your Pet Preform injection process – or haven’t done it for a while – this is something you should consider investing in now. why? In short, if you don’t take positive steps to optimize the molding cycle, it’s almost certainly sub-optimal – it takes your time and money in the process.
Optimized molding cycles can create more efficient processes in a variety of ways:
Can reduce cycle time.
More parts can be produced in the same (or even less) time.
You may find that the machine is set incorrectly, which reduces material waste.
Production runs can be completed faster and time to market is reduced.
Less energy can be used (for applications such as mold and material temperatures), saving on overhead costs.
Automation can be improved when reviewing and inspecting the plastic molding process.
These are just a few ways to optimize your molding cycle to bring real benefits to your business and products. Next, we’ll take a deeper look at how some of these benefits are provided, and then we’ll look at what you can do to easily do the optimization process – and keep working.
What are the benefits of optimizing the molding cycle?
Although the benefits of listing a process are easy, the evidence is in the pudding. With this in mind, let’s see how the benefits listed above are achieved through an optimized molding cycle.
Shorten cycle time:
By eliminating excessive movement or processes in areas such as filling/packaging time, hold time, and cool down time, you may be able to reduce cycle time (more will be available later).
More parts in the same (or less) time:
As the cycle shortens, the increase in production is taken for granted. Keep in mind that shortening cycle times is not an all-encompassing, blunt process or solution. The cycle time should be carefully measured and adjusted and can only be reduced to a certain extent before the quality and part integrity are reduced. If these errors accumulate, you will no longer save production time – you may lose money.
Machine setting error:
As you delve into the process time and other machine setups, you will naturally fine-tune and check everything as you move forward. This in-depth study of the cycle not only helps you optimize your setup, it also helps you identify errors that may lead to inconsistent or incorrect parts or other areas that require improvement.
Faster time to market:
Faster production (again, within the quality standards) means that your parts can be quality checked and verified faster and enter the market faster.
Reduce energy costs:
If the material and mold temperatures are heated above the temperatures required to reach the same part quality level, you may be able to adjust them. If this is the case, your machine will consume less energy and this will save a lot of energy over time.
Increased automation:
Just like other settings and processes, the automation elements and settings of your plastic molding process should be reviewed and fine-tuned as needed. As the robot runs as efficiently as possible, the rest of the process benefits.
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