China Pet Bottle Creates High Efficiency

Plastic molding is the most important process in creating high quality, durable Pet Preform in modern manufacturing. Because articles made by plastic molding are both strong and economical, it is worthwhile to understand the specific process under this umbrella term.

roll out
Plastic beads, pellets and powder are added to the chamber (extruder) during the extrusion process. The long metal screw in the extruder is continuously agitated and the plastic is liquefied by mechanical friction. The chamber then makes the plastic into the desired end product, which is then transferred to a conveyor belt and cooled with water. Then trim or sand any rough edges on the plastic and finally trim the items. This process is most commonly used to produce simple plastic products such as pipes and sheets, products without various angles and ridges.

Injection molding
Injection molding includes a funnel, a chamber for collecting liquid plastic (where liquid plastic can be injected or liquefied by an external heat source). From here, the plastic is forced into the metal mold under high pressure until no air bubbles remain in the mold. Once completed, the item is allowed to cool before being removed, cleaned, and completed from the mold. This method is best suited for solid plastic products that are more complex in shape than pipes or plates – toys, plastic silverware and automotive parts are examples of products that are best manufactured by injection molding.

Blow molding
Blow molding is similar to injection molding because it uses liquid plastic and metal molds. The difference is that blow molding is designed to make hollow objects, such as water bottles. Instead of being pressed directly into the mold, the plastic is poured into a plastic tube called a parison. The parison is sealed at each end, inserted into the blow tube, and air is forced into the plastic to expand and form the shape of the mold. Once completed, the item is removed and excess plastic sheets (“flash”) are cut from the ends of the parison to produce the finished product.

in conclusion
Using these three processes, plastic can be made into objects that almost anyone might need to use. If you now have the demand for pet prefabrication, then the choice of China Pet Bottle manufacturers can bring you more benefits. Welcome to contact Jilian Plastics to obtain more efficient products.

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