China calls itself rational amid trade battle with Trump

Launching an unusually personal attack on the U.S. President Donald Trump, Chinese state media lashed out at his trade policies on Monday.To get more china national news, you can visit shine news official website.

Engaged in a months-long trade war with the U.S., China seems to have started feeling the impact of tariffs.

With growth concerns roiling its financial markets, Beijing is engaged in various efforts to reassure investors about the health of the country’s economy.

On Monday, the Communist Party’s People’s Daily rebuked the U.S. and the Trump administration for escalating the trade conflict, and said thanks to U.S. policy, trade has become a “zero-sum game.”

While China’s strictly controlled news outlets have so far, refrained from specifically targeting Trump, on Monday, the overseas edition of the ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper singled out Trump.

A commentary on the paper’s front page said that Trump was starring in his own “street fighter-style deceitful drama of extortion and intimidation.”

It further said that Trump’s desire for others to play along with his drama is “wishful thinking,” and argued that the U.S. had escalated trade friction with China and turned international trade into a “zero-sum game.”

The paper pointed out, “Governing a country is not like doing business,” and added that Trump’s actions imperilled the national credibility of the U.S.

Meanwhile, the Global Times, which is a nationalistic newspaper linked to the Chinese Communist Party and the country’s top tabloid issued a stern warning to the U.S., saying Beijing is prepared for a prolonged trade battle with the U.S. President.

Targeting top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow in a column, the Global Times editorial board argued that the communist nation would eventually emerge victorious despite short-term pain.

The paper said, “China is bidding farewell to an era of growth heavily dependent on exports. In future, the U.S. economy will depend more on the Chinese market than the other way around, and that is a tendency about which all American elites are aware, including Mr. Kudlow.“

The Global Times wrote that China “has to defend its right to development, and we don’t fear sacrificing short-term interests.” It added, “China has time to fight to the end. Time will prove that the U.S. eventually makes a fool of itself.”

Further, the Global Times column stated that the Asian nation remains “key to the survival” of U.S. businesses and farmers and labeled the Trump administration’s trade agenda an effort to “crush China’s economic sovereignty.”

An editorial in the paper also said that China is staying calm and rational in the face of an escalating trade dispute with the U.S.

Referring to China’s announcement made on Friday, in which the country said it was preparing to retaliate in the trade war with new tariffs on about $60 billion worth of U.S. goods – Global Times argued, “China’s countermeasures are rational, and the emphasis can be found in their quantitative and qualitative aspects.”

In its op-ed, the Global Times said, “China’s recent counter-response is a restrained one, and the country is reserving the right and its ability to announce more against the U.S. China’s countermeasures aim to minimize the detrimental impact on domestic production and living standards. China is balancing short-term gain with long-term interests, risk versus opportunity, along with core and marginal interests.”

The country’s Ministry of Commerce had stated in an announcement on its website that China’s import taxes would range in rates from 5 percent to 25 percent.

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