China Benchtop Xrd Fast Measurement

The China benchtop xrd system can measure different samples in one day. If production time is an important factor for you, then it’s worth exploring the possible options and choosing the best desktop xrd for your needs. The instrument’s allowable power setting has a significant impact on throughput—running at 40 kV instead of 30 kV increases measurement speed and increases throughput by 25%. Another way to reduce the measurement time is to use a high speed line detector instead of a point detector. By optimizing the instrument settings, the measurement time can be as low as 5-10 minutes.

With such a quick measurement, you may want to consider installing a sample changer on your system to relieve the burden of the manual sample changer. It is also meaningful to use a automated device (such as a robotic arm or conveyor belt) to feed the sample into the system under a certain workload, or to connect the XRD system using sample preparation or complementary techniques such as x-ray fluorescence (XRF) systems. . Automation can also refer to analysis software, which can be customized to your needs, perform data processing, quantify, and report results to a printer, network, or LIMS system. If your lab needs automation, make sure that the XRD system you are evaluating is likely to be automated.

Determine the true cost of ownership

Of course, the XRD system has an initial price tag, but there may be additional one-time or recurring costs that result in a true cost of ownership. The factor to consider is that the XRD system may need to:

The water cooler provides cooling to the system’s x-ray tube – this will be another device that requires maintenance, it will consume resources such as water and electricity, and if it needs to be repaired, it may be the cause of the instrument shutdown.
Laboratory or bottled gas or compressed air for components in the operating system
External computer of the operating system
A controlled laboratory environment with temperature and humidity ranges.

In addition, XRD systems may require the installation of new electrical equipment. In addition, the maintenance agreement will be a recurring cost, but it may also be a consideration for keeping your system running at its best or paying for unexpected repairs.

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