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If you’re looking for the best cheap mobile phone, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to T3’s line-up of the very best cheap smartphones available. Some other changes that Asus made are the replacement of the rear controls with a fingerprint scanner (the volume rocker and the power button can now be found on the right edge) and the rear speaker is now near the USB-C port on the bottom edge of the handset.

A phone like the Moto G5 Plus can also make more sense than a flagship phone for other reasons, as the things that make budget handsets less fancy than flagship phones can actually be appealing. For example, the glass back panels of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are beautiful, but one bad drop and they could be a spiderweb of cracks. You can toss a cheap phone around without worrying as much. And high-end phones have faster processors, high-resolution screens, and other extra features that can drain your battery: The less powerful internals of budget phones often mean that these handsets have much better battery life than flagship phones—definitely the case with our pick.

Starting on the Android side of things, the phone you want is the Galaxy S8 (or S8+, if you like bigger screens). It’s powerful, it’s sleek, it has the best display, and more than any other phone this year, the Galaxy S8 did the bezel-less trend right. You also get the option to try VR by way of Samsung’s Gear VR, solid IP68 water-resistance, and well-rounded 12-megapixel camera with super fast autofocus. Samsung’s Android isn’t ludicrously expensive either.

Put simply, the Galaxy S8 is incredibly quick. With 4GB of RAM and a super-fast processor, it right near the top of the charts in both benchmark and real-world testing. You’ll never be waiting for it to load or switch between apps, and it handles the most demanding tasks easily.

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