Characteristics of the APE-40 drill grinding machine

APE-40 drill grinding machine Precision chuck with 6 jaws
Integrated, variable sharpening apparatus with electric. drive motor
Number of grindable blades from 1 – 12 right and left
4-part set of cam discs for clockwise cutting tools, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 blades
Point angles from 40°–180° degrees
Centering bush with spiral drill mount MK 1, MK 2, MK 3, MK 4
APE-40 drill grinding machine use: Integrating wet grinding apparatus
APE-40 drill grinding machine Technical Data
Diameter range 2 – 40 mm / 0.078″ – 1.575″
Left or right cutting edges from 1 -12 lips
Point angle 40° – 180°
The control panel 24 V
Point grinding electric spindle power 1.5 KW
Point splitting electric spindle power 0.18 KW
Pump motor power 0.06 KW
Revolution ratio between spindle and cam 1:1 and 1:2
APE-40 drill grinding machine Standard Equipment
Precision 6-jaws chuck
4 cams for a right-hand tool with 1-2-3-4-6 cutting edges
Morse Cone MC1, MC2, and MC3 and MC4
Grinding wheel for point grinding 200 x 25 x 32
Grinding wheel for point thinning 125 x 13 x 20
Point splitting electric spindle
Equipment for grinding wheel dresser
Wheel dresser diamond ct.

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