CDC Cites Community Water Fluoridation among Effective Strategies for Preventing Tooth Decay

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in partnership with the National Governors Association and the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, has recently developed State Strategies to Improve Health and Control Cost tools and resources to provide public health stakeholders, governors’ offices, and Medicaid directors with specific, evidence-based population health strategies to integrate into healthcare delivery systems to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care within five years.

Community water fluoridation (CWF) is featured prominently as one of the five strategies to improve oral health and reduce costs. Why? Preventing tooth decay not only decreases unnecessary pain and suffering, but it alleviates lost time to school and work and reduces the need for costly treatment. Annually, billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits are devoted to care for preventable dental problems.

FamilyCommunity water fluoridation offers a solid return on investment because small municipal investments lead to savings on the state and federal level. A recent analysis estimated the savings that would be realized by the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs for dental expenditures by reducing disease, and they are substantial.

As an equitable way to provide primary prevention to all members of our communities, and as a cost containment measure for federal, state and local government, CWF just makes good dollars and good sense.

Say Hola to Summer with New AAP Oral Health Resources in Spanish

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently translated two of its resources in to Spanish.

The AAP/Bright Futures Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool pdf.gif has been translated and can be used in coordination with the Self-Management Goals that were already available on the website in Spanish Ultrasonic Scaler.
The AAP Brush, Book, Bed program has a simple and clear message for parents: 1) Each night, help your children to brush their teeth; 2) Read a favorite book (or two)!; 3) Get to bed at a regular time each night. The Brush, Book, Bed poster pdf.gif is also now available in Spanish pdf dental lab supplies australia.gif and can be downloaded online.
For additional children’s oral health resources in Spanish, we encourage you to to check out the following community water fluoridation (CWF) resources from the Campaign for Dental Health (CDH). dental handpiece

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