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Hazard ga sin drakt til liten fan

En liten fan fikk en Eden Hazard drakt. Han og hans familie kan ikke tro det.

Historien skjedde i Amex Stadium. Hazard produserte en strålende skjerm for å hjelpe Chelsea til å avslutte en runde på fem påfølgende trekker i samtale konkurranser da de slo Brighton 4-0. Spilleren hadde krystall lagt merke til at en ung fan satte seg i publikum med plass til å holde A4-stykket med meldingen “Hazard 10 – Kan jeg gjerne ha din skjorte”. Belgias kaptein tok av seg sin Chelsea drakt og marsjerte over til applauderende publikum etter Endelig fløyte blåser. Han feiret sin to-måls skjerm for å synke Brighton ved å overlevere sin Chelsea 2017-2018 drakt til en glad ungdom.

Dette er Chelsea-stjernens 100. karriere liga mål. Hazards streik var hans tiende av sesongen i alle konkurranser og hans 64. Premier League-mål i en Chelsea drakt. Chelsea reiser til Emirates i denne uken onsdag kveld for andre etappe i semifinalen i EFL Cup.

China Focus: The rebirth of Shanghai’s “Red Flag” Village

shanghai news,The hostel Liu Yuchun used to run in northwestern Shanghai has yet to disappear from the online map on his smart phone, but Liu is sure of its fate.

Liu checks the location of the hostel through a popular app on his phone.

“Look, click on the birds-eye view, the buildings are still there, but they are being demolished,” Liu said. The hostel he once owned was in a bustling urban village named Hongqi, which means “red flag” in Chinese.

The urban village, the largest in Shanghai, has been under large-scale renovation since 2016. Hongqi stands witness to the transformation of a shanty town into a cosmopolitan area that glitters just like the rest of Shanghai.Liu, from southeastern China’s Fujian province, started his business in Hongqi village more than 10 yeas ago. He rented several houses and turned them into what he called “white-collar apartments.”

It was a good starting point for small business owners and the city’s new arrivals.

Hongqi, occupying about 400,000 square meters in Putuo district, had been home to a number of fruit wholesale and seafood markets since the late 1990s. There were also more than 1,000 small businesses such as garages, laundries, barbershops, grocery stores, printers and timber mills.

At its peak, the village accommodated some 100,000 people.But along with the low cost of living were the smell of rotten fruit, oversized trucks charging through narrow lanes, and deep puddles after summer downpours.Only about 30 percent of residents were long-term dwellers, Liu said. People left as soon as they could afford higher rents.The online map will soon display Hongqi after its facelift, and the memory of the past is fading. Everything will be different, Liu said, smiling.

Gui Dexiang, 65, was eager to welcome the changes. A Hongqi resident from birth, Gui was proud to have grown up under the “red flag,” a symbol of pioneering spirits.

The village was established in the late 1950s as a people’s commune. It was among the first examples in China of the transformation from village to a collective share-holding company in the late 1990s. Later, an intercity bus terminal run by the village became the first in the country to sell tickets online. These were the moments of glory for residents here, said Gui.

Chinese boy whose hair got frozen after walking to school

The China news public have donated over 500,000 yuan (£56,335) to help an impoverished boy whose hair became frozen after having to walk 2.8 miles to school.

However, the handling of the donations by a government-run charity has sparked controversy in China as the boy was given just a fraction of the funds.

Eight-year-old Wang Fuman, from Ludian County, has received 8,000 yuan (£900) despite people donated over six times more money through the local Zhaotong Youth Development Foundation after seeing a picture of Wang and his icy hair.

It’s said that the rest of the funds would be used to help more less-fortunate pupils in the region like Fuman, according to a statement released by Zhaotong Youth Development Foundation on January 16.

Previously, the government charity said each student at the Zhuanshanbao Primary School, where Fuman studies, would individually receive 500 yuan (£57).

The authority’s decision has sparked discussions among the Chinese public.

Some agree with the government’s solution because – as one web user put – ‘this way the amount of money could benefit the future of more children’.

While other people disagreed as they argued the authority shouldn’t re-distribute the donations because they were meant for Wang Fuman.

Chen Furong, the head of Ludian Education Bureau, said the authority didn’t give too much money to Fuman because it wanted to protect him and help him grow up in a more healthily, according to China National Radio. Mr Chen said getting rich overnight is a ‘twisted manner of charity’, and it would not help Fuman grow up healthily and disappoint all the benefactors. Little Fuman shot to fame last week after a picture showing his hair and eyebrows coated in frost was shared online.

Wearing a thin coat, eight-year-old Fuman had walked for an hour in minus nine degree weather to his school. He then had to sit an exam in a classroom without heating. His story moved millions of people in China, who started donating money to him and his school.

Messi skóre dvakrát pomohlo Barcelona 5-0 Real Betis

Nosit si Fotbalové Dresy Lionel Messi a Luis Suarez skóroval dvakrát, když Barcelona vyhrála 5: 0 v Real Betis v neděli s pěti půl sekundy na zvýšení španělské vedení.

Nosil Dres FC Barcelona Ivan Rakitic také zaznamenal pro katalánský klub, který se pohyboval 11 bodů před Atletico Madrid na začátku druhé Ligy je druhá polovina.

Messi, který zaznamenal sedm gólů v posledních šesti zápasech, vede ligu s 19 góly, čtyři více než Suarez. Uruguayský útočník zaznamenal alespoň gól v sedmi po sobě jdoucích ligových zápasech. Má 10 gólů v posledních osmi zápasech ve všech soutěžích.

Barcelona skončila s porážkou 1-0 v soupeřském městě Espanyol ve čtvrtfinále Copa del Rey, což skončilo týmovým zápasem o 29 zápasů. Zůstává bez ztráty v lize.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys a couple of minutes of an NFL game

President Trump doesn’t care what players think, or if they can

Dozens of NFL players knelt or sat during the national anthem Sunday in righteous reaction to President’s Trump’s profane comments about how owners should fire the SOBs who dare exercise their constitutional rights.

The players’ defiance was well earned, but Trump’s insult — under Friday night klieg lights in Alabama — was deeper and more contemptuous than merely calling for their jobs or calling them names. He also mocked rules meant to make them marginally more safe in a violent game.

“You hit too hard — 15 yards,” Trump said, mentioning he’d recently watched Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys a couple of minutes of an NFL game. “Two guys, just a really beautiful tackle” — and here he bumped his tiny fists together — “boom, 15 yards.”

So it isn’t just that Trump doesn’t want to hear what players think. He doesn’t care if they can think at all, years from now.

And it’s not the first time he’s Arizona Cardinals Jerseys expressed this sort of callousness. On the campaign trail in 2016, he sneered: “Concussions — ‘uh-oh, got a little ding on the head?’ ”

This invective was aimed at NFL players, but Trump managed to affront athletes everywhere last year when he insisted that to brag about sexual assault was merely locker-room Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys talk. NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said on Monday that players who protest inequality are the ones who speak real locker-room talk.

Trump once owned the New Jersey Generals in the long-since-folded USFL. He tried to buy the Buffalo Bills a few years ago. He said of NFL owners during that speech in Alabama: “They’re friends of mine, many of them.” True enough, several made donations to his inaugural committee. But NFL owners who have billions in common with the plutocrat president aren’t feeling so friendly since Friday.

Trump insists his barbs have nothing to do with race. Saying so doesn’t make it so.

The evidence suggests all this is very much about race. The protests are about racial disparities in criminal and social justice. The protesters are mostly African American men in a mostly African American league. And Trump spoke to a mostly white crowd in Alabama after he’d suggested a false equivalence last month between white Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va.

When Colin Kaepernick, then a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, knelt during anthems last season it was in the tradition of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, American sprinters who raised their fists as the anthem played during their medal ceremony at the 1968 Boston Bruins Jerseys Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City. Today their statues stand in the National Museum of African American History and Culture, just blocks from the White House.

Its current occupant doesn’t grasp the concept of patriotic protest.

The Vietnam War, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s multi-night documentary, is playing on PBS stations while this drama pitting president against players plays out in real time. Burns appeared at the Kennedy Center this month and asked Vietnam veterans in the audience to stand. Then he asked anyone who protested against the war to stand. No antagonism was visible in the great hall. They were just Americans who love their country and found different ways to express it all those decades ago.

Today the nation is divided in ways not seen since the Vietnam era. We can’t get away from it even in our stadiums and arenas. Not when we have a president who thinks NFL players should just shut up and scramble their brains for our entertainment.

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Best Jordans Brand Unveils Spring 2018 Lineup

The Best Jordans Shoes has been experimenting with OG greats of yesteryears swapping material, pattern and colorways to reimagine an exhausted look in revitalized fashion. The said AJ is set to take its rightful place alongside its remastered cousins in the “Bred toe” and “Game Royal” variation that also make the market on the same day.
These new Latest Jordans Shoes are almost a carbon copy of the “City of Flight” variation that was released on the 10th January in preparation for the NBA All-Stars weekend as it also channels a summit white, metallic gold and black color coding that was employed in the aforementioned design. The upper body has a scaly feel to it with it adopting an enchanting obsidian variation of tumbled leather with laces and other upside accessories also falling in line with the pitch black theme.
The metallic gold sparks the darkness to life and is used to bring out Cheap Jordan Shoes’s ever-present touch with a trademark, in the form of an alluring Nike Air moniker, standing tall at the edge of the black tongue. More subtle company artwork comes in the form of a gold outlined swoosh that spreads out across the sides of the sneakers with a winged gold NBA crest rounding off the pleasantries near the top of the collar area. The summer white, on the other hand, is solely used to partition the top from the bottom with the endearing shade employed gorgeously to model the broad midsole.

Ecco come si vestono i vestiti di velluto nero su come ottenere

Quando siamo studenti, non vediamo l’ora che arrivi una palla. C’è così tanto piacere. Balliamo, beviamo, parliamo e facciamo amicizia. Ricordo ancora gli abiti corti senza spalline Phoebe ha detto che non ha mai partecipato a un ballo di fine anno nel gioco, amici. Gli altri cinque amici erano tutti dispiaciuti per lei. Sappiamo quanto sia importante la palla per gli studenti delle scuole superiori. Soprattutto vestiti sposa economici, è importante per le ragazze. Quando siamo studenti delle scuole superiori, facciamo del nostro meglio per studiare. La palla è un buon momento per rilassarsi ed essere pazzi una volta. E c’è la possibilità per noi di conoscere meglio gli altri compagni di classe.

Alcuni ragazzi non capiscono perché le ragazze sono così pazze. In primo luogo, la bellezza è la ricerca delle ragazze in tutte le loro vite. Non c’è dubbio che le ragazze vestite in abiti da ballo siano molto affascinanti. E hanno tutti un momento stressante quando sono al liceo. Hanno bisogno di una palla per alleviare la pressione. Infine abiti da sera corti, la palla è la fine della loro vita al liceo. Dovrebbero celebrare la loro laurea di abiti rossi al ginocchio delle superiori.

Sono d’accordo sul fatto che dovremmo prestare più attenzione ai vestiti. Ma non voglio dire che dovremmo spendere troppi soldi per il vestito. E non dovremmo essere vestiti con abiti troppo vistosi. Questo non è adatto per le ragazze che sono a questa età. Dovremmo essere vestiti con abiti belli e appropriati. Cercare un vestito perfetto non è facile. Tuttavia, c’è un abito da ballo perfetto per te. Basta specificare quale tipo di vestito ti piace di più. Quindi, indossa un abito di velluto nero su come ottenere il bellissimo vestito per te. Ogni ragazza merita di essere bella alla palla. Quindi preparati abbastanza per il tuo momento. Lasciaci scioccare il mondo.

L’abito da sposa per lo sposo è disponibile anche in vari stili e colori, infatti molti sposi preferiscono indossare abiti disegnati da famosi stilisti per aggiungere alla grandezza del loro matrimonio e realizzare così i loro sogni d’infanzia di vestire come un premio o una principessa, rispettivamente.

Messi scorer to gange, da Barcelona udvider league lead

Brugte en Billige Fodboldtrøjer Lionel Messi og Luis Suarez scorede to gange, da Barcelona vandt 5-0 på Real Betis på søndag med fem andet halvt mål for at øge sin spanske league lead.

At bære en FC Barcelona trøje 2017/18 Ivan Rakitic scorede også for den catalanske klub, der flyttede 11 point foran Atletico Madrid i starten af La Liga’s anden halvdel.

Messi, der har scoret syv mål i sine sidste seks spil, leder ligaen med 19 mål, fire mere end Suarez. Uruguay-angriberen har scoret mindst et mål i syv på hinanden følgende liga-kampe. Han har 10 mål i sine sidste otte kampe i alle konkurrencer.

Barcelona kom ud af et 1-0 nederlag ved byens rival Espanyol i kvartfinalen af Copa del Rey, et resultat der afsluttede holdets 29-kamps ubehandlede stribe. Det forbliver uden tab i ligaen.


Why sexy mini dress do we all care about the color of the gown?

sexy mini dress

It is uncommon, other than upon Oscars night time, that the globe holds the collective breathing discussing dresses and their particular colours. However if social networking is to be thought, the optic illusion of the multicoloured gown divides all of us sharply in to those who can simply see gold-and-white and those intended for whom clothes is obviously black-and-blue.

All of sexy mini dress us are always fascinated with optical illusions, by the methods that the visible system performs with our belief, and this will remind us that for most of times we unflinchingly rely on visible cues to navigate the world.

But what is color perception in fact for? Color helps all of us to recognise items, but it also includes a more mystical role within our lives. All of us like color. The great worth of gemstones and precious metal is their particular colour. The desire for color has powered industry, and has actually propelled all of us to engage in certain atrocious behavior, such as the trend for indigo, which fuelled slavery.

Color seems to have immediate access to our feelings. Yet the method the brain computes colour isn’t very governed simply by simple guidelines: what appears like one color to you may appear like a very different color to me. It really is this mixture of factors — the psychological power of colour along with the natural mystery in how color is determined by the mind – that sparks the collective infatuation with the color of that gown.

Many in the two camps simply need to know which part is right. Others want to know why different categories of people, almost all with evidently “normal” color vision, can disagree therefore vehemently. The conundrum from the dress could be explained simply by considering just how it is the brain decides colour, as well as the environmental circumstances in which the mind circuits that are responsible intended for colour possess evolved.

The colours of different light long sleeve midi dress sources can differ rather extremely. This means that the sunshine from a object also varies. The astonishing thing regarding colour eyesight is that the color of an object is continuous – that is, all of us recognise this as the same color, even as the sunshine conditions modify. And even more amazing, the procedures that low cost the colour from the illuminant are entirely automated. We take the capsules for granted. Until they will play online games with us.

Once i first noticed the dress I believed it was fruit and blue, and a Photoshop evaluation of the colors of the -pixels of the gown shows this to be the case. I was a visible artist, been trained in painting. Artists generally try to be conscious of the actual visual program does to colours; I usually try to abstract colors from their encircling context, exactly where possible. This may explain why I see this differently than the two vast majority camps. One method or another, painters thinking about capturing the color of the organic world must learn how to take action rather abnormal: they have to learn how to see the color of light.

We developed in a organic world exactly where we were subjected to the colour of daylight. Because the sun increases and units, the colour from the illuminant differs from fruit to blue. This color isn’t “useful” because it does not tell us anything at all about the colours of objects. Therefore our minds have learned to eliminate this information.

By chance or style, the dress is usually a cautiously created structure of fruit and blue that confounds our visible systems. The mind tries to determine what this ambiguous color combination means, attempting to remove either the blue part of the daytime axis or maybe the red part. Why a few see the gown as gold-white and others because blue-black involves which part of this daytime chromatic axis is reduced. And for a few, the colour may spontaneously turn. But significantly, at any given time, the color is steady, because the mind doesn’t like ambiguity.

My hunch would be that the more common belief is gold-white, because this is exactly what one would anticipate in your day part of the daytime viewing, when the globe is lighted by the sunlight and dark areas are lighted by the blue sky. Just like in Monet’s paintings of haystacks in the snow, the colour from the shadow is usually discounted and typically view it as precious metal (where sunlight hits the haystack) and black (for the more dark shadow). The minority, blue-black, folk are most likely night owls.

Our solid desire to possess visual pictures resolve unambiguously, coupled with the irrational enthusiasm for color, is, I believe, at the heart of why we discover the dress therefore compelling. And why both camps will most likely keep fighting to try to show that they are correct.