Carvedilol „effective and safe“ in severe chronic heart failure

Carvedilol is effective, safe and well tolerated in patients with severe chronic heart failure, according to the results of a recent multinational trial. wisepoqder Carvedilol

The COPERNICUS (carvediol prospective randomised cumulative survival) trial was stopped earlier this year, 12 months ahead of schedule, because of the significant survival benefit seen with carvedilol. All trial patients were offered treatment with carvedilol.
countries enrolled in the study randomly received, as well as standard heart failure treatment, either placebo or carvedilol at a starting dose of 3.125mg twice daily, titrated each week to a dose of 6.25mg, 12.5mg and 25mg twice daily.

Data revealed at the American Heart Association’s conference showed that carvedilol reduced the risk of mortality (all cause) or hospitalisation of patients with severe chronic heart failure by nearly a third (31 per cent). Fewer adverse events and lower withdrawal rates were found with carvedilol compared with placebo.
A previous study of carvedilol, the Carvedilol US Trial Programme, showed a 65 per cent reduction in mortality with carvedilol in patients with mild to moderate heart failure.
In a press release, Roche Pharmaceuticals said that carvedilol was not licensed for treatment of severe heart failure in the UK and that a licence application would be made shortly.

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