Can not wait to fight with Naples

Juventus defender Chiellini said that he can’t wait to be in the top spot with Naples this Sunday night. „I believe the players in Naples are the same.“

At 02:45 a.m. on April 23, Beijing time, the 34th league of Serie A will stage a battle for the King of Heaven. When the leader of FIFA Coins  the Zebra Legion will be at the Allianz Arena to visit Naples, the difference between the two teams is currently only 4 points. Points, the results of this game related to the final ownership of the Serie A champion. In an interview with Sky Station today, Chiellini was asked whether he expected an open and interesting game. For this Italian international, he predicts, „I think it depends on some episodes. If the first half did not break the deadlock, I don’t think we can expect a spectacular game, but it was like the last game between Naples and Juventus. As such, it is obvious that some small details will have an important impact.“

„This is a high-risk match for both teams, but no matter what the outcome does not mean that the league will end on this Sunday, because the latter two teams still have some difficult games. This is In a beautiful game, everyone can’t wait to play. I believe that the Neapolitan players think so. They also have such competitive desires.“

The first round of the two teams is exactly the opposite, when Naples took advantage of 4 points at home to meet the goal of Juventus, the results of the Argentine striker Iguain scored the only goal of the game. „That game was very important, because at the time many people had already written us letters of death. But instead, we played a game of pride, a great game against Barcelona and Croteau. After the game, we started narrowing the gap with Naples. The most important thing is that in the next four months, our lineup has once again become tighter.“

„I hope this time will not end in the same way because the team that led the previous 4 points lost the game, but I don’t think we can match that game with the present. Although that game did not cause too much Great changes, but we have regained consistency. We must also congratulate Naples because if they were in this position, it was because they did something extraordinary.“

„Napoli won many difficult games in January. In the last few games they were in some trouble, but they managed to reverse the situation and the situation. This means that they have a big heart in addition to their unquestionable technical qualities. For us, we need to prove that we are the strongest players, and we want to win Serie A for the seventh consecutive year if we are here because we want to win more and at all costs. But as I said, the league is still fighting for There is no end, but we all know that Sunday’s game is a crucial step.“

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