Bundor butterfly valve introduction

Manual butterfly valve, manual representation of the butterfly valve drive, manual drive can be divided into two kinds of handle and turbine. One of the two operations is to open and close the butterfly valve by pulling the handle, and the other is to turn the handwheel on the turbine head to control the butterfly valve. Although the manual butterfly valve has two different driving methods, the switching directions of the two manual butterfly valves are the same, and the clockwise operation is defined as the closing direction, and the counterclockwise operation is the opening direction.
Understand the switching direction of the manual butterfly valve. What is the operation method of the manual butterfly valve? For the manual butterfly valve operation method, the handle butterfly valve and the turbine butterfly valve need to be separated.
The handle butterfly valve is used to open and close the valve through a human pull handle. In the middle of the handle and the valve body, there is a gear plate. When the butterfly valve is required to cut off, only the butterfly valve handle needs to be turned to rotate counterclockwise or clockwise. The butterfly valve can be switched, and the angle is selected between 0-90°. When the handle is turned counterclockwise to 90° with the valve body passage, the butterfly valve is fully opened, and when the handle is turned clockwise to 0° with the valve body passage, it is closed. When the angle is between 0° and 90°, flow adjustment can be used.
The switch of the turbine butterfly valve also needs manual operation, but unlike the handle butterfly valve, the opening and closing of the turbine butterfly valve is achieved by turning the hand wheel. Rotate the hand wheel on the turbine head, turn it counterclockwise, turn it clockwise, turn the handwheel, and drive the valve stem through the gear in the turbine device. The valve stem drives the butterfly plate to rotate to achieve the opening and closing effect.

All our Butterfly Valve products are available with Hand wheel, gearbox or actuation to your specification offered in size ranges from DN50 to DN600 for wafer type and up to DN1400 on the double flanged versions.

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