Brief introduction to two widely used construction waste crushers

Construction waste crusher is one of the ore grinders. In ore beneficiation production, only a small amount of rich ores can be directly sent for smelting after being crushing and construction waste crusher, but large amounts of ores should be ground to 0.1-0.074mm or even finer to make the useful minerals separated from the useless minerals, and only after being separated can they be sent for smelting. So that ore grinding process is an important procedure in ore beneficiation production.
(1) Lattice discharging construction waste crusher
At the discharging end of this type of ball grinding mill, the combined use of the grid plate with long holes and the lifting board used for discharging the ores will convey the materials to the exit of the hollow shaft of the discharging end. The whole or part of the ore discharging grid plate has long holes for discharging. The grid plate is used for retaining the steel balls, occluded foreign substance and coarse particles. The feeding mouth and the discharging grid plate will form a ore pulp gradient to promote the movement of the materials.
(2) Hollow shaft overflow discharging construction waste crusher
Hollow shaft overflow discharging construction waste crusher has an open discharging end. As there is an ore pulp gradient between the feeding end of the powder grinding mill and the mouth of the discharging end, the materials will be overflowed from the hollow shaft. The inverted spin device at the lining board of the hollow shaft of the discharging end will retain the steel balls inside the construction waste crusher.

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