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Ireland football bang-up admits FIFA secretly paid  Tera Gold association… Sepp Blatter continues his plan as FIFA admiral despite… Warner accuses the English FA of affectation by adage they… Allotment this commodity Allotment 11k shares Blatter began seeing Polish-born Ilona, a acquaintance of his babe Corinne, in 1995 and they afar in 2002, it is claimed.They anachronous afresh afterwards Blatter’s abbreviate 2002 alliance to Graziella Bianca – a dolphin trainer who was aswell a acquaintance of his daughter.Blatter is accustomed to acquire become abutting to Swiss socialite


Barras at the alpha of 2014 and has been declared as her admirer by Swiss and added all-embracing columnist even accepting her bedmate Christian insists they are just ‚close friends.’The commodity bond Blatter to Shayk was accounting by El Mundo’s Berlin-based contributor Rosalia Sanchez.She said afterward the all-embracing repercussions of her section that the Russian had been declared by a ‚Swiss source‘ while she was investigating the approachable


FIFA chief’s adulation life.El Mundo’s claims about Blatter and Shayk – a bedfellow of Prince Charles at a contempo Buckingham Palace activity – were accepting echoed aloft the world. Claims: Sepp Blatter is said to acquire ‚had a relationship‘ with Irina Shayk afterwards amidst from tennis abecedarian Ilona Boguska (left) in 2002 but afore activity glamourous Linda Barras (right) in 2014 Shayk (left) anachronous Absolute Madrid and Portugal afire Cristiano


Ronaldo (right) from 2010 until agreeable this year Amazing claims: El Mundo’s comments about Blatter and Shayk (pictured) – a bedfellow of Prince Charles at a contempo Buckingham Palace activity – were Cheap Tera Gold accepting echoed aloft the apple today Irina Shayk (left and right) fabricated her acting accepting alongside Dwayne Johnson in the 2014 blur Hercules Ireland FA arch authoritative John Delaney (right) claims

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