ball mill the high performance milling equipment

The liner of the general cement ball mill is made of the manganese steel material whose service life is 6months to 12 months. According to the statistics, the national metal mine consumes 80,000 tons liner ore milling equipment. Recently, the experts of SBM have developed and researched a kind of magnetic liner which has surpassed a lot of advantages of the traditional liner. The working principles of the magnetic liner are the followings. Due to the magnetic field of the liner, when the mill works, it may absorb a layer of magnetic particles or the fragments in the grinding medium from the magnetic layer and form a protective layer so that the surface of the liner will not be worn directly. The magnetic liner instead of high-manganese steel liner will undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to the enterprises. The magnetic liner can be widely used in the milling machine of the metal mine. Since the working principles of the magnetic liner are different from that of the common liner, the service life of the liner is far greater than the service life of the ordinary liner. The magnetic liner has the following advantages when it is used to deal with the magnetic materials in the ball mill.
The cement ball mill is mainly used for grinding the finished products in cement factory or the raw materials. The cement ball mill is also suitable for crushing various ore and other materials with grindability in metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises. The cement ball mill can be used for open stream grinding and the circle flow grinding composed by the powder concentrator. The cement ball mill has the characteristics of strong adaptability, continuous production and large crushing ratio. The cement ball mill can be used for both the dry production line and the wet production line. In addition, the grinding process and the drying process can be carried at the same time.
The cost of the liner can be reduced to 25% to 40%. The working surface of the magnetic liner can absorb a layer of magnetic material which can form a layer of protective layer so that the surface of the liner will not be directly worn. The magnetic liner reduces the time for replacement and maintenance and the working amount so that the operating efficiency is improved.
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