Balancing will be OSRS gold a challenge

Balancing will be OSRS gold a challenge. I guessed 200% reclaim and all that to the killer, nevertheless both numbers are taken out of thin air. You could surely make arguments that it should be more than 200 percent of normal to reclaim wildy deaths, and there’s a great point to be made about falling significantly less than everything you pay (good moneysink, for instance ). So yeh, definitely, and great answer something important to remember when designing this!

I like this idea! I proposed something akin to Division 2 where loot is dropped by taking it to drop-off points in the wilderness that can only be collecred. I believe your idea is more sustainable. There’ll stay a value that is reclaim, until it started to saturate the market, but with could just be valuable.

Obviously, they could produce the loot rare. The idea was if you picked up it, the wilderness would taints it and prevent teleportation, requiring you to deposit it into a channel where they clean are return into your lender. You’d lose none of your equipment allowing individuals to go back quickly to try again.

Reducing the barrier is the secret to giving life to it. The greater the cost, the less people will risk it and also the more pkers must hotel to induce people to make gp. I think my idea is valuable, but only as long as its reworked to fit into OP’s idea which I find better as a GENERAL framework for Cheap Runescape gold your wildy. They can convert some worlds into limiters on Wildy gear tier (so grade 70 max, tier 80 max, tier 90 maximum, not to mention the non-limited worlds). This could create variety in play as some advantages of gear are stripped and forced to be accommodated creating new set ups.

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