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Case: red gold,Round

Case diameter : 43.5 mm

Thickness : 16.13 mm

Dial: Black,Anthracite gold dial

Movement: Manual Winding

FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds

BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle

GLASS: Sapphire

STRAP: Alligator


Greubel Forsey 24 Secondes Vision

The companies founded by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey in 2004 created 17 calibers, which they called seven “capital inventions”. This year, they only launched a new product (other new products are variants of the existing product), the tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision, the thinnest watch to date, with dome crystals on the top and bottom. It is very restrained and cautious compared to most Greubel Forsey works.

Part of the brand’s characteristics is provided by asymmetry, in which case it takes the form of a crystal dome on the back of the watch (and therefore does not have bubbles on the top of the watch like the Girard-Perregaux triaxial tourbillon), providing the tourbillon space. It sounds a bit uncomfortable, with bubbles on the bottom cover, but in fact it only projects 2.4 mm, and the brand says they are designed to pay attention to the bone structure of the wrist, so it should be very comfortable. On the front side, the tourbillon has a curved bridge that is very difficult to make and finish, in fact each is signed by the craftsman with his or her name. Although the front of the watch is relatively simple, it mainly highlights the 24-second tourbillon, but the reverse is a very rich appearance (sorry, no image yet), with a power reserve indicator and a carefully polished bevel. To ensure good visibility of the bottom cover, the watch has a pin buckle instead of an unfolded GREUBEL FORSEY replica watches


Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Invention Piece 1 Platinum Online


This watch features a Calibre GF01r hand-wound calibre with two barrels in series for 72 hours of power reserve. The case has a diameter of 43.5 mm and a thickness of 13.65 mm (except for the sapphire dome, which is 16 mm thick). Will produce 22 pieces of platinum.

Greubiel & Forsey’s Quantième Perpétuelà Équation

The “Équation” in the name of the watch is a time equation, a relatively rare complex function, but the core of mechanical watchmaking. The great 19th-century watchmakers were often shocked by the instruments they made and the analogy between the sun, the moon and the planets. Their movements were like huge mechanisms in the sky. Human breakdown of time depends on the movement of the Earth and the Sun, so one day corresponds to the time the Earth rotates on its axis (determined when the Sun returns to the same apparent position in the sky), one year corresponds to the Earth orbiting the Sun. The time to complete a track.Zenith Pilot Montre d-Aeronef Type 20 Extra Special 11.1940.679/91.c807 Watch

Time equation, astronomical length

The problem is that although 24 hours a day and 365 days a year are good approximations, these subdivisions do not fully match the astronomical movements of the Sun and Earth. If the earth’s orbit is circular and its axis of rotation is perpendicular to its orbit, the system will be completely accurate. But neither is true: the earth’s orbit is slightly elliptical and its axis of rotation is tilted. The effect of these anomalies is that the apparent position of the sun changes in the sky, so the apparent solar time (the time indicated by the sundial) can be 16 minutes ahead of the traditional time, or up to 14 minutes behind. There are four peak differences each year, two leading and two leading. It is this difference that shows watches with time-complex equations.


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a user-friendly watch

In Quantième Perpétuelà Équation, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey designed a user-friendly perpetual calendar. Normally, adjusting the date on such a watch requires a lot of work on the button, but in this watch, everything is done through the crown and can be divided into two modes, time setting or calendar setting. The selected mode is displayed in a small window of 2.30. Another feature that makes it easy to use the watch is the calendar display, with the date, date and month displayed on the sub-dial at 3 o’clock. The leap year is shown on the small dial at 6 o’clock. The 24-second tourbillon at the top left of the dial is tilted 25° axially, improving the accuracy of the RICHARD MILLE RM 067 replica watches

Time equation display

The time equation is displayed on the opposite side of the watch, as well as the season and year in four digits. The difference between the apparent solar time and the average solar time is shown by two sapphire discs, one in minutes and the other in red and blue, sinusoidal, rotating once a year. The intersection of the line on the first disc and the form on the second disc shows the time difference in minutes, whether positive (red) or negative (blue).

Not everyone’s watch… series and price

Like all Greubel & Forsey watches, this is a complex timepiece with 570 components. It has an extra long 72-hour power reserve and is supplied by two barrels. Five Quantième Perpétuelà Équation watches will be produced in 2014. Crafted by La Chaux-de-Fonds’ corporate studio, these watches include a beautifully restored 17th-century farmhouse, AncienManège, and a modern studio, next to a strikingly sloping modern building of steel and glass.


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Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 second visual viewing hands

Looking at the new limited edition Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision watch in 2015, and joined by a very special person. Stephen Forsey is the kind of watch you want to sell to you, more expensive than most houses in the world. The UK/French duo’s British team is Greubel Forsey Stephen is a straightforward young man who can’t easily explain from a comfortable conversation to a mechanical interpretation of the complexity, as well as the production of the world’s most impressive watch. Production technology. Although Greubel Forsey is on display at the prestigious SIHH Watch Show, like other high-end brands such as Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet and Parmigiani, they are very independent in their operations, not part of the Richemont Group, which operates SIHH. One of the brand’s most impressive “new” watches of 2015 is a new perspective on what most collectors think of the brand.

On the surface, the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision is the simplest timepiece of the brand’s design. Those of us who are familiar with the brand first noticed how completely the case was rounded and its shape on the wrist was weaker than other brands over the years. The irony is that Greubel Forsey has designed a more wearable watch, but what this design means for a brand that demonstrates its concept of mechanical invention and excellence. People pay for the Greubel Forsey products because they are carefully designed and provide sports finishing and decoration that no one else in the world can match. Then why is a simple watch suddenly?

In a sense, it illustrates the maturity of the Greubel Forsey collectors. The brand’s timepieces are rarely suitable for everyday wear, but the feel on the watch is impressive. I believe that Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision can answer “If I want my experience with Greubel Forsey, what else can I wear, and something simpler?” This means that few people buy Vision is the first time Greubel Forsey’s customers.

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision is really one of the most comfortable Greubel Forsey watches I have ever worn. In 2015, the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision is exclusively available in 18k white gold with a case width of 43.5 mm. It is only 13.65mm thick (not including bubbles on the back) and is thinner than other Greubel Forsey models. You also have a dial that indicates the time and minutes by hand in a very traditional way, as well as the auxiliary seconds dial. In fact, the only dial (except for the brand identity) indicates that the deeper thing is the tourbillon window, which is much smaller in the previous Greubel Forsey models.

The latter element is probably the most controversial element of the Vision watch. If you want to buy the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon, don’t you want to see it as much as possible? On the tourbillon is a perfect but wide bridge. This can block some views, even if you can see the tourbillon below it. Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision is designed so that if you want the tourbillon’s most intimate viewing experience, you need to turn off the watch and check the hand-polished masterpiece through the back of the case. The rear sapphire crystal caseback window is designed with the necessary air bubbles to provide space for the tourbillon – otherwise the case should not be too thin.

On the wrist, you don’t actually feel the bubble – at least I don’t. The internally manufactured and designed Greubel Forsey movement GF01r hand-wound movement is as beautiful and delicious as you would expect from a brand. Of course, it uses the original Tourbillon 24 Secondes, the iconic product of the product. brand. Unlike most tourbillons that are perfectly linear and rotate every 60 seconds, the tourbillon in the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision is tilted at a 25-degree angle and rotates more quickly every 24 seconds. It should be noted that this does not affect the accuracy of the watch. The traditional auxiliary seconds are located on the dial of the Vision watch. The tourbillon consists of 86 tiny parts, including a titanium case and a gold Bell & Ross BR-X1 replica watches




Porsche Style and design MONOBLOC Executive Chronograph Mobile Open

Porsche Design is one of the people brands that are never frightened to do something different. A quick check out their product catalog is plenty to prove their fearlessness when designing watches. Their basic time and date model, such as the Datetimer 1919, had unusual event shapes and hollowed out hearing. For 2017, the new Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator Stop-watch was inspired by it is predecessors and boasts the most unusual timing pushers we certainly have ever seen.

Before you begin, a little history is required to understand and appreciate this kind of watch. In 2014, Porsche Design began manufacturing its watches. Before that, they will cooperated with companies like IWC and Eterna to help manufacture watches. In the early on 1970s, Porsche Design introduced its first watch. It is a chronograph named Porsche Style Chronograph 1 and it is the 1st all-black watch (this has been later relaunched and we utilized here). In 1980, Porsche Design released another abnormal chronograph, the Titan a single Chronograph, the first chronograph manufactured from titanium. In addition to using ti, it also comes with a timer key integrated into the case. Like the Titan 1 chronograph, the new Monobloc Actuator Chronograph also features the pushrod into its case, but the implementation is different and quite special. nice replica Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson watches

First, the particular Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator Chronograph uses a titanium scenario with a thickness of forty-five. 5 mm and a fullness of 15. 6 millimeter. This is by no means a small observe, but because of its titanium construction, it feels relatively light. And since it integrates earrings, it truly is smaller than the measurement effects. However , as I mentioned, Porsche designed the Monobloc Actuator Chronograph watch with a huge watch presence.

Now, I mentioned before that the timing pusher is actually integrated into the box, which explains why typically the Monobloc Actuator Chronograph does not have obvious bezel. The case is additionally integrated in the case, the 24-hour scale engraved with the sophisticated features of Greenwich Mean Moment (more on this later), and you should notice that the dial will be interrupted from 3 in order to 9 o’clock. This is a rocker switch that operates often the chronograph. 3 points inwards to the dial and start the right time. Press again to stop and also push the bezel inwards at 9 o’clock to be able to reset. This is a single rocker switch, and its predecessor, the actual Titan 1 Chronograph, makes use of two rocker switches. replica Porsche Design watches price

Will be very cool, it gives the watch a really clean side profile. And also, it also has some practical along with functional benefits. Because the rocker is associated with internal movements, Porsche Design Company explained that it can better guard sports from moisture and mud. In fact , the Monobloc Actuator Chronograph is waterproof into a depth of 100 feets and the chronograph can be turned on underwater! According to Porsche Design and style, the unique rocker activation is in fact inspired by the valves from the new Porsche 911 RSR engine that are raised in addition to closed.


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Considering that the Porbo-designed Monobloc Actuator Wathe is powered by the Valjoux 7754, the dial is usually instantly recognizable with the Valjoux 12-9-6 arrangement. There are several diverse dial and case colors to pick from. There is a limited edition design called the Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator 24H Chronotimer, that has a titanium case and a carbon fibre dial. wholesale replica Rado Centrix Watches

This movement is seen through the rear cover in the monitor, and its price is pretty good. There is a good Porsche design rotor, most of the links are worn, the anchoring screws are blue, and the elements look clean and cool.

Then, you can find three nonrestricted models, one particular with a matte black face, the other with a sun-dark african american dial, and finally a azure dial with a sunburst finish off. The model with a black color matte dial is equipped with any black titanium case, even though the other two models pre-loaded with a sun dial watch dial are equipped with a silver ti case with glass bead blasting. The watch will be furnished with a titanium bracelet or even a rubber strap. Both are comfortable but titanium bracelets are better for both. That looks simple, but it suits the case very well and it can feel very solid. buy replica HUBLOT BIG BANG BRODERIE SKULL watches

The dial is definitely well-operated and high-definition. You can find 30-minute counters and 12-hour counters at 12 as well as 6 respectively. These two sub-dials are slightly embedded inside dial, which adds depth besides making it easier to see easily. At 9 o’clock, you will have a few seconds of running moment. This is represented by a tiny aperture with aperture. Typically the show mode can be revolving to tell you that the view is running. The hour or so and minute hands are usually sword-shaped, thick and packed with streamer, while the GMT palms are represented as whitened hands extending to the advantage of the dial for effortless reading for 24 hours. The second palm of the chronograph also gets to the edge of the dial and will easily be read using a tachometer outside the minute the path.

If will be certainly something I don’t like, oahu is the date window, but even though I don’t normally just like the date window at several: 30. If a date is completely necessary, I would rather placement them in a more traditional position of three or 6 but which just me.

In general, I will describe the particular Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator Chronograph as a tool enjoy with an interesting function and also technical appearance. I do not think this is everyone’s cup of tea, nevertheless readers who appreciate architectural and innovation will find that watch appealing on many levels. Personally, if I previously had a more classic time counter and wished to add one more chronograph to my series, I would consider Porsche to style an integrated actuator chronograph. Often the Porbo-designed Monobloc Actuator Timepiece looks unique, has an impressive way of activating a stop-watch, and is as strong as being a nail. These are the very eye-catching qualities of everyday chronographs together with certain advantages. replica AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK RD#2 PERPETUAL CALENDAR EXTRA-THIN watch


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Bell and Ross BR-X1 Instrumentation Ocean Chronograph comes from both flavors

Bell and Ross have decided to give us a deep impression, no one, but these two brands popular BR-X1 two new exquisite version, they are called “instrument sea timings”, looks absolutely incredible.

Bell & Ross BR-X1 Tourbillon Marine Chronograph is limited to 20, 45mm 18k rose gold and wooden shell, and double AR coated sapphire crystal. Taking into account the watch can handle 100 meters deep waters, the wet will not be the problem of this watch.

Swiss style Bell and Ross internal movement 283 support this timed miracle, equipped with 4 days power reserve, while the dial is showing a gray sapphire crystal, brown crocodile leather strap, with 18kt rose gold buckle as finishing feel.ur-210 cp replica watches






On the other hand, you can go to Bell and Ross BR-X1 instrumentation ocean chronograph, the system will be 99 units of limited operation to produce. This situation is similar to the Tourbillon version, both in terms of aesthetics and water resistance, of course, this time you will not get the tourbillon charm.

The sport was provided by the Swiss Automatic Bell & Ross caliber 313, which means that 48 hours of power is stored while the dial is also gray sapphire crystal. Help this watch decorate your wrist is a brown crocodile leather strap with bronze buckle. Which one do you like?



Stunning Bell and Ross BRS Diamond Eagle will take you down

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Bell and Ross BRS Diamond Eagle reminds us of some of the powerful desert eagles, although these two basically nothing in common. The new watch from Bell & Ross uses a chic 39mm stainless steel case, equipped with AR coated sapphire crystal, and kept it in the depth of 100 meters – I think this is more like “until”, but you will get points The

This superb watch engraved with a case, with Aquila constellation, if this is not enough to make you impressed, we sure this bezel is equipped with 66 platinum diamonds, worth 0.99 karats, will certainly do this. Talk about a girl’s best friend!


Buy Bell & Ross BR X1 RS17 BRX1-RS17 Replica watch


Bell and Ross BRS Diamond Eagle is also equipped with a stunning midnight blue dial, covered with a blue varnish, and the whole thing is due to the internal Swiss quartz Bell and Ross caliber BR102 movement. Brand more in-depth diamond, and with seven gems will Aquila constellation pattern on behalf of the

As a fishing feel, the watch is equipped with a wonderful midnight blue crocodile leather strap, pearl surface, seems to add the dial, there is a steel buckle. Simple, cautious, stunning, eternal; it is most women want to have a table.


aeroGT concept car is Bell and Ross want to drive

Luxury watchmaker Bell & Ross usually makes us wonder some of the most fashionable watches you can think of, which means making our days better and decorating our wrist in an incredible way. But surprisingly, now the brand’s design team has been focused on the car world, and this car GTG concept car is very cool.

From the Bruno Bellamitch and its watchmaking design studio’s hard work and vivid imagination, this creative design studio proved that the brand’s creativity and strength broke the boundaries and should keep other market segments apart Bell and Ross usually work with its magic, a little worried.replica richard mille black skull watch



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The aeroGT concept car is actually the starting point of the new watch created by the car world (BR 03 aeroGT). It seems that inspiration can come from any place, if it does not exist, a clever human mind can easily create their own reference point.

Bruno Belamich considered a powerful 4.2-liter V8 twin-turbo engine for 8-speed automatic transmissions. Thus, the concept will benefit from 610 hp, two oversized exhaust pipes and rear wheel drive layout.

“AeroGT” is a car innovation, but still follow the pace of any other Bell & Ross watches, hoping to really attract the eye and play its function. The prototype by two watches to join, in line with the company’s strong aviation design tradition.

Reminiscent of SR-71 Blackbird, Bell & Ross’s aeroGT concept car certainly hinted at some incredible performances.hublot mp 02 laferrari replica watches

BOVET CHAEAU DE MOTIERS 28 hand-wound Ref.:H28RM074-SD2 watch at cheapsalewatch


Blancpain Villeret Quantieme Annuel GMT watch

fake Blancpain Le Brassus watches. Blancpain is still a powerful unique and interesting sports provider, and even in the luxury watch industry also often feel the mechanical generic drug sea. Carefully observe that you will see a really innovative attempt at the Blancpain watch that is creating new categories of existing ideas as well as some novels. Today, I would like to see what we are here to introduce the Blancpain Villeret Quantiem Annuel GMT watch. It has 18k white gold, 18k rose gold, and steel – all have a variety of dial style. According to the 2011 launch of the campaign, updated in 2016.

In this heart, this watch is about providing a unique layout for the combination of two complications, and you will not often find them together. This is an affiliated GMT hand showing the second time zone, as well as the calendar complex. The latter is pretty gracefully arranged, and the calendar information is indicated by three different windows on the dial. The following is a series of three overlapping discs. Interestingly, despite the large amount of information on the dial (time, the second 24 hour time zone, date, date and month), Blanche Villeret Quantieme Annuel GMT’s face is relatively sparse and clean.DeLaCour The Bichrono watch BICHRONO S2 fake

Purely symmetrical dial lovers are likely to find the ambiguous layout of the Arsenal Greenwich timetable in the Brandenian era, and those who like the watch asymmetry will appreciate the appearance and perfect clarity. This piano version of Blancpain Quaniteme Annuel GMT is the cleanest series. 18k red gold version has a “sunburst gray” dial, while the 18k white gold model is the most complex dial, is “printed with light brown opal.”fake skull watches for sale



Let me add here that you see the model is actually a case of 18k white gold, but looks like Blancpain will be another dialing option as a steel model and the same 18k white gold case. This is a possibility but it is hard to confirm because their website is not clear if there is a 18k white gold model with this clean white dial available. a dress watch, I like the calm effect of the clean dial, otherwise the function is very good. 40mm wide shell is 11.04mm thick, waterproof 30 meters. Due to the comfort of the situation, it is well worn and looks bigger because of the thin frame structure. Unique Blancpain Villeret-style Roman numerals and paired leaves hand, adding the brand’s features. In the gold and red gold, the Blancpain Villeret Quantieme Annuel GMT watch even with a very favorite bracelet option – in addition to the black crocodile leather strap.

Blancpain’s Bollywood Villeret Quantieme Annuel GMT watch is made from the inside, contains 6054F movement, its gold rotor is very beautiful. Although the sporty structure is really modern, but you will still see a lot of senior watches manual finishing. The movement is at 4Hz (28,800bph) and the power is stored for 72 hours (3 days).Promotion fake Watches

The sport has some interesting elements worth discussing. These include from the 367 in the production, the use of silicon balance spring (precision) and the use of Perth’s brilliant “lower lobe correction”. Take a closer look at the earrings and you will notice that you can operate with a small putter with your fingers. These have several advantages. First of all, the watch does not need to rely on the side of the shell is not attractive plug-in putter. The second is that you do not need specialized tools to adjust GMT or calendar settings. In most of the watches in the set of propellers, you need the stylus to operate them – if you use something, metal, you are likely to scratch the watch. This is just one of the many ergonomic miracles you see in the high-end watch world.

As you can see, this Blancpain Villeret Quantieme Annuel GMT watch is relatively simple, once you carefully observe, will hide some of the attractive details. This is not the case for all Blancpain models, but Blancpain is a brand that is often poor in explaining his best virtue (so we do this for them as much as possible).best fake men watches






Love baby baby royal oak permanent calendar iN ceramic

AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK 26579CE.OO.1225CE.01 replica WATCHES.It appears that SIHH 2017 was selected by Audemars Piguet as an unexpected experiment. When they reveal their first all-ceramic “royal oyster calendar”. The brand has been in the development trend before innovation, but still aroused the concern of many watch enthusiasts.

Back in 2015, Audemars Piguet released several “Royal Oak Permanent Calendar”: gold, rose gold and stainless steel. Now we got the first non-metallic, not all ceramic royal oak version. So far, the only all ceramic AP is the “Royal Oak Offshore Diver” (Ref #: 15707CE.OO.A002CA.01), released in 2013 by SIHH.

This is not an easy thing, because only the ceramic bracelet takes up to 30 hours to work: processing, polishing, hand making, assembling and passing quality control. Compared with the stainless steel bracelet, only 6 hours of preparation; this alternative process summed up the labor costs and time consumption increased by 5

The housing of 41 mm is made of brushed black ceramic, or more specifically: zirconia ceramic, which is considered to be many times more than steel. It has a transparent bottom cover that allows visualization of the internal work of this mechanical movement. By the watch before and after the anti-glare sapphire crystal cover.

Audemars Piguet said it took a lot of time to develop this kind of ceramic box. They claim that it is not cut, high temperature, aging, and even can withstand thermal shock. This new model of waterproof capacity can reach 20 meters (65 feet).

Time on the flat gray signature Audemar Piguet “Grande tapisserie” pattern display, 18k white gold application hour index mark and hand; two elements have gone through the luminous coating to improve readability.

There are four black sub-dial: date display at 3 o’clock position; 6 o’clock position of the photo-like moon phase indicator; 9 o’clock position of the day indicator; finally at 12 o’clock can be observed when the month and leap year The It also includes a black rotating inner ring with a weekly indication.

“The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar” (Ref #: 26579CE.OO.1225CE.01) powered by the self-winding movement, the movement 5134 has 38 jewelry, 374 and 19,800 vph. It has the swing weight of the outer ring guided by the four ruby ​​runners. The power reserve of the watch can last up to 40 hours, completely wound.RICHARD MILLE RM 052 BLACK CERAMIC & RED GOLD SKULL replica watch

Installed in this watch is the original movement of the black ceramic bracelet, through the titanium AP folding clasp fixed on the wrist. Although this is not a limited edition watch, but Audemars Piguet is not yet clear its usability. However, due to the long manufacturing process, the required supply may be slowly achieved, so we recommend starting.

At that time, Audemars Piguet is Switzerland’s first manufacturer, in the metal bracelet sports watch showing this beautiful and useful complications. Royal Oak’s outstanding slim case and its iconic design since Gerald Genta are well known to collectors and global viewers. There is no doubt that the permanent calendar is part of Audemars Piguet’s DNA.URWERK WATCHES replica

In 2005 the Royal Oak Permanent Calendar returns to the center stage with four different versions (two in steel, two pink gold). Continuing to change the size of the watch case starting in 2012, the new Royal Oak Permanent Calendar now measures 41mm, which is 9.5mm but still very thin. “Old” royal oak permanent calendar measurements for 39 mm / 9,3 mm …

The enlarged size led to the “Grande Tapisserie” dial design, which adds overall aesthetics, balance and readability. In addition, the Royal Oak Permanent Calendar represents a 52-week year, an external chapter of the ring (the so-called re-representation of the dial) with the corresponding central hand. This adds another layer of time to measure this particular timepiece. The new Audemars Piguet caliber 5134 is based on its predecessor, the movement 2120, but is enlarged according to the updated 41 mm housing size.GREUBEL FORSEY TOURBILLON 24 SECONDES WATCHES replica




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Technical Specifications


sapphire crystal



Red Gold & Titanium

47.00mm x 51.00mm

thickness 16 mm


Self Winding/Automatic


Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day & Night Indicator


Pin Buckle






Japanese AAA


Former Basel World: TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43 mm

TAG Heuer launched the Heuer-01 Carrera skeleton chronograph, 45 mm in diameter, followed by the Tourbillon model at the Basel Watch & Jewelery Show in 2016, and recently introduced a matte black ceramic model.

Today, they are a slightly smaller 43 mm diameter version of the Heuer-01 Skull Chronograph – will be held in 2017 at the Basel World Fair, black, deep navy blue and Cognac brandy, with rubber / crocodile leather Belt or steel bracelet.

Like the 45mm version, the watch has a skeleton dial, the internal chronograph movement, the price is less than $ 5,000.

Former Basel World: Zenith Pilot Super Special Chronograph

Zenith will launch a new version of the Heritage Pilot Chronograph at the Basel Watch Fair next month. We launched Heritage Pilot Cafe Racer last year, which is basically the same watch, but in the case of bronze, not stainless steel.

The pilot special ex gratia timing bronze alloy shell measured 45 mm × 14.25 mm, with hemispherical sapphire crystal mirror, oversized onion-shaped ridge screw-in crown, flat thrust punt, designed to wear gloves. The solid bottom cover is titanium (which is hypoallergenic), with the carved zenith flying instrument logo. Water resistance is 100 replica watches

The dial has a matte gray surface, two snail counters and a large gold-plated, faceted, luminous coated hand. Just below the Zenith logo “MONTRE D’AERONEF”, this is not the last year’s version.

Naturally, the watch is powered by the same 5Hz (36,000 vph) automatic movement 4069, its size is 30mm x 6.6mm, with 35 gems, 254 total components and 50 hours power reserve.

Again use olive-coated suede leather leather straps, although this stitching is done by the machine, not hand tied. (Ref. 29.2430.4069 / 21.C800)






Case Size: 42.70 mm x 50.00 mm x 15.95 mm

Case: ceramic and carbon

Strap: Rubber

Movement: manual winding



Urwerk UR-110 “torpedo” explained

We know that you have been waiting for this post – the new Urwerk UR-110 “torpedo” HD video. Urwerk watches really told readers that the video we designed by designer Martin Frei explained that UR-CC1 “Cobra” from Basel 2010 was still one of our most popular.Review replica URWERK UR-110 WATCHES

UR-110 is the new watch of Urwerk announced at SIHH time last month. In Geneva, we swing at the Four Seasons Hotel to see this new product and explain to us by its product engineers.

The housing of the UR-110 is made of five grades and is equipped with a stainless steel bezel. The satellite-based campaign has allowed the entire team to develop for nearly two years. Which includes a center turntable that provides stability and balance of the mechanism; a planetary gear device that ensures that the three-hour satellite rotates in parallel when it rotates; and three counter-rotating hour modules – each module includes hourly satellites mounted on planetary gears, Minute hand and balance frame. The three modules are constantly reversely rotated to counteract the direction of rotation of the center turntable.replica Chopard L.U.C watches Popular

UR-110 through the “cuff down” test. It may even be designed for it.

In addition, the UR-110 has a small second hand, day / night indicator and we have always liked from Urwerk, oil change indicator, tell the wearer when to serve.

The watch is regulated by the hydrodynamic adjustment of the dual air turbines, with clear objectives to limit the wear of the unidirectional rotor.

All in all, the UR-110 is one of our favorite brands of another crazy cool modern watch.replica RADO ESENZA TOUCH WATCHES Price



MB & F HM4 final edition hands-on watch

replica MB&F HM4 watches.There are controversial models in the controversial watch brand. MB & F is no stranger. Although I personally found a lot of HM4 watch series, enjoy this is not everyone’s favorite. Is less than the case of the HM1, HM2, HM3, which are now ironic HM5. The MB & F class has the capability of loving and hating people sometimes with their products. I mentioned all this self-explanatory, but because I think MB & F itself had this relationship with HM4. This is not to say that they do not like the watch, but the fact proves so difficult to play – making a difficult watch / watch designer relationship.

Consider watches like HM2 and HM3. Each of those enjoys a range of considerable variations. I will not go into the details, but the novice reader can take a few minutes to search the aBlogtoWatch file because I believe we discussed them. Just think of some examples. The HM2 watch version of the all-sapphire front plate is designed by HM2 Alan Silberstein. Or how many HM3 watches? They are not even done with those who do not. There is an evolution of the Owls version of the collection of fantastic jewels made with Psyche and with the frog design. The HM4 got some paint work, and the Panda Rider.Hublot Big Bang Minute Repeater watch replica




Now, HM4 Thunder out with the model referred to as the “final version”. The stingy name stops producing models with limited all-black versions that have hidden in their time and power reserve dials from rude spectators. I mean, how dare people try to read my watch when I do not ask? rogue…

I can not help feeling that the MB & F and HM4 have so much core design that they can not provide the original changes being stuck /. The case and the movement is so unique that the inner sapphire case section is so expensive that it’s just too much effort to change and still have it raise the financial awareness that still can be called the HM4 watch. I know that all this is not true, but it just looks like this way to me. This is a shame, because the HM4 is indeed one of my favorites. Painting a cool and riveting case with Lazzler’s Dazzle and double trouble providing it with complete coolness but feeling more like a fancy work than a meaningful change in fancy paint. Seeing that MB & F offers the HM4 version together with sorting compounds, their emotions. Despite all this, looking at the overall situation and concepts, I do not think I can suggest MB & F how to change it in any meaningful way. It is not so much room to play Richard Mille Watches replica




I’m not upset, but it does make for an interesting observation. I have a feeling that in the future, HM4 will be much more sought after one after another with the value of the collection of watches machinery, as it is unique even given how everything unique watches, I mean everything about it is ultra-vulgar. Another unique feature of the HM4 collection is that it has never been a technically limited edition – at least not by name. MB & F said they would make a certain amount each year. However, they did not say that they would only make a certain amount of exercise HM4 (of which 100). what does this mean? Well, basically every model is technically limited edition, but at launch they do not know all of these models will. They promised 100 moves to fiddle with, that’s it.

The number of limited editions of each HM4 model is surprisingly low – only eight or 18 said. The final version is limited to eight. It seems that 2013 will be the last year of Thunder and its relatives. One hundred pieces will be made, and one of the more exclusive MB & F models will rest in peace. I think the HM4 is just a great technical and logistical challenge for MB & F. This is my guess, but it will make sense to all we have replica watch men



So let’s go back to the final HM4 version, we have two square hoods on the dial and a dark gray / black coated titanium case. It looks as cool as ever, but I prefer the original dial with it. Having said that, the final version of the dark is cool. The colored HM4 only has a limited slice (one of the darker colors is the case of Marcus (Bond Street Street Watch Shop) making a full black case in London. As a result, only a total of nine black HM4s have been made.

Strange as it still looks, the HM4 is very comfortable on the wrist. A flexible front piece and a thick shoulder strap make for a good choice. It is still cool by looking at the manual winding movement, which looks like a starcraft case in the middle of a sapphire crystal. As before, only the HM4 used a time and a useful power reserve indicator. This watch is all designed and conceptualized with mechanical complications. The watch has two crowns, one for the adjustment of time and one for the movement of the wind. With only 100 pieces around the world, the HM4 is still a rare enjoyment and unique model that helps consolidate MB & F today’s great art watchmakers, even though the HM4 may never have realized its full potential for all

Tech specs from MB&F: Horological Machine No4 Final Edition; HM4 Final Edition is a limited edition of 8 pieces in blackened titanium


Three-dimensional horological engine developed 100% by MB&F

Manual winding with two mainspring barrels in parallel

Power reserve: 72 hours

Balance frequency: 21,600bph/3Hz

Number of components: 311

Number of jewels: 50


Hours, minutes and power reserve indicator

Hours and minutes on right dial, power reserve indicator on left dial

Separate crowns for time setting and winding


Grade 5 titanium coated with black PVD

Dimensions: 54mm wide x 52mm long x 24mm high

Number of components: 67

Articulation of lugs: 3°

Sapphire crystals:

Five sapphire crystals: 2 x dials, 1 x central case section, 2 x display panels (top and bottom)

Strap & Buckle:

Hand-stitched calfskin strap with titanium custom-designed folding buckle attached to articulated lugs

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Ebel Classic 100 watch fingers . ” Retro, traditions, old style, classic, original, and so on. ” watch. This is very fascinating, simply because I really like the look Ebel Traditional 100 timepieces. I simply wish that all of the ” aged watch” brand will certainly vanish. This is for their own great 1, I do not treatment if this has a historic appear from it.

Since the financial crisis sorts of all types and dimensions happen to be released in the past influenced timepieces, or just a copy of the older watch. The reason for this particular impact is different, complicated, which is actually I do not want to one hundred. Brand…… expectations. If you wish to make use of the old design of this timepiece, I actually do not care. Simply do not really throw it inside my encounter, and talk about development launched not. Seriously, frequently therefore frustrating that we cannot possess a modern design?

This Ebel Typical 100 is a forty mm broad steel casing view product. Delicate leaf-shaped suggestion truly make good-looking, as well as Ebel has been their style facets of outstanding performance. Even though a little difficult here to express ” polished pebbles” idea Ebel use to make their own situation, in this simple circumstance, actually obvious. Bezel refined however the rest of the case will be blown. swiss replica watches

Do you like how you can modele model of Ebel enjoy me personally while back Red-colored Music group galuchat match? I love to see then and now enjoy it, however seeing it just jogs my memory showing how old their commercial design and style. It is not 1940, or even 1950, or 19 anything at all. It had been 2011, I would like to find out much more watches to make me recall this specific. Although pretty vintage or perhaps retro piece reaches the same time frame, welcome again, the whole business has just defeated the idea of demise. Like I stated, the standard marketing with a popular design watch, when — just be this area more delicate. Or even is it true for all the outdated things such as hunt?

luxury watches replica . When individual downturn period economic and cultural sociology, said that ” in the past thirst” occurred. People expect and also the reality or collective melancolía back when things are ” much better. ” True or fake, we looked rosy during the past look. Especially when the future will not seem bright. Watch market really did not start the actual retro craze, they are simply in their own way via. I think they just place it a little too hard. There are individuals grace to do it.

Ebel, I apologize to let you connect with my small rant. Your own classic a hundred does help in order to remind people who your brand name is a century. I think your own original logo design is very awesome by the way. Since 1911 (the year began the brand) limited version < hundred will retain the classic Switzerland ETA 2892 automatic motion. The switch is silver-tone hour indicators with some clear. Again, this really is all about these types of beautiful hands. Oh, until you really want stingray strap, the last version is a black crocodile strap. replica wrist watches men for sale

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Wrist watches: HYT H2 Pilot . And has four different ” Hydropower mechanical” watch series (H1 to H4) in addition to art skull series, HYT, certainly will not waste any moment to establish himself as given that 2012 the establishment associated with ” alternative Haute Horlogerie” segment The main participants! Futhermore striking is the diversity regarding customized ” H1″ as well as ” H2″ row have been provided to watch enthusiasts which has a high degree of technology and also absolutely unique timekeeper weak part, weak spot for originality.

However , while exploring many different traditional watch styles, starting from luxury and classic green and gold Roman amounts, always appreciated all-black model of the firm’s exploration and elegant all-white version mixed polyepoxyde replacement advertisement completely impressive path cigar leaves or perhaps Shengbatesha, one type of this timepiece brand has never been mixed up in most popular: pilot watch…… replica wrist watches for men

Until now, that is: in may, CEO Perriard Vincent and his guys is very proud to present H2 pilots! This fledgeling to the H2 collection will be clearly based on exclusive handbook winding movement H2 dark-colored DLC titanium models inside 2013 which shares typically the black DLC titanium, seemingly made the same 48. 7 mm case featuring the long-lasting now retrograde green smooth hours and retrograde mins, fan and power reserve signal function (neutral, time options, or liquidation mode).

This work, still has been completely redesigned to say the atmosphere of flying. First, it is mounted on any black DLC folding strip four rows of red sewing to create a first-class contrast attained gorgeous black and gray Kevlar belt. The red is additionally used to make hollow call clearer indication that they must watch for pilots. Big reddish colored ” 15″, ” 30″, ” 45″ and ” 60″ white minute the path, and white light generating material red arrow-shaped second flight instruments most plainly remembered style stand out. Also at 3 o’clock useful indicator propose a better look.

Definitely, this H2 pilots may please all fans of the trademark, this watch collectors could be other creative brand. Tend not to take too long to make improve mind to order this specific watch, although before, since it is limited to 40, it may be had sold out concerts Hublot Big Bang 45mm Watches cheap


Watches: Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Artemis Race

I do certainly not know why, but most with the watches lose their appeal, they are custom-minute, no matter how several itemisations certain models launched them to maintain the freshness from the original creation, so we would like to first boutique eager to acquire immediately. For these very specific timer, it really does not manage to change the initial version in the magic, each new handover trigger strengthening its charm! best cheap Breitling Bentley watches

” Ocean” model Ulysse Nardin is undoubtedly one of them, even though I use seen the share involving color or metal alter my dynamic creation with this brand, but I continue to marvel at each new launch, wanted to know how resist signing up for them every one of my preferred!

Again, often the fight worked very efficiently used the navy divers Artemis racing debut this week, to indicate the partnership with the Swedish manufacturer of Artemis Sporting 35th America’s Cup. 300 limited edition Gothenburg take place this weekend where the Numerous Cup World Series preliminaries revealed.

To be able to 300 m depth in this 44 mm stainless steel types are powered by the h2o to try and trustworthy UN-26 programmed movement with small moments, date, power reserve and hi-def display, providing the time connected with day.

This specific version uses a very attractive strong blue signature Artemis Rushing elegant yellow bursts of blending play. Circle the iconic curly blue bezel is like a wristwatch featuring Tapisserie theme Artemis sailing, and hour marker pens and hands are filled together with white light-emitting material and also a yellow dotted line dial. Yellowish is also used in 12: 00 Artemis logo and small just a few seconds. Finally, in a small second hand ” Artemis Racing, Challenger thirty fifth America’s Cup” inscription to be able to remind you that this is actually a monumental work. fashion Audemars Piguet Watches replica

Artemis Marine Racing in divers have similar kind of ocean blue plastic strap for Marine Diver Monaco Yacht Show 2014 last year, but this time with yellowish mosaic, rather than as the crimson in 2014 if the group features a titanium insert Carry brand name as usual, the other aspect has been engraved with the Artemis team logo, like a shut down case, the back is also designed with a description of the ship.

Artemis Ocean Bike racing in the diver is undoubtedly an ideal choice for any watch enthusiasts along with a very unique search an adaptable casual mode… or obstinate ” Ocean” watch lovers want to add another awesome handover who to his or her collection! cheap Hermes Cape Cod watches

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Skull plate domineering Rich Miller RM 52-01

luxurylikestore . Rich Miller brand in the see industry is ” extremely excessive” exists, it almost would not consider the feelings of horological industry tradition, it is in a very ” arrogant” attitude impact on a, although it is a top indie watch brand, the twelve-monthly output is not high, the person community is small , nonetheless it changes the structure on the tab, for the development of modern day watchmaking has a directional guide value. And today, with a domineering skull watch, RM52-01 projects to feel it.

The Richard Miller RM52-01 replica watch case shape with a common barrel shape, its circumstance dimensions of 42. 75 mm x 50. 00 mm x 15. 96 mm. Bezel and bottom level nano-TZP ceramics crafted, TZP is a tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline ceramic having a low denseness, abrasion resistance, low heat conductivity and other material qualities, is a high-quality materials, get this table bezel and underside microblasted be applied and finished craftsmanship. It is located in the biggest market of the dial and the most original skull using 18k rose gold colored, rose gold metal properties in addition to skull symbolizes the growing old of clear meaning, as well evoke in the minds of thinking about the best question of life as well as death.

Bones manual winding tourbillon motion has a built-in floor layout, the floor is through the PVD process 5 titanium steel, titanium PVD process by means of providing excellent rigidity as well as product tanks surface, simply make wrist table a lot more beautiful, but also to get a certain quantity of performance improvement. Around the bezel is using a excellent spline screws in level 5 titanium, the torque of the screw assembling easier to steer, and thus less susceptible to destruction, to the durability of purpose, their table mirror is also employed by both sides antihalation sapphire substance handling, in order to achieve better views. This table can be said to get adopted within the watch location today with the best quality supplies, it also details of the deal the identical precision as the F1 automobile, called a technology boutique that may be no exaggeration.

Rich Miller RM52-01 watch perform is not a lot of time in addition to the simple display, only a very powerful tourbillon function. It’s time to show the hour and second hands only two ideas, although not able to show the specific time to the second, but the total style of the watch has a fine effect against the background. Tourbillon diameter of 10. ninety days mm, and its location proper in the mouth of the skull, it is possible to say the location is very basic. When the watch is functioning, rapid tourbillon skeleton work at the mouth, barely obvious through the gap rose gold cage-shaped teeth, gives not only a physical beauty, there is an ineffable sense. It can be said to be a concern with death, or will say is actually a monumental imagery gives the jolt, in short, let go of your pondering on tourbillon While jogging fast, your mind no end. This specific watch also uses backside through the design, operation and also tourbillon movement operating from the table back can also be noticed in this table, also known as typically the mechanical aspect is a specialist. replica Chopard Watches

Rich Miller RM52-01 are equipped with often the movement of the upper RM052 manual winding tourbillon movements, movement size of 32. 70 mm x30. 90 millimeter and a thickness of 6th. 87 mm, excellent brain moderate performance. While this activity uses Glucydur balance tyre, the balance wheel has several adjustment screws, can be very excellent to maintain the stability of the equilibrium wheel running performance with the movement gave strong help. It also uses a constant flexibility NIVAROX® gossamer, vibration regularity of 3 Hz, which are therefore the accuracy of the time it’s removed. Additionally While this movement is additionally equipped with KIF ELASTOR connected with KE 160 B28 seismic protection device, so observe more difficult to damage, but in addition to reduce the impact of unpredicted events on the watch whenever you are outside accuracy. The 21 inlaid gemstones which furthermore allows more fluid mobility operation, while some visible gems, to some extent, played a decorative function.

Richard Callier RM52-01, this watch is one of the immortal who can be considered a set of thousands of superior quality within the classics. It uses the newest within the watch area nowadays, the best quality materials with gold and silver coins to build, it will be surrounded by any born noble aura associated with luxury. And down to all the details of every screw plane digesting, it is a manifestation of it has the high quality. It unconventional style and design skull and Richard Infiniti tourbillon fame perfect combination regarding technology, to the people to concurrently enjoy the visual, but also impart us with the ultimate question of thinking of life, evocative endless. In conjunction with a large number of applications on one electronic digital advanced technology movement, the front of machinery Exhibition people today, and its performance is certainly. The limited 30 types of circulation, so this watch a lot more significant precious, if you have the opportunity to have it, so take advantage of the mild, whether you want to do investment or perhaps collections, RM52-01 will not allow you to Disappointed. swiss watches replica