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Many girls who start on pointe are scared that they will get bunions from doing pointe work. Pointe work will not ’cause’ bunions Authentic Wilt Chamberlain Jersey , however if you do have a family predisposition to bunions (check out your Mother and Grandmothers feet!) then wearing ill fitting shoes (whether they are street shoes or pointe shoes) may hasten their development. People usually say that they have a bunion if they start getting a lump out at the base of the big toe. You can get a ‘pseudo’ bunion by the rubbing of the pointe shoe if the wings are too short and do not come up to the level of the big toe joint, or wear a very narrow box. This causes the toes to be squashed together, and the ball of the foot sits above the box, rather than being supported within it. Often picking a shoe with longer wings and a wider box will help reduce pressure on the area, and the irritation will subside… A ?real? bunion is when the end part of the big toe begins to angle in towards the other toes, and the knuckle of the toe (head of the first metatarsal) drifts away from the second metatarsal. The protruding piece of bone thickens and often gets red and irritated. Sometimes it may feel hot. Several things are often present in the physical examination of a dancer with bunions. 1) Often she has quite mobile feet but tends to overturn the feet in first and fifth positions. 2) She may have good turnout range, but may not have the strength to use it in standing and when dancing. 3) If this is the case Authentic Tim Hardaway Jersey , when she is standing the rolling in of the feet puts pressure on the inner edge of the big toe and this encourages the drift towards the second toe. 4) If she has good turnout range she often walks with the feet slightly turned out, and rolls off the inner edge of the big toe, rather than pushing off from the underneath part of it. 5) The muscles that support her arch are usually too weak to support the foot, and especially the one under her big toe (Flexor Hallucis Brevis) is unable to assist the movement from demi to full pointe. 6) There is often an isolated restriction in mobility between the top end of the first metatarsal and the mid foot bones (Cuneiforms). 7) If there is reduced mobility of the big joint when attempting to go onto demi pointe, this often results in either sickling in, or sickling out en demi-pointe 8) The metatarsal of the big toe is often rotated in, and angled out away from the second metatarsal. 9) She may demonstrate poor pelvic stability Authentic Ognjen Kuzmic Jersey , with the thigh, knee and foot rotating inwards with single knee bends in parallel. Depending on how many of the above points are true for the dancer, she should commence a series of exercises based on turnout strength, arch control and control of the intrinsic muscles of the feet. Many exercises to target these areas are described in detail, with photos in The Perfect Pointe Book. (www.theperfectpointebookindex2) The dancer with bunions often needs mobilization of the mid foot to help re align the toe correctly, and then taping and padding in the shoe to keep the toe in alignment. There are various taping techniques that can be used to help the dancer with bunions. Many people use toe separators, and this may help prevent the big toe from crossing the second toe Authentic Mitch Richmond Jersey , however it does not solve the real problem. It is preferable to tape under the head of the first metatarsal, before drawing the tape up and over the knuckle, de-rotating the first metatarsal. The tape is then wrapped around the big toe. This often helps align the toe more correctly in the shoe. A tape can also be used to keep the head of the first metatarsal in closer to the second, to reduce the sideways drift. Any padding should be in a donut configuration so as to distribute the pressure to the area around the bunion, rather than to increase the pressure on the already tender area. Create custom designed shapes by cutting pieces out of a simple foam rubber shoe inner sole that you can buy from the supermarket. They are cheap, comfy, and you can even get deodorizing ones. Cut a circle larger than the inflamed area Authentic Latrell Sprewell Jersey , and then remove the center portion so that there is no increased pressure on the inflamed area. Adhere the padding onto the foot to keep it in place with thin hypoallergenic white tape so that it does not slide around when dancing. Having a family history of developing bunions is not a barrier to commencing pointe work; however the dancer must take special care of her feet to avoid early development of this often painful condition. Author’s Resource Box Lisa Howell (B.Phty) is a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist) based in Sydney, Australia, who specialises in the assessment and treatment of dancers of all ages, from young students to professional level, and teachers. She is dedicated to the education of dancers to help prevent injury, and to develop optimal performance at every level. She produces a FREE weekly dancer?s newsletter with tips on all aspects of dance to help spread her knowledge around the world. To find out more about ?


Busan is a city in South Gyeongsang , South Korea. Pusan Metropolitan City is also known as Busan. It is the largest port city in the Republic of Korea. Pusan is South Korea’s second largest metropolis, after Seoul having population of about 3.65 million. It is situated in the narrow Nakdonggang valley, with mountains separating some of the various districts. Pusan is the so-called summer capital of Korea since it attracts tourists from all over the country to its six beaches. Pusan had the honor of hosting the 2002 Asian Games and APEC 2005. During 2002 FIFA World Cup, It also hosted foot ball matches. Pusan is known as the center for international conventions in Korea. Administratively, it is designated as a Metropolitan. On the western side, Geumjeongsan is located. The Pusan residents enjoy weekend hiking at this spot. To the north, the neighborhoods around Pusan National University have student theaters, cafes , bars and restaurants, as well as open-air cultural street performances on weekend nights. Tongdosa is one of the major three Buddhist temples in Korea. Another temple, Beomeosa, is also very important in Korean Buddhism.Dongnae area is a traditional as well as wealthy residential area. Dongnae Oncheon is a natural spa area with many baths, tourist hotels, restaurants, clubs and shopping areas. Many restaurants in the area are famous for their family recipes. Chungyeolsa is a Confucian shrine for soldiers who died during the eighteenth century battle against the Japanese at Dongnae castle. Pusan lures tourists from all over the country to its six beaches. High class hotels and a carnival boardwalk line the Haeundae Beach district. These are one of the most beautiful beaches in Korea. Gwangalli Beach is famous for its cafes, bars , and restaurants along the beach. The area around Pukyong National University and Kyungsung University has many cafes, bars and restaurants attracting college students and youth. Seomyeon is recognized as the new downtown with many cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and shopping centers. The Gwangbok-dong and Nampo-dong areas form the old downtown. Many cafes, bars, shops and restaurants are easily found in these areas. Jagalchi Market is an area of narrow street stalls and is popular for its fish market. Taejongdae, is a natural park with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the island of Yeongdo. “Foreigners’ Shopping Street” area , commonly referred to as “Texas Street” near the main docks, has many Russian businesses that cater to the local Russian population, as well as the crews of foreign ships. The Pusan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority was created to continue the tradition of Busan’s status as an international trading center. It now attracts ships from all over the globe and aspires to become a regional financial center. Currently, Pusan is ranked internationally as the third largest seaport in terms of cargo volume and efficiency by the AAPA. Pusan remained under the control of South Korea throughout the Korean War and for some time it was even the capital of South Korea(http:korea.ixs.nettraveltravel-to-south-koreaindex.aspx ). UN troops established a defensive perimeter around the city known as the Pusan Perimeter. Since then, the city has been an independent metropolis and has built a strong urban character. Pusan has been home to the Lotte Giants since 1982. They play in the Korean baseball league. Pusan is known as the capital of baseball and is a place of very enthusiastic baseball fans. The city is also home to K-League soccer side Busan I’park, the Daewoo Unicorns. It had earned the reputation of the strongest team during the 1990s in K-league. The famous Pusan International Film Festival, or PIFF is held in Busan. It is the largest and best-known international film festival in Asia. It lures huge numbers of tourists from all over East Asia and the world every year. Pusan also hosts an annual polar bear swimming competition in Haeundae Beach during the winter. Busan has become an important educational, cultural and economic center for the nation. Its beautiful beaches , festivals and glittering nightlife make it a popular destination for many tourists. Busan’s Gimhae Airport is used for flights both around the country and some international flights mostly to Japan,China and Bangkok. Keeping in view of its small size, A new international terminal is being constructed next to the domestic terminal. It also serves as an airforce base. Airport limousine buses connect to various points in the city. The trip takes 30-40 minutes if the traffic is good. There are departures on all lines every 20-30 minutes. City buses leave for downtown quite regularly. For more information about Busan visit: http:korea.ixs.netcitiesBusanindex.aspx Author’s Resource Box Heidi Grumm hosts and expresses her passion for events through writing and discussion. She works for Less Corporation at http:www.wicked-on-broadway Copyright Heidi GrummArticle Source: Computer games have taken the world by the storm in the past few decades, captivating the hearts, minds, and wallets of both the young ones and the once young. The resulting demand for high-quality video games led to a lot of gaming companies releasing increasingly high-tech software and hardware on the market. Gamers nowadays are spoiled for choice when it comes to getting their video game fix, but they still deal with a time-honored problem: dealing with computer problems that prevent their games from running smoothly.NapiNSP dll is a file that can sometimes originate from software installed on the system. The file extension stands for Dynamic Link Library, as these files serve as storage for functions or data. Many Windows applications rely on these data to execute certain programs (or in this case , video games). DLL files can be used by multiple programs at the same time, but a lot of them are designed to .



I’m sure I just upset some of those out there that think ellipticals and treadmills are the greatest thing since sliced bread , but I’m going to assert to you in this article, that they are both a big fat waste of your time!

First though, let me state that if you really truly enjoy mindlessly pumping away on an elliptical or treadmill (or an exercise bike too), then by all means, you’ve got to keep doing what you enjoy, because enjoying your exercise program is one of the most important keys to actually sticking with any exercise routine for the long haul.

However, don’t say that I didn’t warn you that you were wasting your time with all that mindless cardiovascular machine boredom. Also, you might find ideas in this article that you enjoy a lot more than ellipticals and treadmills and will get you better weight loss results too!

If I have not mentioned it before , I don’t believe in cardio machines, and personally, I haven’t even touched an elliptical, treadmill, or exercise bike in at least 6 or 7 years (if not more).

Actually, I never even use cardiovascular machines anymore for warm-ups before a workout (I used to on occasion)… These days, I prefer to do kettle bell or dumbbell swings or snatches mixed with body weight exercises as a great full body warm-up at the beginning of my workouts.

So why in the world do I have such a deep dislike for cardio machines? Here are my 5 main reasons:

1) Mindless steady state exercise while watching tv or reading creates a mindbody disconnect resulting in poor results.

2) Ellipticals and treadmills are just plain boring!

3) Ellipticals and treadmills are also a very inefficient method of working out in comparison to other options you have available. Why would you do elliptical or treadmill work outs if you can get much better results by doing more fun and interesting forms of exercise that actually stimulate your metabolism to a greater extent and increase your fat-burning hormonal response to the workout.

4) Ellipticals and treadmills are ridiculously expensive and a waste of money for people that work out at home… there are so many better options for home work outs you could spend your money on rather than throwing it away on an elliptical, treadmill , exercise bike (which are most likely just going to gather dust anyway).

I prefer a much cheaper home gym setup… You really don’t need a whole lot more than a good jump rope, body weight exercises, a stability ball, some dumbells (adjustable work great), possibly a couple kettle bells, and perhaps resistance bands for some extra variety.

5) I have also seen studies that showed evidence that treadmill jogging may be less effective than outdoor jogging for many reasons such as slightly less calorie expenditure compared to outdoor jogging, stride abnormalities on treadmills vs natural jogging, etc.

(although I would never advise just “jogging” anyway… varied intensity walks or runs andor sprint intervals are a much more effective training routine , which exercises your heart in a much wider heart-rate range instead of just the same heart rate the whole time).

So what are some good alternatives to ellipticals and treadmills? Here are a few of the best:

Kettle bell training – nothing will get your heart thumping like high rep KB snatches and swings or clean & presses (can be done with dumbells as well, but I prefer KBs).

Jump rope – great mindbody connection (try speed jumping, crossovers, and double jumps once you get good)

Body weight training – lunges, body weight squats, pushups, jumping exercises, planks , bear crawls, mountain climbers, etc.

Outdoor wind sprints – this is the ultimate training for a super lean ripped body… just take a look at the powerful chiseled physiques of world class sprinters, and compare that to the withered weakling bodies of typical marathoners… enough said!

Sprint swimming – more of a muscle toning workout than steady pace distance swimming… I actually love the upper body pump I get from sprint style swimming (this is the same concept as sprint intervals vs steady pace jogging but in a pool)

Hill sprints – yet another staple for a rock hard and ripped body.

Shadow boxing – incredible workout, but if you are shy, you might want to do this at home since you will get some crazy looks from people if you’re doing this at a typical gym.

Rowing machine – I don’t lump this in as a “cardio” machine like ellipticals or treadmills… instead, I think the rowing machine is truly a great full body workout that actually uses real resistance.

Heavy bag punchingkicking workout, rebound bag , or speed bag – all are great workouts and much more entertaining than typical boring cardio machines (also requires an intense mindbody connection which is essential for success)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at why elliptical machines and treadmills are such an ineffective and boring method of working out, and perhaps you’ve found some fun new ways to spice up your exercise routine.


The basics of Induction Cooking June 24 , 2012 | Author: nettkl93 | Posted in Food & BeverageWith soaring energy charges and rising stress on world wide warming a want for a lot more energy-efficient appliances is becoming a supplied. It’s a no-brainer and absolutely everyone merely has to do hisher bit. A single huge energy purchaser is actually a stove – whether electric or gas. This really is where by an induction cooking comes in: An induction cooktop is 80-90% powerful as compared to the 70% of the regular electric stove along with the 31% (!!) of a fuel stove. What this means is a huge reduce in energy intake, less pollution and also a reduced utility bill. So cooking by means of an induction stove is actually worthy of taking into consideration. Let’s have a very closer appear!

How does an induction stove work?

Everyone appreciates how a fuel stove and typical electrical stove function. A regular electrical oven uses a sizable coiled resistor as being a heating aspect. A considerable electrical recent is passed by means of this component which generates heat, just like the tungsten filament of an incandescent light bulb. The heart of induction cooktops, to the other hand , is a strong, significant frequency electro magnet beneath each ceramic cooking zone. Compared with other varieties of cooking, warmth is produced immediately inside pot or pan (cooking vessel) itself, rather than remaining generated from the stovetop at a cooking zone by electrical coils or perhaps a gasoline burner. So it does not entail making warmth which is then transferred on the cooking vessel; it tends to make the cooking vessel alone the original generator with the heat necessary for cooking. The warmth created in the cooking vessel is transferred to the vessel’s contents by conduction because the foods from the pot is in direct get in touch with while using the hot pot. By controlling the power from the electromagnetic discipline , you could regulate the quantity of warmth currently being created inside cooking vessel instantaneously. As soon as the vessel is eradicated from your element, or even the factor turned off, warmth generation stops promptly.

Pros of induction cooking

1. Induction cooking is more energy-efficient than both a conventional electrical hub or gas stove. It involves appreciably less electrical energy to generate the magnetic discipline than it does to generate plenty of present by means of a resistor to generate it heat up. In accordance to the U.S. Division of Energy the usual efficiency of induction cooktops is 84% (other studies say 90%) as opposed to 71% for the smooth-top non-induction electrical unit, while that of gas cooktops is 38 – 40%. The induction result does not heat the air round the vessel both , as could be the circumstance with electric hubs or gasoline burners particularly; some air is blown with the cooktop to cool the electronics, but this air emerges only slightly warmer than ambient temperature.
2. This implies that the environmental influence of induction cooktops is significantly reduce in addition.
3. An induction cooker is incredibly quick. Conventional cooking techniques are sluggish compared to induction cooking.
4. Induction cooktops are safer also, seeing that no warmth is created while in the cooktop or cooking zone at all. The warmth is only generated within the cooking vessel. The area under the pot gets very hot only from its make contact with using the pot. As an issue of reality, many experiments have already been accomplished to illustrate this point. You are able to set a newspaper beneath the pot and it will not burn up , while the written content inside the pot is boiling. The instant the pot is removed (or ability turned off), no warmth generation requires location anymore as well as the cooking region cools off promptly. Simply because induction heats the cooking vessel alone, the potential of burn off injuries is significantly much less than with other procedures; the area on the cook top is only heated from speak to while using the vessel. There are no flames or red-hot electrical heating elements as uncovered in regular cooking gear. Given that warmth is getting produced by an induced electric current, the unit can detect whether or not cookware is current (or whether its contents have boiled dry) by monitoring how much electrical power is getting absorbed. This causes it to be achievable to maintain a pot at minimal boil. It also signifies that an element is instantly turned off when cookware is eradicated from it.

Cons of induction cooking

Induction cooking only operates with cooking vessels created from content and that is each magnetic and may sustain an electric latest. Aluminum and copper are excellent for conducting energy , nevertheless they are not magnetic. Iron as well as a great grade stainless steel are both equally, so only pots produced from them are appropriate. A simple examination: If a magnet sticks on the pan then it will operate just fine. It is not seriously a problem, given that there are various affordable cookware of this form for the market place.

Nonetheless, in these days so-called “inductions disks” can be found which might be made use of with induction cooking. These are produced from steel plus they act being an “interface” onto which you may set your aluminum pot or pyrex pot that could usually not perform on an induction aspect. Sadly , by utilizing these kinds of a disk, you get rid of quite a few on the rewards of induction – from substantial effectiveness to no waste heat.

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Pores and skin Tips To maintain Your Skin ObviousYou’ll feel happier about yourself if you have finest skin. Do not comprehend the finest approaches to obtain the skin in to the finest condition possible? That’s all right. In the following paragraphs Larry Nance Lakers Jersey , you will get concepts about the extremely best indicates to assist make your skin healthy and merely indicates to assist keep it this suggests.

When skin does not get the sustenance that it need to stay healthy it will begin to look dry and split. Utilizing a daily moisturizer in it will help you to keep the skin healthy browsing. Use the moisturizer in it onto moist skin and it’ll secure the wetness that’s already on the skin prior to application.

Most likely the most crucial concepts to bear in mind for healthy skin would be to eat a lot of water. If you’re dehydrated, the skin will run out, which allows microbes to simpler permeate your skin, in addition to causing splitting and inflammation. Guarantee you consume 8 glasses every day.

Your skin around your vision requires added care due to the reality that it is exceptionally thin and delicate. Eye gels or creams ought to be an essential part of the skin care program, as using them can slow do not the development of crow’s ft and creases.

Ensure to utilize sun block on the skin throughout the winter numerous weeks. Despite the reality that great deals of individuals typically consider utilizing sun block within the summertime season time, the sun’s rays can remain to be to harm the skin throughout the cold months too. Snow glare may also exacerbate the issue. Cover the face together with your hands half an hour prior to going outdoors.

Because you object to some skin care part does not indicate that a particular constantly has actually really been or that you simply regularly is visiting be Kurt Rambis Lakers Jersey , just. Have determination if little else works, you may consider testing a smidgen of a formerly offending item on the really small patch of skin in your inner arm or collarbone.

Consume a healthy diet plan strategy for healthy skin. A consuming strategy loaded with healthy meals for instance fruit, entire grain products, lean proteins and veggies, can help you together with your skin to remain to be healthy. Researches have actually revealed that the skin looks more younger by consuming a minimal body fat diet plan strategy, rich in ascorbic acid.

An excellent suggestion for maintaining your skin would be to stop cigarette smoking cigarettes. Smoking sources lines to develop round the upper lip Julius Randle Lakers Jersey , eyes, temple, and cheekbones. Leaders who smoke develop a lot more facial lines in addition to have much clothing dryer skin than leaders who do not smoke. Cigarette cigarette smoker’s line is much much deeper than typical facial lines.

Prior to starting any brand-new skin care routine, find what kind of skin you have in fact. Dried-out skin and oily skin, require totally various skin care methods.

As was discussed in the start would such as to know, Jerry West Lakers Jersey , by bewaring of the skins, you’ll make yourself feel outstanding. Even when you aren’t well empowered within the topic of skin care, by evaluating with the particulars of the formerly mentioned post, occur to be on the right course to discovering.

Use the moisturizer in it onto moist skin and it’ll secure the moisture that’s already on the skin prior to application.

If you’re dehydrated, the skin will dry up, which allows pathogens to much less complex permeate your skin James Worthy Lakers Jersey , in addition to bring about splitting and inflammation. Dried-out skin and oily skin, require absolutely different skin care methods.

Use the moisturizer in it onto moist skin and it’ll secure the wetness that’s presently on the skin prior to application.

If you’re dehydrated, the skin will dry up, which makes it possible for pathogens to much simpler penetrate your skin, in addition to leading to splitting and inflammation. Dried-out skin and oily skin, require absolutely various skin care techniques.

Use the moisturizer in it onto moist skin and it’ll secure the wetness that’s already on the skin prior to application.

If you’re dehydrated Jamaal Wilkes Lakers Jersey , the skin will run out, which permits bacteria to easier permeate your skin, in addition to triggering splitting and inflammation. If you’re dehydrated, the skin will run out, which enables pathogens to less complex permeate your skin, in addition to causing splitting and irritation. If you’re dehydrated Jabari Brown Lakers Jersey , the skin will dry up, which makes it possible for pathogens to much easier permeate your skin, in addition to leading to splitting and inflammation. Dried-out skin and oily skin, require entirely numerous skin care strategies.


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Decades back a companion informed me about a do business from home organization he was involved with. He claimed he have to register for your software with L75 and that he’ll be helping Google to set up adds.
He was advised that he’ll be compensated involving L1 to L5 kilos for ever before prosperous advertisements he put in place. He was quite energized that he invited another of its friends to register for identical method. Couple of months latter when we meet once again I asked him what amount he has manufactured but to my surprise he reported that he was scammed.

There are lots of home centered enterprise tips inside net that you simply can linked to however  Elgin Baylor Lakers Jersey , you need to be quite careful. I remember this work at home.


This season he has amazed everyone

Erik Bedard – Trade Him Or Keep Him? June 24 , 2012 | Author: wesleymccormick251 | Posted in Arts & EntertainmentSo as the Seattle Mariners have been on a their recent hot streak this season the big debate has been, do the Mariners have a chance to contend or should they look to continue to build for the future. I have to start off by telling you that I am one of those guys who doesn’t get all giddy about my team being .500.I don’t even get all excited about my team making the playoffs and then quickly exiting. Call me crazy but I want to see my team win championships. As a lifelong Seattle sports fan for 33 years I have no experience of what that’s like. I have seen the Sonics in the NBA Finals and the Seahawks in the Super Bowl , only to be heart broken when they lost. The Mariner’s management have over the years showed a fondness for the phrase “being competitive”. You hear the fans now saying it daily on sports radio.”I just want to see the M’s be competitive”. It drives me nuts! It reminds me of what parents tell tee ball players “just go out and have fun and it doesn’t matter if you win or not, just as long as you try hard”. That works for little kids but it shouldn’t be acceptable in Professional Sports. When Jackie Z was hired two years ago I could not have been happier because he understood that you can waste a lot of years and money just “being competitive”. To be a championship caliber organization you had to willing to be in hard work and do it the right way. He talked about building from the ground floor up. Restocking the minor leagues , developing young talent and spending free agent money on the right guys. Doing this most often means the team is gonna be terrible for a couple years , but you are better off once you get through the process. When the plan works you find yourself with young exceptional talent on your major league roster that is prepared to battle for championships for many years. The minor leagues are stocked with guys who can add to your club in the future. You also have the finances and minor league talent to add missing pieces in the middle of seasons via trades.

I’m totally on board with this model of building an organization. I have joked with friends before this season that I gave the Mariners permission to suck for the next couple years as long as they stick to their stated plan. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with how they are currently playing. I take a lot of joy out of watching games this year. I enjoying watching the young hitters begin to develop. Michael Pineda has been amazing with what he has done to this point. Having said that it has not changed my initial feelings about this season. It should be about continuing to develop these young players and going through the growing pains as they deal with the adjustment to the majors. It should not be a time to believe playing .500 baseball means we could win it all this year and trading away young talent. I think even the most diehard supporters of going for it all this year don’t believe trading young players for major league talent is the right approach. However my beef with these people is that they believe we shouldn’t trade our older players either. This is especially relevant when it comes to one Erik Bedard. Coming into this season he could not be thought of anything less than a disaster after all the prospects the M’s traded for him and the three horrific injury plagued seasons. This season he has amazed everyone with the season he has put together so far. Fans and many in the media are saying we should keep Bedard and see what he can do. Also they say anything you get in return will not be of any value for him. I ask the question however “if we keep him what do we gain”. He has pitched well but it is only the start of June and who knows how he’ll look in August and September when a potential division race is heating up. That’s assuming he is still pitching then. He didn’t pitch for the M’s at all last year , so will his surgically repaired arm hold up? Also even when he was healthy he has never pitched 200 innings in a season. His most was 196 in Baltimore in the 2006 season. If you think the M’s don’t need that many from a 3rd or 4th starter look at last year. Vargas pitched 192 innings and Doug Fister pitched 171 innings. Bedard is yet to pitch 85 innings for this team. So the argument should not be can you get value for Bedard rather can you get value from a pitcher who most likely won’t be still pitching late in the season. Do not forget that Pineda is on an innings limit this season, as all young pitchers should be. He will most likely be shut down in September to prevent over work. So you have to have someone take up those innings late in the year and Bedard has never shown he is that guy

Remember the plan is stock the minor leagues with talent. Also are there pieces can you get for Bedard that down the line can be used to acquire someone else. I love the Mariners as much as the next person and I honestly want to see them succeed. I do however want them to be more than a competitive team. I want a championship caliber team for years to come. Professional sports franchises can be viewed as existing on a mountain. You are either climbing to the top which is the championship or your going down the other side getting farther away. I believe the Mariners are starting that climb to the top and now is not the time to set up camp and enjoy the view. Doing it that could lead to the M’s taking a step back. The top of the mountain has the best view and that is where championship caliber teams reside and that is where the M’s should be aiming.



Q: I own a small decorating business and Ill be the first to admit that I dont know anything about taxes or retirement plans. Id like to set up a 401(k) or an IRA or some other kind of retirement plan for me and my three employees. What are the various retirement plan options available for a small business owner and in your opinion , which would work best for me?
— Wanda S.

A: Wanda, I appreciate your confidence in my humble opinion, but asking me for financial advice is like asking Donald Trump for a recommendation on hair care products. I can tell you what works best for me and my business, but youll need to do your homework and seek professional advice to figure out what would work best for you. As a side note, I hear that Donald Trump is coming out with his own line of hair care product soon to be called Big Head. The formula is 1% mousse, 1% liquid nails , and 98% hot air. It should be a big seller among the high brow, comb-over crowd.

Heres my best advice on retirement plans: find yourself a financial advisor (or financial planner) who is has experience working with small businesses and have him or her explain the options available and make a recommendation as to the type of plan best suited for you and your business. When I say financial advisor Im not talking about your know-it-all brother-in-law or your accountant. Im talking about a broker or financial planner (or other licensed professional) who has a proven track record of making his clients money and is an expert on IRAs, 401(k)s, mutual funds, etc.

The best way to find a good financial advisor is to ask for referrals from your most successful friends and associates. Find the richest, stingiest man in town and ask who his advisor is. Meet with several advisors , explain your situation, and ask for their recommendations. You should also make sure the advisor is a good fit for your personality and your business. If all goes well you will be doing business with this person for many years to come, so make sure the relationship feels comfortable to you and that you are confident in the advisors ability to manage your money.

Let me give you a quick overview of a few of the retirement plans available to small businesses so you at least have an idea of whats out there before you start your search for a good financial advisor.

As a small business you basically have three types of retirement plans that you can take advantage of: the Self-Employed 401(k); the Simplified Employee Pension Plan or SEP IRA, and the Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees or SIMPLE IRA. Each allows you to make pre-tax contributions to the plan, which lets you save for retirement and lessen your taxable income by the amount of the contribution. Your investments also grow tax-deferred until withdrawal.

A Self-Employed 401(k) is an option for self-employed individuals or business owners with no employees other than a spouse. The business can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership , or a corporation, including S corps. You can make salary deferrals to this type of plan of up to $14,000 for 2005.

Next is the Simplified Employee Pension Plan or SEP IRA. A SEP is an option if you earn a self-employed income from a full or part time business, even if you are covered by a retirement plan at your fulltime job. A SEP allows you to contribute up to 25% of earned income, up to $41,000 for 2004 and $42 ,000 for 2005.

My preferred type of retirement plan is the Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees or SIMPLE IRA. The SIMPLE IRA was created to make it easier for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees to offer a tax-advantaged, company sponsored retirement plan.

With a SIMPLE IRA you and your eligible employees may contribute up to 3% of earned income (with a maximum contribution of $10,000) on a pre-tax basis to individual SIMPLE IRAs. You must deduct Social Security and Medicaid from your gross income, but you can then make your SIMPLE IRA contribution before other taxes are levied, effectively lowering your taxable income.

As the employer you must make matching or non-elective contributions into your employees SIMPLE IRA accounts. Matching contributions means that the business matches the elective deferral contributions made by employees. For example, if the employee opts to contribute 3% of his salary to the plan , the employer must match the 3% contribution.

At first you might cringe at matching your employees contributions, but as the business owner and an employee yourself this can be great news. As an employee of your own business you can contribute up to $10,000 to your SIMPLE IRA and the business can then match your contribution dollar-for-dollar, which means that you can put up to $20,000 in tax free dollars into the plan per year. The cost of the contributions is also deductible as a business expense.

The non-elective contribution option requires that the company contribute 2% of every employees earned income to the plan on the employees behalf regardless of whether or not the employee contributes to the plan himself. For 2005 the maximum contribution you would be required to make is $4,200.

Like a traditional IRA , you can withdraw money from a SIMPLE IRA at any time; however distributions within the first two years of participation are subject to higher early withdrawal penalties than traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs. Withdrawals within the first two years are subject to a 25% early withdrawal penalty. Withdrawals taken after the first two years are subject to a 10% early withdrawal penalty.


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Personalization has been around as long as , well, people. Each of us is different, so it’s no surprise that people and businesses strive to customize their messages and products to cater to individual preferences.
Occasionally this process can take a while (Henry Ford wrote in his autobiography, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black”), but eventually everyone gets there. It is practically an economic imperative. The internet is, of course, no different. Despite current limitations with personalization, the march towards greater degrees of personalization is inevitable , and welcome. By bringing personalization to real time, Surf Canyon
(http:www.SurfCanyon) delivers and important next step in this evolution.

While as recently as 2003 Jupiter Research slammed personalization in a report entitled “Beyond the Personalization Myth,” ReadWriteWeb this month listed “Personalization” as one of the Top 10 Future Web Trends, and rightly so. The My.Yahoo! homepage has been hugely popular for many years and personalized home page sites, such as Pageflakes, have also received rave reviews. Book, movie and music recommendations, from sites such as Amazon and Netflix , personalized to individuals’ tastes, are not only well-received, but are also lucrative. And then, of course, there is search.

In their paper entitled “Beyond the Commons: Investigating the Value of Personalizing Web Search,” Teevan et al. make the case that not only is search personalization beneficial, but perhaps essential: “Web queries are very short, and it is unlikely that a two- or three-word query can unambiguously describe a user’s informational goal.” Not only that , but as the quantity of information indexed by the major search engines grows (Google announced 6 billion items in 2004, and today’s figure is probably much higher), it becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to access all of that information with two- and three-word queries. Something additional is needed to help users locate the information they desire, and that requires personalization.

A June 3rd, 2007 New York Times article entitled “Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine” talked about Google’s continuous efforts to improve the relevancy of its search results, and personalization technology (much of which was acquired from Kaltix in 2003) plays a big role: “Increasingly , Google is using signals that come from its history of what individual users have searched for in the past, in order to offer results that reflect each person’s interests. For example, a search for ‘dolphins’ will return different results for a user who is a Miami football fan than for a user who is a marine biologist.” This is likely why in February Google decided to turn on personalization by default for any new accounts.

While personalization holds a great deal of promise, it has, however, yet to fully deliver. Last month ReadWriteWeb conducted a poll where the majority of respondents didn’t see any improvement with their personalized results on Google. Certainly the poll was less than scientific and hardly exhaustive, but nevertheless current implementations of personalized search suffer from a few drawbacks:

1. Without any history, it is difficult to personalize. This would be the case for anyone who’s new to a search engine or who has erased his or her history. Importantly , however, it is also the case for anyone who might be researching a topic for the first time or is interested in discovering new results for a previously researched topic: a common occurrence since, after all, that’s why the user is searching. If there is no data in the user’s search history that’s related to the content of the investigation in progress, then there is not much current personalization technology can do.
2. Interests can change significantly with time. One classic example is the purchase of a new car. The intent of a student who enters the query “ford cars” will change significantly after the student buys the car. It will change significantly again once the student is assigned to write a report on the history of the Ford Motor Company. Existing personalization technologies, even those that utilize decay and topic drift, have difficulty accounting for this.
3. Incomplete and imperfect information significantly restricts customization. Primarily for the reason given above, the intent that can be inferred from a user’s query history can only be given a limited amount of confidence. What happens when the marine biologist wants to attend a Miami Dolphins game? It is for this reason that personalized search results can only be “nudged” slightly in one direction or the other. Typically this involves customizing only a few , lower-ranked items on the search result page.
4. Finally, even when the results are personalized to the benefit of the user, it can be challenging to “perceive” any advantage. In addition to the limited degree to which the results are customized, unless the user is able to observe personalized and non-personalized results side by side in order to see the difference, it may be difficult to get enthusiastic about the technology.

In spite of these limitations, personalization continues to be one of the most promising areas of web technology. The next generation of personalized search technology will address these issues by being able to significantly customize the user’s search experience based on inferred intent without having to rely on potentially obsolete and deficient search histories. As such, Surf Canyon (http:www.SurfCanyon) is developing Discovery for SearchT technology to enable real-time personalization. More information can be found at http:blog.SurfCanyon.