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Whether outdoors or for participants to outdoor groups to provide services

In 1970, Alvin Toffler in the famous book “Future Shock”, the predicted economic foundation of human society from the agricultural economy, industrial economy to a service economy, to experience the economic and orderly development. Although this formulation at the time did Nike Air Max Thea Mens not attract attention, but by 1999, the American scholar Joseph Pine and James Gilmore coauthored “experience economy”, which makes the experience economy has become a fashion term. Experience is the service they propose for the stage, props commodity around consumers to create memories worth consumer activity. Consumers are willing to pay for this kind of experience, because it is beautiful, rare, I’m yours, not copy, non-transferable, fleeting, every moment it is a “unique.” Experience Economy biggest feature is the consumption and production of “personalized”, which makes it such a personalized experience will meet to pay higher prices, “experience” has become a valuable economic Offer. The emergence of the experience economy has brought about a new concept and change, experience economy Economic Offer – Experience – will Danny Amendola Jersey become a new product.

Whether outdoors or for participants to outdoor groups to provide services and products of outdoor recreation businesses, the quality of the outdoor experience is the lifeblood of the people engaged in outdoor and related activities. Experience is the essential attribute of outdoor sports, outdoor sports is a pioneer experience economic times. Pine and Gilmore believes the way to win customers is to create an experience in their midst. They are in the “experience economy” in his book, based on service experience for the stage, the trade as a prop to make consumers into one, creating memories worth consumer activity. GilmoreandPine mentioned in the writings of “experience earth country” includes four elements – entertainment, education, escape and aesthetic.

Outdoor sports is such an extreme experience, Nike Air Max Femmenot only to exercise one’s physique and stamina, cultivate people’s mind and temperament, to promote interpersonal communication, at the same time be able to inspire people to love the emotional nature, love Ryan Wendell Jersey life, so tired of living in the city of mind to be open. Currently the main outdoor sports mountaineering, rock climbing, bungee jumping, rafting, surfing, paragliding, water-skiing, ice climbing, cross, directional, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, grass skiing, downhill biking, cross-country mountain biking, hot air ballooning, upstream, development, the rise of flight strop and other outdoor sports, so that people gradually leave traditional sports venues, to the wilderness, indulge in the landscape, the nature seek the essential meaning of human existence. Outdoor exposure to risk in the form of the show outdoor recreational sports have become a better ourselves and Rob Gronkowski Jersey challenge the limits of space: climbing through, camping back heavy luggage, tonight will stay in the wild, jet skiing and surfing, people fully experience the sky clear water maneuvering, fighting the waves of chic; whitecaps bull, whitewater kayaking and whitewater rafting in ten thousand people stream through the Pentium blew out in stormy agitation; bungee jumping, rock climbing and people feel a “leap of gravity, spread upward down “adventure; natural mountain this profound, beautiful and dangerous training ground, we abandoned the comfort of modern civilization and lazy, have the ability to coexist with nature, to fully appreciate a return to human nature and mind , test the wisdom and strength of the fun.

Core outdoor sports experience, including: (1) emotional experience: outdoor sports by making emotional affected or shock, is one of the most common and the most likely to experience outdoor sports. (2) Knowledge Experience: Get through outdoor sports some new information and knowledge,Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey access to some new things. (3) Practical Experience: be enhanced by outdoor certain skills (such as language, mountaineering, etc.). (4) changing experience: mind, body or lifestyle shift at least some extent.

Greece and Russia are the favorites to win the ball more than six team

Faced with the world’s largest sports – football market cake, the business has always been a “smoke.” However, in marketing, described the cat has Catwalk, dogs have dog track, big businesses spend lots of money to be a sponsor, Nike Blazer Femme the brand image to benefit a lot; small businesses are playing the edge ball, dip popularity, sales of big profits.

And Nike, are a pair of lovers on the pitch. Determined fans found in the current European Cup group stage has ended the game, basically wearing Adidas team wins more, of course, Nike Air Max 1 Femme wearing a Nike team to be outdone, its sponsorship of the Croatian team to 3: 1 victory over Ireland , the “front of God” goal in the opening 157 seconds to become the fourth successive European Cup goals faster.

“The European Cup is behind Nike and Adidas and other well-known game companies, such as TV series.” The IOC former China chief representative Li said in an interview with reporters.

As a FIFA official sponsor, Adidas occupy the inherent advantages, not only frequently appeared on the televised game site advertising booth, and its sponsorship of Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Russia are the favorites to win the ball more than six team.

Of course, not a sign of weakness, not only invested heavily in shooting contracted more than 20 world-class football and basketball star buildup commercials, running Nike Air Max Classic BW Homme to the media a prime location in a number of countries, which on the one of the tallest building in Warsaw Orco Tower, hang the three great visual impact of the huge portrait of the Polish players.

And five countries under its auspices – Croatia, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal, Nike Free 5.0 Femme where the strength is not, at the same time, Nike’s Umbro (Umbro) brand is brought to England, Sweden and Ireland.

The European Cup, the competition’s two giants has grown to occupy each other nest, Nike is trying to reach the “Adidas” home – Germany (first Adidas last invasion “Nike” lair NBA, became the sponsor).

When your dealer inventories to a certain amount

Comparison another giant global sports brand Adidas, also suffered in 2008 after the product backlog ordeal that 2009 net profit was down 95%. However, Adidas and dealer inventory itself carried out a detailed inventory and boldly proposed renewal with junk goods. When your dealer inventories to a certain amount, the company to give a certain amount of compensation,Nike Air Max 1 Dame and allow dealers to open discount stores.

Today, Adidas China has Nike Air Max 90 Damesreached 7,000 stores, reported a quarterly net profit this year, Adidas grew 38%, revenue growth of 14%. Where the Chinese market sales of 385 million euros, an increase of 26%, the proportion of total global sales for the first time more than 10%. Western Europe, North America and other Asian countries, Latin America sales growth was 7%, 11%, 26% and 14%.

At the same time, local sports brand is also affected by continuing high inventory effects and sluggish economic environment dragged into a “cold.”

Data show that in the first half in addition to revenues rose slightly Xtep, Anta fell 11.6%, 361 ° down 10%, down 28.5% Peak, China Dongxiang fell 29.4%, while net profit fell more than eighty percent Ning.
Nike Air Max Thea Dames
Sharp drop in performance, are closely related to the huge inventory. Nike Air Max 90 Womens Just Jiarulining Group’s Kim Jin Jun openly acknowledged, inadequate clean-up of inventory in the first half efforts still need to focus on the future cash clearance.

Another situation can be seen from the first quarter of 2013 has been announced orders, order amount Anta reduction of approximately 20% to 30%, Xtep also reduced by 15% to 20%, the amount of Olympic clothing orders are also low numbers decline.

Heel too thin can cause the force area is too small

Today dazzling variety of styles of shoes, many designs for aesthetic and lack of practicality, often wear easily cause serious injury to the foot. The most injured foot shoes often Stephen Gostkowski Jersey cause hallux valgus, the roots of the big toe bones obviously convex, Feet toes closer to the second toe.

The first one: no heels

No heels heels compared with traditional, higher sole, resulting in greater slope toe shoes tail to Nike Blazer Femme drop. According to ergonomic point of view, if not wearing heels, 60% of the body weight needed to support the forefoot, the passage of time, stress is concentrated at the toe, prone to a series of foot injuries, such as plantar blood Nike Air Max 90 Dames blisters, corns, plantar calluses, bunions, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, hallux valgus etc. MM are the best do not always wear a heel, it is also possible to control the work required to wear at work just fine.

Chapter 2: Hentian high

A British fashion magazine statistics, fashion height is 15 cm. High heels, will change the weight distribution throughout the body, Nike Air Max 2015 Mens leading to more weight toward the metatarsal forefoot will feel pressure and pain, the pressure built up in the short term, such as continuous shopping, dancing, etc. may also lead to stress fractures.

Chapter 3: thin heel

After UGG Boots Clearance tests showed that wear thin heels knee assumed pressure index of 26, while wearing a thick heel is 22. Heel too thin can cause the force area is too small, the whole weight of the impact point are focused on two heel, heel over time nike free run 3 damen there will be fatigue, muscles damage.

Chapter 4: pointed shoes

Waitress who generally want to wear clothing full, there is an arc of foot, so will select some relatively tight opening, relatively small toe style, not knowing that these “wealthy fashion” is “beautiful killers.” Toe too short, too tight will make the toes bent to form a hammer head means; toe too sharp, to squeeze Nike Blazer Damen the thumb ball area will cause hallux valgus.

Reported that 2014 was the sport of golf in Taiwan

According to Taiwan’s “Business Daily” reported that in order to fully prepare for the 2014 Incheon Asian Nike Roshe Run Femme Games, Chinese Taipei golf team recently signed with Nike Golf, the two sides signed a cooperation program equipment and apparel sponsor since 2014 for five consecutive years. In signing press conference on Monday, Chinese Taipei golf team unveiled its new LOGO.

Chinese high co-chairman Xu elegant noted Dingdingyouming Nike Golf is a Nike Air Max Thea Heren world-class brand, the world’s ball Tiger – Woods and former world number one Rory – Mike Roy and other leading players, Nike Golf Golf for Chinese Taipei team support, allowing Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey players to use the most professional equipment off overseas competition.

Reported that 2014 was the sport of golf in Taiwan, several important battles, we need to fight to win the war as one Zhongzhi, including eight months of Youth Olympic Games, the World Cup in September and Renchuan Ya Yun, especially in Korea, organized by ” Incheon Nike Free 5.0 Womens Asian Games, “the most critical.

In order to go beyond the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games performance, Taipei Chinese Golf Association a “2014 Incheon Asian Games athletes training program,” through the integration of training, the authorities hope to help Chinese Taipei won the Asian Games golf gold medal, but also hope that through these training programs, to explore the future of the Olympic gold medalist.

Our team was very proud to be the story of shoes designed by athletes

Relay 2012, Nike basketball design team pursuit of a breakthrough in the design of the Nike Kobe VII. Bryant has always been the spirit of innovation to the extreme requirements, an idea was born. Graphic designer Erick Goto designed by Arizumi five years ago “What the Dunk” Inspired, decided to use “What the Kobe” led Nike basketball Nike Air Max 90 Womens into a new realm. When “What the Kobe” on the cover of the magazine’s world-renowned opening, “What the Kobe” was immediately sold out. Goto design creativity opened the basketball shoe trend. In recent Danny Amendola Jersey years, Nike basketball launched 6 “What The” series of shoes, including four in a retail sale. Goto said: “Our team was very proud to be the story of shoes designed by athletes to show in front of us over the past year in our efforts to create the best work and now we have to take the wildest way to these. Tribute shoes. ” After 11 years, LeBron signature shoe is a fusion of innovation and inspiration. James’ career, Nike Air Max 1 Femme won the league championship twice, four times the regular season MVP, 2 gold medals, these achievements as innovation in his signature Nike shoe, like subvert the entire industry, and distinguished. 2014 LEBRON 11 “What The LeBron” mixed LeBron signature shoe of the Nike Roshe Run Dames previous eight major product design elements and color in section 20 before the pattern and color. LEBRON 11 “What The LeBron” some details of the most popular shows from the innovative design and personal stories, which previously distinct shoes separate. You will Nike Air Max Classic BW Heren see from the tongue to LBERON VII LEBRON V Akron map, including 28 kinds of different elements.

We think there are more business opportunities and growth potential

“We think there are more business opportunities and growth potential Nike Air Max 90 Homme in the Chinese market, so the market positioning is based on China, product positioning is more consumer demand category, such as basketball, running, badminton, table tennis, including comprehensive training and exercise household items, put more resources on this area, including research and development, marketing channels, etc., were tighter integration and communication between us to keep these sports and participants, so we sponsored basketball CBA, also on the student basketball league sponsorship, including the national college students, high school, junior high school league. to participate Nike Air Max 1 Womens in this kind of movement, so that products and exercise more closely, including the re-distribution sales channels, which are the focus of our adjustments. In addition, gymnastics clothes, soccer, tennis, some of the products we will do it. “Li Ning, the company’s future development priorities is the focus of the five core categories and pay more attention to sports marketing, the effect of race experience, product experience and retail experience. Another focus is the development of Li Ning, the company’s development of high-tech and more humane products, such as injection of new materials development and scientific and technological content of products and so on. “We are also developing more accessories and technological content of products, how Jerod Mayo Jersey can functionality into products which, but more in terms of only an auxiliary Nike Air Max 1 Dames accessories, mainly on the aspects of direct materials development, development of more advanced materials , to rally the movement, resistance and perspiration, and played effect, there will be more protection, reinforcing material strength of the product. Each project needs are not the same, you want to use these technologies. sporting goods according to the requirements of the project, whether it is Which company, is not a simple original, more applied science, for science and technology with the movement more closely, this is a sporting goods company to focus on this aspect, Li Ning, the company will have more investment in research and development later . ” But it is not easy to produce high-tech products, Li Ning has also done a lot of this accumulation, and also try to produce some high-tech products. “A new technology into products, usually take several years R & D and trial, does not mean that you can come out to. In fact, we’ve done a lot of accumulation in the past, as some ultra-light materials, a number of quick-drying material, for now badminton team, CBA basketball team use of the product, they are quick-drying perspiration, allowing athletes to maintain energy, dry up to a certain degree, but also in various parts of the movement when the tension is more suitable for the sport, this one has a lot of products in use. ” Li Ning is the trend that the high-tech products, but not enough, “I think it must be a trend, but not enough, because there are some things to consider culture and fashion associated with these factors can also be injected into the product inside.”

Holding colored powder to throw each other around the Olympic

Marathon how the fire? Held on October 19 in North half horse “ballot Yaohao” grab 60,000 30,000 places! Last year, “Northern Horse” total revenue of nearly 30 million yuan, has been among the world’s top ten Tom Brady Limited Jersey Marathon list. A marathon with Nike Air Max Classic BW Dames the organizers, sponsors, sports brand dealers manufacturers, electricity providers …… share “running economy.” Moreover, many businesses have begun to organize themselves for outdoor running activities. Recently, Nanjing, organized three consecutive running, walking motion. Holding colored powder spilled each other’s “Rainbow Run”; boarded the bright walls “around the city 70 years”; and launched a foreign fast food “to donate one yuan love to run,” participants are far more than the expected number of applicants. The “run” out of the economy is also considerable.

Holding colored powder to throw each other around the Olympic hurricane “Rainbow Run”, originally planned to accept 2,000 people sign up, the final 7,000 participants. After the event, the organizers Suning Tesco has continued to gain surprise. Official said: Nike Air Max 95 Dames rainbow run after ‘end, sales are Jerod Mayo Jersey Youth up throughout the outdoor sports channel more than 50%, especially running shoes, sun protection clothing, sports bags. Including the somatosensory car, the same day in the field is also convenient for the staff back and forth, did not think a lot of people looked to buy later. “Suning Tesco said that this year is the implementation of the transformation of the Internet Suning, Suning internal advocate” move up “, and participated in a series of sporting events such as the World Cup, the Youth Olympic Games, and the world’s top football clubs Barcelona entered into a strategic cooperation Wait.

I trust in Anta for me to create a product for each

As the leading brand in the sporting goods industry, ANTA committed to building a powerful professional equipment for every spokesperson. ANTA brand responsible person said, this year the Adidas Superstar Dame latest development Anta five drive control technology will be fully applied to the NBA spokesman Nike Air Max 1 Homme boots, the booster player campaign pitch. In the event, Thompson personally signed the five-drive control of science and technology to the lucky fans of basketball shoes, we witnessed the Anta five drive control technology debut.

According to reports, the five drive control technology will be applied to the entire sole bionic finger, in order to increase the friction soles; soles of feet around the region, according to regional compression ergonomic design concept in different regions with different material stress and hardness material, balanced foot force, so wearing more comfortable; soles overall simulation sports multi-link independent suspension system, connected around the palm area, to enhance stability, increase speed. Five drive control Technology boots will satisfy the players, especially point guard change to speed, stability protection Nike Air Max 90 Homme and other needs, to help them better Nike Air Huarache Homme control over the audience.

Anta person in charge, the next five drive control technology will be applied to a variety of boots ANTA sole design, it is for the majority of basketball fans Anta build the stadium to witness the weapon. ANTA has always been committed to the best technology, the best product experience, to bring the overwhelming majority of sports fans, so that everyone can have a match with the NBA’s top players basketball equipment, to enjoy the fun of basketball.

“I trust in Anta for me to create a product for each, because they always put our interests first. I hope five drive control technology can help enhance the performance of the majority of basketball fans on the pitch.” Thompson said.

As Adi now focused on creating a spokesperso

Not long ago, Harden was abandoned Nike, Adidas won a 13-year $ 200 million astronomical endorsement contract. But now it seems, Harden Nike (Jordan is a sub-brand) Nike Roshe Run Homme Lianlianbuwang. This allows some dissatisfaction with Adidas, the original reason for Harden so a fat contract, is because I believe that in terms of the OTC Adidas, Harden wearing Adidas shoes and apparel will also enhance their Nike Roshe Run Dames brand value. However, there is still Harden wear Nike shoes, and no violation of Adi. Because, until October 1, Harden contract with Nike will officially expire. However, in North America, he said Adi Explorer, Harden presence Waichuan Nike days are numbered. As Adi now focused on creating a spokesperson, “Harden not present outer wear a competitor’s product is part of the contract.” Adidas spokesman Mark – King said. In other words, even in court, Harden also wear Adidas shoes. It is worth mentioning that, Kardashian Jiefukanye – before the West has invested in Adi’s turn, he designed shoes Yeezy series but the influx of people necessary, Harden would not worry about not wear nice shoes. In fact, if Harden after Rob Gronkowski Game Jersey commencement of the contract with Adidas, still wearing Nike shoes, he may face the risk of denunciation. In 2001, “Rain Man” Kemp became the hapless. At that time, Camp endorsement of Reebok, Adidas has now been acquired. However, in an interview, “Rain Man” actually Tucao own brand endorsements, is Reebok shoes, Nike Air Max 1 Homme and says his favorite pair of shoes is Nike. Ultimately, Reebok decided to terminate the contract with Kemp’s endorsement. Harden, this is but a lesson. After all, $ 200 million if it really makes sense, that Harden regrets are too late.