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The size of the stone crusher discharge should be adjusted

The stone crusher is an important crushing device in production. It is simple and sturdy, easy to maintain and overhaul, and low in production and cost. It is an indispensable equipment. At present, the stone crusher can adjust the size of the discharge size according to the needs of the user. Then, when the stone crusher discharge size becomes larger, adjustment should be made.
First of all, the adjustment device of the Stone Crusher Plant is used to adjust the size of the discharge opening. With the running time of the equipment, the tooth plate is continuously worn, the size of the discharge opening is continuously increased, and the product granularity becomes thicker, which needs to be re-established. Adjustment. Since the force of the tooth plate of the device is transmitted to the gear, the gear rotates in the opposite direction after being subjected to the force, resulting in an excessive gap between the tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate.
Secondly, for the stone crusher adjustment device, one adjustment screw can be kept right-handed and the other can be left-handed. When the two-side gears are convexly adjusted, the intermediate gears are taken out and the gears on both sides are evenly tightened. When the gap adjustment is appropriate, the intermediate gear is inserted again, so that the intermediate gear functions as a positioning. After the equipment was improved, there was no gap increase.
Once again, in order to ensure that the American Stone Crusher is in a good state of technology, it can be put into production at any time, reducing the downtime of equipment, improving the integrity and utilization of equipment, reducing equipment wear, extending the service life of the equipment, and ensuring regular maintenance. The relationship between handling and repair.
Then, in the production process of the stone crusher, if there is a phenomenon that the discharge granularity becomes large, it needs to be adjusted in time so as not to affect the production materials that cannot meet the requirements.
Finally, the above is the reason why the particle size of the stone crusher has become larger, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more exciting content, you can consult our customer service staff online and will answer your questions.

Quartz sand making machine needs to be equipped with noise dilution device

Adding a complete dust collection and dust reduction device: a sprinkler device is arranged at the discharge port of the quartz sand sand making machine and the pivoting and conveying hub parts, and the dry material is humidified and weight-increased, which can effectively fly dry and reduce the dry material. Dust pollution, equipped with a perfect dust collecting device on the side of the quartz sand making machine, can effectively reduce dust pollution from the source.
Configuration to reduce noise dilution device: The dilution of noise first passes through the environmental protection layer built in the quartz sand sander. This wear-resistant buffer layer not only dilutes the noise, but also protects the body. It is configured in each quartz sand sand production line. The noise reduction device controls the noise and reduces the impact on production of nearby people.
In the future development, this quartz sand making machine will also keep pace with the times, get better improvement and perfection, and strive to meet the needs of the vast industry with higher quality performance, and create more wealth and benefits. When configuring a quartz sand making machine, the configuration of various equipment is also different, so the cost is naturally different.

Raymond mill operation and adjustment

SBM Raymond Machine Factory has focused on Raymond Mill for more than 20 years and summed up a series of experiences. After Raymond Mill has been operated and adjusted, the work efficiency has increased dramatically. Below we will share the method with SBM:
Raymond mills generally do not adjust during normal work. Raymond mills that have just started work, or Raymond mills that have just been repaired need to be adjusted. When adjusting the Raymond mill, find out the control details of the wind main delivery system. The work should adjust the rotation speed of the rotary vane analyzer according to the requirements of the powder. In order to ensure the stability of the particle size of the Raymond mill and ensure the work efficiency of the Raymond mill, it should always keep enough raw materials in the mainframe. The feeder feeds evenly.
When the Raymond mill needs to stop, first stop the work of the feeder and close the rack insert. After the raw materials left by the main machine are ground and blown, the main machine work is stopped, the blower is stopped, the blower is stopped, and the bag is dusted. Device. The Raymond Mill checks the tightening of the connecting screws of the main unit before starting. The connecting bolts in the grinding roller device must not be loosened to prevent the Raymond mill from causing accidents during work. Check the connection between the blade and the blade holder. Check the transmission parts of each auxiliary machine, the connection screws, the lubrication parts of each lubrication part, and the feeder starts to automatically feed the inside of the main machine.
After the above preparatory work is completed, the speed governor and the analysis machine are first started. After the governor is operating normally, the required Raymond mill granularity is adjusted, and the degree of the dial pointer is determined according to the degree of the dial pointer, and the small blower is started and the dust remover is not installed. Start the blower, start the main machine, start the feeder, and adjust the appropriate amount of feed. At this point, the Raymond mill starts working normally.

What do you know about the process of the trapezium mill?

In recent years, the new dry-line infrastructure investment has been rising, affecting the economic benefits after the project. There are many reasons for the gradual increase in funding, such as capital contribution, construction engineering, equipment costs, and cement equipment installations. However, the status of planning factors that result in the addition of funding cannot be ignored. In the planning process of the cement plant, based on many inductive elements such as materials, sites, funds, etc., the new dry-line equipment investment was reduced from the planning point of view, and the trapezium mill was determined to be the medium-speed T-type. Mill process technology skills Cement system equipment is very important.
Grinding is an important skill process for cement production. It not only determines the unit power consumption of cement production, but also has an important impact on cement function. For a long time, the trapezium mill process skill cement clinker grinding is carried out in a ball mill through the medium-speed T-type grinding price. The ball mill has strong adaptability to materials and is easy to adjust the fineness of the milled products; the equipment is simple in structure, reliable in operation, convenient in handling and so on. However, the effective utilization of energy is low, only 2% to 5%. In the past ten years, the cement grinding skills have been greatly developed. The traditional mill has been improved, and high-efficiency powder selection equipment has been adopted. Vertical mill and kneading mill have also been used one after another, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of grinding and improves the grinding power of the trapezium mill process. .
The rationality of the placement of the powder chamber in the trapezium mill is very important. The material is sorted by inertia force, gravity and vortex flow in the powder selection chamber to make the coarse and fine particles fully separated. The spatial scale selection is more reasonable, which makes the powder selection power significantly improved and the energy consumption is reduced.
trapezium mill
The rotor system in the process of the trapezium mill is easy to condition. Because the motor speed of the powder separator and the number and angle of the small blades and the auxiliary blades are adjustable, the system parameters can be matched to reach the aspiration state, and the grain size of the product is easy to be adjusted.
Because of the improvement in grinding skills, it also has a certain impact on the characteristics of cement particles. Therefore, it is necessary to study the process of dissecting the process of trapezium mill and the change of the role of medium-speed T-type grinding, so that the improvement of skill equipment and the optimization of operating parameters can reach energy saving, consumption reduction and cement function improvement. Inductive effect.

Structural principle of Raymond mill slagging function

The slagging function of Raymond Mill means that Raymond Mill can discharge harder slag out of the grinding chamber, which can improve the quality of the powder or extract the finished product.
Raymond Mill’s slagging function is mainly used in the following industries:
First, the separation of hard impurities, at this time the dregs are waste products, if ground into the powder, it will increase the impurities of the powder, reducing the purity and quality of the powder. For example, in the charcoal industry, in the process of anaerobic firing, charcoal will use different wood materials, which will be doped with impurities such as earth, quartz, pebbles and so on. Charcoal or hemp charcoal is mainly used for mosquito coils or gunpowder, fireworks, etc., burning is their ultimate value, but if there are impurities, especially fireworks or wires, it will greatly reduce its burning performance. This is the function of slagging. Raymond mill’s slagging can remove limited stones and impurities out of the grinding chamber, improving the purity of the charcoal powder.
Second, aluminum ash and aluminum slag separation, zinc ash and zinc slag separation, copper ash and copper slag separation, these collectively referred to as smelting waste slag there is a large amount of metal, but these metals can not be directly smelted, there are a lot of soil and sand, according to different tastes, These wastes have different values. The slagging effect of Raymond mill is mainly to discharge the metal in the waste slag out of the grinding chamber, and the soil and sand are ground into powder to achieve the separation effect. The slagging function is highly efficient, and the separation is clean, and the separated metal can be directly smelted.

Four major consequences of missing lubricants in mobile crushing stations

When the mobile crushing station is used, the role of the lubricating oil is mainly to reduce the wear, but its effect is not only the case. When the lubricating oil is missing, it will have a great impact on the equipment, mainly in four aspects: Temperature, speed, load and impact load changes, here is a detailed introduction to these four aspects.
First, temperature changes
One of the functions of lubricating oil for moving crushing stations is to control the temperature and prevent the high temperature deformation of its parts. Therefore, the lack of lubricating oil will cause changes in its temperature, and the characteristics of lubricating oil itself will change with temperature. It will change. Generally speaking, if the temperature is too low, it will become thicker. If the temperature is too high, it will become thinner. In this case, when the lubricant is used, it should be selected according to different temperatures. To choose a lubricant with a high consistency, if the weather is cold, a lubricant with a weak consistency is needed to ensure its effect on the Mobile Cone Crusher;
Second, the speed of change
For this station, the lack of lubricating oil will make the wear between the parts not relieved. If the wear is serious, it will affect the speed of its operation, and in the process of production, the faster the moving crushing station rotates, then the roller The more difficult it is to squeeze in the lubricant, which will result in poor lubrication, and the lubricant tends to agglomerate and thicken at high speeds. Therefore, low-viscosity lubricants are required for high-speed operation and high-viscosity lubricants for low speeds;
Third, the load changes
The use of high-viscosity lubricants in Construction Waste Crusher can prevent collision friction between equipment components. Low-viscosity lubricants are required if the equipment is lightly loaded, and high-viscosity lubricants are required for high loads.
Fourth, the impact of changes in impact
When the mobile crushing station is in use, its engine will generate a law of power. At this time, the equipment needs a thick lubricating oil containing an extrusion additive to prevent the friction caused by the oil film from rupturing;
This paper mainly introduces the four major consequences of the lack of lubricating oil in the mobile crushing station, mainly the changes in temperature, speed, load and impact load, and analyzes the problem of what kind of lubricating oil to use in different situations. It is said that the lubricating oil plays a great role, so the choice must be in accordance with the production requirements.

200 mesh processing clay equipment vertical grinding mill

Vertical mill grinding machine is widely used in the production of non-metallic minerals, and is also a common processing clay equipment. Customers who grind 200 mesh clay powder can recommend the processing clay equipment produced by the manufacturer. SBM heavy machine has rich experience in the clay field, providing clay customers with more professional clay powder grinding machine to meet customers. The production demand of 200 mesh clay powder, and the price of SBM heavy machine clay Vertical Roller Mill is reasonable, the working principle is more scientific, and the customer’s support is obtained.
As a professional manufacturer of processing clay equipment, SBM Heavy Machine has always created benefits for each powder project with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service. SBM heavy machine team has rich experience in machining and manufacturing, and also has more perfect after-sales service. The system has established offices and service centers in many regions to create significant market benefits for each customer in a faster, more efficient and more desirable way. So, what kind of grinding equipment is used for processing clay powder? SBM heavy machine is recommended to use the new vertical grinding mill equipment to achieve greater capacity. SBM heavy machine is a professional mill manufacturer, and it is believed that it will contribute more to the further development of the clay powder market.

Vertical mill grinding machine is an excellent equipment for SBM heavy machine to be upgraded on the basis of traditional mill. The performance index is greatly improved, and the capacity of the equipment can be increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost can be saved by 30%. With new plum blossom frame and pendulum grinding roller device, the design structure is more reasonable. The dust collector of the mill is equipped with a pulse dust collector, and the dust collection efficiency can reach 9%. It should be said that it is an ideal equipment for clay powder processing.
As the excellent equipment of SBM heavy machine, what is the price of such clay vertical mill? In fact, as a professional manufacturer, SBM can customize the selection configuration scheme for customers and formulate more reasonable clay vertical grinding. The price of powder machine helps each enterprise to increase production and income, and achieve greater profits and value.

What about the broken shaft of the cone crusher? How to solve it?

The cone crusher is a crushing device commonly used in production. Spindle breaks are a common type of failure during production runs. Frequent breaks in the spindle not only affect normal production, but also aggravate routine maintenance and overhaul work. For this fault, this paper analyzes the cause of the fault and finds a solution. A detailed analysis of the causes of the main shaft fracture and the solutions are as follows.
First, the reason for the broken shaft
(1) The strength of the main shaft is weak: the static fit between the main shaft and the broken vertebral body causes stress concentration on the main shaft section, which significantly reduces the fatigue strength of the main shaft material. The main shaft gradually cracks during the crushing process of the crusher. The bending stress at the stress concentration of the spindle is broken beyond the strength of the material.
(2) Overload operation: Due to insufficient spring pressure, the upper support sleeve of the crusher often jumps when overloaded, resulting in excessive product size. Therefore, the operator often adopts the method of recompressing the safety spring to increase the crushing force, thereby increasing the force of the main shaft, so that the main shaft is subjected to excessive force.
(3) Frequent iron and iron: In order to obtain the qualified product size, the crushing workshop often reduces the number of shots, causing the number of times of crushing the chamber to pass iron or iron, which causes the bending stress in the dangerous section of the spindle to reach a certain value.
Second, the solution
For the above reasons, the analysis of the spring pressure is not enough. From the design considerations, the number of irons is increased due to the reduction of the discharge port. It can be solved by operation, that is, the iron check work is strengthened; if the fatigue strength is insufficient, the following measures can be taken to improve the resistance of the spindle. Fatigue strength:
(1) Increasing the load-reducing groove will reduce the press-fit; make a circle of load-reducing grooves at the lower edge of the body of the static pressure-bonding part between the main shaft and the Crusher Machine.
(2) Improve the rounded shape of the broken shaft part, and roll the static pressure part of the main shaft to increase the surface finish and surface hardness.
(3) Reduce the interference of the static pressure of the main shaft and reduce the interference between the main shaft and the cone body. In order to ensure that the spindle and the body do not loose during operation, a certain amount of interference is required. The greater the interference, the stronger the stress concentration, but the more the stress concentration decreases, the more severe the fatigue strength of the spindle is reduced.
(4) Increase the transition angle between the main shaft fitting portion and the cone to reduce the stress concentration factor.
(5) According to the newly designed spring pressure, the shaft of the shaft is designed correspondingly, and the diameter of the shaft is generally increased.

Structural Analysis of Vertical Raymond Machine

After more than 20 years of development, SBM Raymond mill Factory has accumulated rich experience and technology in the Raymond mill industry. It has won unanimous praise in the industry for its quality, and its products are sold with good reputation. To and from home and abroad. Through the dynamic analysis and simulation analysis of the hydraulic lifting roller pressing system and the grinding system of the vertical Raymond mill, the factors affecting the performance of the vertical Raymond mill are obtained, which provides the theory for the optimization of the vertical Raymond mill. According to the above, the vertical working stability of the vertical Raymond mill is improved, the wear amount is reduced, and the cost is reduced and the energy consumption is reduced. Now Raymond mill has developed to a fairly advanced level, a variety of high-pressure mills, pendulum mills, gradient mills, ultra-fine mills, etc., used in a variety of fields, continuous refinement, more professional.
The above analysis shows that the grinding force and grinding area of ​​the vertical Raymond mill are constant compared to the pendulum Raymond mill, which determines that the output of the vertical mill is higher than that of the pendulum Raymond mill. The structure analysis of the main machine of the vertical mill shows that the grinding roller rotates around the central axis under the action of the centrifugal force F2, and also swings parallel to the longitudinal axis, so that the grinding roller presses the grinding ring outward in parallel, thereby ensuring the grinding roller and The grinding ring is in contact with the largest face. SBM Heavy Industry Raymond Machine Factory combines its own professional understanding of milling equipment to summarize the following. I hope everyone has a deeper understanding of Raymond mill. Now with the wide use of Raymond mills, it will inevitably lead to its rapid replacement, because the use of large quantities, the machine will be worn out, to a certain extent, it needs to be replaced.

River pebble sand making machine is convenient and quick to replace wearing parts

When it comes to the users of the river pebble sand making machine, it is a strange problem to replace the wearing parts. It is very troublesome to replace the parts when replacing the parts. Many manufacturers come to see the equipment production efficiency. Very satisfied is not satisfied with this replacement parts, and later through the communication with the customer can not design a more convenient replacement parts of the machine.
After a thorough investigation and experiment, we have developed a one-button hydraulic unpacking river pebble sand making machine. This machine not only replaces the accessories, but also is more suitable for preventing material blockage.
So simple to say about the superior aspects of the open-box river pebble sand making machine, our users are a constant source of inquiries, how is our river pebble sand making machine out of the box, open box type river pebble sand making machine is convenient Where is the new type of river pebble sand making machine in the price changes, there are many users have already placed orders to our company, our company is now working day and night to work overtime for our users to open a new box The river pebble sand making machine reduces the burden for users in order to allow users to put into production more quickly.