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SBM factory direct ultrafine grinding machine

I don’t think of you because of loneliness, but because I need you, I look forward to meeting you and knowing each other as soon as possible. Maxima has the eye of Bole. SGM’s ultrafine mill equipment, where are you? As a factory direct sales equipment, there is no middleman’s routine, there are not too many cumbersome processes, all are real price sales.
The ultra-fine grinding machine absorbs the advanced fine-grading technology of Germany and Japan, and solves the problem of ultra-fine powder classification. It is mainly used for more than 500 kinds of materials such as feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, marble, limestone, carbon black and clay. Ultrafine powder processing with adjustable fineness in 300 mesh (20 micron) to 3500 mesh (3.55 micron) production. According to the calculation and simulation results of the Bernoulli equation of gas flow, the geometry of the blade in the fineness classifier is changed, and the inclination angle and relative clearance of the file are re-adjusted, so that the ultrafine powder entering the classification can be effectively and accurately divided. Pick it out.
Its internal structure is composed of more than one set of longitudinally arranged fine grinding devices. Each set of fine grinding device includes a three-dimensional structural frame, a driving roller, a grinding iron and a power part which are closely attached to the driving roller wall, and the grinding iron has a million The device and the spring pressing device ensure that the grinding iron can be automatically adjusted to maintain parallel contact with the driving roller wall to ensure fine grinding effect. At the same time, in the grinding device, the parts are technically improved, so that the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is achieved, and the phenomenon that the small particle material cannot be continuously pulverized in the unevenness and the gap is avoided in the general grinding machine.
For the ultra-fine grinding machine of the factory direct sales, you don’t have to worry about cutting corners. You can go to the factory to visit the production at any time, you can get close contact with the dazzling array of products, you can carry out the on-site test machine, sneak peek. Why don’t you try this time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving, rest assured, and comfortable shopping method?

Mobile crushing station realizes diversification of construction waste treatment

The mobile crushing station can go directly to the construction waste disposal site to crush and screen the construction waste, and break the construction waste into recycled aggregate for non-burning brick, water stable layer material, filling material, etc., which can be reused for urban foundation. During construction, we will accelerate the development of urban low-carbon economy, realize the recycling of construction waste, and solve the pollution of construction waste to cities.
Construction waste is recognized as a misplaced resource. The treated construction waste not only solves the problem of construction waste pollution, but also can regenerate recycled building materials, which is green, economical and environmentally friendly, in line with the current social development trend.
The recycling rate of construction waste in China is relatively low. Most of the construction waste is transported to the suburbs or villages without any treatment. It is disposed of by open-air stacking or landfill, and consumes a large amount of land acquisition fees and garbage. Transportation and other construction funds, at the same time, the removal and dust, sand and flying in the process of clearing and stacking have caused serious environmental pollution. With the continuous development of science and technology, the utilization value of construction waste is not limited to the brick making field, but is widely used in cement manufacturing and building materials industries. At present, the construction waste portable crusher yemen for sale has realized more than 95% of the construction waste by recycling the construction waste, and has followed the principle of resource treatment and constructed waste treatment projects in many cities in China. It has been widely used and has been well received. Construction waste is processed into recycled building materials after treatment, which has great economic value. The construction waste treatment industry will continue to grow and develop in the future.

New mobile crushing station has stable performance advantages

In the process of purchasing a portable crusher yemen for sale, it is necessary to ensure that the performance stability is very good, and the reliability that can be achieved will also have a good performance. Therefore, it is necessary to select according to the actual situation, and the advantages that can be brought are very good, and The services enjoyed will also be greatly improved. After all, there are many types of mobile crushing stations. However, small and medium-sized production lines are widely used, and they have a small footprint, simple operation, and convenient installation and debugging, so they have won the unanimous favor of customers.
Of course, the performance stability of mobile crushing stations of different brands is obviously different, so it is necessary to make good choices according to the actual situation, the services that can be enjoyed will be very good, and the advantages that can be brought will be more obvious. A crucial part, so we must know more about the manufacturers and manufacturers, and hope to get good equipment to meet the requirements of production and use.
In some special stone processing, it is necessary to select products with good quality and better quality, so that the reliability that can be obtained will be greatly improved. Equipment with good performance guarantees will have more outstanding stability performance during use, and the quality of processed materials is reliable, so the quality of the quality achieved will be better.
SBM machinery’s mobile crushing station is more in line with the needs of modern production, such as: for some sandstone manufacturers often face the change of work location, equipment installation time and other issues, design mobile crushing plant equipment can be transformed, provincial installation, according to production needs , equipped with the required equipment, and can change the working place freely. The mobile crushing station equipment has high degree of automation, safety and reliability; the equipment setting is more humanized, and the operation process is simple and easy to learn; its vulnerable parts are reinforced with foreign wear-resistant materials and have a longer service life. The machine is widely used in the crushing of various minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore and bauxite. At the same time, the high-yield fine crusher is also the main equipment for providing artificial sand and gravel materials, providing high-quality sand and gravel materials in line with national standards for high-grade roads, railways, water conservancy, airports, construction, cement, refractory materials, metallurgy and other industries.
In short, the choice of a better mobile crushing station equipment can be very good in performance stability, the advantages will be more clear, and the reliability obtained will be greatly improved. Equipment that has passed the quality and stable performance will have a good performance in the process of use, and the quality of the quality will increase greatly, so it must be purchased from regular manufacturers.

What are the methods for adjusting the output of the jaw crusher?

What are the methods for adjusting the output of jaw crusher? First of all, we must ensure that the power supply voltage of the crusher production process is stable and the production has a good condition; the wiring position of the jaw crusher motor is reversed, which affects the work of the motor. The size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher is small, and the production output is reduced, and the discharge port is blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the size of the discharge opening; the displacement of the jaw of the jaw crusher will also affect the equipment. Working condition and work efficiency, to ensure the position of the seesaw is suitable; after the use of the jaw crusher for a period of time, the jaw structure and the bearing wear increase the working gap, the bearing rotates relative to the outer ring, so that the output is reduced, and the seesaw can be checked frequently. And the wear condition of the bearing and replace it in time. When the output of the jaw crusher in Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry declines, it is necessary to find the key to the problem according to the possible failure, find the problem in time and solve the problem, and ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently. The crusher manufacturer SBM Heavy Industry, declined to reprint!
What are the accessories that affect the production of crushers in Shanghai?
What are the accessories that affect the production of crushers in Shanghai? When it comes to the production efficiency of crushers, it is not difficult to think of the wearing parts of crushing equipment. It can also be said that it is accessories or parts. Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Crusher manufacturers give customers a simple analysis. First, the high-speed transformation of the hammer causes a sharp impact between the material and the hammer and the screen and the tooth plate, which is called crushing of the material. In the process of severe impact, the hammer will gradually wear under the impact of the front of the material, and the impact effect and the crushing effect will be greatly reduced, resulting in a decrease in work efficiency. Secondly, the bearing is an important part for fixing and reducing the friction coefficient during the working process. Because the machine not only increases the energy consumption of the metal crusher but also easily damages the bearing when the machine is running at high speed, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry adopts pre-lubricated bearings, which is The bearing has its own lubricant. Professional manufacturer of crusher, Shanghai crusher, Yunnan crusher, please look for SBM Heavy Industry!

How does the new VSI sand making machine reduce machine resonance?

VSI’s new sand making machine has been designed with mystery and high technology. The sand making machine combines the latest technology and wisdom. The multi-purpose crusher with various feeding modes and crushing modes makes it the first choice in the fields of stone shaping, artificial sand making, refractory materials and industrial ore processing. It is a mixing station, repairing high speed, repairing high-speed rail, and building engineering. Designated sand and gravel processing equipment. The VSI sand making machine is designed with ingenuity, with double oil pump for oil supply and thin oil lubrication for automatic maintenance. The design of the VSI sand making machine is also flawed in preventing machine resonance.
So how does the VSI sander reduce machine resonance?
The VSI sand making machine adopts the rivet technology and unique rivet technology to increase the strength and toughness of the machine and effectively reduce the machine resonance.
In addition, the sand making machine adopts a hydraulic lifting arm, hydraulic starting, hydraulic maintenance of the arm, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The new impeller design of the equipment optimizes material flow and is 30% more efficient than older equipment under the same power.

What measures can be taken to delay the aging phenomenon of Raymond mill

When the Raymond mill is aging, it is necessary to take appropriate remedial measures. If the problem is serious, the equipment needs to be replaced. In the actual production process, there are many ways to delay the aging phenomenon of the Raymond mill. Then, how do users carry out maintenance work on the equipment and delay the aging of the equipment?
First, choose the right lubricant, the oil should be moderate, the long-term lubrication of the equipment will not cause the equipment to wear seriously, and this is also an important cause of equipment aging. If the lubrication is not good, it will greatly increase the wear level of the equipment. Reduce equipment usage time. During the use of Raymond mill, the lubricating oil should be lubricated with the correct lubricating oil to avoid contamination of the lubricating oil. The amount of lubricating oil should be moderate. Do not add too much oil.
Second, do a good job of equipment maintenance, parts that are severely worn need to be replaced in time, in the use of Raymond mill, should carefully observe the use of various parts of the equipment, especially the use of wearing parts, in a timely manner Check the records and record the number of inspections for each component, and repair some of the worn parts in time and replace if necessary.
Third, preheating before starting in winter, lubrication in summer, cold weather in winter, low temperature, easy to freeze oil, so when using Raymond mill, you need to carry out preheating for a few minutes of empty operation to avoid equipment running. Failure, downtime, etc. The temperature in summer is high. Under high temperature operation, the temperature of the equipment is relatively high, which is easy to cause damage to parts. Therefore, the lubrication of the equipment must be done well to reduce the heat generated by friction.

What causes the wear of the fine-duty mobile crusher?

1, material properties. It is related to the hardness, properties and composition of the material. Hard materials can easily cause wear of the fine jaw crusher, and some materials can cause corrosion and blockage of the fine jaw crusher.

  1. Structural design. Reasonable structural design can effectively reduce the wear of the fine jaw crusher and vice versa.
    3, materials. The correct choice of the material of the fine jaw crusher will affect the loss of the equipment.
  2. Operational use. Even the finer and more wear-resistant materials of a fine jaw crusher will not last long if handled and used improperly.
    Generally, the crystal grains are fine and uniform, and the carbides are spherical and uniformly distributed, which are favorable for improving the rolling fatigue life. After processing the bearing steel, the more retained austenite, the coarser the needle-shaped martensite, the lower the residual compressive stress and the strength of the carburized layer, and the greater the possibility of microcracking. Under the same undissolved carbide state, when the mass fraction of carbon in the martensite is about 0.4% to 0.5%, the strength and toughness of the material are better matched, and the contact fatigue life is high. For undissolved carbides, it tends to be small, small and uniform by appropriate heat treatment, avoiding the occurrence of coarse or banded carbides, and is advantageous for eliminating fatigue cracks. As the hardness increases within a certain range, the contact fatigue strength will increase. In addition, the hardness matching of the two contact rolling elements is also important.
    Factors affecting the wear of parts of a full hydraulic cone crusher:
  3. The structure and quality of the part. The higher the casting quality of the full hydraulic cone crusher itself, the more stable the work and the less prone to wear;
  4. The physical and mechanical properties of the broken ore. The harder the material of the full hydraulic cone crusher is, the more likely it is that the equipment parts will wear out;
  5. The material of the part. The worse the casting material of the full hydraulic cone crusher, the easier it is to wear;
  6. Installation quality. The less stringent the installation, the worse the performance of the full hydraulic cone crusher and the easier the wear.
  7. Use and maintain quality. Use according to the operating manual without regular maintenance to reduce component wear.

Vertical roller mill grinding machine for high sulfur petroleum coke

In the field of high-sulfur petroleum coke milling, SBM heavy-duty vertical roller mill grinding machine has high application value and prominent position in the market. As a high-quality manufacturer of milling equipment, SBM heavy machine has always pursued technological innovation as its development mission. By introducing more advanced scientific and technological innovations, we will promote new high-efficiency vertical roller mills to replace traditional mills to achieve high-yield and high-efficiency milling. The price and selection configuration of the oil coke mill grinding machine formulated by SBM heavy machine for the specific processing information of the customer is more in line with the customer’s site requirements, and is a high-tech manufacturer that helps more customers create market benefits.
The performance indexes of SBM heavy machine oil coke vertical roller mill are greatly improved. The fineness of the product can be adjusted between 80-400 mesh, which can effectively increase the unit output of single equipment and reduce the energy consumption per unit. It is mainly composed of main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electric control system, collection system, etc. The structure is advanced and reasonable, the vibration of the machine is very small, the noise is low, the machine runs smoothly, the performance is reliable, not only high yield Efficient, but also energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-quality equipment, equipped with pulse dust collector in the residual air outlet, the dust collection efficiency is up to 99%, and all the positive pressure parts of the main engine are sealed, which can realize the dust-free processing workshop. In unit time, the equipment is The processing capacity of the material is larger. Under the premise of the same total power of the vertical roller mill, the output is increased by more than 40% year-on-year, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is widely used in the petroleum coke milling field. The best choice for increasing production capacity, reducing energy consumption, and improving the competitiveness of the market and market efficiency.
How to achieve the clean utilization of high-sulfur petroleum coke and improve economic efficiency has become a concern of the domestic refining industry. The use of high sulfur petroleum coke mainly has two directions:
(1) Direct combustion as a fuel for cement kiln or boiler fuel;
(2) Gasification of high-sulfur petroleum coke to produce syngas or for steam power generation. With the increase in the production of high-sulfur petroleum coke, the use of high-sulfur petroleum coke has received increasing attention. As a high-quality equipment for high-sulfur petroleum coke production, SBM heavy machine new vertical roller mill grinding machine breaks through the drawbacks of traditional mill grinding, and achieves high-yield, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving production. It is to enhance the market efficiency and broaden the application of high-sulfur petroleum coke. Preferred equipment in the field.

What problems should I pay attention to after the Raymond mill is stopped?

Raymond mill is suitable for various mineral powder preparation, pulverized coal preparation, etc. It has a three-dimensional structure, small floor space, strong setness and excellent performance, and is well received by users. Then, after the Raymond mill is in operation, attention should be paid to the details that affect the long-term use of the Raymond mill. The following describes the problems that should be noted after the Raymond mill is shut down.

  1. It is forbidden to stop the lubrication and water cooling system before the main body of the Raymond mill and the main bearing temperature have not dropped to normal temperature.
  2. After the Raymond mill stops moving, the high-pressure floating device should be turned on immediately to prevent the bearing alloy and the hollow journal from being damaged due to the cooling shrinkage of the grinding body until the grinding body cools to normal temperature (ambient temperature).
  3. When using the auxiliary transmission device to rotate the grinding machine, turn the inlet valve of the exhaust fan of Raymond mill to 20%, and the hot air valve is fully closed.
  4. After the system main and auxiliary machines are stopped, the valves should be closed and the recorder switch should be closed.
    5, the exhaust gas treatment system should be based on the Raymond mill after the shutdown, the rotary kiln system to stop the material to adjust the system pressure (such as the humidification tower valve, the size of the relay fan opening, etc.).
    The above mainly introduces the five major precautions after the Raymond mill is stopped, mainly for some detailed operations. These operations can reduce the damage of the equipment and ensure its performance. Many users can easily ignore these details after shutting down, even Some people think that only the running link is important. This kind of thinking is not advisable. Whether it is before or after use, or in use, only pay attention to all aspects of detail to ensure the normal use of the mill and ensure the performance of the equipment.

Casting selection principle for precision castings

The position of the casting in the mold during casting affects the quality of the precision casting, the dimensional accuracy, and the difficulty of the molding process.
The selection principle of the pouring position:

  1. The important processing surface of the precision casting or the main processing surface is facing down or on the side: when pouring, the gas, molten slag and the sand in the mold will float upward, which may cause pores and slag inclusions in the upper part of the casting. Defects such as blisters, and the possibility of defects in the lower part of the casting, the organization is denser.
    a. The casting position of the machine bed should face the rail face down to ensure the quality of the important working face. The quality of the circumferential surface is relatively high. The vertical casting scheme is adopted to make the circumferential surface on the side to ensure uniform quality.
  2. The casting of the precision casting is directed downward or obliquely: due to the strong thermal radiation of the molten metal on the upper part of the casting, the top sand-shaped expansion arches are even cracked, causing sand, blisters, etc. in the large plane. defect. The large flat face down or the oblique casting method can avoid large-scale production casting defects.
  3. The thin wall of the precision casting is facing down, sideways or inclined: in order to prevent cold partitioning of the thin part of the casting and no defects, the thin wall with a larger area should be placed in the lower part of the casting or placed on the side wall or Tilt position.
  4. The thickness of the precision casting should be placed on the top or on the side of the parting surface. The main purpose is to facilitate the feeding of the riser in the thick part.
    Stainless steel casting is to use a suitable investment material to make the investment mold. Repeat the coating of the refractory coating, refractory sand, hardening and drying on the investment mold, and then melt the internal investment material; then, the strength is sufficient by roasting. A shell type without residual investment material for casting molten metal to obtain a high-precision casting. The lost wax casting process is adopted, the investment material is paraffin and stearic acid, the wax mold making and shell making process adopts an automatic assembly line, and the coating uses water glass as a binder.
    The precision casting has a high production efficiency and a small footprint. For the middle part, various high-pressure molding machine production lines and air-punching molding lines can be selected to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production lines. Selection: high-efficiency core making methods such as cold core box, hot core box and shell core. Medium-sized large castings can be considered for the application of resin self-hardening sand molding and core making.
    One of the more common problems encountered in the process of precision casting is that there are pores inside the product. For some parts with higher requirements, the pores inside are not allowed inside, so the silica sol is precision cast in processing. It is necessary to prevent stomata.
    The choice of precision castings in terms of their methods and methods should be considered, mainly for the adaptability of the method, and whether advanced modeling or core-making technology can be used to improve work efficiency through equipment. For the casting of ferrous metals, it can be precision cast. Moreover, depending on the characteristics of the casting, it can be used to produce some thin-walled castings.