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The After-sale Service of the Ore Processing Plant Should Be Noticed

Our country has a vast territory and abundant resources. Lot of mineral resource is the treasure given by nature. The processed ore can be used in many industries, such as construction, road, etc. The Lead-zinc ore crushing line are necessary for the process of ore, including the crushing machines, grinding machines, and the sand making machine. SBM will talk about the after-sale service of the ore processing plant.
Different from other general resources, stone material is of big volume, high weight, and wear resistance. Thus, it can be used as the raw material in many industries. However, just due to its unique property, it is quite hard to process stone material. In the ore processing line with the machinery, the machine is always worn a lot. Therefore, the after-sale service of the ore processing machinery is very important.
Due to the importance of stone material and the popularity of stone processing machinery, there are lots of fake products in the market. For seeking of more benefit, some unqualified manufacturers produce stone grinders with bad quality, which disturbs the market severely. Thus, in the purchase of ore jaw crusher, the consumers should make full preparation to get to know the details of the manufacturer well. If necessary, you should visit the plant on site, which can decrease the risk in the purchase of bad-quality ore processing machine to some extent.
Here, you’re reminded of the importance of the after-sale service of the ore processing machinery. Few users pay attention to the after-sale service and think that it is a big deal of the quality of the equipment. In fact, it is wrong to think like this because there inevitably are some problems in the daily usage process of the ore processing machinery, as large-scale equipment. The manufacturer should give you a favor if some you cannot deal with on your own.

Mobile crushing station energy saving and emission reduction promote environmental protection and upgrade

With the rapid development of urbanization, resource recycling can create an industry with rich material profits. Except for part of the construction project, the construction waste is transported to the landfill without any treatment. According to reports, if every 10,000 tons of construction waste occupies 1 mu of land, only the construction waste generated each year will occupy nearly 1,000 mu of land. In addition, the construction waste of about 60 million tons of storage in the past 20 years will occupy 6,000 mu of land. Direct landfill not only consumes a lot of land resources and garbage clearing freight, but also blocks the soil biological chain, causing serious environmental pollution and forming permanent hazards, which seriously affects the coordinated development of social economy and ecological environment.
In 2012, China International Environmental Protection Association sent us a spring breeze. Extending the energy-saving and environmental protection industry chain and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is a hot topic that Chinese business circles are facing and exploring. This is because Chinese urban environmentalists have realized that the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries can no longer continue the original development model. Fundamentally, it is necessary to further innovate technology and focus on energy conservation and emission reduction to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions. From the current stage, it is necessary to create conditions to actively extend the industrial chain, develop aggregates, commercial concrete, cement products, and even develop Mobile crushers for sale, mining, green ecological construction and energy conservation and environmental protection industries. However, in advancing this profound initiative, there are still many aspects, such as ideological understanding, social resource allocation and coordination, market layout and construction application, integration with energy conservation and emission reduction, relevant policies and management systems, and statistical harmonization. Problems and difficulties. Just as we are looking for ways and ways to explore, the global cement summit will give us the opportunity to deepen this theme. We hope that the exchanges at this conference will inspire us and provide us with useful experience. This is What we are looking forward to.
Energy conservation and environmental protection transformation and upgrading, extending the industrial chain is the strategic task and focus of the Chinese building materials industry. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, we must make a difference, make breakthroughs, and develop! In particular, the cement industry will use the current level of technology, reuse the current level of resource and energy consumption, and continue the existing emission levels, and then the stalemate of the development of resources and energy consumption will remain the sinner of history. We must curb redundant construction and change the development mode of relying on incremental development. We must ensure the total amount of control, but also strictly control new increments and eliminate backwardness. However, we must not slow down or stop development because we do not increase the total amount and no longer allow new increments. Basically, we must accelerate development. The key is to change the development mode and promote technology to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Under the premise of accelerating development and improving the level of development. We must position the support and foothold of accelerating development in transforming the development mode, extending the industrial chain, increasing product deep processing and product industries, thereby increasing added value, making brands and making quality products.
SBM Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of construction waste treatment equipment and mobile crushing equipment in China. The Iron ore mobile crusher and construction waste treatment equipment are perfectly combined to achieve the goal of high efficiency, environmental protection and zero emission, and realize the rational reuse of waste materials. Now the equipment has been widely distributed to all parts of the country to deal with construction waste. The production of broken colored bricks, load-bearing bricks, recycled concrete bricks and block production lines not only saves resources and protects the environment, but also does not emit any harmful gases during the work. Object. Now the environment is getting worse and worse. “We should start to develop a low-carbon economy as soon as possible, adopt advanced production technology and equipment, rational urbanization mode and economical consumption mode in development, and embark on the development path of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission. .

The Mining Equipment Is Paid Much Attention to in Cement Industry

As the economy develops, the rapid development of the large-scale projects construction directly promotes the great demand of cement in the market. In the industrial chain, driven by the great demand of cement, many industries develop rapidly, such as the mining machinery industry. Due to this great demand, many Barite Mineral Grinding Machine have been developed further, such as the crushing machine, sand making machine, and so on.
ZENITH stands out of the lots of crushing machinery manufacturers in China and has gotten good reputation due to its refined management, advanced technique, and the excellent crushing equipment, such as the jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, etc.
In China, for lack of high-end crushing equipment and sand making plant, ZENITH insists on the study of the advanced techniques at home and abroad. With the constant research and development, we have promoted the new-type crushing machine and the sand making machine, which have been adopted in many gravel production lines. Therefore, our machines have been focused on a lot in cement industry.

Crusher promotes reform of the coal industry

When the coal industry resource integration is booming, new problems have arisen in the coal industry, and resource integration has gradually eliminated backward production capacity in the Ukraine coal mining crusher industry. However, at present, there has been an embarrassing situation in which more and more production capacity has been eliminated. After the coal price has fallen all the way, the problem of overcapacity in the entire coal industry has become increasingly prominent. The problem of unreasonable structure and extensive development mode is still serious. China’s coal industry is facing more development. Severe challenges, reform is still the main task of the future development of the coal industry. To adjust the structure and transform the extensive development mode, we must first realize the mechanization of mine production. The mechanized production mode is conducive to improving production efficiency, improving resource utilization and achieving sustainable economic development.
The crusher is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the development and production of mineral resources. In recent years, the limestone crusher machine industry has also begun to promote the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has increased the research and development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly crushing equipment. The application of high-efficiency energy-saving and environmentally-friendly crushers makes mining enterprises have a very important significance for environmental protection while improving production efficiency and resource utilization. SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide various types of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient crushing equipment for the coal industry.

Mobile crusher daily maintenance small details

Mobile crusher, a highly efficient Mobile crusher in malaysia that is especially important in industrial crushing. Good maintenance work will not only improve the working efficiency of the mobile crusher, but also reduce the machine failure and prolong its service life. Therefore, the maintenance work of the mobile crusher is very good for both the enterprise manufacturer and the individual users. important. Based on this, the following is a brief introduction to the small details of the daily maintenance of the mobile crusher. The details are as follows:
1. Introduction to mobile crusher
Mobile crusher, also known as mobile crushing station, is a high-end mobile crushing device that integrates various functions such as crushing, screening, conveying and feeding. Different from other traditional crushing equipment, the big design highlight of this mobile crusher is that it is similar to a small crushing production line, which can complete the crushing and screening process of materials in one time. In addition, it is also designed with full hydraulic drive. The crawler-type vehicle site can be directly selected from the site and directly opened to the site. It does not need to be transported and directly reaches the finished product granularity. Therefore, the new mobile crusher has unparalleled advantages in terms of ease of operation and directness.
Second, mobile crusher daily maintenance small details
1, pay attention to the maintenance of the bearing; especially in the work of the maintenance of the mobile crusher bearing, the injected lubricant must be a well-sealed lubricating oil; in addition, the main crushing equipment of the mobile crusher will generally adopt Jaw crusher, counter-breaking and cone breaking, etc., it is recommended that users use a forced lubrication system to prevent rusting of rotating bearings, roller bearings and all gears. Note: Bearings that require oil-filled mobile crushing station include: rotating bearings, roll bearings and all gears.
2. Pay attention to check whether the work of the machine is normal; whether the tires are loose or not; if there is any impact sound when the rotating gears are running.
3, always pay attention to replace the worn parts of the mobile crusher to prevent greater damage to the machine, and then, should also pay attention to check the wear level of the parts.
4. Pay attention to keeping the main parts and parts of the mobile crusher clean to avoid damage to the machine caused by dust and dust.
In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned small details, the maintenance and repair of the mobile crusher is not independent work, but also needs to cooperate with the mechanical operation frequently. The repair and maintenance of some parts also involve the expertise of the mobile crusher. Therefore, when repairing and curing the mobile crusher, it is necessary not only to arrange regular scheduled shifts, but also to arrange the professional staff with professional knowledge and professional skills for maintenance and maintenance.
The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge of mobile crusher maintenance. For more information, please know more about the productivity of mobile crusher. Please feel free to consult SBM machinery online at any time. There are professional mobile crushing equipment technicians in real time. Answer your questions in detail online.

Importance of cone crusher equipment on large production lines

In the whole stone crusher machine, each crusher equipment plays an important role, and only the good coordination of each equipment can truly exert the maximum production efficiency. The cone crusher plays an extremely important role in large production lines.
First of all, the most outstanding advantages of the cone crusher are high production efficiency, low energy consumption in the production process, and can be applied to the crushing of medium and high strength materials. Most of the broken materials are needle-shaped, basically medium-sized. Therefore, if the production performance of the whole production line is to be better, the performance characteristics of each crusher equipment should be understood in detail when the crusher equipment is selected, so that the reasonable matching can be carried out according to the advantages of different crushers. In this way, the greatest advantage of each crusher can be achieved, so that the entire production line can achieve maximum production efficiency.
Combined with the performance advantages of the cone crusher, we know that the cone crusher is usually installed after the jaw crusher and is used as a two-breaker. In the current crushing production line, a broken or rough broken is basically a jaw crusher, which is recognized by everyone. The second break is generally a impact crusher or a cone crusher. Compared with the impact crusher, the shape of the material is better, so why use a cone crusher? This depends on the advantages of the cone crusher. The cone crusher is the best crusher at present, with low power consumption and high productivity in the crushing process. This is the biggest advantage of the cone crusher. Therefore, although the material produced by the cone crusher usually needs to be shaped by a vertical impact crusher and a shaping sander. However, in a large crushing line, the cone crusher can play a very large role. Therefore, a large production line is usually produced by a cone crusher combined with a jaw crusher and a vertical impact crusher.
The cone crusher not only has its own large production capacity, but also the material that has been treated by the impact crusher, which also enables the vertical impact crusher to achieve a very high production performance. Thus, it can be seen that the main market for the crusher machine is in a relatively large crushing line. In these production occasions, the cone crusher is an essential equipment and an important crusher equipment that enhances the processing capacity of the entire production line, which cannot be replaced by other equipment.

The price of the crusher remains high and the situation is not optimistic

Crusher equipment has always been the main force of mineral processing equipment, and is widely used in various construction, mining and other industries. With the strong support for infrastructure construction in recent years, the beneficiation equipment has been pushed to the climax of the industry for the most time, and the impact crusher capacity has the most revenue. However, in the development process of the crusher industry, there are shortcomings that cannot be ignored. For example, the product update is slow, and it cannot meet the market’s continuous updating of product technology, and at the same time, the price of the crusher remains high.
The crusher industry started in the market compared to the market and developed at a slower pace, but it has been recognized for its rapid development in recent years. With the development and utilization of China’s mineral resources and the rapid development of related industries, the crusher industry has been receiving much attention, which has also caused the phenomenon of major manufacturers competing for production.
There are many manufacturers of crushers, but there are not so many professional experience, and the shortage of crushers has led to the rising price of crushers, and the products on the market are mixed, resulting in extremely low user trust. At the same time, due to the increase in the call price in recent years, the price of various raw materials has increased, which has led to an increase in the cost of crushers, which has also caused the price of jaw crusher kenya in the market to remain high.
Nowadays, crusher equipment faces the phenomenon of coexistence of opportunities and difficulties. Especially in the market where the sand and gravel production line has once again become the “new darling” of the industry, how to improve the market of crusher, one must improve the uneven quality of crusher in the market. At the same time, the price and quality of the crusher are reasonable. Although the market situation of the crusher is not optimistic, please believe that the crusher industry can break through the obstacles and develop fully!

Where is SBM’s sand washing machine?

1. The transmission device of the sand washing machine is separated from the working area on the outside of the working area, does not contact with water and materials, does not pollute the bearing, reduces the wear on the equipment, and prolongs the working time of the sand washing machine. Save users’ production costs.
2. During the operation process, the loss of finished products is small, the working noise is small, the water used can be recycled, the resources can be reused to avoid waste, and the production process can be environmentally friendly and green sustainable development.
3, the equipment is of high quality, made of high-quality metal alloy, strict production process, advanced production technology, each process is strictly in accordance with the relevant processes, the quality of the equipment produced is guaranteed, the performance is stable, less failure in the process of use.
The performance of the SBM sand washing machine is so good, how much will the price be? In fact, SBM Machinery is a large-scale manufacturer with independent production lines. The raw material purchase channels are formal and independent, the production process is mature and mature, and the technical level is advanced. It can realize mass production. All equipments are sold by manufacturers and are rationalized. Affordable. Users who are in need are welcome to come to consult and purchase.

Basalt sand making machine investment prospect forecast

Basalt is one of the common rocks. Most common are black, dark brown or dark green, the main component is silica. Because of its dense texture, its specific gravity is heavier than ordinary granite, limestone, sandstone and shale. It is a good material for the production of artificial sandstone aggregates and for repairing stones used in roads, railways and airport runways. It has strong pressure resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, asphalt adhesion basalt, and basalt resistance. One of the ideal materials for grinding, water consumption, poor electrical conductivity and high pressure resistance.
The use of basalt sand for investment in artificial sand making machine is undoubtedly a good way to increase the value of basalt. The basalt sand production line can crush large pieces of basalt rock material and crush it to produce artificial sand and stones for construction. It can bring about the benefits and the alleviation of the tight supply of sand and gravel aggregates in the current market. The investment in the production of basalt artificial sand in 2012 is undoubtedly very valuable and very marketable. Because the sales of artificial aggregates in recent years are very hot, and the development of infrastructure construction in the domestic market will further increase the demand for aggregates. The production of artificial sand has become one of the effective ways to get rich. Let us introduce what equipment is needed for the basalt sand production line.
A complete set of basalt sand production line equipment mainly includes: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, VSI new sand making machine or third generation Cone Crusher (sanding machine), sand washing machine, vibrating screen and tape conveyor, etc. Combined. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet different process requirements of customers. Our SBM is a senior sandstone manufacturer, all of which have passed ISO international quality certification. Welcome to inquire about basalt sand making equipment.

What equipment is needed for limestone processing? What are the models of limestone processing equipment?

Limestone processing is a project often encountered in the ore industry. Different processing equipments are selected according to different Limestone mining process. The following are the limestone processing projects specially planned by SBM Heavy Industry:
1. The super large limestone ore is primaryally crushed and crushed into limestone raw materials of about 50 cm. The equipment to be used is: jaw crusher. The performance characteristics of the jaw crusher are: the feed size is not limited and can be large. High Yield.
2. Secondary pulverization of bulk materials. The pulverizers commonly used for secondary pulverization are hammer crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, and impact crushers with a particle size of 5-40 mm. Different crusher models are required depending on the production requirements and particle size requirements.
3. Sand making operation on limestone raw materials. This kind of process often has finer grain size, but it is still granular. It can be hammered by European version. Hammer crusher can crush ore raw materials to 3mm. Below, some people have called the European version of the hammer crusher the European version of the coarse grinding, the European version of the grinding machine, the new sand making machine and so on.
4. If the limestone is processed by micronized powder, it is generally required to be processed to the micron level. At this time, it is necessary to select the Raymond mill and the ultrafine mill with SBM Heavy Industry Technology. The Raymond mill can process the ore fine powder to about 100 mesh, ore. The ultra-fine mill can process ore fine powder to 300-3000 mesh.