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Raymond Mill Structure and Principles

Raymond Mill is suitable for the preparation of various mineral powders, preparation of pulverized coal, such as limestone, raw material ore, coal, and other materials. The internal structure includes host machine, analysis machine, pipe device, blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher (optional), bucket elevator (optional), electromagnetic vibrating feeder (optional), electricity Control clicks, etc.
raymond mill mainly drives the main shaft, turntable and grinding roller through the reducer in the main motor to run the whole machine. The jaw crusher is used to crush the material to a small block and sent to the storage bin by the hoist. The material in the hopper is quantified, evenly and continuously conveyed to the host grinding chamber by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Outside air is sucked into the machine by suction and the crushed material is brought into the separator. Then, the powder is screened by a separator, and the materials that do not meet the standards are returned to the host grinding chamber for rolling. After the impact, rolling, grinding to achieve the purpose of milling. For the collection of conforming materials, non-conforming materials are reground. At the same time, good sealing effect and dust removal facilities make it give full play to its advantages to ensure product quality and production efficiency. Raymond Mill’s application industry is widely used in the processing of marble, limestone, fertilizer, coal, slag, glass and other non-metal materials. Due to the reasonable structure and stable performance of this equipment, it has a very high occupancy rate in the milling industry. With the continuous optimization and upgrading of the equipment, there will be more extensive development space in the future.

Three Reasons for Wear of Ultrafine Powder Mills

The pulverizer is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the material grinding process and is widely used in mining, cement processing and limestone processing. The processing of chemicals and other materials, but in practical applications, the situation of wear of the ultrafine mill will seriously affect the service life of the equipment. What causes the abrasion of the milling machine? ,
Abrasive hardness is too high, abrasive hardness has a significant impact on the material wear rate. The extent of this effect is mainly based on the ratio of the hardness of the material H. and the hardness of the abrasive H., with the H./H. change, the material wears. The mechanism will change, and the size of the abrasive will also have a certain influence on the wear. When the abrasive is below a certain critical size, the volume wear wears up and the size of the branch increases sharply; when a critical dimension is exceeded, wear occurs. The amplitude of the increase is significantly reduced. The performance of the mill that affects the wear of the material is: elastic modulus, macro hardness and surface hardness, strength, plasticity and fracture toughness, etc. The resistance to rub of industrial pure metals is proportional to its elastic modulus. However, this relationship does not apply to heat-treated steel, although the heat treatment does not change the elastic modulus of the material, but it will greatly improve its wear resistance. In contrast, the relative wear resistance of industrial pure metals and different types of steel and its macroscopic hardness It is directly proportional to the relative abrasion resistance of the steel before and after heat treatment. Its unique macro-hardness is determined by its macro-hardness, but the slope of its wear resistance changes with its macro hardness. The wear resistance depends not only on the steel’s Hardness, and depending on the composition of the crucible, the steels of different compositions have the same hardness after heat treatment, but their wear resistance is different. This shows that there is no single value correspondence between the wear resistance of various steels and their macro hardness. relationship.

SBM counterattack construction waste crusher is a newly developed crusher

Counterattack construction waste crusher
The counterattack construction waste crusher is a crushing equipment newly developed by SBM Industrial Technology Group using international advanced production technology. The equipment not only has excellent quality and high crushing efficiency, but also the output of the equipment is very high. The price is also comparative. Affordable, is the current application of universal equipment on the market, favored by the majority of users, this paper briefly introduces this type of counterattack construction waste crusher.
Counterattack construction waste crusher structure
The counterattack construction waste crusher has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a roller assembly, a roller support bearing, a pressing and adjusting device, and a drive device. The operation and maintenance are also very convenient.
Counterattack construction waste crusher performance advantages
1. High output: There are advanced technical parameters, and the crushing principle is also very advanced. The crushing ratio is large, so that the crushing of the finished material is uniform and the output is very high.
2. Less wearing parts: The machine is made of high-end materials with advanced international technology. The equipment has superior wear resistance and impact resistance, prolonging the replacement cycle of wearing parts.
3, low energy consumption: the use of internationally advanced motor equipment, the equipment in the process of running the energy consumption is very low, can save a lot of costs for the processing plant each year.
4. Convenient maintenance: The internal structure is reasonable in design, the replacement of parts is very convenient, and the downtime of the equipment during maintenance is shortened.
5, low noise, low vibration: advanced muffler device, making its equipment in the process of the process does not appear any noise, improve the surrounding construction environment.
6. The finished product has uniform particle size: the finished product has a uniform particle size, a good particle shape, and a very large cube content, which reduces the amount of needle-shaped material.

Detailed explanation of the most professional maintenance technology of Raymond pulverizer

The maintenance of equipment is a very important part of industrial production. The professional maintenance technology of raymond mill can effectively improve the use of the equipment and ensure the performance of the equipment. At the same time, it is a solid technical guarantee in handling abnormal faults. . In enterprise production, in addition to configuring a set of equipment with reliable quality and performance, it is also necessary to do maintenance and technical service of Raymond Grinding Machine from daily maintenance of the equipment. Only by mastering relevant maintenance technology knowledge can we Better contribute to the development of industrial production. At present, many companies have deployed professional Raymond pulverizer maintenance technicians. The expertise of these technicians is related to the effectiveness, cost, and efficiency of maintenance equipment, and affects the progress of production and the quality of equipment operation. For a team with professional maintenance technology, it can reduce the company’s annual equipment loss rate, effectively guarantee the performance of equipment, while a good maintenance staff has good expertise in the maintenance of equipment, can greatly reduce the wear rate of the equipment, reduce replacement equipment The cost of each component reduces maintenance costs and reduces the failure rate of equipment in production. In addition to this, a technician with excellent maintenance techniques can perform professional equipment operation training for on-site equipment operators, correct operator’s unreasonable operation, and affect the use of equipment. At the same time, it can cultivate a group of professional and technical personnel with professional equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance. High-quality maintenance personnel through their own long-term contact with the Raymond Grinding Machine, maintenance, and various parts of the study, through reasonable repair equipment, increase equipment production, reduce energy consumption in production, quickly and accurately find production Equipment failure or risk of reduced production and efficiency. In the maintenance of Raymond pulverizer, for the maintenance personnel with professional skills, the maintenance equipment has more reliable production performance, lower failure rate, can quickly and accurately find the cause of the problem, and find a solution to the crux of the problem. Operators with low technical capabilities will experience errors in the maintenance of equipment and problems, or maintenance time will affect production, and equipment reliability is not high. The establishment of professional equipment maintenance technicians can provide Raymond Mill with professional maintenance technology to ensure safe and efficient operation of the entire production line.

Counterattack construction crusher installation test and operation procedures

In order to better and reasonably use the counter-attack construction waste crusher for the majority of users, customers must read the usage instructions of the counterattack-type construction waste crusher, based on the market needs, based on the domestic and foreign advanced western crushing equipment. , Successfully developed a straight-through adjustable western crushing equipment. The equipment can be widely used in: cement, refractory materials, building materials and artificial sand making industry, and the western broken operation of medium-hard stone materials such as limestone, river pebbles, dolomite, blast furnace slag, coal ore, and refractories. It is especially suitable for the crushing of artificial sand and road pavement stone.
Counterattack construction crusher crusher equipment has large crushing ratio, high crushing moisture content, the most ideal processing of materials with high moisture content, and the discharge particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted. There is no screen strip equipment, materials with large mud volume will not be blocked and cannot be broken. Into the body can be automatically discharged, will not cause the loss of equipment. The equipment crushes material DC, has high production efficiency, unique structure, stable operation, low noise, easy maintenance, and easy replacement of wearing parts by opening the working compartment door.
Counterattack construction crusher installation test
1. The equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.
2, the installation should pay attention to the vertical and horizontal body.
3. After installation, check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the main door is tight. If yes, tighten it.
4, according to the power of the device configuration power cord and control switch.
5, the inspection is completed, the empty load test, the test can be normal production.
Counterattack construction waste crusher operation procedures
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the body door is closed tightly. Do not open the door during the operation of the machine to prevent danger.
2. The counter-attack construction waste crusher must be started with no load, and it can be produced after it is operating normally.
3. The particle size of the feed must be in accordance with the requirements, and excessive equipment damage and low output will occur.
4. If abnormal phenomena are found during the crushing process, stop the inspection and remove the fault before proceeding to production.
5. Regularly add lubricating oil to the rotating bearing parts.

Number control sand machine high chromium alloy plate hammer advantage

The hammerhead of the new type of control sand making machine produced by our factory is a hammer with a large plate hammer. The hammerhead is cast with a high-chromium alloy, and the hammer head is inlaid with an alloy head. The effect is very good. The traditional sand making equipment uses small hammer heads and ordinary material castings. It takes a lot of trouble to replace the hammer once every two or three days. The number of controlled sand machine hammers greatly improved the service life of the hammer head through the inlaid alloy cutter head and improved the production efficiency of the equipment. With the large plate hammer of the alloy cutter head, the number of controlled sand machines used for sand control is better, and the hammerhead does not need to be replaced in half a year.
The hammer of the sand making machine is made of high-chromium material. Compared with ordinary high-manganese steel hammers, it has high hardness and high wear resistance. It controls the high-hardness martensitic matrix in the hammer of the sand machine and is strong. Strongly support the carbide particles, to avoid the carbides falling off from the worn surface during the working process, and to ensure the high wear resistance of the material, the hardness can reach 62HRC–65HRC.
Number control sand hammer features:
The sand making machine using high-chromium alloy plate hammer is applied to the building materials industry such as brick factory and stone material factory. It is widely used in the crushing of various minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, quartz stone, iron ore, and bauxite. At the same time, it is also applicable to the production of high-quality stone materials for such industries as artificial sand making, high-grade highways, railways, water conservancy, airports, construction, cement, refractory materials, and metallurgy.

Reasonably Controlling the Quantity of Raymond Pulverizer Dust for Safety Production

With the continuous improvement of social guarantee mechanisms, industrial production has paid special attention to safety production in recent years. In order to ensure the personal safety of the factory staff and the company’s assets, the number of raymond mill production areas is controlled to ensure safe production. the first.
The most widely used in industrial milling equipment is Raymond pulverizer. This machine has good running performance and high working efficiency, but it is suitable for different materials production and processing. We all know that a certain amount of dust will be produced in the production of a flour mill. These dusts are generally flammable and have a certain degree of flammability.
When the indoor dust reaches a certain amount, there will be a certain safety hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of dust removal of the milling equipment. Effective removal of the dust can provide a good safety guarantee and optimize the production environment.
There are few things in industrial production, and so is the production of Raymond pulverizers.
Different dust removal operations are required for different production environments. The rational use of dust removal equipment in the plant area is the key to prevent the exposure of dust. It is also necessary to clean up the plant area and do a regular cleaning of the equipment. It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the plant.
The sealing of the Raymond pulverizer is also very important, and it is important to seal the device to ensure that the powder leakage is prevented. Baosheng’s production area is clean and tidy, and at the same time it guarantees a good sealing of the production equipment. The cleaning of the factory area is performed regularly, and the dust removal and maintenance of the dust collector are also the key to guarantee the production of the equipment. After the overall prevention and control measures can effectively reduce the safety hazards, reduce the amount of dust for safe production.

Raymond mill test machine operating procedures Xiangjie

Installed raymond mill need to test machine operation, in order to successfully put into operation. General installation of a mill requires some installation skills, and debugging mill also need to have certain methods and steps, and only get a good test machine results, to ensure the final use of the equipment to ensure that the Raymond mill to play its higher Production performance.
For different types of mills, the debugging method is roughly the same. Compared with some large-scale production equipments, their actual operations become more important. The more sophisticated equipment configuration, the greater the model is related to the output value, and more accurate test operation becomes very important, it is related to the level of output of the entire equipment, equipment, the use of good or bad, the level of economic benefits of the plant , Which involves more productive resources, have a greater impact.
Test machine operations need to ensure that the entire Raymond mill installation quality problems, the installation of high quality is the primary guarantee of production. In addition the effect of its installation is also related to the performance of equipment to play, effectively ensure the stability and suitability of the product. Into a reasonable test operation can determine the overall level of production capacity of the device, the efficiency of the speed, the quality of flowers and also the dust removal effect and environmental protection, fully understand the overall performance of the equipment.
First of all, the equipment needs to be refueled. When adding the lubricating oil, the components should be better rotated, and the necessary oiling work will normally be carried out on all the oiling parts. In addition, the selected testers must have ample and skilled operations only, or have specialized training, etc. before they can carry out the test machine.
Generally, the entire boot sequence is based on the analysis machine, fan, host, feeder, etc., in a sequence and correct boot. When the entire test process is completed, it is necessary to pay attention to the shutdown sequence, generally in accordance with the order of stopping the feeder, the mains power supply, the fan, the analysis machine and so on. When starting up and shutting down, you need to pay attention to the operating time and attention to details, etc., and turn the machine on and off in a scientific manner so that good test results can be obtained.
In the Raymond mill test machine operation, the need to pay attention to the test procedures and precautions, the use of reasonable amplification switch to ensure that the entire high-quality test machine completed.

Raymond machine roll life of how long

For a raymond mill, the service life of each part is related to the whole machine’s working effect. Different parts have different functions, and have different service life for production. The grinding roller is an extremely important part in the main machine. The surface of the wire mainly discusses the service life of the Raymond grinding roller.
The service life is an important manifestation of the equipment in its daily production, maintenance, daily wear and tear and the quality of their own. Among them, in order to guarantee the service life of the grinding roller very well and achieve the good use effect, it is usually given necessary maintenance, such as filling lubricating oil. In the selection of the general use of quality and reliability of the roller, the production of life from the quality assurance. Therefore, the level of life depends on the quality of the selected components as well as the production of a reasonable operation and effective maintenance.
We need to know is that after a long period of operation, the roller will have some loss, as time goes on, the complete roller will gradually thinner, once the roller wall thickness of 10mm or less, than to go Take replacement measures, the aging thinning roll to be replaced.
In the use of time, the general use of the roller when the time reaches 500 hours, this time indicates that the roller to reach a certain age, the need to replace the roller. The specific replacement time, according to the specific loss of mushrooms. The actual inspection roller abrasion level, according to its degree of wear and tear to determine whether the need for replacement. Replace the main selection of models supporting high-quality roller, and lubrication measures.
General grinding roller has a certain useful life, its service life needs to be in accordance with the actual situation, according to the frequency of use, time, equipment maintenance and degree of loss, such as replacement or repair. Reasonable understanding of the use of grinding roller function, through a comprehensive understanding of the working principle of grinding roller, with reasonable replacement and maintenance.

How to effectively control the output of Raymond mill equipment

Production output is the focus of production and processing, high-yielding is to ensure the rapid development of industrial driving force. The milling industry needs to pay attention to the output of raymond mill equipment, take different measures in the specific operation, and control the output of Raymond mill equipment in a reasonable way so as to achieve high output.
In production, we know that the use of the mill needs to be commissioned before it can be put into production. In the production, it may encounter such problems as the blocking material and the like, so in this case, we need to bear ong To understand it, the specific from the following three aspects to learn more about the details.
1, the discharge end of the valve may be improperly positioned, leading to blocking material. Check whether it is carried online, if this happens, the pressure valve can be right, which is more conducive to the material. Failure to do so could result in clogging of the collector with material in the main unit.
2, observe the amount of material put in, whether it exceeds the production of equipment, for the overload operation, a ah can not appear in the work chamber clogging phenomenon. This situation requires the work cavity discharge of clog material, adjusting the number of materials put in after the production.
3, attached to the pipeline may leak phenomenon, which is also lead to internal blockage of the material, affecting the output of powder, the need for timely observation and maintenance work.
4, pay attention to the preheating may be part of the phenomenon of sticky material, it should be noted that the powder can also lead to decline in the rate, or the phenomenon of blockage, so each production steps need attention.
Raymond mill equipment needed in the correct operation of processing materials, production should continue to summarize, production equipment to see the working state, the phenomenon of fouling blocking material, and the first time to find problems and make the right approach. In accordance with the correct form of operation can better ensure the operation of the overall equipment to prevent blocking and other special phenomena.