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The sand making machine manufacturer teaches you how to clean the sand making machine?

How does the sand making machine manufacturer in Shanghai teach you how to clean the sand making machine? The specific operation method of cleaning the sand making machine equipment, after the general sand making equipment is used for a period of time, wash the sand making machine? Dirt is inevitable, and excessive accumulation of dirt will hinder the operation and heat dissipation of the machine and should be cleaned up in time.
Then there are several cleaning methods. The cleaning of mining machinery is divided into pickling and caustic washing. First, pickling is carried out. About 20% of the hydrochloric acid solution, such as mechanical dirt, is parked for about ten minutes before being washed with cleaning liquid. Wash the water, pay attention to this method. The hydrochloric acid solution should be poured into the water continuously and stirred constantly. It is strictly forbidden to pour the water into the hydrochloric acid for alkali washing. First, start the generator and add 1.5 kg of caustic soda in 20 kg of water. And 0.5 kilograms of kerosene is configured as a cleaning liquid to be injected into the dirt, and the cleaning rod is continuously cleaned and dissolved by the alkali liquid, and then the water is swept. They are all corrosive to the metal of the sand making machine equipment, so it is necessary to grasp the ratio of the cleaning liquid and the cleaning time and grip.
Because natural sand is insufficient to meet market demand, artificial sand has a broad prospect. With the maturity of sand making equipment technology, the fineness of sand and gravel aggregates is getting smaller and smaller, teaching you how to be used more in other industries, and slowly inseparable from people’s lives.

Daily maintenance and indispensable maintenance of the sand making machine

If we buy a car, in addition to the usual use, we must also pay attention to the car, that is, we must also carry out certain maintenance in peacetime. In the same way, as a sand making machine for industrial machines, in addition to the operation at the time of production work, regular maintenance and maintenance inspections are required at the same time to ensure that there will be no accidents at the next start, and to a certain extent. Extends the life of the sand making machine.
Of course, the sand making machine is not a normal car, so it is enough to clean the car and check the engine on time. Such a relatively complicated structure of the professional construction machine can not be ignored in many small details. So in normal times, we have to develop a regular shutdown of the machine, and then open the observation door in the machine to check the inside of the sand making machine, the current situation of wear, as well as the wear of the feed pipe, impeller and so on. The wear block should also be replaced in time according to the degree of wear.
Of course, there are many conveyor belts and bearing applications in the sand making machine factory, which can not be ignored. The elastic of the conveyor belt will fall off, and whether the bearing is worn or not. These maintenance and maintenance are not negligible in normal life.

Ore sand making machine

The ore sand making machine has PCL sand making machine and VSI sand making machine. It is suitable for the crushing of soft or medium hard and very hard ore materials with hardness not higher than 320Pa. The sand making machine is widely used in large, smelting, building materials and highways. , railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other departments.
Vertical shaft impact sand making machine:
Vertical shaft impact sand-making machine combines the actual situation of domestic sand production, and develops high-efficiency gravel equipment with domestic, international and leading levels. There is an advanced dual-pump oil supply system and an oil-free automatic shutdown and cold water cooling system that automatically heats during cold periods, effectively extending the maintenance cycle. With a thin oil lubrication system, it effectively solves the problem of spindle lock. The hammer head is equipped with an alloy blade, and the main engine runs smoothly and prolongs the service life. The unique two-way feeding method, the main channel and the auxiliary channel are organized and adjustable, so that it can be broken and can be shaped.
Vsi sand making machine:
The vsi series sand making machine is a high-performance sand making equipment developed and produced by German advanced technology and with international advanced level. Its performance plays an irreplaceable role in various fine ore crushing equipment. The vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) has two types: “stone hitting stone” and “stone hitting iron”. The “stone hitting stone type” is used for the processing of strong abrasive materials; the “stone hitting iron type” is used for the less abrasive. For material processing, the “stone-rock” type is 10-20% higher than the “stone-rock” type.
What equipment and models should be used depends on the needs of the users. Shanghai ZENITH Heavy Industry can produce a complete set of mining sand making machines for micro-classes. Welcome to contact us. We have a dedicated engineer to recommend a solution for you.

How to reduce the damage of the sander accessories?

If the sand making machine is used for a long time, there will be equipment damage. This is no doubt, especially since it is a long-term operation in the open air environment, so the damage of the accessories is more serious. The consequence is that it will affect the life of the sand making machine. How to reduce the damage of the accessories of the sand making machine, let me tell you the answer.
First of all, you must purchase high-quality sand machine accessories, as well as lubricants and grease, which seem to be in detail, will affect the use of equipment accessories. Most people know that good quality parts will be damaged.
Secondly, it is necessary to avoid using the sand making machine in a high temperature environment, because the equipment not only affects the use efficiency under high temperature conditions, but also causes great damage to the accessories, which is not conducive to the prolonged life of the equipment. .
Once again, be sure to check the cooling system from time to time for good condition, regularly clean the dust in the equipment, because the dust will affect the high-speed operation of the equipment accessories.
The latter point is to continuously test the sand making machine equipment, so that it can be found in time whether there are aging or problematic parts in the parts. Even if the defective parts are replaced, the damage can be reduced. This is the specific measure, as long as it can be adhered to for a long time, then the service life of the accessories is longer.

How much do you know about the mill reducer?

Many mill manufacturers have a reducer when they are producing Grinding Mill. This is to increase the power required to produce the mill. However, not all mills have reducers. It is determined according to the power required by the mill. The small mill should be equipped with a belt drive and the large mill with a reducer. Shanghai ZENITH Machine Co., Ltd. needs to use a reducer for the grinding machine equipment developed and produced. Today, Xiaobian is here to talk about the problem of the reducer.
The reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed converter of the gear to decelerate the number of revolutions of the electric BW type foot plate type biaxial type cycloid reducer (motor) to all the number of revolutions, and obtain a large turn. The mechanism of the moment. In the current mechanisms for transmitting power and motion, the range of applications of the reducer is quite extensive. So what is the role of the reducer? The reducer is to reduce the torsion frequency and increase the power of the mill. The mill produces powerful power in the toner processing and meets the requirements of the fineness of the material to be milled. The torque output ratio of the reducer is multiplied by the motor output. Note that the rated torque of the gear unit must not be exceeded.
During the installation process, how can the reducer and the Ore milling equipment mainframe be installed accurately? In the early days, there were two wheels connected, which were two forks that crossed each other. This design has its advantages and disadvantages. Because it is a cast iron fork, it is faster to wear, and it still works. Very good. After the continuous development of the ultra-fine grinding machine, this structure has been gradually eliminated. Now it is a column-Shaw type. The material of the column is a nylon rod. The number of columns on the mainframe is 12, placed. In the middle of the two couplings, the 12 pillars are driven by the reducer to make the smooth operation. This is how the reducer and the host are connected.

Factors affecting crusher loss

The use of the Crushing Equipment plays a big role in the production of miners. It has high production efficiency and wear resistance. It is a meaningful equipment for ore crushing. In order to make the equipment better, in addition to standard operation, To reduce its wear and tear, let’s take a look at the factors that affect equipment loss:
1. The effect of cutter wear. When the filter used to grind the flake powder is of a suitable size, but the blade is worn, the problem caused by shredding is similar to the case of cutting a large sheet, the cut surface is wrinkled, and the edges are roughened and hooked to each other. If the bulk density of the scrap is small, the conveying performance is poor, which ultimately leads to low yield and affects the performance of the crusher.
2. The influence of the size of the filter mesh. The yield increases as the size of the screen pores increases, and the specific energy consumption of the mill decreases. In order to achieve high yields of die cut chips, a good pumping action should be formed to direct the melt through the screen holes. However, this may affect the size distribution of the flakes, which in turn affects the Quarry crusher. In addition, the large size of the sheet material makes transportation, storage, and storage bin discharge difficult. However, if the properties of the raw materials are known, better process conditions can be obtained. The flakes are large in size and low in yield, in part because of the small bulk density.
Through the above introduction, it is not difficult to see that the factors affecting the loss of the crusher are mainly related to the filter hole and the wear of the cutter. Therefore, in order to improve the production efficiency, the user can reduce the loss of the equipment from these two aspects, thereby improving the efficiency.

Which is better for the chemical rust removal method and the high pressure water mill rust removal method of the sand making machine?

The sand making machine is generally made of steel material, and the sand making machine equipment is working in the open air environment for a long time. Coupled with the rainy summer, it is easy to rust. For a long time, the equipment production capacity It will fall. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable descaling method. The following two methods of descaling are the chemical descaling method and the high-pressure water mill derusting method.
1. Chemical descaling method. This method removes rust from the surface of the crusher by acid, but the drawback of this method is that it can only be used in the workshop. Pay attention to safety when using, and avoid direct contact with the body.
2, high pressure water mill rust removal method. This method uses the strong impact of the high-pressure water jet to remove the rust on the steel plate, which does not generate dust or damage the steel plate. The rust removal efficiency is high and the effect is obvious. The disadvantage is that the anti-rust problem is easy to occur.
The above are two kinds of descaling methods that we have summarized. The specific method of derusting should be selected according to the actual situation of the manufacturer. No matter which method has its advantages and disadvantages, it is said that the sand making machine manufacturers do not have to worry about which method to use, as long as it is suitable for themselves, it is convenient.

Mobile crushing station to help build construction waste to create a sustainable force

With the rapid urbanization process, a large amount of construction waste is generated. The construction waste components are composed of waste bricks, concrete, rock, scrap iron wire, steel bars, electric wires, etc. These materials can be recycled and reused after processing, so the reasonable disposal of these construction wastes has become the focus of increasing attention.
China’s construction waste crusher started late, and the treatment of construction waste is imminent. Now the demolition of the city and the urbanization of the countryside have produced a large amount of construction solid waste. Due to the dumping and landfilling of these wastes, not only the land but also the temperature is occupied. Under the action of water, the wastewater generated by fermentation and scouring causes serious pollution to groundwater and air.
The recycling of construction waste is a systematic project. We must attach great importance to improving the technical treatment level of construction waste. Most of the construction waste can be reused as renewable resources. For example, waste concrete and waste masonry can be crushed once by using a mobile crushing station. The coarse and fine aggregates can be used to produce concrete of the corresponding strength grade, mortar or preparation. Building materials such as blocks, wall panels, floor tiles, etc.
After adding the solidified material to the coarse and fine aggregates, it can also be used for the road pavement base. The waste bricks are burnt clay materials. When crushed and ground into powder materials, they have pozzolanic activity and can be used as concrete admixtures instead of fly ash, slag powder and stone powder. The mobile crushing station is a construction waste crusher tailored for construction waste in recent years. It can crush construction waste and then generate sand for building materials, which is very environmentally friendly.
The mobile crushing station is mainly used for metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other materials that need to be relocated, especially for the operation of mobile materials such as highways, railways, hydropower projects, etc. Users can scale according to the type of processing materials. Different configurations are required for the finished material.

Classification and advantages of common crushing equipment

In the mining machinery market, there are many kinds of Zenith Crusher. Among them, common crushing equipments include: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher, etc., facing many crushing equipment, customers It is difficult to choose. Today, ZENITH machines are analyzed from the classification and performance advantages of common crushing equipment, which is convenient for users to purchase.
1. Jaw Crusher
The smashing is mainly a kind of rough breaking equipment, which is mainly used for crushing various materials with compressive strength not exceeding 320 MPa. It is often used in the crushing stone production line. The performance advantages of the jaw crusher are many, for example: wear resistance The material structure with good performance guarantees the wear resistance of the wearing parts and prolongs the service life; the structure design is reasonable, the discharge port is adjustable, the breaking capacity of the different materials is improved, the adaptability is strong, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. The deep cavity design without dead zone greatly improves the production output of the jaw crusher.
2, impact crusher
The impact crusher is abruptly used for crushing. It is mainly used for crushing various medium and hard materials with a particle size of not more than 120-500mm and a compressive strength of not more than 320pa. It is mainly used as a two-stage crushing equipment and a counter crusher in the crushed stone production line. The performance advantages are as follows: the feed port is large, the bulk material can be crushed; the crushing cavity is deep, and the production yield is high; the wearing part of the wearing part is made of new material and new technology with good wear resistance, which reduces the replacement frequency of the wearing parts. Increases the service life of the impact crusher.
3, cone crusher
The cone crusher is called cone crushing. It is mainly suitable for crushing all kinds of mining materials with hard and medium hardness. It is also used as the second-stage Quarry crusher in the crushed stone production line. It is generally divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher. The performance advantages of the cone crusher are as follows: the spring safety device is adopted to reduce the downtime, the production yield is high, the equipment operation is safer; the internal sealing of the structure is good, the dust pollution is reduced; the structure is simple and easy to maintain.
4, hammer crusher
Hammer crusher is abruptly broken, mainly used for crushing and crushing of materials with a compressive strength of not more than 100 MPa and a humidity of not more than 15%. Performance advantages of hammer crusher: low investment, fast profit, short recovery period; simple structure, high output; large crushing ratio, uniform output; easy-to-wear hammer head with high-quality wear-resistant alloy steel material, long service life.
From the above analysis, we can see that the nature and advantages of the crushing materials of different crushing equipment are not the same, can not say which one is good, which is not good, specific analysis, the user is also the same when purchasing To understand the nature and size of the material to be crushed and the demand for the size of the material to be crushed, when purchasing the crushing equipment, be sure to shop around and communicate with the technicians of the manufacturer to choose the crush that suits you. device.

How to solve the vibration problem with a small sand making machine

The small series of SBM cobblestone sanding machine introduces how to solve the vibration problem of small sand making machine.
Small sand making machines are being used because they are exposed to harder rocks such as granite, limestone, pebbles, sandstone and shale. Both pressure and wear are greater. Sometimes small sand making machine vibrate strongly.
Once the small sand making machine vibrates strongly, the output of the material will be affected, and if it is serious, the entire machine will be damaged. When the small sand making machine vibrates strongly, three main measures should be taken:
1. Ensure that the weights of the two sets of hammers in the small sand making machine are balanced. In general, the quality of the hammer cannot be guaranteed to be the same. There is an error value. This error will not exceed 5 grams. It will not work. If it exceeds 5 grams, it must be noted. At this point, it must be replaced. One of them makes the weights of the two hammers equal.
2. In addition, the small sand making machine is under strong force, and the strength of the whole machine to bear the looseness of the nut is inevitable. This requires fixing the screws of the machine in time. Of course, this work is mainly done by constantly checking the machine.
Many things have a certain service life, and the components of a small sand making machine are no exception. When the spindle of a small sand making machine is used for a long time, it may bend due to wear and the like. At this point we must replace the spindle of the small sand making machine in time to ensure consistent strength in all aspects to reduce the number of vibrations.