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Two former NFL players to win seats in the House of Representatives

Just past the US mid-term elections, there are two former NFL players to win seats in the House of Representatives.Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Anthony took over the former outside pony – Gonzalez won a seat in Ohio Members 16 constituencies. This Republican representative to obtain more than 56% of the votes, beat Democratic contender Susan – Cymbidium – Palmer.Cheap Minnesota Wild Jersey Gonzalez is pony show No. 32 of 2007, a total of five seasons playing in the NFL, the ball 99 times, advancing 1307 yards.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey But after three seasons, injuries greatly limited his playing time, during which time he played only 11 games, completed five catches. Former Titans linebacker Colin – Ou Leide places Democratic candidate status candidates, more than 52 percent of the vote won Republican congressman Peter – Sai Sensi.Cheap Vancouver Canucks Jersey Ou Leide 2006 show unsuccessful, 2007-2010 for the effectiveness of the Titans, played a total of 32 games, starting two games, completed 46 tackles.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks JerseyCheap Philadelphia Flyers JerseyCheap Olympic Canada JerseyCheap New York Islanders JerseyCheap Chicago Blackhawks JerseyCheap Los Angeles Kings JerseyCheap Edmonton Oilers Jersey

Redskins the right Xie Erfu care front pectoral muscle tear, the season

Update: According to NFL Network reporter Rapoport reported, Redskins coach announced that starting guard Feng Xie Erfu, Calatrava, wide receiver Paul – Richardson required to undergo surgery for the season.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey Although the MRI results have not yet been announced, but the Redskins and right front guard Brandon – Xieer Fu injury is likely to tear chest. Xie Erfu leave because of injury in Sunday’s loss to the Falcons game, the team thought he was a shoulder injury.Cheap Los Angeles Kings Jersey Coach Jay – Gruden said after Xieer Fu will receive magnetic resonance imaging including a series of checks, including. According to NFL Network reporter Ian – Rapoport reported that most of the tests showed, Xie Erfu pectoral muscle tear.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey If the MRI results establish this diagnosis, Xie Erfu the season will be, absent for a long time. This Redskins offensive line is not the only bad news: the left front retaining Sean – Calatrava serious knee injury, left tackle Trent – after thumb surgery unlimited Williams also sidelined.Cheap Nashville Predators JerseyCheap Philadelphia Flyers JerseyCheap Vancouver Canucks JerseyCheap Olympic Canada JerseyCheap New York Islanders JerseyCheap Edmonton Oilers JerseyCheap Edmonton Oilers JerseyCheap Vancouver Canucks Jersey

Former Cowboys executive Gil – Brandt elected team Hall of Fame

Tiger bashing News November 3, US time on Friday, Cowboys owner Jerry – Jones announced that former Cowboys executive Gil – Brandt will become the second team 12 members of the Hall of Fame.Cheap Boston Bruins Jersey Brent inclusion ceremony will be held at 11.29 on Thursday night race field.Cheap Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey Brent is the number one cowboy scout and contract coordinators, worked 29 seasons in Dallas. He checked Troy 1989 draft – Aikman, Cowboy Hall of Fame is one of 19 players.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey Brent players through the draft or acquired in the transaction, a total of 15 people selected Cowboy Hall of Fame, 53 people have been selected for the Pro Bowl at least once. Brent said: When Jerry called to inform me, I feel like just won the Super Bowl the same.Cheap Montreal Canadiens Jersey As vice-chairman Cowboys player personnel department, Brent black university first began to look for players, but also the United States began to head a group of scouts looking for talent in other areas. With the text: honor, humility and pride.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey # # American Cowboy Hall of Fame Team Brent twice won the second sign transactions, and check the Tony – Dorset and Randy – White, both after the Hall of Fame. In 1964 when the draft, Brent election came three future Hall of Fame players: Mel – Renfro, Bob – Hayes and Roger – Costa Bach.Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jersey Brent will become the third non-football player named Cowboy Hall of Fame, will also jointly establish with their legendary team before joining the two partners: Tex – Schramm and Tom – Landry. After the three men began to work for six years, cowboy powerful exception: 20 consecutive years of record wins more negative NFL record, including 13 division titles, five National League titles, two Super Bowl victories.Cheap Olympic Canada JerseyCheap New Devils JerseyCheap Los Angeles Kings JerseyCheap Detroit Red Wings JerseyCheap Dallas Stars Jersey

Counterattack fall short, the Panthers lost to the Redskins 17-23

Tiger bashing October 15 hearing, although the Panthers to complete the heroic struggle at the last moment, but the pre-race pit digging is not so good fill.Cheap Boston Bruins Jersey When the final minute, erythroderma half 16 yards to Panther line, but this time is 45. After the kickoff, quarterback Kanmu – Newton and Jia Ruisi – Wright failed to connect successfully.Cheap Colorado Avalanche Jersey Redskins regain the ball, quarterback Alex – Smith kneeling finish time, the Redskins 23-17 win. When the beginning of the game, the Panthers defense group in good shape, the Redskins did not get the first attack, but after rookie DJ Moore punt return by linebacker Sean – Dion Hamilton tackles off the ball, and thus regain the ball Redskins right.Cheap Calgary Flames Jersey Then Smith and tight end Vernon – Davis completed 29-yard touchdown connection, he later took over and Paul – Richardson with the completion of passing touchdowns. Panthers at the end of the first section is already behind 14-0.Cheap Minnesota Wild Jersey But the nightmare is not over yet, in a molar file advancing the ball 19 yards, cornerback Josh – Norman knocked the ball from Moore’s arms, causing the ball right to convert. After 49 yards against the Redskins kick rewrite the score 17-0.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey Finally the situation has improved, wide receiver German – Chez leaping side in the end zone, in a corner guard Quinton – Complete 23 yards touchdowns case Dunbar touch mask. Ability advantage of filling.Cheap New York Islanders Jersey But kicker Graham – Gano additional points shot wide of the left. In order to reduce the points difference as soon as possible, the Panthers selected for no huddle offense. Torre took over four and Newton – Smith completed the connection, including a three yards touchdowns.Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Then also reported a successful two-point conversion, the points deficit to 3 points, but in the end still not complete reversal. Smith men’s short pass title well-deserved reputation, the game he completed 36 passes 21 times, advancing 163 yards, passing yards were 4.5.Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning JerseyCheap Chicago Blackhawks JerseyCheap Columbus Blue Jackets JerseyCheap Dallas Stars Jersey

Eagles defensive end: Barkley set three Pro Bowl players the advantages of a

Tiger bashing October 11 news weekly game, the Giants rookie running back Sakui En – Buckley able to complete several superb performance, so that people remember his unique ability.Cheap Boston Bruins Jersey Even the opposing team defensive player has to admit that he excels. Prior to Thursday’s close combat, Eagles defensive end Michael – Bennett expressed affirmation Buckley capabilities.Cheap Carolina Hurricanes Jersey I have not seen such a long time a running back. Bennett said Tuesday he reminds me of several people, astute cunning as Xiaoen – Lynch, ability to balance such as Le Xiaoen – McCoy, as fast Jamal – Charles.Cheap Buffalo Sabres Jersey He seemed set advantage of these people in one. While the offensive line is a drag, resulting in performance is not very stable, but Barkley every game to find opportunities outbreak.Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jersey Buckley also in Adrian – Peterson and Karim – after Hunt, a career first five games have achieved more than 100 yards promote rookie. He finished in four games at least once advancing 24 yards, including 68 yards, 57 yards two touchdowns advance.Cheap Winnipeg Jets Jersey Buckley also Union is currently the only four-stroke the ball more than 300 yards, the ball more than 200 yards running back, the other three are Todd – Geer Li, Melvin – Gordon and James – Connor.Cheap Nashville Predators JerseyCheap New York Rangers JerseyCheap Florida Panthers JerseyCheap New York Rangers JerseyCheap Colorado Avalanche JerseyCheap Colorado Avalanche Jersey

Eagles running back Jay – A Jiayi season

Tiger bashing October 9 hearing related news: Jay – A Jiayi questioned Eagles rushed the ball although the proportion of A Jiayi hopes to arrange Eagles rushed the ball more, but he did not have the opportunity to continue to contribute a few yards.Cheap Los Angeles Kings Jersey According to NFL Network reporter Ian – Rapoport reported that the 25-year-old running back cover when the ball before tearing a knee ligament, the team will be added to the injured reserve list. As a result, the Eagles running back position only Correa – Clement, Wendell – Smokin Wood, Josh – Adams and Vikings game injury absence of Darren – Sproles.Cheap Buffalo Sabres Jersey It may also be the last game in the A Jiayi eagle, because this summer he will enter the free market. This is the name of the show five dolphins in 2015 in his second season, advancing over a thousand yards, was traded to the Hawks last fall, were advancing 408 yards, made a touchdown.Cheap Anaheim Ducks JerseyCheap Edmonton Oilers JerseyCheap Vancouver Canucks JerseyCheap Florida Panthers JerseyCheap Philadelphia Flyers JerseyCheap Detroit Red Wings JerseyCheap Chicago Blackhawks JerseyCheap Carolina Hurricanes JerseyCheap New Devils Jersey

The first regular season game week in and week day and night Packers vs Bears

2018-2019 season NFL regular season came the first week of the most talked about race week night, day and night midweek match first challenge will be the Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears guest Orchid Fort Stadium and away.Cheap San Jose Sharks Jersey As a well-known history of the NFL rivals, the two teams have played against nearly 200 games, the Packers to 95 wins, six draws and 93 negative a slight advantage in the last four games against two teams, the Packers won four straight. First time this season the two teams duel, in turn bring the fans what kind of performance? Green Bay Packers finally welcome back their main quarterback, while Jody – after Nelson left the Packers, Germany Aventis – Adams became the Packers number one wide receiverCheap Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey at the same time in the off-season, the Packers also introduced the red zone to kill is Jimmy – Graham, will also add more offensive weapons Packers. Meanwhile defense group also introduced a red offseason transfer arms before jets Muhammad – Wilkerson, at the same time when the draft has added two high-level defensive backcourt players.Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey The new season of the Packers in both offense and defense both gave people a lot of surprises, do not know they can win a fourth consecutive victory of the season opening game at home to do? Chicago Bears In yet had a losing season, and ushered in a new head coach Matt – Nagy. In the pre-season will get started, the Bears have come up with had a big news, they used a large wave of top draft picks in exchange for the coalition from the outside of the Raiders rushed the setter Carrier – Mark, Mark new season to make peace Aki Farm – Hicks and Leonard – Floyd’s premier alliance punch pass combination.Cheap Colorado Avalanche Jersey And the offseason, the Bears quarterback Michelle around the same second grade – Trudeau Bisi Ji continue to build line-up, they are in the second round of the NBA Draft selected wide receiver Anthony impressive talent – Miller at the same time from the Americas tigers hired Alan – Robinson, who will become the new season Trudeau Bisi Ji spearhead weapons.Cheap St. Louis Blues Jersey The pavement attack Jordan – Howard has become increasingly mature, Terrick – Cohen also has a decent play, the Bears team this season can not be underestimated. NFL commentator event: Zhang IgerCheap San Jose Sharks JerseyCheap Boston Bruins JerseyCheap Montreal Canadiens JerseyCheap Boston Bruins JerseyCheap Philadelphia Flyers JerseyCheap Washington Capitals Jersey

Cowboys defensive tackle Michael Owen will not participate in training camp

Tiger bashing July 26 hearing defensive tackle David – Michael Owen will not participate in this year’s Cowboys training camp.Cheap Hartford Whalers Jersey Owen was the team placed reserve / did not report list, team owner Jerry – Jones does not think Owen will come to the training camp. Jones said: Owen are dealing with a number of off-site issues, we all know, but I think he will not come to the training camp.Cheap Olympic USA Jersey 2017 season, due to violating the league substance abuse policy, Owen was suspended four games of the punishment. The 24-year-old player missed the team’s offseason program during mini-camp was also reported that body out of shape.Cheap Detroit Red Wings Jersey Although the figure back, but the problem still plaguing off Owen. Reporter Jain – Slate reported: Owen’s friends say his recovery process intermittent problems this summer is not just drug abuse, the situation is more complicated, he also faced a lot of problems.Cheap Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey There is a specialized treatment team effort for his recovery and return to golf course training. As a red setter, Owen’s talent and physical enough to make him kill four big in the NFL, but first, he had to understand his own living arrangements.Cheap Vegas Golden Knights JerseyCheap Quebec Nordiques JerseyCheap St. Louis Blues JerseyCheap Vegas Golden Knights JerseyCheap St. Louis Blues JerseyCheap Pittsburgh Penguins JerseyCheap Nashville Predators Jersey

The first seven weeks of the regular season Sunday Night Race Falcons Patriots

This week the focus of the battle of the regular season, will be re-fight the last game of the season Super Bowl opponent, in more than eight months ago, the Patriots to complete the Jedi behind 28-3 in the case, and ultimately to 34-28 plus when victory over the Atlanta Falcons.Cheap Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Falcon overwhelmed with regret guest Gillette Stadium, is able to shame before a snow it? Last week, the New England Patriots in a 24-17 victory over the New York Jets, goat quarterback – Tom Brady won his first career victory in 187 regular-season games, surpassing Brett – Favre and Peyton – Manning become the largest in history quarterback regular season winning streak NFL. Career victory in his 212 games in the history of the game is that all NFL quarterbacks in most.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey This season, Brady has reported 1959 yards, the highest in the whole league, so old there is such a good competitive state was not easy. In the last week, Brady passed based Friends of tight end Rob again – glycopyrrolate Koski two touchdowns, two have together completed 71 touchdowns, quarterback in NFL history – Everett a combination of # 2.Cheap Olympic USA Jersey Large glycopyrrolate can wreak havoc Falcons defensive second-line, Brady can win 188 regular-season victories do? We’ll see. Look at the Atlanta Falcons, as the Super Bowl runner-up last season, the Falcons this season is not good, is currently made only 3 wins and 2 negative results, quarterback Matt – Ryan since the 2016 start of the season, averaging passing score reached 109.Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jersey9, but the league is still a man even higher than him, and that is – Tom Brady. Falcon took over the outside Malvern – Hall Battle Dolphins game to complete a 40-yard touchdown connection in last week.Cheap Winnipeg Jets Jersey He also became since 2000 following the 2011 Doug – Baldwin after the completion of the first two at least 40 yards passing touchdowns in the NFL players voted rookie first show. Falcons offensive group is still flourishing struck the first blow, in the Patriots who want to get the score is easy, but it can get the victory, their first Super Bowl out of the shadow of it! NFL chief commentator: Zhang YunCheap Boston Bruins JerseyCheap Vegas Golden Knights JerseyCheap Colorado Avalanche JerseyCheap Boston Bruins JerseyCheap Edmonton Oilers JerseyCheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey

Ninth National League American League Player of the Week Announced

Passing attack dominated the modern NFL game.Cheap Ottawa Senators Jersey The ninth week of the Week honor also belongs to the players involved in the passing attack. Like the quarterback fans will be glad to see the National League Week belonged to a quarterback.Cheap Montreal Canadiens Jersey The wide receiver like the fans will see the AP Offensive Player of Week belongs to TY Hilton. The outside Indianapolis Colts took a key figure in the last game of the colt offensive team, this game Colts quarterback Jacoby – Bristol Seth shot a career best performance pony, 30 pass the ball 20 times successfully obtained 308 yards two touchdowns.Cheap Florida Panthers Jersey 308 yards more than half of the number code received by the Hilton, he completed 5 times the ball 175 yards to obtain two touchdowns. Pony to 20-14 victory over the Houston Texans.Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jersey On defense, New York Jets linebacker Jordan – Jenkins became the American League Defensive Player of the Week. The outside linebacker made two sacks and one forced fumble in the victory over the Buffalo Bills game.Cheap Montreal Canadiens Jersey Jacksonville Jaguars return man Jayden – Mi Kensi complete a second 63 yards back to the offensive touchdowns in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals game, helping the team win 23-7, which also makes him the American League Week SWAT team players. After the game against the New York Giants 22 passes 14 successes 311 yards four touchdowns outstanding performance, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared – Gove to become the National League Offensive Player of Week.Cheap Boston Bruins Jersey His outstanding performance helped the Rams get a victory. Carlos – Dansby proof of age is not a problem with their performance. Even 36 years old, he still played well.Cheap Montreal Canadiens Jersey In the game against the San Francisco 49ers game, he completed 1 steals, which not only helped the Arizona Cardinals win, allowing him to become the National League Defensive Player of the Week. In the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the game, New Orleans Saints special teams player rookie Justin – Hardy cover from two rival players through the middle and blocked the punt was blocked and caught the ball back to complete offensive touchdowns . The performance made him the National League Player of the Week SWAT team.Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning JerseyCheap Los Angeles Kings JerseyCheap Washington Capitals JerseyCheap Anaheim Ducks Jersey