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Etisalat switches on first 5G network at Expo 2020 Dubai site

Etisalat switches on first 5G network at Expo 2020 Dubai site

UAE-based telecoms giant Etisalat on Tuesday revealed that the Expo 2020 site in Dubai is the first to have a 5G Ruijie Network Support.

“We have 5G available now,” said Expo 2020 Dubai’s innovation and future technology chief, Mohammed Alhashmi minutes after UAE telecom operator Etisalat pulled the switch on the first use towards what is intended to be “the most connected city on Earth”.

At a speed of 1.3 gbps (gigabits per second) the network is already more than twice as fast as the typical 4G networks in the world which average speeds of 600 mbps (megabits per second).

The higher bandwidth, coupled with lower latency levels – 1 millisecond vs the up to 20 milliseconds 4G networks average globally – will allow for real world applications that are currently nearly impossible to achieve.

At the demonstrations held on Tuesday, Etisalat showed how its 5G testing connection could stream 4K footage, or stream 360 degree video feeds from high powered drones to virtual reality goggles.

“These functions are impossible with 4G, and can’t be done at all unless you deploy fibre networks because they are very bandwidth intensive. 5G will allow this over mobile broadband,” said the Etisalat’s Saeed Zarouni, senior vice president, mobile networks, Etisalat.All applications including autonomous cars, healthcare, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things will now be possible,” he said, adding that consumers will start to begin seeing the effects of its deployment soon as well.

“Initially we are providing fixed wireless services. High definition TV services such as 4k video will be available from September. By the end of the first half of 2019 is when the first 5G handsets will begin coming on to the market and you will see 5G available for consumer deployment,” he said.

Expo 2020 Dubai’s District 2020 site is being prepped to be “the smartest, fastest and most connected site on Earth,” added Zarouni.

Expo 2020 Dubai will deploy more than 200 kilometres of fibre, 8,000 WiFi access points, 2,000 5G indoor antennas, and 2,000 4G antennae, Alhashmi said.

“Not everyone might have a 5G handset so we have to take care of everyone else that is still on 4G,” he added.

BT switches from copper upgrades to full-fibre broadband

BT switches from copper upgrades to full-fibre broadband

Innovative Hotel Wi-Fi Network Solution has cut back its plans to upgrade 10m copper broadband lines after the government abandoned its previous view that adequate internet speeds can be achieved by improving the current network.

Openreach, the BT division that owns the national network, will now upgrade 5.7m copper lines to its technology in the next two years, compared with 10m previously, according to a letter to its customers. claims to double the speed of a copper line.

Meanwhile, Openreach will also install 3m full fibre lines, where fibre-optic cables run directly to households, in the same timeframe, an increase of 1m over its original target.

The government launched its Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review at the end of July, which pivoted away from an upgrade of the copper line network and committed to rolling out 15m full fibre-optic connections by 2025, with the rest of the country following by 2033.

Openreach under pressure on fibre
BT has been under significant political and regulatory pressure to focus on full fibre cables, with critics pointing out that only 4 per cent of buildings in the UK are connected to such lines, compared with nearly 90 per cent in Portugal and more than 70 per cent in Spain.

BT has been accused by its rivals of spending billions of pounds on sports rights to bolster its pay-TV business while underinvesting in the country’s broadband network.

A spokesman for Openreach said it was already connecting 10,000 premises each week to full-fibre lines, but that it would continue to upgrade copper because it was quicker and less disruptive.

Openreach adopted a “fibre first” strategy last year and the new targets are a sign of its commitment. The new government target will require £30bn of investment from Openreach and other internet companies.

But businesses said the target was not ambitious enough, since the UK is already towards the bottom of the league globally when it comes to full-fibre connections.

Point Topic, a research company, predicted that there will be 500m full fibre lines installed globally by 2019. The numbers are dominated by China and other Asian countries which highlights how far behind Britain is compared not only to European markets but to global ones.

Xiamen Airlines signs $2bn MoU with CFM

Xiamen Airlines signs $2bn MoU with CFM

The deal also includes a long-term time and materials support agreement. The engine-maker says no further details of the deal are available.長沙機票

This brings the total value of agreements signed in China, in conjunction with French president Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to the country, to $9.1 billion at list prices.Other deals signed include Spring Airlines’ finalised order for 120 Leap-1A engines to power its incoming fleet of 60 Airbus A320neos.

Together with a 10-year flight hour service agreement, the deal is worth $2.9 billion.

Hainan Airlines also signed an MoU, valued at $4.2 billion, for the purchase of Leap-1A engines to power 55 A320neos. Part of the deal includes long-term support of the engines for Hainan Airlines and a number of other HNA Group carriers.

The agreements for new engine orders and long-term support covers close to 500 CFM engines.

“These new agreements strengthen our commitment to China and solidifies our relationships with our customers here, providing a strong foundation for even more cooperation in the future,” says CFM parent Safran’s CEO Philippe Petitcolin.

Xiamen Air plane skids off Philippine runway

Xiamen Air plane skids off Philippine runway

Thousands of air travellers faced delays on Friday after a Chinese airliner skidded off the runway at the airport in the Philippine capital, disrupting more than 200 flights as authorities struggled to remove the damaged plane.行李托運價格

All 157 passengers and eight crew aboard the Xiamen Air Boeing 737-800 were unharmed after the accident late on Thursday, according to the airline and airport officials.

The main runway at Manila’s international airport would remain closed until 5 a.m. on Saturday (2100 GMT on Friday) to allow for more time to remove the plane, authorities said.

Some 112 international and domestic flights were cancelled and another 118 flights delayed following the accident, based on initial lists from airlines.

Cheap flights to Xiamen, China

Cheap flights to Xiamen, China

When is the best time to fly to Xiamen?

Xiamen has a monsoon, tropical climate which means that it is warm all year round. The winters are mild, and humidity and heat are highest between May and August. Visit in late September to get a better deal on flights and avoid the school holiday price hike. You can still enjoy the warm and dry weather as well. Chinese New Year is always a colourful festival time in Xiamen, so book your flights around that time to experience it for yourself.Seoul to Shanghai flights
Xiamen overview

Exquisitely kept gardens, unique islands, and stunning museums are just some of the things that make Xiamen a very desirable place to visit. The Xiamen Shuzhuang Garden, for instance, which is located by the sea and which is flanked with majestic mountains, is the perfect place for a tranquil stroll or a quiet picnic with your travelling companions. When you want the buzz of a crowd, just head down to the beautiful Nanputuo Temple, which is also the biggest temple in the region. The city is home to several quirky art galleries and museums, among them the Piano Museum. This is a perfect way for music lovers to while away an hour or two, and its gorgeous exhibits are sure to delight travellers of all ages. Take a trip down to the Botanical Gardens, too, with their carefully sculpted lakes, gently undulating hills and lovely picnic areas. These gardens are of course especially good during fine autumn days and in the heat of summer, but in the winter they can look very magical in crisp air. If you want to enjoy a great view over the city and its sights, then just climb to the top of Riguang Mountain which is a pleasant and popular walk.

Cheap Flights to Guangzhou

Cheap Flights to Guangzhou

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the main airport of Guangzhou, the capital city of the province of Guangdong of the People’s Republic of China. In 2013, it was named as the second busiest airport in China and 16th busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic; third busiest airport in China and 18th busiest in the world in terms of cargo traffic; and was also the second busiest airport in China in terms of aircraft movements. The airport has a current capacity of 31 million passengers and up to one million tonnes of cargo annually. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is also the main hub of China Southern Airlines and a focus city for Shenzhen Airlines. The airport is located 28km north from central Guangzhou.shanghai to hong kong

Formerly known as Canton, Guangzhou has a history dating back to roughly 2,200 years. And so, the city houses a large arsenal of historic places, architectures, and sights. At the Xiguan Residence and Cantonese Arc, you will see the traditional Cantonese architectures from the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic area. The Shamian Island is a spot in the hectic metropolis that cradles the buildings and streets of the former British and French concession which have been beautifully renovated. Temples are also aplenty in the city, which show its people’s great connection to religion. Museums and galleries contain the city’s history, art, and culture. Go and see the Guangzhou Museum at the Zhenhai Tower in Yuexiu. It is among the first museums in the Republic era of China. The Guangzhou Ocean World is also an interesting place to visit when you’re in Guangzhou. It is located inside the Guangzhou Zoo and has over 200 kinds of fish and many other rare ocean creatures. You can also walk along parks for a relaxing afternoon, or spend the time enjoying at one of the many theme parks in the city. There’s the Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou CocoPark, and the Guangzhou Xiangjang Safari Park. You might also want to see the Chimelong International Circus which is China’s version of Cirque du Soleil. And if you’re looking for a great outdoor adventure, mountain climbing is also a popular choice among tourists visiting the city.

FIFA 19 Flair Shots Tutorial – How To Do A Flair Shot Effectively On PS4 and Xbox One?

FIFA 19 Flair Shots Tutorial – How To Do A Flair Shot Effectively On PS4 and Xbox One?

What is exactly the flair shot? How to do a Flair Shot effectively in fifa coins? In this guide we will help you learn score the trick shot to mix up your tactics and humiliate opponents in FUT 19.To master the flair shot skill, you need acquaintance some tips:

1. Ensure that you have enough room in the box so that you can time the button presses perfectly

2. The best time to do a flair shot is once you’ve received a pass across the face of goal, which ensures that the goalkeeper is out of position

3. The player should look to his right, bring his right around his left foot and tap it in. (This could be reversed depending on the players preferred foot)

4. You have to press the corresponding button fairly quickly as if you don’t do it quick enough the player will end up doing a low powered chip shot.

5. In FIFA 19, players with a high flair stat are able to pull of some amazing shots whether from distance or in the box on volleys for things like bicycle and scorpion shots on goal.

6. Use a player with high pace and dribbling to make it easier for you to take long flair shots, such as Ronaldo/Suarez/Bale/Messi etc. have a serious chance of putting them in the back of the net.

7. Pressing the flair shot buttons at the correct time to get a bicycle kick, a scorpion kick or a volley shot, when the ball is in the air and you are using a competent player.

8. Although you are shooting far away from the net, some capable players can also ensure you a good score with flair

Fifa 19 Player Reviews: Cyprien 78

Fifa 19 Player Reviews: Cyprien 78

PACE Der einzige genaue Wert, der sich real anfühlt, wenn er dieses Biest im Spiel verwendet. 78 Tempo ist mehr als genug für ihn, wenn sie ihm mehr Tempo geben würden, wäre seine Jogging-Geschwindigkeit die volle Sprintgeschwindigkeit des Blitzes. Es wird gemunkelt,buy fifa 19 coins dass er innerhalb von 30 Sekunden nur 2 Minuten Nudeln kochen kann.

OK, 75 Schießen wird diesem Monster überhaupt nicht gerecht. Im Spiel, wenn er den Ball hat und bereit ist zu schießen, wird er 8/10 mal eingewechselt. Selbst wenn Sie versehentlich verfehlt haben, wird der Ball zu verängstigt sein, um ihm zu sagen, dass er verfehlt hat und sich in die Ecke des Netzes fliegt . Er kann mit nur einer Hand jemanden aus mehr als 1 km Entfernung fotografieren.

PASSING Auch hier ist das Passieren nicht gerechtfertigt, aber es ist nicht so stark wie sein Schussaspekt. Damit ist gesagt, dass Cypriens Tod makellos ist. Er konnte alle F auf seinem Zeugnis ablegen und trotzdem das Semester bestehen. Diese Statistik wird jedoch überflüssig, weil er in seiner 0-1-0-Formation spielt.

DRIBBLING Ausgestattet mit 4-Sterne-Skill-Moves, wenn Sie mit diesem Kerl dribbeln, ist es, als ob Weihnachten früh gekommen wäre. Ehrlich gesagt, wenn der Ball zu seinen Füßen ist, gibt es ihn nicht ab. Die Legende besagt, dass, wenn Sie immer noch mit diesem Kerl dribbeln und die 90 Minuten vorüber sind, das Spiel Sie mit dem Dribbeln beenden kann und es nicht wirklich endet, bis er dies sagt. Ich kann das bestätigen, da ich bis zur 304. Minute gespielt habe, als Cyprien sagte, dass er gehen musste, weil er ein U-Boot fliegen musste.

VERTEIDIGUNG / PHYSIKALISCH Diese beiden Werte arbeiten zusammen und sind ohne Zweifel der stärkste Wert von Cyprien. Zunächst einmal gibt es nicht genug, um den Körper dieses Mannes zu beschreiben. Ein Kerl hat versucht, mich zu rutschen, als ich den Ball hatte, und dieser Kerl hat ihm tatsächlich beide Beine gebrochen, und ich habe weiter getroffen. Cypriens körperliche Fähigkeiten sind so erstaunlich, dass er einmal mit einer geladenen Waffe russisches Roullete spielte und gewann. Der Legende nach ging er auch einmal Fallschirmspringen und sein Fallschirm konnte nicht geöffnet werden, deshalb nahm er ihn am nächsten Tag für eine Rückerstattung zurück. Dies sind nur einige der vielen Beispiele, wie mächtig dieser Mann wirklich ist. Ich denke, dass EA einen Fehler gemacht hat und Hercules selbst ins Spiel gebracht hat, anstelle eines Sterblichen wie die anderen Spieler. Read More

FIFA 19 New Kick-Off Mode!

FIFA 19 New Kick-Off Mode!

The new kick-off mode is one of the features that players are waiting to try. There is five type of matches you can choose from Uefa Champions League, fifa 19 ultimate team coins Custom Rules, Series, Home & Away and Cup Finals. Uefa Champions League: The most prestigious club competition in the world is integrated into the kick-off mode as well as the rest of Fifa 19. From the group stage to the final. You can organize a personalized Uefa Champions League challenge, with graphics, rules, and other specific elements, to experience the atmosphere of the real tournament. House rules: If you’ve always wanted to play Fifa with alternative rules, or without rules, House Rules is the type of game that’s right for you. You can create a game by choosing from a set of custom rules! You can set up a match with a selection of custom rules, including No Rules, Survival, Long Range, First to, and Headers & Volleys. Best of Series: play a series in the best of three or five games with classic rules to establish the winner. Home and Away: this type of game involves two challenges, the first at home and the second away. The winner is determined based on the overall score. In case of a tie, the team that has scored more goals away wins. In case of a further draw, extra time will be taken and if necessary the penalty kicks to establish the winner. Cup Finals: play the Uefa Champions League, Uefa Europa League, FA Cup and more. The uniforms, the badges, match ball, and the official graphics offer an experience in all respects similar to that of a real cup final.Want to buy FIFA Coins from

FIFA 19: How Can You Say No?

FIFA 19: How Can You Say No?

cheap fifa ultimate team coins was already powerful but the ace dropped this year by EA Sports is one of those that can not be said no: the UEFA Champions League is integrated into the game from the beginning! And in fact, it is the pivot around which also develops the excellent mode The journey, which now revolves around three protagonists: Alex to Real Madrid, sister Kim in the US national team, and Danny in the English league. You can choose to play a single character, both on and off the court, or let the three stories intertwine and follow them all. Fifa’s goals in this year are a genuine effort to add variety to the menu, bringing the game to excel in each of its three souls: the perfect party game with friends, that of online strategies, and that of completeness, a field in which the EA title is unrivaled. The more or less profound changes entrusted to the online package, for example, the player has more choice on the upgrades and the balance with the skills of the opponents is better managed. As for offline, the ability to add the most diverse rules to individual matches add thickness to games with friends. Fifa 19 is always Fifa. And although it is now possible to do anything in the game when you get the ball (and not only because the managerial sector is excellent despite some spot), still manages to retain that arcade spirit that makes it not only accessible but on balance more complete than his generation. Platforms available are PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.want know more fut coins news Read More