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Paul Foot | HellermannTyton Cable Ties patent

Cable ties are commonly used in the packaging industry, for example to seal bags, secure an item to a support, bundle objects together or for security purposes.
The patent for the original cable tie was in filed in 1958 by American company Thomas & Betts (now part of ABB). Inspired by a solution used to organise large amounts of cabling in the wiring harnesses of large aircraft, and the flexible plastic tie straps have since been widely adopted. Their low production cost and ease of use has led to cable ties having many domestic and industrial applications, not limited to electrical cable management.
The rigid design of the traditional cable tie is intended to prevent any expansion or flexing of secured objects, however this can cause issues when supporting or displaying fragile products, such as plants or compressible tubing.
In these circumstances, a more sympathetic means of securing objects is required that provides sufficient retention but allows movement and retains the convenience of the original cable tie, so that, for example, growth or expansion is allowed for, and damage to the tied object is mitigated.
Cable management company, HellermannTyton, is at the forefront of innovation in this area and has recently been granted a patent which addresses the problems created by the traditional cable tie.Patent GB 2519141 describes a fastening tie (shown in the figures) with a flexible elongated strap (2) and locking sections (22) arranged along its length. A series of neck sections (24) interconnect with the locking sections, each of which has a slot through which a further locking section (22) passes when the strap formed into a loop. The neck section includes a dome-shaped projection (32) which extends from the upper and lower surfaces of the tie. The slots on the strap are expandable in height to allow the neck (24) to pass through, thus preventing damage to the article the fastener is tied to.
This patent is one of a number of applications filed in the UK and internationally in recent years by HellermannTyton, covering a range of ties, tools and cable management devices across various sectors. Building an Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio which both protects and expands the company’s product range is a strategic initiative which makes good commercial sense, securing a strong position for the business.
This is something that should be considered by any business or individual with an innovative or new product or design. Having a good idea is only the first step; ensuring that nobody else can claim it as their own is the second and seeking out IP protection is the best way of going about this.…access full source

JetBlue Is Offering $39 Flights In An Epic 2-Day Flash Sale

JetBlue is currently offering one-way flights as low as $39 in an epic 2-day “Autumn’s Up” flash sale.航空券

The deals are cheap, indeed: Some of our favorites include a $39 flight from Long Beach, California to San Francisco, a $59 flight from New York City to Bermuda and a $99 flight from Orlando to Puerto Rico.

The sale is for travel between Aug. 23 and Nov. 17. This window conveniently includes shoulder season, the time of year when tourism drops off and accommodations become cheaper in many destinations. The sale also includes flights on most days of the week, with some blackout dates here and there.

To nab a seat, you’ll need to book by midnight EST on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Happy travels!

The Best Time To Buy Holiday Flights For 2016, According To Experts

Travel can easily be the most stressful part of the holidays. But if you book smart, you’ll save a ton of money while getting over the river and through the woods just fine. 台北上海航班

The airfare analysts at Hopper crunched current ticketing data to find the best time to book holiday flights this year. According to their calculations, this week (Oct. 5 through Oct. 12) is best time to purchase flights for Christmas, as tickets will be cheapest about 80 days before the holiday. You can afford to wait a bit before purchasing Thanksgiving flights, but be sure to book by the end of October to snag the lowest prices.Hopper’s data comes from an analysis of several billion flight price quotes every day. Their prime booking dates for 2016 are very similar to the ones other experts predicted last year, though with a bit more leeway for Thanksgiving travel.

Domestic Thanksgiving flights are currently priced about 7.8 percent below last year’s average, and Christmas flights are down about 12 percent, according to Hopper data.

Days to avoid

The rules of booking a holiday flight are easy: When you see a cheap flight, buy it. Avoid the Wednesday before and Sunday after Thanksgiving if you can, and prepare to score big if your schedule allows travel on Thanksgiving Day.
Airline flash sales won’t help you much here, as they typically black out holiday weeks. Instead, use sources like Google Flights and ITA Matrix to sniff out the cheap deals for yourself.

Caribbean Flights for $49, Europe for $99 With This Budget Airline’s Holiday Sale

How does a $49 flight to the Caribbean sound? Or a $99 flight to Europe? These ultra-affordable fares are available as part of Norwegian Air Shuttle’s recently-launched holiday sale. All flights offered are non-stop.上海到成都機票

Fly from Baltimore, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale to the French Caribbean destinations of Martinique and Guadeloupe for just $49. Other departure cities including New York are available from just $20 more. Flights departing from JFK airport to Oslo start at just $99. Other options include Boston to London for $96, San Francisco to Stockholm for $139, and Los Angeles to Paris for $175.

So what’s the catch? These rock-bottom fares only apply to the first leg of the trip. The return flight costs more. So, for example, if you’re flying from Boston to Martinique in January, your departure flight will cost $49, but your returning flight will cost $129. This raises the total, round-trip fare to $178 — still an amazing deal for a flight to the Caribbean, for sure, but it’s something you should be aware of when you book.

Also, keep in mind that budget-focused Norwegian Air Shuttle keeps ticket prices low by charging extra for baggage, reserved seats, and food. So make sure you do the math to make sure you’re really getting a great deal.

Airlines Are Slashing Prices to Spain — Get a Round-trip Flight for $357

Flights to Spain are cheap right now, with fares starting at $357 round-trip.

The Airfare Spot first noticed the cheap flights to Spain yesterday, when the Houston to Madrid route dropped to $473 round-trip and tickets to Barcelona from Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Washington, D.C. dropped as low as $414.Cheap Flights from Chiang Mai to Shanghai

Thrifty Traveler announced that a number of airlines had entered into an all-out airfare war, and expanded the sale to include popular Spanish holiday destinations like Alicante, Bilbao, Ibiza, Mallorca, and Seville.

Later, Scott’s Cheap Flights found additional deals to Valencia, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife, and Santa Cruz Palma.

Related: How to Not Get Ripped Off When Buying Cheap Flights on Third-party Websites

At this time, the cheapest possible ticket seems to be on sale from New York City to Barcelona — a cool $357 round-trip with United in June.Cheap flights are available with a number of competing airlines, including American Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, United Airlines, and Norwegian Air.

While availability and ticket prices can vary depending on your route, the most inexpensive fares are typically found on flights to either Madrid or Barcelona, between January and May, and between September and November.

To book this deal, use Google Flights’ low-fare calendar to select the most inexpensive travel dates from your home airport. Then, search for those dates in a search engine like Skyscanner or Momondo to get the best possible deal.

China Airlines moves into new hotel at Dubai World Central

China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, will relocate its regional base to Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central with effect from today.additional baggage singapore airlines

The first flight, which arrived at 10:00 from Taipei, was welcomed by a traditional water salute by executives from the airline and Dubai Airports.

The Taiwanese carrier uses the UAE as an intermediate stopover on its cargo flights between Taiwan and Europe.

It will operate flights from Taipei to Dubai and onwards to Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Frankfurt using its fleet of Boeing 747s.

China Airlines joins more than 25 scheduled and charter airlines – which includes home carrier Emirates SkyCargo – that operate from the airport to more than 60 destinations around the globe.

The airport is fast emerging as a major regional and global cargo hub with freight volumes surging 262 per cent to 758,371 tonnes for the full year 2014, up from 209,209 tonnes in 2013.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome China Airlines to DWC.

“They join an increasing number of airlines which are recognising DWC as an important cargo hub with its world class facilities, flexible schedules, proximity to Jebel Ali Port and the fact that is it an ideal transit point between east and west,” said Majed Al Joker, senior vice president, operations, DWC at Dubai Airports.

Swtor Trade Emporium Conquest Available from Jan 2nd, 2018

How far has your journey taken you during swtor credits Double Event? After the double event ends on Jan 1st, Swtor Trade Emporium Conquest will come on Jan 2nd with three Conquerable Planets: Voss, Makeb, CZ-198. See the details below to make preparation with cheap Swtor credits.

Enjoy Swtor double XP & CXP before January 1st

Swtor Double Event has lasted for several days, which is a great chance to earn double Experience, Command Experience, and more. Notice that the double event will end on January 1st, 2018, so there is around one week left for you to enjoy Swtor double XP and CXP rewards.
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Among the three planets, more people may choose Swtor CZ-198. If you want this planetary bonus, you need to complete the objective “Crafting: War Supplies”, which requires assembling various gathered materials into any of the following war supplies: Infantry Supply Kits, Starship Weapons, Armored Vehicles, Crystal Capacitors, Holocron of Strategy, or an Invasion Force.visit homepage

The ESO Flame Atronach Crown Crate Season Will Start Soon

Conjurers in The eso gold always impose desired shape on the Flame Atronach. “For centuries the conjurers’ standard spell for summoning Flame Atronachs has been Koron’s Peremptory Summons, which is easily modified to change both the duration of the summoned atronach’s binding and its form.”

Now from November 24 to November 26, players can get one free Flame Atronach Crown Crates as reward after logging into the game and defeating any enemy creature such as monsters, bosses, or even enemy NPCs each day. You will get all the three Flame Atronach Crown Crates on November 28.

“The Flame Atronach Crown Crates will be available for purchase from the in-game Crown Store on Tuesday, November 28. To open a purchased Crown Crate, simply navigate to the Crown Crates menu.”

In the Flame Atronach Crown Crate, you will be able to lock many new items, including mounts, pets, costumes, consumables, and more. You may discover: Flame Atronach Horse, Flame Atronach Camel mounts, Flame Atronach Bear mount, Infernal Epidermis skin, Scorpion Fabricant and Mages Guild Sentry Cat pets

In addition to the items above, you might also be fortunate enough to receive one of the following extremely rare mounts, only available in Flame Atronach Crown Crates: Cold Flame Atronach Wolf, Night Frost Atronach Steed mounts, Shadow Atronach Senche mount.Click to Buy


Madden NFL 18 is arriving at the later part of this year and Electronic Arts produced this game. This yearly football franchise becomes deportment to introduce better visuals, enhanced gameplay, and practical physics. Frostbite Engine of DICE powered this game. The details of entry of this year have started surfacing ahead of E3 2017. Players of Xbox One and PC that subscribed to EA Access can play a ten-hour trail of madden mobile coins from 17 August. The associates are also entitled with a ten-percent discount upon the digital copies of the game. Visiting the nearest online gaming house helps gamer avail Madden Mobile Coins in the most affordable cost when NFL 18 becomes live.

According to the confirmation of Electronic Arts, quarterback of New England Patriots and Champion of Super Bowl, Tom Brady are to grace the box art of the entry of this year. According to Brady, the Madden NFL 18 cover seems to be a great honor for him. It is especially for him as he has been playing the game while developing for next EA headquarters in the Bay Area. He is not one to be fallen upon the curses. Hence, he is prepared to have the confrontation while heading on as he does often. It is not a position as an option. Want to buy mut 19 coins from


The Sun ultimately appeared in the diverse ways here at the camp of Bears. There produces a great amusement for morning of Monday and it is considered that they had a good exhibition. A great deal of it became the plays. Some is not good and some of those are to be narrated here. However, the broader consideration is the growing trust in the offense. Mitch (Trubisky) along with the quarterbacks starts trusting each other. madden 19 coins The running backs are dealing with their part and the O-line is finding after one of the best front-sevens in NFL. Those individuals did not often like it. D-lineman Akiem Hicks and tackle Bradley Sowell had involved into a little scrap after one play; however, there is no harm while everybody was cooling off.

While considering the big picture, the trustiness about the teaching of coaches occurs. They trust team management to have their plans commissioned as asserted by the coach Nagy. Trust is only going to occur frequently, as there are more reps. That is to be an amusement to observe all through the training camp and on one occasion gamer starts watching that as coaches go for now. Gamer begins the game planning for those relationships of trust.

The relationship of trust is taking place based on their planning and it is like Mitch. The highlight of Monday became Taylor as Gabriel whilst Prince Amukamara was to haul in an accurate deep throw from Mitch whom gamer could utter, “planned for Taylor to avoid Prince. There are not only the receivers as well. Chase (Daniel) found Tarik Cohen iso’ed upon a backer and that was for fifty-five yards and six-point. The backer, Josh Woods comes out as a burner and pretends a burst to catch Tarik. However, Tarik found it and became outburst with him. They provided a very sweet TD dance around the concluding zones to the devotees. It indicates that camp is working on massive stuff as they enjoyed with hurrah.

slighter trust

Obviously, there appears a smart trustiness as well. Prince and Kyle Fuller both took the passes of Mitch while Kyle was covering Kevin in white in a two-man drill. The safety Deon Bush got a time with a great pass breakup upon Chase Daniel threw to Josh, Bellamy. Before that, Taylor was moving fast in the deep middle against double-coverage and Mitch had to trust that. It depended if Turbo cold outrun one DB, then he could overrun as more mut 19 coins Click Here