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Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant (right) and New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony fight for positioning on the court on Sunday at Madison Square Garden in New York. Photo: IC
The New York Knicks Patrick Ewing Kids Jersey , -aided by a late three–pointer from Langston Galloway, beat the Los Angeles Lakers 99-95 on Sunday to lend a bittersweet flavor to Kobe Bryant’s likely last game at Madison Square Garden.

The 37-year-old Bryant, in his 20th and probably final season with the Lakers, says he doesn’t want the 2015-16 campaign to turn into a farewell tour.

But he may not be able to prevent it, if the adoring reception he received from New York basketball fans is any indication.

“It felt amazing,” said Bryant, who drew a roar almost every time he touched the ball.

Bryant had received a similar welcome across town in Brooklyn two nights -earlier, but the cheers resonated even more in Madison Square Garden, the storied Manhattan venue where Bryant played his first NBA All-Star Game in 1998 and where he scored a stunning 61 points against the Knicks on February 2, 2009.

He entered the game with the highest scoring average at the Garden of any active player at 30.7 points per game in 15 games.

“I remember coming in my first game here, not knowing what the hell to expect, what to do,” Bryant said. “To be here 20 years later and have that [cheering] happen feels amazing.”

Although Bryant said he wasn’t certain that was his Madison Square Garden farewell, Lakers coach Byron Scott said this weekend he’d had his first real hint from the player that he wouldn’t return after his current contract expires at the end of the season.

Scott told reporters in New York he had asked Bryant about something coming up next summer.

“His answer was ‘This might be my last year,'” Scott said.

The five-time NBA champion led the Lakers with 18 points on six-of-18 shooting.

Center Roy Hibbert added 18 points and nine rebounds and second-year guard Jordan Clarkson contributed 10 points.

But a close game got away from the -Lakers in late in the fourth quarter.

Galloway drained a three-pointer with two minutes remaining for a two-point Knicks lead and the hosts never trailed again on the way to their first home win of the season.

Forward Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with a game-high 24 points.

You might have come across facts about how brushing twice a day can help you maintain optimal oral hygiene. However, not many people are aware of how toothbrush can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Dentists have concluded in recent years that your regular toothbrush could be the biggest reason of sensitive gums and teeth. To combat this concern, dentists have introduced the best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth that comes with sophisticated features to aid you in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Dentists claim that an electric toothbrush is the best way to ensure superior sanitation of your teeth.

Buying the right electric toothbrush is not an ordinary task. There are certain things you need to be aware of before investing in procuring an electric toothbrush. People often have this big confusion revolving in their minds to consider a battery powered toothbrush and an electric toothbrush as the same. However, the differences between the two are high in terms of features, specifications, and the role they play. A battery-powered toothbrush will generally use a couple of AA batteries to add a minute vibration to your ordinary brushing habits. A battery-powered toothbrush lacks the extra burst of cleaning power that is equipped in an electric toothbrush. A battery-powered toothbrush can be slightly expensive, as it demands new batteries frequently.

The electric toothbrush comes with different heads. The shape of every head comes in different shapes. Users can switch the heads according to their preferences that help in cleaning closed gaps and other corners. Dentists have placed efforts to develop sophisticated electric brushes that provide an astounding 3100 strokes per minute. The speed at which the head rotates proves to be extremely effective in cleaning out gums and other remains that are stuck between the teeth. The best electric toothbrush for receding gums also makes it convenient for those who brush their teeth and suffer from unbearable oral concerns such as arthritis. The wider handle of these toothbrushes make it hassle-free to get a strong grip that helps users to position the heads in an accurate manner. With electric toothbrush, reaching those deep crevices in the mouth can be executed in an extremely simple manner.

In today’s age of the internet, surfing online is the best platform to procure the best electric toothbrush 2015. Many different online sources market electric toothbrushes at budget friendly prices. The best thing about procuring electric toothbrush online is that you get to compare prices, features, specifications, ratings, and reviews provided by different customers. Buyers can find the best deals online as many online retailers market them at discounted prices.

In addition to that, online retailers also provide other effective offers such as free shipping and quick delivery options. In fact, many dentists and orthodontists have started recommending branded electric toothbrush from online sources. The ratings and reviews sections provided by different customers always prove to be useful aspects that help in determining the pros and cons of the product. You can check through different latest models and accordingly place an order for the ones that falls under your budget.

Many people take a holiday for no other reason than to just lie back and enjoy the sun, but if you’re a more active kind of tourist, then one of the best destinations for your holiday has to be the wonderful island of Cyprus. Cyprus can cater for any kind of holidaymaker. Le’Veon Bell Jersey Lamar Jackson Jersey Khalil Mack Jersey Kareem Hunt Womens Jersey Julio Jones Womens Jersey JuJu Smith-Schuster Youth Jersey Jimmy Garoppolo Kids Jersey Jason Witten Kids Jersey Jared Cook Kids Jersey Jalen Ramsey Jaguars Jersey

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BEIJING Laquon Treadwell Rush Jersey , Jan. 31 (Xinhua) — China will take multiple measures to ensure a smooth Spring Festival travel rush, according to an official with China’s top economic planner Wednesday.

About 2.98 billion trips are expected to be made during the 2018 Spring Festival travel rush, known as the Chunyun, between February 1 and March 12, Lian Weiliang, deputy director with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) told a press conference.

The figure is basically the same as that of last year, he said.

The number of road trips is projected to reach 2.48 billion, a 1.6-percent decrease from last year, while train trips are likely to top 389 million, up 8.8 percent year on year, the NDRC said in an earlier statement.

Air travel will likely top 65 million trips, surging 10 percent from last year, while boat trips are predicted to reach 46 million during the period.

Transportation authorities are prepared for the travel rush, when hundreds of millions of Chinese return to their hometowns or travel around the country, putting huge pressure on the transportation system, according to Lian.

The Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on Feb. 16 this year.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde (R) participates in the closing ceremony of a high-level conference on Arab economic growth in Marrakesh, Morocco, on Jan. 30, 2018. Christine Lagarde on Tuesday called for the reinvigoration of the economic growth model in the Arab World. (XinhuaS. Aissa)

RABAT, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) — Morocco hosted a high-level conference on exploring efficient policies to spur economic growth and inclusiveness in the Arab world.

Themed “Opportunity for All: Promoting Growth, Jobs, and Inclusiveness in the Arab World,” the two-day conference ended on Tuesday in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, with a focus on specific policies needed to gain new sources of growth.

Participants of the conference agreed that growth has not been strong enough to reduce unemployment significantly, as 25 percent of young people in the region are jobless.

Protracted regional conflicts, low commodity prices, weak productivity and poor governance have been identified as main factors gelding back the considerable potential of the region.

In order to boost inclusive economic growth, the conference summarized the priorities of the path to be taken in Marrakech Call for Action, which calls on governments to “Act Now” to pursue a set of actions or reforms.

These reforms promote accountability through increasing transparency and strengthening institutions to improve governance, tackling corruption, and ensuring responsibility for inclusive policies.

The document urged for a more vibrant private sector through improved access to finance and a better business environment with fewer barriers and less red tape.

It also called for leveraging technology and nurture trade to generate new sources of growth, create jobs, and foster prosperity.

Besides, it stressed the importance of building strong safety nets and strengthen legal rights to empower disadvantaged groups, including youth, women, rural populations, and refugees.

It also mentioned the need to ensure opportunities for all citizens, to invest in people and to reform education.

Speaking at the conference, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the old model in which the state is the employer of first resort is no longer viable, stressing that the private sector needs to step in and step up.

She insisted that government actions can help to level the playing field for private firms by combating corruption, increasing competition, and taking advantage of global trade and new technologies.

Lagarde said that another key priority in boosting economic growth relates to integrating youth, women, rural populations, and refugees through better education and active labor market policies.

Choosing the right cricket kit bag is extremely important for any professional cricketer. A cricketer travels all around the world and must have a cricket bag that can easily carry all his equipment and also protect it. The features that a cricketer must look for in their cricket kit bag may vary depending on the position they play in cricket.

1. Compartments

It is extremely important for a cricketer to purchase a bag that can fit all his equipment with ease. In the case of a batsman, he may require separate compartments to store his helmet, cricket bat, shoes and pads. The compartments help in easy storage and also prevent the dirt off one piece of equipment from affecting the other equipment. The same goes in the case of a bowler. A bowler will require a specific compartment to store their shoes. This helps in protecting it from getting damaged during travel. In the case of an all-rounder, the number of compartments required may be more since the cricketer plays both batting a bowling. Cricket bats are a piece of equipment that requires a lot of care. They can be easily damaged during travel and hence require a special compartment to protect it.

2. Extra space

A professional cricketer must purchase a bag that fits his cricket kit perfectly. The extra space is mandatory so that the cricketer can fit in extra equipment if required. In some cases a cricketer may wish to carry two sets of bats. In such a case the extra space comes in handy as one can easily fit in the equipment without damage.

3. Portability

The cricket kit can be heavy for one to carry especially on a regular basis through airports, buses and other means of transport. In such a case simply owning cricket kit bag that has a pair of strong reinforced straps. Von Miller Jersey Tom Brady Jersey Authentic Todd Gurley II Jersey T. J. Watt Womens Jersey Stefon Diggs Kids Jersey Shaquem Griffin Seahawks Jersey Saquon Barkley Giants Jersey Royce Freeman Broncos Jersey Roquan Smith Bears Jersey Richard Sherman 49ers Jersey

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Promotional items play a very important role in the advertising industry since its power it to promote the business through the logo or imprint on the products intended as giveaways. This serves as an alternative medium of advertising aside from the newspaper ads and magazines Donte Jackson Rush Jersey , radio and television. And most of the small to medium enterprises use promotional products as a source of promotions because it can be given away to the potential clients. It increases sales as the job of these corporate giveaways act as a silent salesman because the imprint message leaves a mark to their mind. The needs arises as soon as it is given away, for clients may not be buying today but as the soonest possible time.

Thousands of promotional items are available as it can be imprinted with different methods like silkscreen, embroider, emboss, four-color process, heat transfer, laser-engraved and more, depending on the type of promotional products which type of imprint is applicable. Small to medium size businesses get the benefits of these promotional giveaways because they are paying less than what the price of print ads are.

Since business owners get the benefits of these promotional items, every client create awareness about your business making these information at first hand. It is time to impress your customers by giving away promotional products. The higher the value of promotional giveaways is the better as more and more customers become appreciative and may keep these corporate giveaways. As long as the imprint or logo is unique, you are giving them something to hold unto and could increase sales for your business.

Make sure you have to plan what type of products you can customized for your business as giveaways that would create curiosity to your potential clients. This will also serve as your ads for your business and can get the benefits you are expecting in due time. Remember, as long as promotional items are given to the right recipient, the possibility to make a sale is large, whatever products and services you are selling and even in the trade show, it drives traffic to your booth.

Author John Gregor is an expert on corporate giveaways and at promotional items.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) — At least 14 people were killed and 14 others injured in a shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino City of Southern California and up to three shooters are still active, police said.

San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burguan said at a press conference that the fatalties are preliminary. The suspects may still be inside the Inland Regional Center Building where the shooting happened. Police are stilll searching door by door to clear the building.

There were several hundred people inside the building when the shooting happened and most of them walked out unhurt.

The identity and motivation of the shooters are still under investigation.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John MacMahon said that as there might be one or more suspects fled by a black SUV, the nearby region are under search and on alert.

“We will do everything to keep public safe,” MacMahon said.

Assistant Director of FBI David Boudich said that it is still not clear whether the shooting is a terrorist attack or not.

The San Bernardino Police Department got reports about mutiple shootings at 10:59 a.m. local time (1859 GMT).

Sgt. Vicki Cervantes, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino Police Department, said that the suspect or suspects are heavily armed and were wearing ski masks and possibly body armor.

The shooters burst into a conference room where a Christmas party was held and started shooting.

The center is a non-profit organization offering services to individuals with developmental disabilities. It has about 670 employees and serve 3,000 families. The three-floor pink building was not far from the busy highway 10.

Families who received text messages from their loved ones in the building rushed to the scene. They can wait or renunite with their loved ones in a building nearby.

Helicopters are seen hovering above the area.

U.S. President Barack Obama was briefed about the shooting by Homeland Securities officials and he called for a bipartisan effort “at every level of government” to address mass shooting problems, local media reported.


Saving money is the sport now should you actually wish to bank on a great future for you and your family. That is one definite method to make sure that you make your self in a position and ready for whatever big plans you’ve gotten forward, be it getting a new home, shopping for an automotive, sending a kid to school or perhaps a grand vacation.

There are numerous ways to save money. It could actually vary from setting apart a portion of your month-to-month paycheck or avoiding the little temptations so that you can spend. Make it your goal.

Begin at Your Personal Home

Saving money ought to be a part of your lifestyle to make it most effective. It is best that the trouble to save be shared by everybody in the family.

Little Efforts

Don’t drive for those who really don’t have to. When you can, just take a stroll or take the bus. Driving the bike can be excellent in your body. Have an automotive pool with pals or neighbors. It’s also possible to suggest doing errands collectively like doing the grocery store.

Avoid the little temptations which will come your way. It’s naturally high-quality to reward your self after a hard work every so often, but do steer clear of splurging. In the reduction of in your expenses.

Use Much less and Save Vitality

Electrical energy – Flip off appliances that aren’t used. Flip the TV off if the show isn’t price it. Close the refrigerator after getting what you need. Use decrease wattage bulb for rooms that do not want much lighting. These will definitely add ext. Alex Smith Jersey Adam Thielen Womens Jersey Aaron Rodgers Womens Jersey Von Miller Womens Jersey Tom Brady Womens Jersey Todd Gurley II Youth Jersey T. J. Watt Kids Jersey Stefon Diggs Kids Jersey Shaquem Griffin Kids Jersey Saquon Barkley Giants Jersey

ificantly far m

Securing your cabin can be a difficult task – especially if you’re “off the grid” and don’t have the easy luxury of electricity and an “alarm system”. But Jae Crowder Jersey , there are some common sense steps to follow and a couple tricks of the trade, that’ll help secure your property in the off season.

If you’re in the position of not having purchased your cabin or land yet, you might begin by considering the security conundrum right off the top. Location, location, location is imperative here, and if you can avoid purchasing a piece of property that is overly exposed to the public and main thorough fair traffic than you’re definitely ahead of the game. Private access roads and secured gating are both pluses.

If you’re building your cabin from scratch think about limiting expensive building materials. You might also go for the “shabby chic” cabin look over designing with lush curtains and fancy, expensive furniture- these tend to be indicators of more wealth inside. If you must have such luxury items at least store them away as best as possible when you’re away – or take them home!

Think about security as you’re building your cabin and build the home in a way that intruders won’t be able to get in.

When you leave for the season, make sure you seal up everything. Try putting boards or barriers on your doors and windows. Go as “fortress” like as you see fit- esthetics won’t matter so much when you’re not at home! Intruders generally go for path of least resistance- so don’t give them any opportunity to think yours will be an easy steal. If you’re not intending to board up your windows, at the very least put up some dark blinds and close them before you go. You don’t want your valuables to be visible.

You can also install heavy duty dead-bolts on all doors and use lock-bars on sliding doors.

Never leave alcohol in your cabin. Much of the trespassing population tend to be young kids looking for a “cheap” or for that matter a “free” good time. Some people even put up signs: “No Alcohol on the Premises”, as a deterrent for the cheap thrill type of vandals.

Never leave firearms on the premises. If you have to, then make sure they are trigger locked and kept in a locked gun cabinet.

If you can, hire someone over the off season to keep your lawn mowed, plants and flowers watered, the driveways plowed and sidewalks shoveled – anything and everything to give the appearance of a constant presence.

Although you may not be capable of installing a full alarm system if your cabin is “off the grid”, you can try trip-wire systems. With such systems you can trigger a sound device to go off, or rig it so objects fall with a crashing sound. Yes, it’s sort of a seemingly archaic alarm system, but you have to work with what you got. And you’d be surprised at what’ll work. Some systems will allow you to trip-wire to a battery operated alarm system or camera monitors that you can see from home!

If you’re looking for protection and safety while you’re at the cabin, a dog with a good strong bark is a good idea. Not only will they protect the fort, but you’ll have their canine companionship to boot!

One last hint: remember that not all intruders are human. Thrill seeking teenagers are one problem, but rats, mice and bugs are a whole other ball game. The best way to avoid rodents is to ensure that there isn’t a scrap of food in the house when you leave. Foods also have the potential to attract wintering insects as well, so take it all – sugar, flour and every measly scrap you find.

Be smart and thorough in securing your cabin for the off season and you’ll have much less of a problem with intruders of all kinds!
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Generally they are two, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 10 years OR an Unlimited benefit period (say you went on claim for 35 years due to getting in a wheelchair or some thing).

Most LTC policies have at least 4 or five distinct rewards periods from the above choices which you can pick from for your policy.

The benefit period, whether a set quantity of years, say four years for example or unlimited years are the MAXIMUM amount of time, if you utilized your FULL selected daily or monthly benefit that your policy would pay on a claim.

Now for the “Brief and Fat” portion…

Long ago there wasn’t too a lot distinction in the premium rates for a five year benefit period compared to an Unlimited policy. So considering that there wasn’t much of a cost difference, several customers chose the Unlimited benefit to defend against a Enormous prospective disaster of needing assist in bathingdressing, etc. for DECADES — not just a couple of years.

But today, there is a a lot larger distinction in the premium rates for unlimited. So what to do?

1st of all let me say that 1 of the largest LTC insurance companies has statistics that show that only 11% of their claims last longer than five years. Of course this indicates that about 90% of the claims last shorter than five years. So the odds are really significantly in favor of never needing a policy that would pay unlimited years.

So compared with a policy that delivers an Unlimited benefit period, you can get a significantly greater day-to-daymonthly dollar benefit that you are Signcore most likely to really use and benefit from. Any unused dollar positive aspects will extend the number of years of your benefit period and not be lost.

Also you are a lot far more likely to use a greater dollar amount for two-4 years than getting to pay added funds out of your pocket during care with a benefit period that is possibly nev. Sam Darnold Jersey Russell Wilson Jersey Authentic Rob Gronkowski Jersey Odell Beckham Jr Youth Jersey Myles Jack Youth Jersey Mitchell Trubisky Youth Jersey Minkah Fitzpatrick Kids Jersey Le’Veon Bell Kids Jersey Lamar Jackson Ravens Jersey Khalil Mack Bears Jersey

wing is a simple checklist

Billiard balls are available in a multitude of colors and these colors make them stand out beautifully against the green background of the pool table top. All other games that use a ball to play with Patrick Mahomes II Black Jersey , stick to one color. But in billiards you have a myriad of colors that are used. Some games are played with all the balls while others are played with a fixed number and color of balls. One such game is Carom, which uses three balls and this game is played without pockets. One of the three balls is red and the other two are either white or yellow. One of the yellow or white balls has a black dot on it. In Carom, the red ball is called the object ball and one white ball is used as the cue ball.

In the USA, pocket billiards is known as pool, so the billiard balls are called pool balls. Pool balls are the most eye catching sports utilities. Most billiard halls believe that the wide range of colors of the billiard balls adds to the enjoyment of the game. You name it and you will probably find a billiard ball in that color from yellow, burgundy, black, orange, purple, blue to red; they have them all. And if all the mono colors were not enough they also have them in double colors. The contrast they create when placed against a green back give the game an aesthetic value of sorts.

To a regular person, the color of the balls is the only difference between them, but a professional pool player will be quick to point out the various differences between different types of pool balls. To a novice player, most of these may not make sense in the beginning but a seasoned player will tell you that the weight of a pool ball is what separates it from the other pool balls. The weight of the pool ball is largely responsible for its performance. As you get better at your game you will realize the difference that the weight of the pool ball makes to your game.

Most pool balls also have a number on them. The balls used for Carom are not numbered but others are. The single colored balls are called solids while the double colored balls are called stripes. For example you may have a yellow ball with the number 1 written on it, the blue and white ball will be ten and a combination of green and white is number fourteen. The normal billiard balls used in most games are smaller than the ones used for Carom. There are also billiard balls available for training. These are marked with target rings that tell the new player exactly where he she needs to strike

When not in use, the balls are generally stored in the ball rack. In carom, since the game is played without pockets the balls stay on the table till the end of the game. But in pocket billiards the balls that fall into the pockets, pass through a trough into a collection area where they are held for further use. Today billiard balls are made out of Phenolin resin or polyester and acrylic. These materials make the billiard balls strong enough to sustain shots without chipping or cracking. But before the introduction of synthetic polymers, billiard balls were made out of clay or wood. The rich were known to use ivory balls, but they were a far cry from the durable and colorful billiard balls available today.
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” Image provided by Brazil’s Presidency shows Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (C), participating in the opening ceremony of Olympic Aquatics Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on April 8, 2016. (XinhuaRoberto Stuckert FilhoBrazil′s Presidency)

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 8 (Xinhua) — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff inaugurated an Olympic aquatics stadium here on Friday, insisting her country won‘t have any difficulties hosting the event。

“Today, Brazil is facing a climate of bad temper,” said Rousseff at the inauguration ceremony, “I feel this climate is not interesting for the country when it needs to return to political and economic stability。”

Standing beside the swimming pool, the president called for “dialogue” and “consensus” to solve her country‘s current political crisis, referring to the Olympics as “a symbol and an example for Brazil, which shows what people can do when they unite for the good of the Brazilian people。”

“If we are capable of organizing the Olympics and the Paralympics, we are also capable of returning our country to growth,” she added。

The president is set for a difficult week ahead of an pending impeachment vote at the lower house of Brazil‘s Congress slated on April 17。 If two-thirds of deputies vote for impeachment, the measure would go to the Senate for a further vote。

Selling houses needs the agent & sellers to have a particular kind of experience. It is a truth that houses can’t consistently be sold on the spur of the moment. It wants suitable preparing and there is constantly a cohesive way to go about it. 1 of the other hassles that those who want to sell their property need to go via are the legal & technical formalities that form such an essential part of the complete process.

The legal paperwork that selling a house entails is far higher that you can visualize. It needs correct expert aid. In case you are capable of doing it yourself, then it is an supplemental benefit, nonetheless you must be incredibly careful. Any tiny error in any detail that you could have provided can expense you a good deal of money.

The following is a simple checklist you must consistently refer to when you try & show your house to prospective prospects. You need to take care of these points so that you do not put them off, thwarting your chances of actually striking a good bargain:

? De-clutter: Any home with lots of clutter, that’s to share. Von Miller Jersey Authentic Tom Brady Jersey Todd Gurley II Womens Jersey T. J. Watt Youth Jersey Stefon Diggs Youth Jersey Shaquem Griffin Kids Jersey Saquon Barkley Kids Jersey Royce Freeman Broncos Jersey Roquan Smith Bears Jersey Richard Sherman 49ers Jersey

long-standing back

KUNMING Danilo Gallinari Kids Jersey , Oct. 19 (Xinhua) — A flight has been canceled after a 76-year-old woman was found flipping coins into aircraft engine, the airlines said Thursday.

The 8L9960 flight, scheduled Wednesday from Anqing, east China’s Anhui Province, to Kunming, Yunnan Province, did not depart until 10 a.m. Thursday after a thorough safety check, said a statement by Lucky Air, a Kunming-based low-cost airline affiliated with HNA group.

The flight was grounded after airport workers noticed the woman, surnamed Fang, throwing something at the engine while boarding and later found a coin on the ground.

Fang is in police custody.

A similar case was reported in late June, when an 80-year-old woman tossed coins to the engine while boarding a China Southern Airlines flight. Neighbors of the suspect said that she was a Buddhist.

At some point, 8 in 10 of us will experience back pain and figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report that poor manual handling is responsible for 30% of all workplace injuries. Manual handling training is not just important for people who do regular heavy lifting, but for anyone who does ANY sort of lifting and carrying – that’s almost everyone. All “manual handling” needs to be done properly. An awkward sideways or sudden movement, regular or repetitive tasks – they could all cause back strain. Your back is a wonderful piece of technology, but also a vulnerable one and it needs to be taken good care of.

Manual handling technique isn’t just learning the correct way to hold yourself; most of it is thinking about what you are going to do before you do it. Always test the weight, always consider the route: are there stairs, doors to be opened, is the lighting sufficient, is there somewhere to put it down? These are all examples; there are many more factors that should be considered.

Five years ago, the HSE launched “Better Backs”; a major initiative which they hoped would encourage more people to undertake manual handling training and thus reduce the number of back injuries sustained in the workplace. While the number of such injuries has been reduced, poor manual handling remains a serious issue.

Those working in certain industries are particularly at risk. Recycling, land transport, sewage and refuse disposal, and furniture, food and beverage production account for the largest number of such injuries. The HSE statistics also break down the manual handling injuries into types, for example over the last five years 25% of injuries were caused when lifting or putting down loads, 16% when pushing or pulling loads and 11% were sprains and strains from body movement.

Good manual handling training should include good explanations of ALL factors which need to be taken into consideration when preparing for a lift and should clearly show how to lift properly. Explaining how the back works gives great background and clarifies what exactly is happening when the back is mistreated and makes SENSE of the training. Using various forms of communication (e.g. video, animation, illustration, engaging language) holds the attention and ensures better retention of knowledge. Regular interactivity ensures knowledge is more likely to be retained.

A toddler picking up a box from the floor will almost invariably use naturally good manual handling technique – bending at the knees rather than from the back – perhaps because their centre of gravity is low, but for whatever reason over the years that good technique is lost and needs to be re-learnt. Good preparation and learning a few simple steps to lift and carry is a great step in helping to avoid future back pain.

The author works for the Interactive Health and Safety Company, who produce a series of highly regarded Health and Safety training programmes, including one for Manual Handling training.

Manual handling training

HAVANA, May 26 (Xinhua) — A total of 403 Cuban athletes have qualified for the Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, on July 10-26, a sports official said here Tuesday.

Jose Antonio Miranda, director of high performance at the National Sports Institute (INDER), said that so far 202 women and 201 men have secured the tickets to the continental competition.

Miranda added the figure could exceed 470 since there are still 69 outstanding competitors in disciplines such as athletics, swimming, tennis and diving. The qualifying process for the Canadian meeting lasts till May 31.

Miranda stressed that preparation for the contest marches “successfully” and it is possible to appreciate “high psychological, physical and technical disposition in the athletes”.

The sports official explained that Cuba will compete in 232 events, in 25 of the 36 sports.

The Pan American Games in Toronto will be attended by 6,000 athletes from 41 countries and regions. Cuba hopes to retain its historical second position after the

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has withdrawn from next month’s World Tour Finals in London as he continues his recovery from back surgery.

“I’m really disappointed not to be playing this year. I love playing in front of my home crowd, it’s a great atmosphere,” the British world number three said in a statement on Wednesday.

Murray had surgery last month to clear up a long-standing back problem.

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer have already secured spots at the season-ending event, which is fought out between the top eight qualified players. The tournament runs from November 4-11.

an Tianyu won the 500m and 1,500m titles respectively.

Waffles at the moment are the most everlasting foodstuff become the breakfast time food selection as of late. Believe it or not you’ll find waffles upon each and every dining list around the world. We’re able to experience some of our loving mommy helping to make these types of waffles since our my childhood by using waffle brewer.

Waffle designer is really an ingenious appliance this lets you enjoy crispy gooey waffles quickly. It again is among the most ideal tool of each residence around the world. Subsequently each and every great or possibly business creation gadgets makes certain to incorporate waffle maker its creation checklist.

This kind of mainly involves a few aluminum system that can be linked together using a hinge during 1 team from the two clothing. These types of is often frequently round or rectangular fit and healthy down to ones liking. For developing sizzling tempting waffles those clothing usually are warmed up right up when may get sizzling hot this waffle hitter can be serve to that scorching plate and it is not open for the purpose of preparing.

As a result Men’s NikeLab Air VaporMax Flyknit Oreo Grey Black , from following your above approach it’s possible you’ll easily take pleasure in incredibly hot gooey waffles at your home every time. However, if you’d like to try to make your dinner, lunch or dinner servings nutritious not to mention healthful then you definately must then add even more nourishing substances towards primary waffle mixture. You will discover unbelievable waffle recipes obtainable online that could offer appealing in addition to good waffles.

We might locate a lot of type waffle designing patterns from historical you can purchase. While finding the optimum waffle developer you must attempt a variety of factors at heart like:

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By sportswriter Li Jia

URUMQI, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) — For most athletes competing in the Chinese National Winter games, winning two gold medals and setting a national record is already big success. But short-track speedskater Fan Kexin expects more.

The 22-year-old Olympic silver medalist clocked two minutes 16.024 seconds to win the women’s 1,500-meter gold medal here on Thursday, surpassing the previous world record by more than half a second.

Fan Men’s Nike Air VaporMax Plus Black , who claimed the 1,000m silver medal at Sochi Winter Games in 2014, made a strong sprint in the last lap and leapfrogged teenager skater Li Jinyu to grab the title.

“I really did my utmost,” said the 22-year-old Fan. “It’s my first title at the National Winter Games. I think I might be too fast over the last three laps.”

She maintained her good form in the following 500m race, her signature event Women’s Nike VaporMax Moc Flyknit Triple Black , where she triumphed with ease in 43.036 seconds.

Fan also broke the national record for the 1,000m event in Tuesday’s preliminaries.

“I am happy to win two titles here,” she said. “I didn’t expect it before I came. About my time, I didn’t think too much, as I just wanted to show my training level.”

Fan could have won an Olympic gold in Sochi where she was tipped a hot favorite Men’s Nike Air VaporMax LACELESS Pure Platinum White , but she accidentally fell in the 500m final before teammate Li Jianrou took the title.

“It has been two years since the Sochi Games. It is not a regret, actually it is a lesson,” Fan said.

“I have set the target of winning an Olympic title a long time ago. Failing to win it in Sochi let me know that I still need to practise and need to improve. Of course, I want to win a gold in Pyeongchang 2018.”

Two-time Olympic champion Zhou Yang was heavily favored to win the 1,500m Men’s Nike Air Vapormax 2018 Black , but she fell after four laps and failed to make the final.

Zhou watched Fan’s two finals and gave her a big hug after the 500m final.

“She encouraged me before the race, and she congratulated me after I won,” Fan said. “I really wanted to hug her as today is a long day and we are both tired.”

“She was a little sobbing after the 1,500m semi. I think she really wanted to win,” added Fan. “All the athletes have prepared a long time for the competition Men’s Nike Air VaporMax Black White , but there are always accidents in the race. This is short-track.”

Zhou looked a little disappointed but accepted the results anyhow.

“I was well prepared, but in short-track, accident happens all the time,” said Zhou. “I will also take part in the 1,000m and 3 Men’s Nike Air VaporMax Grey White ,000m relay and I hope I can achieve good results.”

Fan will also compete the 1,000m and 3,000m relay on Friday.

In the men’s finals, Sochi Olympic runners-up Wu Dajing and Han Tianyu won the 500m and 1,500m titles respectively.

The 13th National Winter Games Nike Air VaporMax Moc 2 Sail Anthracite , which kicked off Wednesday, will run through Jan. 30. It is for the first time since the winter sporting gala was introduced in 1959 that the quadrennial event has been held outside the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin.

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ns, be sure you

The market industry is actually over loaded using low-fat Cheap Air Presto , low-carb as well as sugar-free food items. Nevertheless despite the well-liked eating plans, “magical” tablets and the most recent, greatest fitness equipment that assure in order to melt off your lbs, over fifty percent of yankee older people are generally obese.

Regarding true weight-loss success Air Presto Sale , wellbeing experts tension value of changing your life style for the long term and also regular exercise. Here are some creative approaches to make fitness enjoyable again along with allow you to get your battle from the pooch forever.

– Get “healthy” getaways. Create conditioning portion of your current moves. Check out the spa wherever, as well as a little spoiling, get ready to experience hiking, rock climbing Air Presto Grey , boxing, aqua aerobic exercise as well as yoga.

* Stroll as well as operate for the great result in. Training for a new 5K nonprofit go walking, for example, could possibly be all of the motivation you need to get going on a normal health and fitness schedule. Best of all Air Presto Yellow , you’ll be assisting your preferred nonprofit complete it’s objectives.

* Dance. Become a member of any ballroom or hip-hop bouncing type. It’s actually a great way to lose your pounds, learn to party finally, enjoy yourself.

* Reel the weight absent. Brand new Dvd videos offering Carmen Electra assist you to spice up your family exercise routine and provide a great new method to tone your body in the convenience of your family room.

“Carmen Electra’s Cardio Striptease” as well as “Carmen Electra’s Cardio Striptease — Suit to Strip” tend to be fast becoming wildly popular. By making use of health and fitness experts, Electra instructs audiences the way to reduce together with high- along with low-impact dance and physical fitness strategies. Your strengthening goes are made to aid sculpt the actual Air Presto All White , thighs and leg, buttocks as well as ab muscles. The actual DVDs’ unique functions include a pop-up online video display together with workout guidelines and an easy to customize songs track.

Do Yoga. Uncover what can make Pilates the particular exercise of choice regarding many celebs, as well as why your current gym’s Bikram yoga is always complete. Your “MTV: Pilates Mix” DVD, hosted simply by famous Bikram yoga and yoga exercises trainer Kristin McGee Air Presto All Black , is designed for people who need to convey a far more cutting-edge beat to their exercise. Your Dvd movie features 2 half-hour workout sessions in which focus on firming your arms, legs along with ab muscles, using an audio combine in which inspires you to definitely wake up along with work out.

The Digital video disks can be found online plus retailers country wide.

For more info with regards to weight-loss, visit easy weight loss tips and weight loss tips

A visit to the day spa can be quite a calming and enjoyable encounter no matter whether you are yourself or in an organization. The range of remedies and companies offered allow anyone to get pleasure from their time. When you are enthusiastic about preparing a day spa outing Air Presto White , the content below gives you a few recommendations which will make your encounter as pleasant and stress-free as you possibly can.

1 – You will need to decide on a starting time and date that works well for every individual with your celebration. In case you are capable, aim for a weekday reservation, as the amenities tend to be busier on saturdays and sundays thereby harder to ebook on brief discover. Mainly because that numerous day spas are placed within hotels and resorts, you may be far better off grabbing some thing throughout the sluggish days.

2 – Consider all the services available from the spa and the costs associated with the ones both you and your party would like to. Many facilities provide several types of body wraps Air Presto Black , therapeutic massage and facial treatments created tailored for various requirements and skin types. Hop web look into the spa’s web page, get a brochure or ask for to own one mailed to you personally. Make sure you offer your group with any data you will find so everybody has the ability to choice your choices that attract them most. It’s also possible to opt to make up a backup listing if the services you are looking for are reserved.

3 – Educate yourself in regard to the numerous facilities located while in the spa. Select which selections get your interest most and pay attention to whether they are as part of your offer.

4 – Always plan ahead for eating. Meals can take place just before, following or perhaps in between your treatments. Some amenities even give luncheons as an element of certain deals. Evaluate what style of expertise you are searching for and select accordingly.

5 – When coming up with your reservations, be sure you communicate any particular requirements your group members have. These include mobility issues Air Presto , allergy symptoms, or any lodging you would like through the spa.

6 – Know very well what your finances is. Many facilities will offer you packages to teams which will show monetarily beneficial to everyone involved. Be sure to be upfront with everyone in your party concerning the prospective costs and choices. If everything’s appearing like they could check out budget, contemplate less expensive solutions. Any pursuit with a health club is going to be relaxing and gratifying, so there’s no cause to overspend and tension yourself out.

7 – Strategy your journey out as far before hand as possible. Whether it’s an alternative Cheap Nike Presto , attempt to have one individual schedule the appointments for the group in order that absolutely nothing is miscommunicated between your group as well as the facility. The more you delay to ebook, the harder it w. Carson Wentz Jersey Calvin Ridley Jersey Authentic Baker Mayfield Jersey Authentic Antonio Brown Jersey Authentic Alvin Kamara Jersey A.J. Bouye Womens Jersey Adrian Peterson Womens Jersey Zach Ertz Kids Jersey Tyreek Hill Kids Jersey Tremaine Edmunds Bills Jersey

llection, a rocking hor

SRINAGAR Dime X Vans Old Skool Pro Marine Blauw , Indian-controlled Kashmir, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) — Two militants were killed in a gunfight in restive Indian-controlled Kashmir, police said Monday.

Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida Keys

China beats Japan 3-1 to claim title at 2017 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup

Xinhua weekly photos

Parade held during Shanghai Tourism Festival

China, Pakistan air forces hold joint training exercises

Pic story: Chinese grape and wine expert

Farmers busy with farm work around Bailu across China

Rural children take free lunch in SW China’s Guizhou

NAIROBI, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) — Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on Tuesday extended voting period for regions where heavy rains and flooding made it hard for voters to reach the poll centers in the remote northern region of Turkana.

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati told a media briefing in Nairobi that majority of the polling stations opened on time.

“We wish to assure you all that for the polling stations that opened late, we will compensate the time by extending the voting period by the same amount of hours that were lost before opening Uitverkoop Vans Perf Leer Old Skool Zip Wit ,” he said.

Chebukati said the robustness of the voting kit, the Kenya Integrated Elections Managements System (KIEMS) system provided various voter identification options, which have provided voters with a remarkable voting experience.

IEBC Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba said at least 7.84 million people, equal to 40 percent of the voters successfully voted based on a count of 25,000 voter identification kits reporting by 2 p.m. local time and a full count was expected by 6 p.m., an hour after the poll centers closed in Kenya’s landmark general elections.

Chiloba said the figure of the voters does not includes those who voted manually without using the electronic voter identification devices. However Vans Old Skool Leer Zip Wit Goedkope , a full outcome would increase when 40,833 kits report.

“We are monitoring the turnout. The 40 percent turnout is based on 25,000 kits reporting. We should have the full interim report on the voter turnout later,” Chiloba told a news conference.

Chiloba said it would take longer to get the specific details of the voters who used the kits.

Voting in Turkana was affected by heavy rains and flooding, which made it harder for the voters to reach the poll centers.

In Turkana’s Kapedo Township, where Presidential candidate Aukot Ekuru Vans Old Skool Pro Zwart Wit Uitverkoop , was unable to cast his ballot, the IEBC said it would extend voting until midnight and could be extended until Wednesday.

“If we start now, we have to give the voters 12 hours, even if it means going beyond the 12 hours, we will have to finish,” Chiloba said.

Meanwhile Vans LXVI Old Skool Lite Zwart Wit Nederland , opposition presidential chief agent, Musalia Mudavadi, hailed the IEBC and the police for conducting the presidential elections in a fair manner.

He said some security officers were, however, contributing towards campaigns at the polling stations and mobilizing voters.

Mudavadi said his party; the National Super Alliance was concerned about pre-marked ballot papers which was prevalent across many polling centers. “Kenyans deserve the highest standards of honesty,” he said.

The IEBC said it would prosecute officers caught in bribery and electoral offenses.

“Any electoral offence would be prosecuted. We are working with the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Vans Old Skool Zwart Blauw Outlet ,” said Chiloba.

China marks 70th anniversary of first autonomous region

China to establish 1st Mars simulation base in Qinghai

Celebration of 50th anniv. of ASEAN’s founding held in Philippines

People mark national Fitness Day around China

People mark national Fitness Day around China

Aerial view of Gula Town in S China

Qiandao Lake: Home to 114 known fish species

Delicious in-flight meal for BRICS Summit

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“If I just had more time to practice!”

“I really need new clubs!”

“I would have scored better today if we had just not played so slow.”

Have you heard these excuses before? Spend some time on a golf course any given weekend and I guarantee that one of these quotes will be heard at some point. Maybe you have even been the player who has repeated these statements.

Why is it? The answer is quite simply really. We as golfers are always striving to play better and Authentic Texas Rangers Jersey , if we don’t, it is quite easy to make excuses that turn the attention away from ourselves.

However, the truth is that anyone can become a better player by learning what to do and how to do it. Those who score over 100 can break 100. Players who score in the 90s can get into the 80s. The high-80s player can drop to the low 80s. And the low-80 player can break the barrier and get into the 70s. This is not an exaggeration. It is the truth!

So why don’t more people play better golf than they do? Golf seems to be a simple enough game. You hit a ball that doesn’t move with clubs that have been carefully designed for the purpose. And no one does anything in particular to hinder or distract you when you’re playing. So what exactly does it take?

Consistent Application Now!

Diligent application means changing your mental attitude as well as changing your swing. It also means that you must be determined to improve by playing or practicing regularly. While you’ll have to work hard, these requirements are not too difficult to meet. And if you’re willing to practice Authentic Tampa Bay Rays Jersey , you’ll see dramatic improvements in your game. Depending on your commitment and attitude, you can take between five and 15 strokes off your score rather easily.

The major reason most golf scores remain high is the mental approach that is taken to the game. Please understand that with a poor attitude, golfers are beaten before they start. In addition, because the game has defeated so many players for so many generations Authentic St. Louis Cardinals Jersey , a person comes to the game complete with a ready-made inferiority complex. To a player who regularly scores in the low 90s, the idea of breaking into the 70s appears to be the height of absurdity. As a result, a golfer who regularly scores around 96 carries around mental barriers that must be shattered in order to improve his or her game.

Golfers need a complete reorientation. Other sports have succeeded in turning athletes around. Track and field sports are especially good at it. While the 4-minute mile and the 7-foot high jump were once thought to be the limits of human endeavor, Roger Bannister ran the mile in under four minutes Authentic Seattle Mariners Jersey , and Dick Landon won the Olympic high jump with a jump of 6 feet and 4 inches. In the 1960 Olympics in Rome, a jump of 8 feet and 2 inches only won third place! The point is that mental barriers were broken with these feats.

If you’re a golfer who wants to improve your game, you will need more than just the standard golf training aid or the latest golf swing improvement gadget. You must work on having a positive attitude and be willing to practice with diligence. If you do, you’ll be happy with the results.
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LUXEMBOURG Authentic San Francisco Giants Jersey , Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Monday said Greece is not yet ready to exit its aid program, adding EU finance ministers are examining whether the debt-stricken country needed further support.

Further aid to Greece will be among the topics to be discussed at a monthly Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg. Greece has seen a gradually improving economic situation with structural reform said to be largely on track.

The Mediterranean country is awaiting a final tranche of aid by the year-end under the current bailout program.

Greece has launched a series of talks to exit the IMF aid program in order to avoid further commitment to reform, analysts say.

The most recent review of the Greek economy by troika auditors showed that Greece needed to continue efforts to implement agreed reforms.

According to Greek Finance Ministry sources, Athens expects the 2015 primary surplus to reach up to 2.5 percent of GDP Authentic San Diego Padres Jersey , which will come on top of a 1.7 percent of GDP primary surplus for 2014.

Troika officials, on the other hand, point to their own, more conservative estimates which see a less-satisfying 2 percent of GDP primary surplus in 2015 and a 2 billion euros (2.54 billion U.S. dollars) budget gap.

Greece has been relying on multi-billion-euro bailout loans since May 2010 to stay afloat. After implementing austerity and reform programs designed in cooperation with international lenders Authentic Pittsburgh Pirates Jersey , Greece is expected to return to growth this year.

It’s a sad fact, but most guys with a male organ odor problem aren’t aware of it. Since a dude’s olfactory sensors don’t really come in contact with their own manhood (except in cases where a guy is extremely flexible), a stench has to be especially strong for a man to notice it. And since even some guys who practice really great male organ care still get male organ odor, it’s best for most guys to assume this could be an issue for them and act accordingly. That includes basic male organ hygiene Authentic Philadelphia Phillies Jersey , but it also includes looking at environmental factors in his home.

Male organ hygiene

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