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Hailey Bieber Reveals the Secret Details Hidden in Her Off-White Wedding Gown

Hailey’s veil was embroidered with the words “TILL DEATH DO US PART” and the gown itself featured some other special adornments.
At the bride’s request, the gown featured the Off-White logo, as well as the words “wedding dress” spelled out in pearls, in designer Virgil Abloh’s signature font and style.
Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin)’s wedding to Justin Bieber was nothing short of spectacular, and we’re still finding out some of the more special and intimate details about the day itself.eisenge

In a new interview, Hailey gave fans an even closer look at her jaw-dropping gown, which she turned to Off-White’s Virgil Abloh to create, along with Sabrina Mandelli, women’s head designer at the brand.

While Hailey’s veil is already legendary, thanks to its ALL CAPS embroidery, it turns out that the bride’s gown also featured some hidden messages. The words “wedding dress” were stitched into the back of the gown in pearls, while the dress itself was subtly embroidered with the Off-White arrow logo.
The barely there bridal gown is expected to be one of the biggest trends of 2019, as more and more women are opting to walk down in the aisle in their most daring looks yet.

It’s probably the furthest thing away from a traditional bridal gown, yet this wedding season could see a bizarre visual feast of sheer fabrics and flesh-toned linings leaving very little to the imagination.

The popularity of the naked dress has been on the rise for the past few years, with celebrities taking to the red carpet in the skimpy look.It seems the bridal market is following in these famous footsteps, allowing the most bold of women a spot of Hollywood glamour on their special day.

Here are a selection of the most eye-popping looks out there – from the slightly risqué to the barely-there.In other wedding news, this bride cancelled her nuptials with two days to go after discovering her fiance’s Tinder profile.

This bridesmaid caught the bride’s bouquet and was in for a massive surprise – read what happened here.And find out how this money savvy bride managed to have her dream £10,000 wedding for a pocket friendly £750.

Online Shopping Security Tips

Online shopping has become one of the most convenient ways to get goods from the comfort of your home without dealing with crowds, parking lots, and traffic. You can sit on your couch with your phone and make a purchase in minutes with your WiFi connection (read also: This experiment shows how dangerous it is to use public WiFi). The Internet is a great place to snag deals on hot items you’ve been waiting to buy, but finding a good deal isn’t the only thing you should concern yourself with. Many consumers overlook the safety and security aspects of online shopping. If you’re not careful, your personal information could end up compromised. Follow these security and safety tips to keep your information safe while you get those deals.

How Hackers Intercept Personal Information
Hackers use numerous fraudulent methods to trick shoppers into giving their personal information. These are the most common methods hackers use.

Numerous websites on the Internet have malware, which can affect your system if you don’t have safeguards installed such as an anti-virus program with malware and spyware protection. These websites are typically linked to advertisements. Once you click the advertisement or image that is disguised as one, your browser takes you to the infected website.

Fake Sites

Fake websites are one of the most common ways hackers intercept data. They create websites that look almost exactly like the original retailer, but the address isn’t the same. Consumers think that they’re buying something from the company, but they never receive their order and the hackers have the payment information.

Ways to Keep Your Information Safe
Information is key to prevent your information from being stolen. Follow these tips to protect yourself on your WiFi network.

Buy from Well-Established Sites and Retailers
Only purchase goods from websites and companies that you know are legitimate. If you’re unsure about a company’s reputation, punch it into a search engine to see if other shoppers have had positive experiences. If a deal seems way too good to be true, it might be a scam. If you click a link and it immediately asks for personal information such as your name, address, social security number or bank account information, it’s probably fake. Never make online purchases from unsecured wi-fi networks, such as those at coffee shops and restaurants.

Use Encrypted Sites
A “lock” symbol or the presence of “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” in the address bar shows that the information being transmitted is secure. The website encrypts the data you input before it completes the purchase, making it less likely that hackers will intercept your information.

Utilize a VPN
A VPN, or virtual private network, is another way to keep your information safe. Its purpose is to keep your Internet connection secure to prevent anything you send or receive from falling into the wrong hands. A special VPN client on your computer connects to a server over your wi-fi or hardwired Internet connection. You log in with your name and password and the connection is verified. A virtual private network is a simple, yet effective safeguard to add an extra layer of security to your connection.

What to do if Your Information is Compromised
No matter how hard you try sometimes you can’t prevent fraud. There are actions you can take to minimize the impact and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

• Cancel the compromised credit card and contact your financial institution to resolve fraudulent charges
• Alert the store to the activity. They might not be aware of the security flaw.

Enjoy the comfort of shopping online, but don’t forget to stay safe while doing it. You’ll save yourself the hassle of dealing with fraud, canceling credit cards, and disputing unauthorized transactions.

The various types of VPN networks

The various types of VPN networks
Making use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. Especially the rise of social media and public hotspots have made sure that using this type of network is a very big advantage to be able to use the Internet safely. In this article you will read more about the various types of VPN networks.
When you make use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network to surf the Internet you will be forwarded to a different server than normally. This alternative connection not only ensures that your IP address is changed but it also ensures that you are on a secured network. This is definitely an advantage when you frequently make use of a public, unsecured WiFi network whereby each users of that network can look into your data.
Network related Virtual Private Network
This type of network is used when various networks are to be connected with one another. This method is often used by companies or organizations that have office in various parts of the world and often need to exchange data.
Client related Virtual Private Network
As the name indicates, this type of network connects various users to a network. For this, the user will need a username and password to login to the network. Once logged in, the user has access to all data of the network, in a secured manner. This type of Virtual Private Network is used by most Internet users world wide. Windows, iOS and Android are platforms that often allow their device to operate through this type of network.
Benefits of a Virtual Private Network
Why is it better to make use of a virtual private network? Well, this secured connection not only ensures that you will no longer be bothered by georestrictions (think of YouTube), but it also ensures that you can surf the Internet safely. Nowadays, the Internet is often accessed through a public, usually unprotected, free WiFi network. However, many people do not realize that such networks make it very easy for a hacker to run off with your private data. A Virtual Private Network protects you from theft of your data and ensures your privacy on the Internet. VPN download

Why not choose a free VPN service?

We all love things that are free, but if you take the security of your personal data on the Internet seriously at all, then you should be thinking twice before making use of a free VPN service. A Virtual Private Network service is more than sharing your WiFi with your next door neighbor.

How do you recognize a suspicious free VPN service?
First and foremost you need to ask yourself why a certain service is free. Especially when there are costs involved for the provider. What is there to gain for the provider by offering a certain service for free? You can consider a VPN service to be suspicious when the website looks fake or if the website has fake or no contact details at all. If the website does not clearly show how it makes money, such as with paid upgrades, then you should definitely wonder about the legitimacy of the service. If no paid features are offered, how do they get the money to keep their head above water? A third suspicious thing that you can notice when dealing with fraudulent services is when you are asked to install certain software. In most cases you will then be dealing with spyware of adware. If it is the first time you hear about this ‘free virtual private network service’ through a suspicious website or through spam, it is best to ignore it.

What free VPN services can be trusted?
Of course not all free Virtual Private Networks are the same. For example, they are often offered for free by activist organizations. Certain companies also dare offering a virtual private network for free. This is then often a paid virtual private network that is offered for free by the company. This business strategy is often applied to introduce new users to this service but upgrades are offered to those who want quicker or more Internet access.

Despite the fact that some of these free VPNs are legal, it is not always advisable to make use of them. After all, they are often very slow and unreliable due to the high number of users on the network and do not outweigh the low cost of a paid virtual private network.

Not enough Internet privacy on Windows 10? Use a VPN!

We probably don’t need to tell you that websites such as Facebook and Google keep track of the websites you visit. Advertisers use that data to show you targeted ads. It is less well-known that Microsoft keeps an ‘advertising-ID’ about you in its operating system Windows 10. This profile can be looked into by app developers and advertisers. Moreover, Windows 10 collects data on your writing behavior. Continue reading in this article to find out how you can adjust the privacy settings of Windows 10 and how a VPN connections protects your private life on the web.

Adjust the privacy settings in Windows 10
If you don’t want Windows 10 to save an advertising-ID about you and keep an eye on your writing behavior, you can luckily adjust the privacy settings. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy’. Under the menu point ‘General’ you can turn off the settings for both the advertising-ID and the writing behavior. After installing Windows 10, these are however turned on by default, something only very few users are aware of!

Hackers, spyware; be aware of the dangers on the Internet
Few people realize how much information is collected by all kinds of websites. These are legal activities that advertising agencies greatly profit off of. The Internet is also the hunting grounds for cyber criminals that try to get their hands on all kinds of secret data in an illegal way. If spyware is installed on your computer or phone without you knowing, hackers can closely follow your Internet activities. More than ever is it necessary to use a recent anti virus software and a firewall, but it can be improved. A VPN connection is the best guarantee for safe surfing.

Encrypted data traffic
A VPN ensures for complete privacy on the web in two ways:

First off, your IP address will not be revealed. Sites know who you are and where your live based on your IP address. Because VPN servers do not give away your IP address to websites that you access, you are surfing the Internet anonymously. This way, you will be sure you won’t be bothered by disruptive advertisements and personalized ads. Moreover, you will have access to all websites from any country, you will never be faced with annoying blocks again.
Second, the VPN software will make your data traffic unreadable. Your data is encrypted with a 256-bit method. Do you often to go online using a public WiFi network? Then a VPN connection is definitely going to be worth your while! VPN download

The dangers of public WiFi and hotspots

Everyone always wants to be online everywhere. When we just landed for a lovely holiday, we can’t wait to check Facebook. Quickly withdrawing some money from one account and wiring it to another during shopping abroad. Yes, public WiFi networks are surely a great invention. But have we stopped to think about the dangers that come with it? Is it really such a smart idea to start Internet banking on a public WiFi network? In this article we explain the dangers of public WiFi networks and how you can protect yourself against these dangers.

Public WiFi networks
In all likelihood we could say that everyone has made use of a public WiFi network at least once. As soon as you settled down in a restaurant on your holiday, having a quick look if there is a WiFi, and when it is there you ask the waiter/waitress for the password. And during trips to send some photos to the folks at home. Everywhere in the world, there are free Internet hotspots available, free to use. What we however never think about, is that these are not secured.

What are the dangers of public WiFi and hotspots?
An unsecured network is in fact any public network that doesn’t require a password of login details. Due to the fact that everyone has easy access to the Internet with this network, the users are vulnerable to hackers. These try to steal your passwords, credit card details or personal info through the unsecured network that you use. However, other dangers can also occur:

Malware: Through the unsecured network, malware can easily be transmitted to your computer. This can give an attacker access to everything on your PC. From important documents to photos.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: This type of attack occurs when someone with bad intentions eavesdrops on the communication between two people. This is very easy to achieve through an unsecured network and this way you can follow the conversation without the sender and receiver knowing anything about it.

Fake networks: A hacker can also setup a fake WiFi network with the intention to make unsuspecting users connect to it. When you just want to sit down quietly to check your Facebook or send a photo, it could be that you are very vulnerable to the hackers.

Unfortunately this problem doesn’t seem to bother a lot of Internet users. And yet, anyone can easily access the website that you visit, your location, the files that you send and your passwords. This is a very dangerous problem, seeing as as most people make use of a public WiFi network to check their emails, share photos on social media or even to make payments.

How do you protect yourself on a public WiFi network?
It can be particularly frightening to realize that you might have been at risk on public WiFi networks. Does this mean you should never use a public WiFi network again? No. After all, there are a number of ways to secure yourself against cyber crime. Making use of a VPN might just be the best way to ensure that you can make use of a public WiFi network without needing to worry. A VPN, or virtual private network is basically a secured Internet connection that is established on an existing network. Making use of a VPN allows you to access that public network anonymously and ensures that you are invisible to any hackers.

A VPN ensures security!
Do you really value your privacy and do you find it important for your personal data to not be at risk? A VPN is the solution for an unlimited and secure manner of using the Internet. A VPN encrypts your data, allowing you to be invisible on the Internet.

White Gold Wedding Bands and Platinum Wedding Bands – Some Differences

With wedding bands forming a crucial part of the shopping list of soon-to-be-wed couples, it is important for you to know the difference between White Gold and Yellow Gold wedding bands. The main reason why only these two are spoken with so much fervor is not difficult to understand – They are probably the most commonly used.The third metal, Platinum is also used, but very rarely. Platinum drops out of favor due to its extremely delicate nature and high price. That said, a lot of people still shop for Platinum wedding bands only because they are so exquisite.Here are some points of differences between white gold wedding bands and Platinum wedding bands Metal color.The metal color of White Gold Wedding Bands is light grey, while Platinum bands have a naturally white tungsten

A lot of jewelers plate White Gold wedding bands with rhodium to give them the necessary look and feel. Wear-and-Tear and Maintenance With the white gold wedding bands, you would have to do re-plating once every 2 years because the rhodium plate on the white gold often fades out during this time. The same thing also happens with Platinum bands, but all you need to do is get the Platinum bands re-polished, which really is not a tough job for expert hands.Scratches are a major concern for anything that has to do with Diamond and Gold. White Gold reacts negatively to scratches, with a lot of the Gold getting removed. Deep scratches to the White Gold band would often mean a meeting with the jewel expert. The case though becomes interesting.Platinum bands don’t respond as adversely to scratches as White Gold wedding bands. But, you would find that Platinum bands can get scratched easily. That said, all it needs is a small burnishing effort by the jeweler, and you would be able to see your ‘old’ Platinum wedding band.User-friendly,This is most important to know.

Platinum is 100% original and pure, and hypoallergenic. That means, you can wear these rings without thinking of too much damage to your fingers. White Gold is basically Yellow Gold mixed with other metals to achieve the white shine. But, you would have made a wrong decision, if your hands are allergic to the mixture.Rarity and Weight,The fact that Platinum wedding bands are three times rarer than Gold and have 60% more density than gold means one thing – The cost of Platinum wedding bands go high for sure.The comparison may make you believe that buying Platinum wedding bands, although is expensive, but will prove to be the basis of a long lasting decision. Yes, you may have to spend some extra bucks, but if those bucks can bring a long-lasting smile on your partner’s face, it is indeed worth.

Hangzhou Shengli Primary School Affiliated Kindergarten

Hangzhou Shengli Primary School Affiliated Kindergarten

Text description provided by the architects. Surrounded by high-density residential high-rises in Qianjiang New Town, the land use of Hangzhou Shengli Primary School Affiliated Kindergarten is quite limited, less than 3,700 square meters. However, it still needs to meet the scale of 9 classes and diverse functions. Under the strict site constraints, the architects conduct a series of design strategies to adhere to the principle of creating a space full of sunshine and vitality for children as well as the satisfaction of the kindergarten in hangzhou

Outdoors and nature is the keyspace for children to grow up healthily. To strive for as much space for outdoor activities and reduce the shadow of high-rise residential buildings and primary school from the south, the kindergarten’s building blocks are centrally located along the eastern, northern and western red line, enclosing quiet and spacious outdoor space. As a high-frequency activity space for children, the teaching units insert the entire building block with lightly dislocated but south-facing boxes to obtain the sunshine as long as possible.

To deal with the contradiction between functions and floor area ratio, the architects borrow space from underground and roof terraces. The auxiliary room such as kitchens is arranged in the basement, with skylights, high side windows, sinking courtyards to fully meet the needs of ventilation and lighting. The roof terraces in the first and second story serve as the safe outdoor venue for children.

The main entrance foyer is an atrium full of light. Pouring from the rounded triangular skylight, the light creates the shadows through the handrails of the straight stairs. In the afternoon, the light goes obliquely from west windows into the atrium. Children can enjoy running up and down along the stairs in the atrium, chasing the shadow of change, which represents the life education concept of “inspiring the vitality of the children and promoting their endogenous development”.

In the indoor teaching room, the light through the window frame is divided into staggered rectangles, which inspires the children’s creativity. In the semi-basement activity space, three colored skylights appeal the children to look up, thinking and exploring the mysterious light.

On the façade, the randomly placed windows of different sizes convey the idea of free-form creativity. These windows are also at different height indoors, which can provide a diversity of usages of sitting, leaning or looking up with the growth of children, bringing them different insights to observe the outside world.

The architects choose the yellow, blue and green as the three primary colors from the logo of Shengli Primary School in the original Victory Elementary School, with a contrasting approach to stimulate a relaxed and vivid atmosphere.

On the overall light gray façade, the teaching unit blocks highlight the impression as floating boxes through bright three primary colors, and also make it easy for the children to recognize their classrooms. While inside the teaching units, the interior is still dominated by milky white walls and wooden floors to create a warm atmosphere. At the same time, according to the different requirements on duration, lighting, and height of the space between the activity area and the nap area, architects adopt the loft design in the height of 4.5m, contributing to the unique experience of the flowing space as well as the high efficiency of spatial utilization.

In the bright milky white indoor space, the colors are adopted as a hint for the continuation or division of the space. For example, the ground, stairs, corridors, and skylights in the atrium are connected through the blue color enhancing the integrity of the space. While the corridor windows are painted in different colors in different stories to help the children distinguish which floor they are on.

From the beginning of the project to the opening of the kindergarten for a year, the perfection of construction and utilization is inseparable from the continuous communication between the architects and the participants. The architects design the atrium with the straight stairs to promote the spatial cognition and experience of children, which works as the soul space and is respected by all participants through communication at the beginning. The architects also take the optimization suggestions from the clients, creating a series of blank space for users to make independent arrangement. The teachers also understand and respect the design and enhance the design by the interaction, adaptation, and adjustment of the space. They integrate flexibly the teaching, games and communication activities into the teaching unit, activity room, and even the atrium, corridors, and outdoor venues, making the children enjoy the experience and exploration in different spaces.

How Tianjin, once China’s fastest-growing region, became its slowest

How Tianjin, once China’s fastest-growing region, became its slowest

TIANJIN, a northern mega-city, has produced some of China’s wittiest comedians. It is a good thing that its 15m residents have a sense of humour. Their hometown was, at points over the past decade, the fastest-growing of China’s 31 provincial-level regions. Since the beginning of last year it has been the slowest (see chart). Businesses joke that the sole part of the local economy that is expanding these days is the value of assets seized from corrupt officials. The city’s sharp deceleration serves as a stress test of China’s economic problems, and as a warning of the difficulty in fixing in tianjin

Other areas of China are also grappling with subdued growth. Commodity-producing regions have struggled to adapt to a modernising economy, as has the rust-belt north-east. But Tianjin stands out as a place that should be doing better. It boasts a busy port and good universities. A skilled manufacturing hub, it has attracted firms from Airbus to Motorola. Just half an hour from Beijing by train, it is well situated.

The problem is that the city’s planners got far ahead of themselves. They built a big new financial district, which they billed as China’s Manhattan, in the Binhai district, on the city’s far-east side. Nearly 70% of offices there are vacant, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, a property-services firm. That flatters the reality. One whole floor of the New Finance Building, a glistening complex, has been converted into “escape rooms” for adventure games. “The buildings are great,” Zhang Junkai, a port worker who lives nearby, says with a wry smile. “It’s just that we don’t have enough people in them.”

Some 60km away, on the city’s western fringes, the waste is even more striking. A private developer wanted to create a high-tech zone, anchored by the world’s fifth-tallest skyscraper. Construction all but stopped a few years ago. The skyscraper’s skeleton is nearly 600 metres tall, and surrounded by a dozen other abandoned building sites, which are a short drive from a fledgling polo club, itself ringed by empty luxury residences.

Corruption fuelled the excesses. In the city centre, Zhao Jin, a property magnate, paid off bureaucrats to flout zoning rules. He had permission to build three towers of no more than 35 storeys, but instead went for 66 storeys. He and the bureaucrats (some of them, anyway) are now in jail; his development, an unfinished eyesore, was listed for demolition. In another case, at the port, managers of a chemical warehouse exploited connections to pass inspections on matters from fire safety to chemicals handling. In August 2015 a massive explosion obliterated the warehouse and the surrounding area, killing 173.

The deadly blast seems to have marked a turning point. Huang Xingguo, mayor since 2007, was jailed last year for corruption. Li Hongzhong, Tianjin’s new Communist Party boss, has presided over a clean-up. Corruption investigations in the first half of this year have already exceeded the total for 2015. The government has also changed its economic course. It has tightened its belt, budgeting nearly 15% less spending this year. Once-busy building sites have attracted scavengers. Ads for metal-recycling services are plastered on construction walls in the high-tech zone.

Tianjin, along with a handful of other Chinese regions, has admitted that its economic record was grossly inflated. Binhai, which accounts for half the city’s output, declared in January that its GDP was a third smaller than previously reported. Partly as a result of correcting for past fabrication, Tianjin’s annual GDP growth has averaged just 3.5% since 2017, compared with 13.5% under Mr Huang, a precipitous drop.

MS Principal, Concordia International School Shanghai

MS Principal, Concordia International School Shanghai

The Principal serves as the administrative leader responsible for communicating with and empowering the Middle School to carry out the school’s vision and mission. He/ she is responsible for leading the MS faculty and staff in creating a climate of learning wrapped in relationships. Through thoughtful management of people, policies, facilities, regulations, and procedures, the Principal ensures an environment conducive that students in grades 5 through 8 are learning, supervised, and provided a high quality education that meets the approved curricula as framed by the Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRS). International high school

The Principal works collaboratively with faculty, administrators and parents to: meet the academic, spiritual, and social needs of middle school students, advance the school’s core values, foster a sense of community throughout the school, monitor progress toward school-wide goals, and establish divisional goals for ongoing improvement which align with the school-wide goals. The Principal empowers the MS team to explore deeper learning throughout the division.

The applicant should ideally have experience as a Middle School principal and be an active Christian, due to visa restrictions in China, applicants cannot be older than 57 as of August 1, 2019.