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Attended by Thousands of People and 18 Countries, 2018 China-Europe Trade and Investment Forum Becomes an Unprecedented Event


Hosted by China-European Association for Technological and Economic Cooperation, co-organized by Worldway Fortune Club, undertaken by Worldway Immigration Group and Chanceway Capital, and sponsored by Chanceway Property, 2018 China-Europe Trade and Investment Forum was successfully held in Beijing on September 8. Focusing on the theme of “Promoting Trade and Investment Facilitation and Deepening China-Europe Economic and Trade Cooperation”, forum integrated multiple remarks and created a wonderful and valued event with multiple perspectives and dimensions. A number of well-known media fully participated in the report, and there was not a single vacancy on the spot. All the guests showed active and interactive, and the atmosphere was very hot!



There was not a single vacancy on the spot, and all the guests showed active and interactive



Officials from 18 European Countries Were Invited to Attend the Forum Together with Thousands of People on This Grand Occasion

Officials from 18 European countries including France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Montenegro, Latvia, Moldova, Lithuania, Italy and Hungary were invited to attend the forum, which was fully supported by both of China and relevant agencies of EU. And more than 1,000 guests including political leaders, business celebrities and academic experts from all over the world attended the event, and the forum was featured by diversity and the global.



Numbers of Topics Caused a Stir

Gathered by thousands of people on the spot, many guests discussed topics about policies, markets, investment and other aspects actively, which lighted an important flame of thought in 2018.

Feng lun, chairman of Worldway Fortune Club and the famous Chinese entrepreneur, delivered the keynote speech “Going out • the Survival and Development of Chinese Enterprises”, and shared the growth history of Chinese enterprises’ integration with other countries in the past 30 years, which would be the reference for entrepreneurs in the new era.

Dr. Xing Xinli, chairman of Worldway Immigration Group, delivered the keynote speech “The dawn of Europe and the Way of Chinese Capital to Europe”, which focused on the hot spot of European investment under the global economic integration, and the core idea of “The Coming Golden Decade of Europe ” had deeply resonated with the political and commercial leaders.


Feng lun, chairman of Worldway Fortune Club (The Left) and Dr. Xing Xinli, chairman of Worldway Immigration Group (The Right) delivered the keynote speeches.


Guan Chengyuan, former Director of West Europe Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & former Ambassador to in the EU, Mats Harborn, President of European Chamber, Ulrich Weigl, Minister-Counselor, Head of Trade Section , EU Delegation to the People’s Republic of China , Gudrun Gallhoff, Minister Counsellor, EU Delegation to the People’s Republic of China, John Aquilina, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Malta, Emmanuel Stantzos, Minister, Embassy of Greece and other officials attended the forum and delivered keynote speeches and investment opportunities from own perspectives.



High-end VIP Reception Party and Face–To-Face Celebrities Powered European Investments

A grand VIP reception party was held by Worldway Immigration Group and Worldway Fortune Cub after the forum, and the guests were given the face-to-face opportunity to communicate with celebrities, which has a great significance for new information on European investment. All of the guests highly recognized and praised the international platform established by Worldway Immigration Group.

This forum was an important strategic meeting for the upgrading Worldway’s brand, as well a concrete manifestation of closer relationship between Worldway and Europe. It further improved the cooperation between Worldway and other European countries in the field of investment, and had a profound significance for the business development for Worldway in Europe. With the successful launch of 2018 China-Europe Trade and Investment Forum, Worldway would definitely become an important force to push Chinese enterprises and individual investors to “go out”!

Virgin America’s New Flight Route Is A Match Made In Travel Heaven

For the first time ever, Virgin America, which was just voted the best airline in the U.S. by Condé Nast Traveler readers for the eighth year in a row, is flying to the Aloha State, home to what the same awards consider the best islands in America.預訂機票

The airline celebrated its inaugural flight from San Francisco to Honolulu on Monday with plenty of Hawaii-themed fanfare. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson looked positively tropical with his aloha shirt, lei, and entourage of smiling hula dancers.
Prices start at $199 each way, which is quite competitive for flights to Hawaii. Branson told Mashable he expects the new route to be successful quickly. “For West Coast Americans, Hawaii is where they want to escape,” Branson said. “And I think the question is why we didn’t do it years ago.”

The airline also plans to debut a flight route to Maui on December 3.

In 2014, more than 8.2 million people visited Hawaii, with over 3.2 million of them traveling from the west coast of the U.S.

Flights Will Be The Cheapest They’ve Been In 7 Years

Flights prices this summer will be the cheapest they’ve been in seven years, according to estimates from airfare prediction site Hopper. An average round-trip domestic flight purchased in June will cost just $240, which is 20 percent less than it would’ve cost two years ago.Cheap Flights from Bangkok to Lanzhou

By September, the average domestic round-trip will cost just $207. This is some incredible music to every traveler’s ear.Experts say the dropping cost of jet fuel is one cause behind cheap flights. These new summer price predictions follow a trend of low ticket prices that we’ve observed since last year. Hopper predicts the drop should continue pretty steadily for the rest of 2016.

Researchers at the site examined their archive of more than a trillion flight prices along with search data for every destination in the U.S. to reach their conclusions, a spokesperson for Hopper told HuffPost.

Of course, nabbing a cheap flight this summer will involve some strategic planning. Experts recommend purchasing plane tickets exactly 54 days ahead of time for domestic travel to get the best deals.

Southwest Is Offering Flights In A 3-Day Flash Sale

Summer is kicking off with yet another round of cheap airfare opportunities. Cheap Flights from Urumqi to Shanghai

Southwest Airlines is offering one-way flights as low as $47 in a 3-day flash sale that ends Thursday night.

These deals aren’t the most eye-popping we’ve ever seen. But they do make for well-priced weekenders, or a convenient way to skip legs of cross-country road trips when you’re tired of the car.

Some of our favorite options include a $47 one-way flight from Charlotte to Baltimore, a $49 flight from New Orleans to Nashville and $79 flights from New York City to Austin or Chicago.

If international travel is more your style, there’s a $149 flight from Los Angeles to Costa Rica, too.

Most of the deals are valid for flights from Aug. 23 through Dec. 14, and they’re limited to certain days of the week.

But not to worry: Since airfare is generally cheaper all summer long, you may be able to book one leg of your trip at flash sale prices and another on a non-restricted day for the regular price without too much shock to the wallet.

Innovation drives growth engines in China

The industrial and telecommunications sector in China has maintained a steady economic momentum with innovative industries driving growth engines.To get more latest china news, you can visit shine news official website.

Some promising signs can be found in an array of emerging innovative sectors as data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that sales of new-energy vehicles, integrated circuits and industrial robots grew 56.7 per cent, 17.2 per cent and 35.1 per cent year-on-year respectively in May.

Mao Shengyong, the bureau’s spokesman, noted that new driving forces have increased vigorously with the deep promotion of supply-side structural reform, providing favourable support to industrial growth.According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the information and telecommunications sector has played an important role in driving the industrial economy.

In the first quarter of this year, information consumption showed stable growth, as epitomised by the rise in the nation’s annual telecom revenue of 5.1 per cent.

“The nation’s telecom industry is expected to continue stable growth in the coming months despite the continuing trade friction between the US and China,” said Xiang Ligang, a telecom industry expert. “The trade war has in turn strengthened the nation’s determination to develop core technologies and encouraged telecom operators and equipment makers to make innovations,” he added.

Driven by such innovations, major telecom operators also reported solid profit growth in the first quarter of this year.

China Mobile Communications Corp reported that its revenue was 185.5 billion yuan ($28.7bn) in the first three months of 2018, an increase of 0.8 per cent year-on-year. China Unicom said its net profit exceeded ¥1.3bn in the first quarter of this year, up 374.8 per cent year-on-year.

China expects upcoming DPRK-ROK summit to yield positive outcomes

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang here on Monday said that China expected the upcoming summit between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK) to achieve positive outcomes.To get more china world news, you can visit shine news official website.

Geng said that China hopes the positive outcomes of the upcoming summit could further strengthen inter-Korean coordination and interaction, maintain and consolidate the momentum for detente on the peninsula and continue to promote the positive role of the political ways of settling Korean Peninsula issues.

ROK President Moon Jae-in and top leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un will hold their third summit in Pyongyang from Tuesday to Thursday as agreed upon in their April summit at the border village of Panmunjom.

China will continue to fully support the improvement of relations between the two sides of the Korean Peninsula and make efforts and contributions to the early realization of the denuclearization of the peninsula and the long-term stability in Northeast Asia, said Geng, adding that it is also hoped that the international community will continue to play an active and constructive role in this regard.

When commenting on the moves that the DPRK and the ROK opened a joint liaison office at the DPRK’s border town of Kaesong on Sept 14, Geng extended China’s sincere congratulations, saying that the launching of the office will help the DPRK and the ROK to consolidate trust, improve ties, promote reconciliation and cooperation and will also create a favorable atmosphere for the upcoming summit.

The trade war is already hurting US companies in China

In a survey by two American chambers of commerce in China, nearly two-thirds of US firms who responded said the waves of new tariffs have harmed their business. To get more china news in english, you can visit shine news official website.
The United States and China have so far slapped tariffs of 25% on more than $50 billion worth of each other’s exports and more are in the pipeline. President Donald Trump said last week that new tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods could go into effect “very soon” and warned that an even bigger raft of measures is in the works.

“Tariffs are already negatively impacting US companies and the imposition of a proposed $200 billion tranche will bring a lot more pain,” Eric Zheng, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said Thursday in a statement. “The US administration will be hurting the companies it should be helping.”

The damage from the trade war to US businesses in China includes lost profits, higher manufacturing costs and lower demand for their products, according to the survey of more than 430 companies in industries ranging from technology to health care.
About 30% of firms said they were shifting parts of their supply chains away from China and the United States to buy components from other places. A similar amount said they were delaying investment decisions because of the trade tensions.
Some businesses reported other changes in recent months, such as more tax or environmental inspections and slower clearance of goods at Chinese customs, according to the study.

One of the highest-profile casualties of the trade war was US chipmaker Qualcomm’s (QCOM) $44 billion acquisition of Dutch rival NXP Semiconductors (NXPI), which China killed in July by refusing to grant it regulatory approval. The two chambers of commerce on Thursday urged the US and Chinese governments to resume negotiations.

That could still happen before the next round of tariffs kick in. The Trump administration has invited Chinese officials to hold a new round of trade talks, top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Wednesday.

Trump and his advisers have argued that the tariffs are necessary to pressure Beijing to abandon unfair practices. The US government accuses China of stealing intellectual property and forcing American companies to hand over valuable technology. The Chinese government has dismissed the complaints as “groundless.”

“We support President Trump’s efforts to reset US-China trade relations, address long-standing inequities and level the playing field,” Zheng said. “But we can do so through means other than blanket tariffs.”

Chinese airline sparks row with ‘racist’ travel guide to London

A Chinese airline has caused outrage after warning travellers to avoid visiting areas of London “populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people”.

Air China, the country’s national airline, printed the advice in its inflight magazine Wings of China. 上海到新加坡

The guide also added: “We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when travelling.”The row began after Haze Fan, a Beijing-based producer for CNBC, spotted the advice while travelling to the UK with her fiancé who is from London.

She took a photograph of the text and posted it to Twitter asking Mayor of London Sadiq Khan what he thought of it.

Two Labour MPs for London constituencies with significant proportions of ethnic minority residents have urged the Chinese ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, to obtain an apology for their constituents.


During a Perth to London flight that was even longer than advertised (a gate-to-gate journey of almost 18 hours), I had plenty of time to reflect on the three parameters that count most when choosing a long-haul journey: time, money and air online

Looking at the fares for a Heathrow-Sydney flight on 1 May, returning two weeks later, the trade-off between time and money is clear. By far the cheapest is Air China, which will sell you the trip for a frankly absurd £433 – so long as you are happy with a nine-hour transfer in Beijing in each direction. China Southern offers a much slicker connection flight via its hub in Guangzhou, as well as less time in the air, for £601. Budget passengers can assess whether the 12 hours saved is worth £168 (that’s £14 per hour, to save you the time).

Once brand comes into the picture, the calculation becomes more complex. Singapore Airlines has a £730 fare, with good connections in the city state and a formidable reputation. Other factors are at work, of course. “SQ” also has the advantage of getting the longer part of the outbound journey covered before the break. While the Gulf-based airlines offer plenty of one-stop connections, I prefer to cover more ground and not to touch down beside a big duty-free shop drenched with florescent light at silly o’clock in the morning. So the Far East, whether Singapore, Beijing or Guangzhou, or indeed Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur, is my preference over Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi.

All of this assumes the status quo that has prevailed for the past 30 years: that London to Sydney, the flagship link between Europe and Australia, is a one-stop trip. What happens when the 10,560-mile journey becomes nonstop?

The boss of Qantas, Alan Joyce, is convinced it will happen in 2022. When I met him off the first Perth-Heathrow nonstop at Terminal 3 shortly before 6am last Sunday morning, he told me: “That’s when we think Boeing and Airbus will have an aircraft that can do the operation. We’re working closely with them to get the aircraft there.”

At a little under 20 hours outbound and 21 hours inbound, the flying time from London to Sydney will be three hours longer than the nonstop to and from Perth. The timings during the northern summer look attractive, too; a 10am departure from Heathrow gives a 4pm next-day arrival in Sydney. So plenty of time for connections inwards from around north-west Europe into London, and outwards from Sydney to New Zealand’s key cities. Or, for point-to-point travellers, a civilised departure and arrival time.

China to airlines: ‘No room for negotiation’ on Taiwan labeling

China says there will be “no room for negotiation” in its demand that U.S. airlines describe self-ruled Taiwan as part of China ahead of a deadline this week.

Beijing has insisted that carriers change references to Taiwan on their websites to “Taiwan, China” by Wednesday. Taiwan separated from China amid civil war in 1949 but Beijing continues to claim it as its own territory.flight trip tracker

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Tuesday that China hopes the U.S. government will urge businesses to follow China’s requirements. He did not specify how China would punish defiant carriers, saying only that it will “wait and see.”