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The test requirements of ore milling equipment

The test without load should meet the following requirements:
(A)The operator should start and stop the ore milling equipment according to the procedure and the respective interlock system shall comply with the technical requirements;
(B)When the movable cone rotates in the forward or reverse direction, the revolutions should not exceed 15 per minute.
(C)There should be no impact sound and periodic noise of the bevel gear wheel in the ore milling equipment.
(D)The lubrication system should work properly, the oil pressure should be within the certain range and the oil return temperature does not exceed (the oil return temperature of the commissioning with load is not allowed to exceed 60℃).
(E)As for the hydraulic adjustment device in the hydraulic equipment, it should be locked tightly according to its operating procedures; the operator should adjust the ore outlet to make its size meet the requirements under specific condition.
(F)The time of the normal continuous operation should not be less than 2h; generally, it should be up to the identification requirement.
The test with load should meet the following requirements:
(A)The operator should check the projects with load, which have been checked in the commissioning without load.
(B)The time of the commissioning with load should be kept for two days and nights normally and continuously (the short-stop for inspection is allowed). The amount of the feeding should be gradually increased, from the small amount to the full load.
(C)The position of the feeding device should be installed correctly and the ores should be evenly distributed in the crushing cavity.
(D)In the normal crushing process, there should be no sharp vibration and abnormal sound.

Trouble shooting for the motor of ore milling equipment

In the actual use of the ore milling equipment, we may meet a lot of faults. The motor is the key part of the ore milling equipment. If the motor has some faults, the working efficiency of the ore milling equipment will be affected. Therefore, the troubleshooting for the motor of the ore milling equipment is very important.
If the motor can’t start after the power of the ore milling equipment is turned on, there may be the following reasons.
First, the short circuit, the open short circuit or the grounding phenomenon of the stator winding phase may occur. Second, connection of the stator winding is wrong. Third, the overload is overweight or the rotor is blocked.
You can take these measures. First, check the open circuit, short circuit and the ground connection and repair them. Second, check the ground connection of the stator winding and correct it. Third, lighten the load and eliminate obstacles.
If the shell of the motor of the ore milling equipment is charged, there may be the following reasons.
First, the ground connection is bad. Second, the winding insulation is damaged. Third, the stator winding is affected with damp. Forth, the wiring board is damaged, or there is too much dust.
You can take the following measures. First, find out the causes and repair the motor. Second, repair the insulation, and the impregnating drying process need to be done. Third, replace the wiring board and clean up the dirt.
If the temperature rising of the motor ore milling equipment is too high or the motor smokes, there may be the following reasons. First, the load is too overweight. Second, the short circuit of the stator winding occurs. Third, the ground connection of the stator winding is wrong. Forth, the grounding of the stator winding and the short circuit of the inter turn occur. Fifth, the rotor of the motor of the ore milling equipment breaks. Sixth, the fixed rotors rub with each other.
You can take the following measures. First, reduce the load or replace the vibration motor. Second, repair the short circuit parts. Third, check the ground connection of the stator winding and correct it. Forth, detect the failure and repair it. Fifth, replace the rotor. Sixth, measure the air gap of the vibrating motor. Seventh, check the assembly and attrition of the bearing and repair them.

Along with the rapid development of the infrastructure

Along with the rapid development of the infrastructure construction of bridges, railways, highways, buildings, house demolition, the demand for high-quality aggregate is increasing; artificial sand equipment is the key equipment for the production of artificial concrete aggregate, whose performance directly affects the quality of the concrete aggregate and affects investment and production costs of artificial aggregate processing system. There are a wide range of crushing and sand making equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, their performances and prices are also vary. How to choose the right crusher and ultrafine mill to ensure the operational reliability advanced technology, economic rationality of the system of artificial sand production is the main topic for artificial sand production designing system.
With the continuous development of science and technology progress, economic constructions requirements on industrial automation is increasing, which ask new requirement on operating techniques and sand making equipment; ultrafine mill plays an increasingly large role in national economy. Sand maker is increasingly competitive, highly automated, intelligent, multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption mining equipment is increasingly favored by the industry.
Sand maker is the most common used equipment in the cement works, in the production process, the quality of the finished sand and sand fineness modulus are mostly measured by human experience or sampling by drying, screening points, weighing and other discrimination; the old method, on the one hand, has large error and unreliability; on the other hand, sampling weighing although has accurate determination, it takes long measurement time, cannot be subject to feedback regulation, and increases artificial workload. With the increasing demand of the mechanism sand, it also put forward higher requirements on the mechanism sand standard.
After years of research and production of sand making equipment, Hongxing introduces international advanced technology, improves production yields, reduces the cost of wear and tear, extends the maintenance cycle and reduces the amount of maintenance. These advantages make it become the first choice for stone integer, artificial sand, refractory materials and other industrials.

Crusher business as well as continuously enhance the technical

Right now The far east economic climate, annually eaten all over the world inside a 12 months the quantity associated with metal as well as metal, fossil fuel, concrete, 45% from the 46% paid for with regard to 60%, we’re right now annually power usage makes up about the planet complete power usage in excess of 20% many years, however the gross domestic product paid for with regard to 16% from the worth associated with greater globe.
Therefore, we’re right now this particular street isn’t environmentally friendly, we’re dealing with really severe environment difficulties. Huge stress associated with environment difficulties, may market the in order to update the actual specialized degree of the actual quarry crusher, to be able to progressively enhance their own manufacturing effectiveness as well as result.
Right now the actual crusher improvement in the direction of big size, automation, smart, incorporated path within progressively, the actual need from the marketplace therefore, mashing gear manufacturing business should understand the marketplace need, based on marketplace change procedure as well as item development, enhance the manufacturing make-up, grab marketplace possibilities, to attain commercial improving.
Consequently, the actual crusher sectors based on the real scenario of the personal, a few changes towards the item sequence, consider a few power preservation steps, enhance the specialized degree of the actual big environment safety power preserving gear, simultaneously may also be the main money in order to speed up the actual improving associated with items. In order to help to make item high quality simultaneously, but additionally boost the purchase support needs, having a great status to find the prefer associated with clients all over the world.
The actual improvement associated with big household crusher better environment safety as well as boost the manufacturing effectiveness, the actual brilliance from the damaged associated with large-scale gear has got the subsequent a number of factors: 1 conserve the region as well as national infrastructure expense. The two device energy usage reduced using the big gear. 3 manufacturing expenses much less.
This should be noticed that: fine sand producing device, even though international mashing gear towards the path associated with large-scale improvement, the actual limitations associated with dimension will also be is a discovery, however improve how big the gear, based on the subsequent elements: 1 the actual improvement from the warm as well as chilly digesting technologies. two uncooked materials my own dimension. 3 in the device manufacturing plant towards the set up area associated with transport. four energy supply.

Quarry crusher is suitable for dewatering process of tailings

Quarry crusher is suitable for dewatering process of tailings, which is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. The new type of quarry crusher is actually not a simple settling equipment, but a combination of mud layer and filter. quarry crusher (High Efficiency Concentrator) is typically dominated by the concentration tank, cake rack, gear, cake rack lifting device, feeding device, discharging device and signal safety device. In addition, quarry crusher station is widely used as gold mine processing equipment, limonite ore dressing equipment, mineral concentration equipment, copper ore beneficiation equipment, etc.
The quarry crusher (High Efficiency Concentrator) works in a certain amount of flocculant which is added to the slurry to be concentrated, and the purpose of the mineral particles in the slurry is to form floc, speed up the settling velocity, thus achieve improved concentration efficiency.
In the operation of the wet beneficiation, large amounts of water needs to be dehydrated to improve the effect of sorting and improve the ore concentration in the sorting process, so the quarry crusher is suitable for mine processing. Thickeneror quarry crusher (High Efficiency Concentrator) is mainly used for dehydration and concentration in the mineral processing operation. In the sorting process, the quarry crusher can increase the concentration of the mine and improve the effect of sorting, so it is suitable for the process of mine dewatering.

Construction waste crusher in the use of the process should pay attention to matters

Before starting, you should check if all the access doors are closed tightly and check if the the clearances between the crusher palates accord with the feed grain size. Adjust the rotation speed of the analytical engine to meet the approximate finished size requirements. Finally, start the machine in the order.
1 Start the bucket elevator; 2 Start the construction waste crusher; 3 Start the analytical engine until there is material in the silo there is material; 4 Start the blower (Start without load. Load after the normal run); 5 Start the host of the construction waste crusher. At the instant of starting the host, immediately start the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. At this time, the construction waste crusher begins to work.
Sequence of operations
Simple sequence of operations is as followings: start: elevator crusher analytical engine blower host feeder.
Shutdown sequence
Shut down each part according to the followings when the construction waste crusher stops running.
1 Turn off the feeder to stop feeding.
2 After about a minute, stop the host.
3 Stop the blower after the blowing off the residual powder.
4 Shut down the analytical engine.
The shutdown sequence of the construction waste crusher: feeder host blower analytical engine
Note: when the elevator transports materials to the hopper of a certain amount, stop the construction waste crusher and then stop elevating. The reservoir feeding amount should be the present change.
5 You are not allowed to arbitrarily refuel when the construction waste crusher is in normal operation to ensure production safety. If milling machine makes abnormal noise in any part or the load increases suddenly, you should immediately stop the machine to check it. Troubleshoot problems in order to avoid a major accident. The rest material must be removed if you continue to start the machine. Otherwise the power current is too large, which will impact the start.

Future development focus of construction waste crusher industry

As an important part of China machinery manufacturing industry, the construction waste crusher industry supports the mainstream equipment for the national economy and also reflects the development level of national industrialization level. With the development of economic globalization, our mining machinery industry especially the construction waste crusher industry is moving on the intelligent, digitization and large-scale.
At present, the development of the mining machinery industry in China also has problems and has been restricted by low comprehensive strength, weak scientific and technological base, low product quality and other factors. Therefore, innovation and developing high-end products, has been the best way to adapt to the current economic development method, and also the future development focus for China mining machinery industry.
First of all, we should pay attention to improve the technology level while strength the innovation and RD. For mining machinery manufacturers, it is necessary to locate the position, develop enterprise culture and establish brand images. We should avoid blind expansion, and focus on the development of high-end crushing equipment. Through the technology innovation, upgrade the integrated economic benefits.
Secondly, the mining machinery industry is changing from specialization into multi-skill. The enterprises should research new theory, technology and method to achieve a breakthrough in high-end products.
Abide by the principle of big enterprise, family and school in our culture building, Zenith wins many honors by the exquisite techniques and advanced technology. We will always serve customers by the service tenet that to be responsible for every procedure; to responsible for every machine and to responsible for every customer. We will do our best to get your satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repay with our sincere dedication.
Last not least, there is still a lot of room to develop in the mining machinery market. We should strength the investment in research and personal training to lay a solid foundation for its international development road.

The Best Way to Improve the Yield of Gold Ore Crusher

In the production process of cement, the grinding process of raw materials in the gold ore crusher is a complicated process which is influenced by many factors, such as the structure of the grinding mill, technical process, the grading of the grinding media and the features of the materials. The main material for producing raw materials is limestone which is often stored in the open air, for this reason, the production of raw materials is easily influenced by the weather.
The temperature in winter is low, so is the temperature of the feeding raw materials, which will produce big temperature difference with the temperature inside the grinding mill. When the water content of the raw materials is high and the temperature inside the grinding mill is also high, the water inside the raw materials will be heated and become vapor, so that the fine powders will stick onto the grinding media and the lining board to form the crash pad layer or block the grating hole of the partition board, which will hinder the circulation of the materials and reduce the powder grinding efficiency. The common solution to this problem is stopping the feeding and smashing the cabin, which will reduce the yield of each mill per hour and at the same time, increase the consumption of balls and electricity.
As the raw materials has high humidity and high water content, the moving speed inside the spiral conveyor will be slow, which will decrease the conveyance ability of spiral conveyor. In addition, due to the high water content and low temperature of the raw materials, the humidity of the waste gas is also high, and the waste gas will easily condense inside the pipes, which will cause blockage of the pipe, so that the grinding mill should regularly stopped to handle the blockage, thus reducing the running rate of the grinding mill.
After the profound research and discussion of the engineers and technicians of Henan Hongxing ore milling equipment Machinery Co., Ltd., we finally figure out the best way to solve this problem: add a hot blast heater in front of the gold ore crusher, and in the actual operation, the temperature of the in-fed hot air may reach 389 so that the full grinding problem caused by the high humidity of the raw materials can be solved. The machine-hour yield can be improved by 3 tons than the same period of last year. The temperature of the discharging waste air can reach and temperature of the waste air that is emitted to the air is higher than 54 thus eliminating the condensation. Due to the addition of the hot blast heater, the grinding mill can not only grind the materials, but dry them and the running rate of the spiral conveyor is also improved.

Analysis of Ore Dressing Technology of Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant is crystallized carbon with crystalline layer, which has a high conductivity and conductivity, and resistant against high temperature, stable chemically, small hardness, easily stuck to solid surface, can draw clear dark streaks on the paper. With all these good properties, it has been widely used in the industry.
Portable crusher plant flotation often uses flotation method, sometimes uses shaking sorting. portable crusher plant uses electrostatic separation, but due to ore beneficiation requiring thorough drying and precise classification, and high voltage power supplies are difficult to manage in a humid environment, fine particle component is difficult to deal with and other reasons, electrostatic separation cannot be promoted widely.
Portable crusher plant is mineral material easier to be floated in non-metallic minerals. portable crusher plant is frequently associated with MICA in order to prevent it from being entered foam. Inhibition with water glass is available. Water glass can inhibit many other gangue minerals.
Flake portable crusher plant has good flotation, portable crusher plant particles less than 1.65mm can be floated. Sometimes in order to advance separate out large areas of portable crusher plant and carbon portable crusher plant, screening (or hydrocyclone classification) dissociation was able to isolate large flake Portable crusher plant as the final product. In order to protect portable crusher plant flakes from repeated abrasion, roughing grinding fineness of feed may be thicker, rougher concentrate should be with multi-stage grinding.
Ore dressing of cryptocrystalline portable crusher plant is still difficult, mainly due to bad quality of portable crusher plant floatation, this is because the hidden quality of portable crusher plant crystals are small, often embedded in clay. The recovery rate of flotation process is low, with high grade of tailings, so the method cannot be abandoned.

The Develop of Construction Waste Crusher Supports the Construction of Western China

With the increasing investment boom of artificial sand, the gold period for sand making plant is coming. Along with vigorous advance of Twelfth Five-Year plan, the infrastructure construction has got rapid develop.
1. When the material is in the machine, we cannot start the construction waste crusher. If we do this, the power driver will be damaged. So we should start the machine firstly and then feed the ore material into the construction waste crusher.
2. Each crusher has its application scope, construction waste crusher is the same. The ore material that enters into the machine has a specific particle size. If the material is too large, it will block the feeding port of the construction waste crusher. If this phenomenon happens, we should sweep the machine and it also will affect the production process. When the impeller is damaged, we should change it to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3. The sand making plant needs daily maintenance, or the inner parts will be damaged easily because of the attrition. After a period of time, the construction waste crusher should be added the lubricating oil to ensure the long working time of the machine.
4. The construction waste crusher is fixed by the crews, after the strenuous exercise, the crews will be loose. When the abnormal ring is heard during the operation of construction waste crusher, we should stop the machine and check it timely.
In province, there are many customers use the new type of construction waste crusher. This province has good stone resources; so many customers invest the production of DY series construction waste crusher. Hammer crusher is popular in the last years, but nowadays, the construction waste crusher has a good develop prospect in the future.