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Set the wheel balance

The balance wheel of the grinding wheel must first correct the level. First, insert the thin flat cutting disc into the grinding wheel chuck, and then press the grinding wheel into the ring.
Screw the grinder cover (left turn) and tighten with a flange wrench. After putting the combination on the semi-stick, put it on
On the two equal edges of the balance table, then balance according to the following methods. Swing the wheel on the balance table, then
Then use chalk to make a mark. Then lock the first half-balance piece to the opposite side of the mark. thin flat cutting disc Note that you can never move again. Wait
Any position on the arc. Then rotate the grinding wheel 90 degrees each time to check if the grinding wheel is balanced. If it is not balanced,
Then you must move the balance piece and go to any position of the grinding wheel to balance. Balanced grinding wheels must be at normal grinding speed
Test run for at least 5 minutes. For the first time, the grinding wheel must be mounted on the main shaft and the grinding wheel on the workbench should be trimmed.
Until accurate. Even balanced wheels: may be unbalanced due to abrasive particles, so must always,
The check must be rebalanced if needed. Supplement, the new grinding wheel generally has to be balanced twice, the first half-balance
The purpose is to eliminate the unevenness of the surface caused by the grinding wheel during the manufacturing process. Mounted to the inlet shaft
After passing the machine, trim the outer and end faces, then remove them for a second balance. The second balance must be
Strict requirements are required to achieve a static balance of the grinding wheel in any orientation. If you do not meet the criteria, find out the original
Re-distribution or scrapping.

Where is the angle grinder used?

Angle grinders are suitable for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone. Water is not allowed during operation. A guide plate must be used when cutting stone. For models equipped with electronic controls, grinding and polishing can also be carried out if suitable accessories are installed on such machines.
Angle grinders are used in many places, and woodworkers, bricklayers, and electric welders are commonly used.
First, woodworking The installation of the woodworking saw blade is a smart portable woodworking saw, which can be handled by simple woodworking. Many masters who install the floor use it.
Second, SeikoThe installation of the grinding wheelcut off disc for stainless steel is a small portable grinding wheel cutting machine, which can cut and polish small metal parts, and it is indispensable for metal processing such as stainless steel security windows and light boxes.
Third, stone The most inseparable from it is the stone processing installation. It can be installed with a series of marble cutting blades, polishing sheets, wool wheels, etc. It depends on it for cutting, polishing and polishing!

Abrasive quality control

First, the quality of abrasives

1) There are large particles in the abrasive. Causes scratches.
2) Different manufacturers, the same specifications of abrasive products, the difference in particle size specifications is too large, and some even cross the grain size number. Lead to unstable product performance.
3) Abrasives of the same grade, the actual strength of the sharp and durable cutting wheel varies greatly, resulting in unstable product performance
4) The impurity content and content in the abrasive are unstable. This results in unstable product performance; it also affects the performance of the workpiece being ground for more demanding grinding objects.
The quality problems that often occur at present are mainly reflected in the above four aspects. The following four aspects are introduced on how to conduct quality control.
Second, abrasive quality control

1) Abrasive large particle control. thin flat cutting disc For single crystal diamond abrasives, the size fractionation is usually carried out by a sieve sieving method. Since the standard is unreasonable for large particles, large particles often appear in the single crystal abrasive. Especially for 80/100 abrasives for fine grinding applications, large particle inspections must be carried out before use. If the manufacturer wants to control large particles, it is necessary to reduce the upper limit sieve of the inspection sieve by one number, so that the large particles can be effectively controlled.

The user has to control large particles, and can filter out large particles by sieving. Microscopic image method can also be used to inspect large particles. It is found that large particles should be treated or replaced. Diamond micronized abrasives are usually classified by sedimentation method. Since there are no practical standards at present, the definition and understanding of large particles are currently inconsistent. Therefore, it is not surprising that large particles often appear in micronized products.

In order to control large particles, the production unit must first control the settlement time of the stopper particle size to ensure that the large particles are blocked outside, and at the same time pay attention to the production links without any pollution. Especially in the production of fine powder of 5μm, the production environment must be clean. As a user, it is currently necessary to examine large particles in micropowder using only microscopic image analysis. For the definition and analysis of large particles, please refer to the contents of the fifth lecture.

2) For single crystal diamond abrasives, the products of the same specification, different manufacturers and different batches have great differences, and some even differ by one grain size. This will have a greater impact on the use of the effect. The manufacturer shall strictly inspect the screen used to ensure that the screen meets the standard requirements in order to ensure that the particle size of the single crystal diamond abrasive product of the same specification of different batches and different manufacturers is stable.

For the user, it is also necessary to use a qualified screen for quality inspection. For the user, the one-to-one particle size composition is an important factor to ensure the stability of the use effect. Therefore, the particle size composition of the product should be strictly checked. The method by which the user controls the particle size composition is a screening method and an image analysis method. For the diamond micropowder, a microscopic image method, an electric resistance method, or a laser diffraction method can also be used.

cut off disc for stainless steel

Abrasives products are mainly used for machining various parts in machining, cutting, grinding, polishing and grinding of various materials. The products processed by the abrasive grinding tools have high precision and good surface finish; the workpiece does not generate machining stress, and the geometrical tolerance can be effectively controlled. A special-shaped surface, a sealing surface, a mounting reference surface, and an appearance quality, which are generally required to be required, are all completed by an abrasive tool.7″ cut off disc for stainless steel The metallurgical industry is generally used for surface treatment of steel embryos. The automotive industry is used for coating treatment of its main gate crankshaft, cam, engine machining and exterior surfaces. In addition, furniture, leather, advertising equipment, electrical appliances, etc. all require abrasive abrasive products to complete. It is also widely used in industries such as construction, geological exploration and resource exploitation. Abrasives products are a special tool in the manufacturing industry and a basic industry closely related to the national economy and people’s lives.

Machining should be based on the material of the part to select abrasive products: general materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, hard bronze and other parts with high tensile strength, optional brown fused alumina abrasives; the material is hardened steel, High-carbon steel, high-speed tool steel and other high-hardness parts, optional strong white jade grinding tools; coated abrasives and super-hard materials, selected for the softness and hardness of the parts and special processing conditions, also The abrasive can be formulated according to the performance index of the material, and the size and quantity of the abrasive can be determined to meet the processing needs.

How to use abrasives in machining to maximize the effectiveness of abrasives. First of all, 7″ cut off disc for stainless steelwe should understand the type of abrasive tools and the relatively suitable materials. At present, there are three main types of abrasive products:

(1) Ordinary type, including corundum series and silicon carbide, resin abrasives, ceramic abrasives, etc.;

(2) coated abrasives, including abrasive cloth, sandpaper, abrasive belts, etc.;

(3) Superhard materials, mainly diamond, cubic nitride and products.

Use resin cutting blades to pay attention to 4 details

In order to be able to achieve safe production and increase production efficiency, some details of the use of the resin standard cut off wheel for metalrequire special attention:
1. When the cutting is not sharp, the cutting piece should be trimmed and edged. If it continues to be used, it will cause overheating and overload, and the cutting piece will be damaged. Also, it should be noted that the cutting piece is strictly prohibited for operations other than grooving or cutting, and abnormality due to uneven force is avoided.
2. In the rotation of the cutting piece, it is strictly forbidden to cut by hand, and the cutting piece cannot be touched by hand or body. Also, if abnormalities are found during the cutting process, stop immediately. Also note that when the cutting piece is marked with the direction of rotation, it must be in the same direction as the machine tool. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp, and it is difficult to exert the performance of the cutting piece.
3. If a cutting piece that does not match the cut workpiece is used, it is prone to abnormal wear, poor sharpness, abnormal heat, and the like. In addition, it should be noted that when the flange is too small or the precision is poor, the cutting piece is easily damaged. Please use it after improvement.
4. Please check carefully before installing the cutting piece to confirm whether the cutting piece has deformation, crack, and collapse.
When using the resin dicing sheet, as long as you pay attention to the points mentioned above, there will be no major problems.

Handheld machine cutting considerations

thin abrasive cutting disc for metal
I. Do not use the cutting machine to contact rainwater or use it in a humid environment to avoid electric shock.
2. It is forbidden to block the vent of the cutting machine and prohibit foreign matter from entering the cutting machine:
lest to cause burning or malfunction,Foreign objects can spill and cause danger.
3. When the cutting machine is working, do not touch the moving parts to avoid the hands being caught.
4. It is forbidden to use the cutting machine continuously for a long time, so as to avoid the high temperature affecting the performance of the machine and damage
Bad motor.
5, the cutting machine is prohibited from falling
So as not to damage the machine.When working at height, pay attention to the surrounding environment, there are no people standing underneath.
6. Use the specified blades and accessories, otherwise it may cause malfunction, accident or injury.
7. Use the specified oil, otherwise it will cause power shortage and damage the machine.

Grinding wheel quenching

Why should water be cooled frequently when grinding a high hardness tool that has been quenched and tempered on a grinding wheel?7″ cut off disc for stainless steel
Cutting is a physical movement. Narrowly defined cutting refers to cutting objects (such as food, wood, and other objects with low hardness) with a sharp tool such as a knife; generalized cutting refers to the use of tools, such as machine tools, flames, etc., to make objects under pressure or high temperature. Disconnected.7″ cut off disc for stainless steel
The grinding wheel spindle is overheated because the gap between the main shaft and the bearing is too small, there is debris between the bearings, the bearing is worn, the lubricating oil is not enough or leaks, and the lubricating oil is used incorrectly, which makes the bearing lubrication poor.
High-hardness tools after quenching and tempering produce high temperatures during grinding, often using water cooling to prevent workpiece annealing. For example, we grind white steel cutters on the grinding wheel, and if it is not water-cooled for a long time, the white steel cutter will produce an annealing phenomenon (feeling like burning) and lose the hardness, and the cutting work cannot be completed. Grinding for a while, cooling in water, is also a quenching process to maintain the hardness of white steel. Carbide-like tools or cutting tools are not allowed to be cooled by water during grinding. Therefore, the hard alloy has good red hardness and will not be annealed at high temperatures. Conversely, if water is continuously used during grinding, the cemented carbide will break due to the large internal and external temperature difference, causing damage.
Steel tools generate a lot of heat during grinding. If they are not cooled, the hardness and rigidity of the product will decrease, which will affect the quality and service life of the product. Using water cooling to lower the workpiece temperature maintains workpiece performance.
Cemented carbide materials are resistant to high temperatures and are brittle. In the case of quenching and rapid heat, the product may crack.

The service life of the grinding wheel

Any grinding wheel has its own wear requirements. If the wear is reached to a certain extent, it must be replaced with a new one. It is not necessary to use excessive wear in order to save materials. This is a very unsafe violation. It is generally stipulated that the new grinding wheel should be replaced when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter 10 mm larger than the diameter of the chuck.7” cut off disc for metal
The actual grinding time between two dressings of the grinding wheel is called the wheel life. Judging the life of the grinding wheel is generally determined visually based on the phenomenon produced after the working surface is worn. The main phenomena are: self-excited vibration in the grinding process, regenerative vibration on the surface of the workpiece; increased grinding noise; grinding burn on the surface of the workpiece, sharp increase or decrease in grinding force; reduction in grinding precision; grinding surface The roughness is increased. These phenomena are mainly caused by thermal damage to the surface of the workpiece due to excessive grinding temperature and a decrease in roughness and precision due to self-excited vibration.
7” cut off disc for metal,End of life of the grinding wheel: the surface passivation of the grinding wheel is in a smooth state (which will increase the grinding force and grinding heat); the grinding wheel is clogged (prone to vibration or noise and to burn); the contour of the grinding wheel is destroyed (affecting the machining accuracy).

Forming wheel dressing

In addition to the correct use of the corresponding dressing tools when trimming the grinding wheel, the following finishing methods must not be ignored:
Resin cutting chip manufacturers
1) The diamond tip should be in the same plane as the center of rotation of the dressing tool and pass through the center of the grinding wheel spindle during dressing.
2) In order to reduce the consumption of the diamond pen, cut off disc for stainless steelthe silicon carbide wheel dressing tool can be used during roughing. This can improve the efficiency of the dressing wheel. Resin cutting sheet manufacturers Shunfei grinding wheel, operating resin cutting sheet model is complete, understand the specifications of resin cutting sheet, understand the use of resin cutting sheet, please consult Yongkang resin cutting sheet manufacturers Shunfei grinding wheel. 3) If the profile of the grinding wheel is connected by two convex arcs, the large arc should be trimmed first; if it is a convex or a concave arc, the concave arc should be trimmed first; if it is a convex arc If the straight line is connected, the straight line should be trimmed first; if the concave arc is connected with the straight line, the concave arc should be trimmed first. 4) When the workpiece to be ground is convex arc, the radius of the concave arc grinding wheel should be 0.01mm larger than the radius of the arc of the workpiece; if the workpiece to be ground is concave arc, the radius of the convex arc grinding wheel Should be 0.01mm smaller than the arc radius of the workpiece.
Resin cutting chip manufacturers
The ability of the grinding wheel to resist cracking under the action of centrifugal force when rotating. Since the tensile strength of the grinding wheel is lower than the compressive or bending strength, only the tensile strength of the grinding wheel is usually determined, and the size thereof is mainly determined by the properties and amount of the bonding agent, the molding density, and the baking temperature. When the tangential stress generated by the grinding wheel along the aperture reaches its own critical tensile strength due to the high-speed rotation, cut off disc for stainless steelthe grinding wheel will rupture, and the slewing speed at this time is called the rupture speed of the grinding wheel. * The breaking speed should be 1.8 to 2 times the working speed allowed by the grinding wheel. In order to ensure the safe working of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel must pass the rotation test. Resin cutting sheet manufacturers Shunfei grinding wheel, operating resin cutting sheet model is complete, understand the specifications of resin cutting sheet, understand the use of resin cutting sheet, please consult Yongkang resin cutting sheet manufacturers Shunfei grinding wheel. The test speed shall be 1.5 to 1.6 times the allowable working speed of the grinding wheel. For ease of use, the grinding wheel only marks the permissible* working speed (rev/min or m/s). The grinding wheel must have safety guards when it is used.
Resin cutting chip manufacturers
Advantages of grinding wheel electroplated diamond grinding wheel: simple electroplating process, low investment, easy to manufacture; no need to trim, easy to use; single layer structure determines that it can reach a very high working speed, currently abroad has reached 250 ~ 300m / s; although only single Layer diamond, but still has enough life.

How do Abrasives companies connect to the Internet?

In the context of the rapid development of Internet e-commerce, the abrasives industry has been hit hard, and the original sales model of the company has gradually lost its market appeal, which has prompted large and small abrasives companies to embark on the road of Internet+China cut off disc. However, in the face of the ever-changing Internet wave, how to establish an effective connection with the Internet is the most concerned topic for every enterprise that wants to transform the Internet+.

Price transparency forms a good word-of-mouth communication in the form of the Internet

The real needs of consumers are: convenience, price transparency, and thoughtful service. In the form of the Internet, and then the price of abrasive products is transparent, and the service is perfect, this is of course very happy for consumers to pay. However, the current cohesiveness of abrasives and abrasives enterprises is not strong. The phenomenon of single operations is very serious. There is often a phenomenon of mutual price reduction, which makes consumers confused. So low prices can buy good products? So just put7” cut off disc for metal The price is transparent in the form of the Internet, and the service is strengthened, which will make consumers form a very good word of mouth.

Spreading products and services to bring customers to the Internet through the Internet

If the consumer service is good in the early stage, then the consumer will make a second purchase, or carry out word-of-mouth publicity, which is not good for the abrasives and abrasives business! Most of the abrasives are now serving the merchants. It is a new customer, and the secondary consumption of those old customers is very small. If it can help the abrasives manufacturers and let consumers make secondary consumption, then the abrasive industry will be ready for the Internet transformation. Therefore, using the Internet means to complete the 7” cut off disc for metal products and services dissemination of abrasive abrasives merchants, and applying big data to guide merchants to carry out refined services can bring customers and bring value to the merchants.

Improve service and experience and implement Internet thinking

The future market is the service market. Who can make good use of Internet technology to provide users with a more satisfactory experience, who can occupy the market? The service executive body of the abrasives industry is craftsmen, organizes craftsmen, brings value to artisans, and allows craftsmen to Respecting society is a system that abrasive abrasives must establish. Liberation craftsmen, respect craftsmen, service craftsmen are the core of the transformation and upgrading of abrasives and abrasives enterprises. The combination of the Internet and services can bring business to artisans and further Carry out the corporate Internet thinking.

In short, if the abrasives industry wants to use the Internet to realize enterprise transformation, it needs to establish an effective connection with the Internet, take the Internet as the platform, and take the enterprise service as the core to promote the long-term development of the abrasives industry.