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The growth of mining machinery depends on innovational ability

With the continuous social development, crusher enterprise is also synchronized. The products, management and concept are also innovative. Innovation becomes an ever-lasting theme. For our crusher enterprise, the innovation also is the important thing. Within the continuous expanding of degree of foreign trade, foreign crusher began to occupy more and more overseas market.

In order to meet the innovation demand, as the leader role in the domestic ore milling equipment market, our company firstly launched the innovation in domestic mining machinery. We have made a series of new breakthrough, such as the new type jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and so on. After the technological innovation, we also produced the new type hammer crusher, coarse hammer mill, rough hammer mill, stone crusher etc.

Of course, there is no doubt that our crusher machines are welcomed by many customers. As we all known, the innovation force promotes the expansion and development of mining enterprise, and SBM will always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation and development

Portable crushing station help with environmental protection business

In recent years, with the intensification of the infrastructure construction efforts in our country and the implementation of demolition and renovation in many cities, the problem of construction wastes is becoming more and more serious. As for the engineering mechanical industry, portable crusher plant plays an immeasurable role in the process of construction wastes.In modern social development, energy crisis is increasingly serious, the green and environmentally friendly development pattern is advocated by every country, and saving energy and protecting the environment is the only path to realize fast and good development of social economy.

The experts of our company think that the building wastes are not trash in the real term, but resources that are put in the wrong place. After special process, the construction wastes can be turned into valuable building materials.

The portable crushing station manufactured by our company is a whole set of portable crushing and screening line composed by raw material cabin, vibrating feeder, coarse crushing equipment, multi-layer vibrating screen, medium crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, portable belt conveyor, sand washer and electric control system and it is mainly used for moving operation in highway, railway, metallurgy, mining and building materials

The most efficient way of improving grinding efficiency of mill

There are many factors influencing the grinding efficiency of making machine. As for one mill grinder, when processing one mineral, the influencing factors of ultrafine mill efficiency include property of grinding media, matching of grinding media, filling ratio of grinding media, ratio of grinding balls to materials, grinding density and feeding granularity. Among them, the influence of some factors is approximately proportional, some nonlinear, some relevant, and such factors as matching filling ratio of grinding media will change along with the implementation of the grinding process and the loss of grinding media, for this reason, it is very difficult to precisely and scientifically calculate the influence relation of every factor. However, there is one influencing factor which is the most direct, clear and most efficient, feeding granularity.

Working efficiency refers to the working amount finished in unit time. For this reason, grinding efficiency refers to the amount of products meeting the granularity requirement of vertical roller mill in unit time. When the grinding plant, grinding balls and grinding density are the same, the grinding efficiency is mainly related to feeding granularity. Grinding mills are used for processing large materials to products with the required granularity, so that if the granularity of feeding materials is similar to that of required, the working load of grinding mills will be smaller and the working efficiency will be higher.

According to our calculation, when reducing the feeding granularity from 20mm to 5mm, the relative productivity of grinding mills will be improved by about 30%, which means that the ball grinding mill can process 30% more ores in unit time. When such cost as energy consumption and personnel is certain, if 30% more concentrate products can be got in ore beneficiation plant, the increase in economic benefits for the ore beneficiation plant will be huge, for this reason, reducing the feeding granularity is the most efficiency way of improving the grinding efficiency of ball making machine and increasing the benefits of ore processing plant.

Several factors affecting the working efficiency of superfine carbon

The efficiency of silicon carbide ultrafine grinding directly affects the efficiency of the entire production line, after a period of use, we often find that the work efficiency of silicon carbide ultrafine mill as before, in order to restore the ultrafine carbide Work efficiency, and thus improve the efficiency of the entire production line, we have to understand the impact of silicon carbide ultrafine grinding efficiency of the reasons for what.


The third reason is the structural problem of silicon carbide ultrafine grinding, which includes the type of ultrafine grinding of silicon carbide, liner shape, speed, specifications and so on. The different types of silicon carbide superfine grinding media used in the range are also different, the correct use of silicon carbide can be ultra-fine grinding efficiency, otherwise the wrong use will reduce the production efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the spherical medium and long rod-type medium grinding effect is. Ultrafine grinding of silicon carbide grinding grinding efficiency is high, suitable for fine grinding, because the silicon carbide ultrafine mill used in the spherical media in the grinding is the collision point of contact. However, the ultrafine grinding of silicon carbide superfine grinding is thought to be too serious, so the rod carbide superfine grinding is more suitable for mineral grain size below 30 mm and requires the product size of not less than 1 mm ore grinding.

The fourth reason is that the specific operation is used. More parameters of silicon carbide ultrafine grinding is fixed, can not be used in the production of easy to change, and some parameters can be based on the specific use of the situation to make a reasonable adjustment, thereby enhancing production efficiency. So the low efficiency may also be due to the adjustment of some adjustable parameters unreasonable.

Understand the impact of silicon carbide ultrafine grinding work efficiency of several factors, you can adjust the superfine grinding of silicon carbide, and at the same time in the use of more attention, will be able to restore the efficiency of ultra-fine grinding of silicon carbide, and then Improve the efficiency of the entire production line.

Current sand production is bound to be the darling of investors

In the future years, the demand of industries such as domestic construction, bridge, water conservancy for construction aggregate and artificial sand continuously increases. The supply of gravel aggregate is confronted with huge gap with the market demand. Therefore, the investment for gravel aggregate is bound to be the favorite of various investors. The gravel aggregate industry itself is an industry with small investment and rapid effects. Taking advantages of the natural environment, investors are able to finish the basic production program with the combination of mining machines such as crushers, sand maker and screen.

According to the statics of customers from our company, the investment for the sand making machine and stone production line becomes more and more. A lot of small and medium sized investors began to put into production early after the earthquake. At present, most of the them start to expand production scale. Confronted with this situation, more investors are energetic than others. The broad market potential of sand production line will supply chances for the energetic businessman and investors. Since the State Council announced that the government would invest 4 trillion on the infrastructure construction, the social investment is driven.According to the southern weekend newspaper statistics, as of November and day, the 11 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government investment and is expected to drive the social investment, scale in more than 10 trillion, of which 6.5 trillion will be in the next three years to complete.

Professional sale of large ultrafine grinding

Ultrafine grinding, the United States the earliest production and application, ultrafine milling machine is also the world’s official face for the world of grinding grinding equipment, his appearance is undoubtedly the development of industrial machinery and equipment a major milestone in order to promote the development of modern industry The contribution can not be ignored, until now, ultrafine mill has always maintained its leading edge in the industry. So, especially for the needs of large-scale ultra-fine grinding more and more, the company specializes in the sale of ultra-fine grinding, for the purchase of ultra-fine grinding of professional mechanical staff may be concerned about us at any time.

As a professional sales of ultra-fine grinding professional sales staff, first of all, for the use of ultra-fine grinding, not everyone is a professional in the manipulation, even with the operation of professionals, we also need to further remind their attention to Protect the safety of life. The following explain the use of large-scale ultra-fine grinding considerations, from three aspects:

First of all, ultra-fine grinding parts: professionals are aware that we are in the daily use of ultra-fine grinding, whether it is large-scale ultra-fine grinding or small, are not as long as the assembly of the main body of the machine, we also need to spare tools and Accessories preparation work. This type of tool has a lot of roller, grinding ring and so on, do a good job in the early spare to prevent accidents. The second aspect: accessories replacement Note: In general, for the replacement of accessories, we sell ultra-fine grinding is mainly the main running time of the machine, from this aspect we teach professionals to calculate the degree of wear of internal parts , At the same time in the replacement of the need to pay special attention to the bearing inside all the commonly used parts for strict cleaning, and then replace the new parts, the need for strict implementation of parts lubrication operations. On the one hand is for the professional use of people selected car because the ultra-fine grinding machine requirements are not everyone can go to the operation and use, we have to undergo a rigorous training in advance, the staff need to obtain the appropriate operating certificate to start after the field operation, The process also need to pay attention to the observation and protection of the machine work.

We specialize in the production of ultra-fine grinding, large-scale ultra-fine grinding, small ultra-fine grinding by the sale (centrifugal ultra-fine milling machine, 3000 mesh ultra-fine grinding, kaolin ultra-fine grinding, silicon carbide ultra-fine grinding). For the purchase of ultra-fine grinding of the manufacturers, we can conduct a profound understanding, look forward to working with you for your cooperation.

Making bricks is a new way of construction waste

With the rapid development of the city, the disposal of construction waste has always been a difficult problem, and it is found that construction waste is a very effective way to realize the recycle of construction waste through long time practice. But the size of the aggregate is strictly required for the bricks, in the actual production often have many aggregates because of not meet the requirements and be wasted, in order to solve this problem, ore company has developed a crushing, screening as one of the construction waste crusher, effectively alleviating this situation. The equipment has low noise, low energy consumption and high production efficiency, so it is suitable for brick production of construction waste.

In the actual production, the construction waste through this highly efficient, multi-functional processing equipment, the production of material granularity can be suitable for the production of brick requirements. This equipment has been put into use in many places, and the effect is good, in Yunnan, a construction waste brick enterprise Production site, we see the world-State Company in Yunnan, a customer site a PP1214 series of construction waste treatment equipment is being produced, The staff of the scene told reporters: this equipment broken out of the aggregate granularity can be more than 90% to reach 5mm above, greatly reduced the process, efficiency has improved a lot, more importantly, to minimize the production costs, creating more wealth.

Our company’s construction waste treatment equipment production line is to save energy, reduce consumption, emission reduction for the design guiding ideology, drawing on the foreign advanced technology, according to China’s actual situation design and development of independent intellectual property rights of environmental protection and energy-free brick automatic production line. In view of the current trend of development, the construction waste brick has a broad prospect, construction waste treatment equipment can not only effectively eliminate a large number of solid waste, such as construction waste, effectively solve the construction waste Land, pollution and environmental problems, and can alleviate the problem of construction bricks in China, one more.

Construction waste treatment equipment leading the company to green Environment

With the development of science and economy, the business model of all walks of life has made corresponding adjustment, our mining machinery industry is no exception, in the past, our development direction is a single pursuit of scale, efficiency, and now our development is to green environmental protection, recycling the direction of production, construction waste crusher is our results. Like this, the green route is not only in line with the principle of harmonious development of the world, but also helps to solve the dilemma of the domestic mining machinery, which brings hope for the long-term development of the enterprise.

The new development direction, mainly manifests in enhances the energy utilization rate of the product, the recycle use of the resources to reduce the product standard discharge, thus achieves with the minimum resources to satisfy the economic society development the ultimate goal.

As the leading enterprise of mine equipment, in the face of such a form, a sail machinery from its own, always adhere to the needs of the industry development, foreign leading technology and professional experience, and strive to develop a series of future-oriented energy-saving, environmental protection, high-quality sand, flour, mineral processing equipment, and formed a lot of complete production lines, such as milling equipment production line, gravel equipment gravel production line, mechanism sand production line, construction waste treatment production line, gypsum powder production line and stone production line.

New sand making machine helps dry powder making sand field

Number control sand machine is my latest research and development of new sand equipment, V-type crushing cavity type, automatic lubrication device and intelligent control device, greatly improve the sand production efficiency, save labor cost, at present dry powder mortar field, new sand machine can be very good to be used

In the field of dry powder making sand, the requirement for sand making machine is higher, first on the grain, to conform to the national standard of dry powder sand, the finished product must be cubic, our company designed a new type of sand making machine is the use of impact and counterattack principle to achieve the crushing of materials, the use of three-layer rotor crusher cavity, scientific use of the principle of mechanics, Not only improve the crushing efficiency, but also ensure that the finished grain type of fine.

For dry powder field, requirements of the finished product size under 3mm, according to the characteristics of dry powder sand, my company developed a new type of sand-making machine with automatic lubrication and intelligent control device, can realize the timing of the bearing fixed-point lubrication, the first to ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment, intelligent control device can realize the automatic regulation By adjusting the rotational speed to control the size of the output, the finished product size can reach 120 mesh, completely can meet the requirements of dry powder sand.

New type of sand-making machine inside the hammer and liner are used in the new wear-resistant materials, in the case of limestone, hammerhead service life of up to half a year, reducing the cost of customer use

Effect of low voltage on ultrafine grinding

Superfine grinding at the time of production, for all aspects of the requirements of the very strict, any one aspect of non-compliance, there may be a decline in production efficiency and the increase in fault, so we must ensure that all aspects of the rationality of the conditions, here is mainly about the voltage is too low, for the impact of the machine. The ultrafine mill in the processing of materials, good performance, not only with the performance of the equipment and quality has a relationship with the external working conditions also have a great relationship, so-called working conditions mainly refers to the operation of various aspects, such as the speed of the feed, and then, for example, the size of the voltage, these aspects are in line with the requirements Equipment to work smoothly, any one condition is not standard, can cause adverse effects in production, here is to introduce the voltage is too low, for the impact of the machine production.

Ultrafine grinding at work, when the voltage provides the machine operation, the required driving force, in general, different types of equipment, the voltage requirements are a rating, if not up to this rating, will appear to start the difficult phenomenon, or even can not start, If the voltage is too low due to voltage instability in production, then will cause the wind pressure to become small, the analysis machine can not work normally, this time, the powder will plug inside the mill, not only affect the output, but also increase the maintenance process, these two aspects for production, are very unfavorable, Therefore, we need to ensure the stability of the voltage in production and meet the requirements of equipment operation.

To ensure the size of the voltage in the production of ultrafine mill, need to install an electric cabinet before installation, and install a stable voltage, this can effectively guarantee the stability of the production voltage, before the power-on, to check the voltage value to ensure that it reaches the rated value, and then open the mainframe, to ensure that all aspects of the conditions meet the production requirements of equipment, In order to ensure the smooth production. In fact, the voltage value will only affect the production of Ultra-fine mill one of the factors, in the actual production, there are many external factors will cause its production of unfavorable factors, so before the start of the inspection and routine maintenance, maintenance work can not be reduced, all aspects of the conditions are standard, to ensure the smooth production.