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Crushers can solve major problems faced by cement companies

In recent years, with the development of China’s urbanization and continuous advancement of infrastructure construction, the demand for cement is also expanding continuously. However, the production of cement needs continuous supply of limestone and other mineral resources, the current consumption of limestone is larger and larger and the high grade limestone is less and less. Hence, the biggest problem faced by various cement manufacturing enterprises is how to maximize the comprehensive utilization of limestone and other mineral resources. In order to solve this problem, the cement producing enterprises need the progressive concept, advanced technology, superior quarry crusher and other aspects of support. Only By improving production technology and adopting advanced mechanical equipment can cement enterprises effectively enhance productivity, improve utilization rate of mineral resources and in the meantime realize the cyclic utilization of waste residue and stone.

Rock crusher is the necessary mechanical equipment in the production of cement. Over the years, with the continuous improvement of technologies of crushing machines, some new types of crushing equipment can greatly improve utilization rate and reduce waste of mineral resources. The crushers in cement plant are various, such as cement crusher, jaw crushing machine, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on. They all make huge contributions to the cement manufacturing and utilization of mineral resources in cement plant. Cement production equipment is closely linked to mining area, and mining industry continuously provides advanced mechanical equipment for cement manufacturing plant so as to ensure the production of cement enterprises.With the help of mining gold ore crusher, cement industry can continuously produce high-quality products to meet market demand. We believe that the production in a cement company will always need crusher machines in the future, and crusher machines will play increasingly important role in cement industry. Therefore, the experts from Hongxing Machinery suggest carious cement enterprises to choose advanced and high-quality crushing equipment to maximize comprehensive utilization of limestone and other mineral resources.

Raymond mill will adopt a new development mode

According to our experts, the raymond mill will develop in a new way on the market. There are many factors that will have effect on the raymond mill, so no matter what is the current developing situation in the grinding machine industry, we cant easily tell the future development trend.Our company among so many competitors is a professional manufacturing enterprise making and selling all kinds of grinding mills. We have made much progress about the innovation and improvement of the future machines such as the environment protection feature, the machinery upsizing and the innovation of the technology.

The Chinese Raymond mill manufacturing industry now enters the fast growth period although it starts up later than the foreign companies. In the past, when we talked about the Raymond mills, we often meant the equipment used to handle materials with medium and poor hardness. However, after years development, the modern grinding mills become various in types and functions.

The Chinese government is encouraging the enterprises to realize environment protective development. Many cement enterprises have been banned so far which helps to reduce much pollution to a large extent. Its well known that the ultrafine mill industry is a high consumption one, so we must pay much attention to the green development path if we want to stand out in the global market.The upgrading of the technology is also quite important for the whole machinery industry, so is the replacement of the products. If we want to be excellent for a long time, we must catch up with the social demand and try the best to adapt to the new development trend.

Working process of quarry equipment

Overview of A Quarry:

A quarry is a type of open-pit mine from which rock or mineral ore is extracted. Quarries are generally used for extracting building materials, such as dimension stone, construction aggregate, riprap, sand, and gravel. They are often collocated with concrete and asphalt plants due to the demand for large amounts of aggregate in those materials.Although in general a quarry is a type of open surface working from which virgin rock or mineral ore are extracted, each quarry is very different and will have different types of quarry crusher. The design and general running operation of a quarry depends on the type of rock being extracted, the general environment surrounding the quarry, the size of the quarry and the geography and geology of the general area.

Working Process of A Quarry

The rock arriving at the processing plant has to go through the crushing process in the following process. The specialist quarry machine used will depend on the size of the rocks being crushed and the desired size. The different sized stone is then separated by the use of mining sieve. The stone is then stored in huge stockpiles according to the aggregate, such as rock, sand or gravel. Some of these stockpiles may be so large that they have to be kept outside.

Quarry Equipment that is Used

During the quarrying process, a complete set of quarry crusher machine will be used such as jaw crusher, sand maker, impact crusher, ore elevator machine and belt conveyor. When quarrying the limestone, the specially designed limestone machine will be necessary.In our company, the quarrying processing is of great importance to us since we are a professional and the best manufacturer and supplier of specialist quarry machine in China.

Note on vertical mill no load

vertical mill operation has a lot of precautions, correct operation can playa lot of benefits. vertical mill equipment operation is also something thathave very cautious requirements,vertical roller mill operation must be carriedout in accordance with strict steps, so today we are mainly to explainthe requirements of vertical mill no-load:

After vertical mills maintenance, or when it is newly purchased, it needs no-load test, theload test is carried out under the circumstances of no medium (steelrods) and materials idling. Continuous operation should not be less thanfour hours, generally 8-16 hours of operation, it can be determinedaccording to the specific situation. The longer the commissioning is,the better the main bearing and gear tooth surface grinding will be.Then lubrication of lubrication points at no load is normal, and no oilleakage. vertical mill main bearing temperature should not exceed 50? verticalmill runs smooth, gear has no abnormal noise; liner and transmissionparts is not loose; the running of all parts can meet the maintenancerequirements. When idling reaches a predetermined time, stop the millrunning, carefully check all parts, tighten the liner bolts, eliminatedefects found.

Through my presentation, your must have been clear, we have differentstyles of vertical mill, and they have different price, welcome to inquireand order! My company has a lot of good products, you can also take alook at the other equipment, there is more suitable for you. Finally, weare grateful for your busy schedule. We look forward to bringing morefresh and up-to-date information.
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Three developing trends of the crusher

In order to further joint with the market and meet the requirement of customer, our company has paid close attention to the update information of mining industry. Today we will discuss the three major developing trends in the crusher; following is the opinions that our company provided:Nowadays, the crusher technology has matured and formed many types of special equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, construction waste crusher and hammer crusher. In order to meet the requirement of environmental protection of the customer and new standard of energy saving of the state, our company will further improve the technology of crusher equipment.

The innovation of information technology and computer technology makes it possible to further save the human, material and financial resources in the production process. The future developing of the crusher will realize the perfect combination of engineering machinery equipment and network information technology. The network computer technology has used not only in the research and developing design of the ore milling equipment but also in the actual operation of the crusher which greatly improves the operating efficiency and quality. It will be a gradually perfect and mature process.

Crusher in the mining industry has a wide range of applications and successfully exploits the economic value of mining waste; the developing of technology in new era will makes the application of the crusher more diversified. Recently a successful application case is that the crusher turns the concrete waste of construction into reutilization of building material.

Control of ultrafine grinding in production

Ultrafine grinding in the production process, can bring benefits for the production line, not only with the performance of the machine, but also with the production of operating conditions, such as relations, production conditions, including a lot of aspects, here is to introduce the problem of feeding control. The ultrafine mill feeding control is very important, it relates to the mill milling efficiency and grain size, so control the factors involved in the material is very important, the following to detailed analysis.

The feeding machine in ultrafine mill adopts electromagnetic vibrating feeding mode, and the point vibration motive is a two-particle directional forced vibration system, which consists of a groove body, a vibrating fork and a armature, the entire electro-vibration feeder should be suspended in a free State, there should be a certain swimming gap, there must be no material and feeder collision, lest the noise at work, after installation should be used to locate the joint fork check when the screw loosened, loosen the lock nut tightening. Open the rear cover of the raymond mill, check whether the air gap between the iron core and the armature is in the 1.8-2.1 ㎜ range, parallel and clean, and check all screws for loosening, especially the pressing iron core and the armature and the plate spring screws, all normal after the cover

In all normal circumstances, open the Ultra-fine machine silo gate for material delivery, again to see whether the amplitude and current is stable, whether the feed volume meets the requirements. If the amplitude and current are in the nominal value, if the feed quantity still does not meet the requirements, the vibrator can be hoisted into a downward tilt angle, when the matter is satisfied with the requirements of the feed quantity, but the larger tilt angle does not exceed 20 degrees.

Crushing and recycling factories make construction waste into treasure

Our company has developed the series of rock and construction waste crusher, greatly expanding the concept of coarse crushing, fine operations. Modular installation mode to maximize user requirements. Greatly reduce energy consumption at startup. The crushing station can be combined into coarse crushing, finely broken two-stage crushing system according to actual demand, and can be combined into coarse medium and fine three-stage crushing system with high flexibility. Because your work is not only the affirmation of our philosophy, but also to our survival environment has made the most long-term contribution!

Construction waste treatment is gradually becoming a hot market, in order to better serve the urban construction waste disposal, we will over the years in the crushing equipment research and development concept combined with the latest international breaking concept, developed a new generation of independent intellectual property rights of mobile crushing station. Equipped with DETP high efficiency diesel electric dual power system, the main engine starts with electric power, long life and high reliability.

Construction landfill is one of the most primitive and backward practices, and it is not only the farmland, home, but also a resource. It is an international competitive product, it can achieve high yield, good granularity, excellent grading ideal effect, and can greatly improve the recovery and reuse efficiency of solid waste and promote the sustainable development of economic cycle. Its design philosophy is to stand in the customer’s position, the elimination of crushing site formation, environmental pollution, the completion of the land rehabilitation, complex foundation of the construction and complex logistics to the customer broken work of the obstacles, as the first solution

Good management can improve service life of mining equipment

If you want to scientifically use mining machinery equipment, you must have a set of perfect management system. A set of perfect management system includes many things. Firstly, establish technical dossier of gold ore crusher, including original mechanical technical documents, handover registration form, operation record, maintenance record, technical transformation and so on. Secondly, strengthen business accounting and assessment of single machine so as to give full play economic benefits of existing machine, reduce use cost of mining machinery and improve mechanical efficiency.

1. Improve management and quality of operating personnel

Only by improving management of people can we do a good job of equipment management. Hence, quality and skill of operating personnel directly affect overall management level of mining machinery. Operating personnel and administrative staff should strengthen education and business training to adapt to requirements of new equipment and improve management level. Only by ensuring relative stability of management personnel and operating staff can we maximize the economic benefits finally.

2. Strengthen safety management of mechanical equipment

Mechanical security incident is the enemy of use of equipment. a security incident not only results in damage of equipment and personnel causalities, but delays material production ,thus causing huge losses. Hence, use and management department should often organize management and operating personnel to learn and implement each safety production and management system, and carry out regular and irregular safety check of construction waste crusher to timely eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard.

Quality of maintenance and upkeep of any equipment is premise and foundation of using mechanical equipment, mining machinery is no exception. In the process of long-term use, spare parts of mechanical equipment will be worn, which will destroy static balancing and dynamic balancing of mechanical equipment. Stability, reliability and working efficiency of mining equipment will also reduce significantly, which will even cause permanent damage of some spare parts. Hence, good management is very necessary to improve service life of mining equipment.

Ore crushing is of great significance in ore beneficiation production

In ore dressing production, ore crushing occupies a very important position, which has a great influence on working efficiency, production cost, economic benefits of ore beneficiation plant.The concrete analysis is as follows.Ore crushing refers to large pieces of ores overcome internal force between the molecules and then be crushed relying on effect of external force, which is also a process of making granularity of ore block narrow gradually. In ore dressing process, ore milling equipment is generally divided into ore crushing(coarse phrase) and ore grinding(fine phrase). In ore dressing plant, ore crushing is necessary material preparation phrase before sorting operation. Firstly, the ores to be processed by ore dressing plant are mostly tied together with valuable minerals and gangue mineral. Only by crushing and dissociating them can we use existing physical separation methods to enrich them. Secondly, all of physical separation methods are restricted by granularity, too coarse or too fine granularity cannot be separated effectively.

In every link of iron ore concentration plant, ore crushing is both the most expensive process and important part of constituting investment and production cost of ore dressing plant. According to statistics, investment of ore crushing process accounts for about 60% of investment of the ore dressing plant, production cost accounts for 40% to 60% of total cost, power consumption accounts for 50% to 65% and steel consumption accounts for more than 50%.

In conclusion, basis task of ore crushing is to provide suitable materials for sorting operation. Quality of ore crushing work directly affects ore dressing technology and economic indicators. Hence, some people think that ore crushing is the key to determine success or failure of ore dressing process. Therefore, the ore beneficiation should pay enough attention to selection of processing equipment and production management of ore crushing work.

The relationship between the production of ultrafine mill and environmental protection

Ultrafine mill production is very common, in its production process, it can bring us good production results and satisfactory production. At the time of production, its grinding roller compaction, so that the material grinding very evenly. In this process, the material also got good grinding effect. But it also exposes a lot of problems.
In the production of ultra-fine flour mills, there are many environmental problems that we need to solve. Environmental protection is now one of the many topics we are talking about. So, what kind of contribution can the ultrafine mill make to environmental protection? The first is the dust problem, in the grinding work, more or less there is the problem of dust. Feeding mouth, discharging port and fan seal, because of fine particle size, very easy to fly out of the place where the seal is not good. Then, its solution is to use the negative pressure system as far as possible, the use of good sealing equipment and fine grading equipment, when necessary in the crushing workshop installation of dust removal system to ensure clean production of the workshop, which is very important for pigments, dyes, fiber powders and toxic powders.
Now, we must do some processing for the noise of the mill. In a grinding operation, we can make it subject to some maintenance and then reduce the decibel of the noise. In the process of milling equipment work, the material should also be some treatment, so that their dust and noise at the same time to reduce and reduce, which is important for the production of milling equipment. In mining, refractories, coal industry and other industries, because of relatively poor conditions, but also through a certain means to make noise is eliminated or reduced.