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To analyze the importance of sand production line

We really want to know whether it is necessary to equip with the sand washer in the sand production line, and we also want to acknowledge whether the silica sand processing plant is invincible in the sand production line or not, so today the experts coming from Hongxing will introduce some basic information to all of the customers who are looking for them.

We firstly think about thejaw crusher and impact crusher when we say the issues about sand production line. Because of the famous reputation of the two mining machines and some people who has some relationship with mining machinery will know the two mining machines. The sand production line that we know has the flowing procedures including vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, tertiary impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washer, belt conveyor and so on which are the main mining machines in the line. Some performance characteristics of them will not be described today. Today we will introduce some invincible mining machines, and we can discuss some questions like this, the investment on sand production line is less than the ordinary or not once some key machines are not used in the line.

Sand washer is mainly used in the industries such as building jobsites, sandstone factory which is used to screen and crush some medium raw materials. And our purpose is to finish the last result that is to make the sand cleaner, to improve the quality and to satisfy the standard of national economy. So the sand washer is one invincible machine in the production line. The standard of finished quality of sand cannot satisfy the requirement of the building construction, which will bring much more damage to the manufactures which are major in producing sand washer.

The wide prospect of mining machinery with rock breaking machine

Our national crushing industry has the wide prospect and better investing environment. The rock breaking machine can crush the material whose crushing hardness and comprehensive strength are no more than 320 MPA, and some practical stone and rock are just in this range in the reality, which can be crushed by the quarry machine. There is one deep relationship between the producing efficiency and hardness of the material. There are some miner including the gold, silver, lead and zinc, limonite, Ying quarry, which have the different hardness of various materials, so the size of the mineral material is different in the feeding granularity, and some elements above on will make a big difference to the producing efficiency of rock breaking machine.

There are so many mining manufacturers entering into the mining crushing market, which directly influences the complex brands and worse producing features, especially the quality of them which limits the rapid development of the crushing industry at some level. The demanding for the mining machine in the market will bring the fast economic development of the nation and boost the progress of the technology of the rock breaking machine.

Our company as the origin mining manufacturer produces many new mining machines with the patent successfully at this right minute, which has boosted the national mining industry to contribute more and more in the international mining projects. The experts make some major analysis on the common existing problems which are belonging to crushing industry in one fiercer competition, and organize the major team to research the reasons and handling ways on those problems in order to achieve the breakthroughs, which is not only improving the promotion of the characteristics of rock breaking machine and the working efficiency, but also researching the new type crushing machine, and this is one way to expand new sale way in the future.

Hongxing mining mechanism is directly used to mineral exploration and ore dressing plant, which is widely applied in the building, mining, chemical and cement, and the grinding machine is one important part of mining machinery, the first crushing is jaw crusher, and the second crushing is impact crusher and cone crusher, and the third is sand maker, impact crusher, and the last is some kinds of grinding machine. Our company puts the demanding of the customers on the first status, which strictly adheres to the principle of enterprises and which will make a big difference on the industries such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, water, electricity, chemicals, coal, and electricity and also provides some better aspects for the municipal Engineering. The Hongxing mining machine has been sold all over the places of China, which has been highly praised by the mining customers.

Mechanical disruption of mobile crusher is widely applied

The mechanical disruption has been the most popular crushing method for the mobile stone crusher in for many years.In modern times, the construction of the large scale coal base and the centralization of the coal preparing industry force the crushing equipment manufacturers to go the way of upsizing and intelligent development. In such case, the mechanical crushing starts to be the most common and effective grinding method. Moreover, the mechanical disruption method needs little cost of the manufacturers, which is the other key reason that makes it popular among customers.

Most crushing processes in the mine field are operated based on their own different working principles and these processes are mainly physical crushing procedures. Because the materials that need to be crushed are in large number and with high hardness, in daily mining life we often consider the mechanical disruption method to realize the ideal crushing results.

In addition, mobile crushers with many types will adopt different crushing methods to break materials. Lets take the mobile jaw crusher and mobile hammer crusher as examples. The mobile jaw crusher breaks materials through pressing and impacting ways while the mobile hammer crusher uses the impacting and roller crushing methods to break materials. This shows that not every crusher will apply the same crushing method or methods.Generally speaking, although mobile crushers often combine two or more kinds of crushing methods in actual operation, the mechanical disruption method can meet all demands the mining industry needs.

Quartz stone crushing equipment in south africa

Generally, stone crushing equipment include many different kinds of types such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and so on. According to our statistics, most of quarry owners choose the VSI5X crusher as their stone crushing machinery in South Africa, besides, they also would like to choose our stone crusher plant which can greatly reduce their transportation cost. VSI5X crusher is our star product which is new and high efficiency stone crushing machinery, and integrates many patents and three crushing methods. Compared with other crushers, its productivity can increase about 30%. It has unique design which is called deep cavity-type rotor design, it can increase material pass-through volume by 30%. This popular type of stone crushing machinery in South Africa can be applied to dealing with different stones and ores.

Quartz crushing plants are ideally employed in road construction project or patch repair performs. Produced up of superior high quality, these plants normally separate finer material in the heterogeneous mixture of coarse material. The screening plants are fitted with either circular motion inclined screens or elliptical motion horizontal screens.

Oriental responded by developing an overall design that the correct stone crushing equipment to meet the design criteria is incorporated. The stone crushing equipment is designed to be automated and operated by a person in a control tower in the secondary stone crushing plant. Based on the level of engineering expertise and detail of the proposal, the customer chose Orietnal.

Clinker grinding plant application and improving

Clinker grinding plant is mainly appliedfor the fine grinding process of a variety of materials such as kaolin,limestone, calcite, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide, iron oxide, aluminumhydroxide, green paint, clay, coal, activated carbon, feldspar, calcite, talc,barite, marble, limestone, carbon black clay; the product fineness is between500 mesh (25 um) and 500 mesh (5 microns) and the fine powder can be 3500 mesh(3.55 microns).

The Durability of Clinker Grinder is Improved

When grinding steel slag, fly ash, slag and coal, due to the one-time feeding capacity is different and powders are particularly thin, and thebuffering fill layer is very thin, it is easy to contact with the grinding roller andgrinding ring directly and form high frequency vibration and noise, thuse causing serious fatigue rupture to the parts; therefore, we need to take some measuresin structure strengthening and vibration isolation so as to improve thereliability and durability of clinker grinder.
(1) Roller device adoptssliding bearing to strengthen the assembly rigidity and intensity between the rollerwheel and the axle sleeve;
(2) Take the vibration isolation structure andcanvas soft connection to protect components from vibration and increase thereliability and longevity;
(3) Large base adopts casting steel to increasewall thickness and steel thickness;
(4) Increase the bellows wall thickness,decrease wind size and increase damping pads;
(5) The host anchor bolt adoptsreplaceable foundation structure.

Structure and characteristics of impact jaw crusher

The impact jaw crusheris mainly used for the crushing the medium-hard and hard materials. Itsmain features are the followings. The crushing chamber is a tilt spacewith different tilt angles, which can form two crushing cavity, namelythe coarse crushing cavity and the fine crushing cavity. The butterflyspring is used to achieve the overload protection. The operation speedis high. The crusher equipment effect is composed of the moving jaw liner,fixed jaw liner, moving jaw, spindle, eccentric shaft, bearings of theroller, rod head, connecting rod, adjusting screw, insurance spring,adjustment wedge, beams, support plate, support head, flywheel and therack.

Compared with other crusher machines,the impact jaw crusher has the advantages of low production cost andhigh working efficiency. The impact jaw crusher is generally made of thehighly wear resistant manganese steel liner, because the liner of thejaw crusher has very high wear requirements. When the jaw crusher works,there are two jaw plates in the crushing cavity. One jaw plate is fixedwhich is called the fixed jaw. The upper end slightly tilts to theoutside and it is fixed on the front cavity wall of the crusher. Theother jaw plate moves back and forth which is called the moving jaw orthe jaw tongue. The position of the moving jaw is tilt. The moving jawforms a trapezoid crushing cavity with the fixed jaw. Since the workingarea formed by the moving jaw and the fixed jaw mainly contacts with thematerials to be crushed, they have very high wearable requirements.

The development of the mineral resources is inseparable from the miningmachinery and equipment. Therefore, as the important mining machineryequipment, the impact jaw crusher is indispensable. As the firstproduction process of the mineral crushing production line, the impactjaw crusher can be used for the primary and simple crushing operationfor the stone material crushed from the mine so that the stone materialis easier and better to be handled into the next program.

High efficiency sand washing machine made by our company

Sand washing machine plays an important role in mining machinery by virtue of its high efficiency, low energy consumption and good cleanness. There are commonly two kinds of washing machines for sale in the market. One is screw sand washing machine and another is wheeled sand washing machine. The screw sand washing plant uses the pushing force of helical blade to remove dirt. The wheeled sand washing machine turns over under the drive of impeller, makes the materials grind mutually and finally removes the impurities on the surface of sand and gravels. These two kinds of washing machines are all popular sand washing and selecting equipment.

Sand washing machine is the necessary equipment to provide high-quality aggregates in building materials and other primary engineering projects. The old-type sand washing machine has not been capable of keeping pace with the rapid development of modern mining processing. To meet the increasingly strict requirement of sandstone aggregate, we successfully maintains the important status in mineral processing equipment industry through technology innovation and building the best washing machines. Sand washing machine has made great contributions to China’s economy.

In the increasingly fierce competition, our company has spent many years of time on researching and innovating the technologies of manufacturing crusher, sand washing machine, sand making machine, grinding mill, together with stone crushing line and sand production line. sand washing machines endow with various model number, good cleanness, high efficiency and low energy consumption. We will continue to try its best to create the superb sand washing machines for users, and strive to become one of the most favorable manufacturers of mining equipment.

Mobile quarry crusher machine for granite

Mobile quarry plant is one kind of mobile crushing plant, which is a liquid stone crushing process can be regarded as a simple stone production line. Mobile construction station is more suitable for processing and crushing of construction waste in accordance with the requirements of the different raw materials, size and finished materials, especially the small crushing site. The granite crushing plant can be used in rough crushing, general crushing and fine crushing. On the standpoint of the customer, we make the solution of eliminating barriers of site and environment as the primary solution. To provide customers with high-efficient and low-cost hardware facility can greatly expand the concept of crushing operations.

Rock quarrying is a relatively complicated process. Different techniques are required for hard rock quarrying and processing compared with unconsolidated sand and gravel deposits. However, there are some common factors need to be considered for rock quarrying process, such as establishing a viable resource, determining the available area for development, assessing volumes of waste, overburden and other allowances, identifying the requirements for excavation, haulage and processing plant. The rock quarrying is processed in several stages: excavation, drilling, blasting, crushing, grinding, screening, size classification, storage, conveying for further processing or final application. There will be many types of rock quarry equipment involved in these processes.

Oriental mobile quarrying equipment plays important role in stone quarrying and mining industry. Oriental stone quarrying machine has been exported to many countries all over the world such as: India, South Africa, Omen, Indonesia, Serbia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Russia, Kenya etc. If you are interested, please just contact us. Our experts will design an excellent and cost-effective solution for you.

Expertise in mining industry in green crushing

Ore processing is high-energy, high-polluting, and also needs high costs. Jaw crusher is expert in green ore processing field, better for the ecological environment as technology of crushing process improved. The working principle improvement of jaw crusher shows that: High crushing strength, low loss, less dust and particle size reduction is one of the most important ways to improve the coal mining equipment efficiency and reduce costs.When the movable jaw come to fixed jaw, the material is crushed by the impact and compression. While the movable jaw leaves the fixed jaw, the finished product discharged from the discharge port by its own gravity. No rigid connection between the movable jaw and the transmission part. About 12% of the electricity consumption for jaw crusher can be used for crushing material, and more than 80 percent of which is used for ore grinding .Mechanical and electrical consumption of jaw crusher is small, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

Our jaw broken machine manufacturers after decades of practice and concluded, in broken field strongly advocated more crushing and less grinding process, namely to reduce the final size of the crushed product. Jaw crusher is green mineral processing equipment industry experts, increasing the content of fine particles in the crushing products, thereby increasing the processing capacity of the mill, to reduce power consumption and mechanical consumption, reduce costs and increase economic efficiency.Jaw crusher has a very broad application in mining, metallurgy, construction, cement, building materials in the field of material crushing process; when put into use, the technical upgrading, overall strength will be enhanced. We can narrow the gap and improve the international competitiveness. It is really of practical significance and we can have an enormous social and economic benefits.

Clinker grinding station application

Divided by cement production process as cement clinker factory, clinker grinding station and the preparation of four types of plants. clinker grinding station, including: cement china grinding mill, homogenization and preparation of cement, cement and bulk packaging manufacturing processes of enterprises. LM series is mainly used for a variety of vertical roller mill slag, limestone, barite and other minerals in the milling process.

Increasingly widespread use of slag, fly ash will be used in its powder form. Therefore, all new clinker grinding station to be considered in the end, the former library located slag cement (or fly ash) and slag powder library (or fly) measurement scale, in order to match with a cement mill by ‘all’ of post- into the cement silo.

A clinker grinding station is finished production in the last stages of the formation of a separate and independent production unit of finished. This phase will add the right amount of mixed clinker material regalia, output finished. The production generally can be divided into raw material preparation, clinker and made rum the three processes. Silicate production process in production representative, is composed of limestone and clay as the main raw material, crushing, ingredients, made rum finely ground raw material, and then calcite kiln feed mature material, and then cooked expected to increase the amount of gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed material or admixture) from finely ground.

If the clinker grinding station and clinker production lines with built in mine, because most of the city mixed material waste generated, these hybrid materials to be transported to a nearby cement plant built in the mines, the ground into cement and then transported to the city, increased transportation costs. Therefore, the clinker production line to be built near the mines, cement clinker grinding station to be built near the market. Ball grinding efficiency is a green industry.