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The Heat hopes to find a way to leave Wayne Ellington

According to a report by the Miami Herald reporter Barry Jackson,many sources familiar with the situation revealed that Wayne Ellington NBA 2K18 MT and the Heat both want to find a way to keep him on the team.

Ellington’s two-year,$12 million contract expires this summer,and Ellington hit a 2273 score in the 2017-18 regular season.This broke the record of Damon Jones’ Heat record and Jones created it in 2004-05.The Heat recorded a three-point record in a single season.Jones made 225 three-pointers that season.

In the 2017-18 regular season,Ellington averaged 26.5 minutes per game and was able to get 11.2 points,2.8 rebounds and 1 assist.

Basler Ozil is overrated

German football player Basler criticized the German midfielder Ozil in an interview.

At the time of the interview,Basler first talked FIFA 18 Coins about the incidents where Ozil and Gyandogan were stunned by the fans: “If Gyandogan and Ozil were booed by the fans in the first game of the World Cup,Loew must do it.Respond,change them,and don’t let them play again.They are threatening to win the championship.”

At the same time,Basler also said that he did not appreciate ?zil: “Ozil is overrated,even if he played for the national team 100 times,but in my opinion,he is just a follower,of course he has outstanding Technology,but he did not show these things in important games.”

Family is the biggest factor affecting James decision this summer

Recently,Heat player Dwyane Wade participated NBA Live Mobile Coins in a radio program and talked about the possible future of Cavalier player LeBron James.

Wade said that family will be the biggest factor affecting James’ decision.

“I don’t think this is a decision on basketball.Obviously,this season he has proved that no matter what the situation,he can lead the team to the finals.I don’t think his decision will be that kind of ‘Oh,I’m gonna go and The idea of ??three All-Star team’s.For him,life is more important at this stage.He will ask himself: ‘What will be the best for my family? Where am I most happy? ‘Because of basketball,he is so good.No matter who he is,he can be a partner.”

James averaged 36.7 minutes per game in the regular season this season,scoring 27.5 points,8.7 rebounds,9.1 assists,and 1.4 steals.He averaged 41.9 minutes in the playoffs,scoring 34 points,9.1 rebounds,9 assists,1.4 steals,and 1.1 blocks.

Durant scores 43 points to set a new record in personal playoffs

Today,the third game of the finals of the Golden State NBA Live Mobile Coins Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers is in progress.Before this game,the Warriors led the Cavaliers with a big score of 2-0 in the series.

Kevin Durant played 43 minutes in this game.He scored 43 points,13 rebounds and 7 assists on 9-of-11 shooting from 3-for-13 shooting.He scored a record high in the playoffs in Durant’s career.At the same time,this is Durant’s 8th career playoff score of 40 points.

This season,Durant averaged 38.3 minutes in the playoffs,averaging 29.4 points,7.5 rebounds,4.5 assists and 1.05 blocks.

How the MUT Aggregation of the Anniversary affection

Firstly,if you aren’t abiding how the MUT Aggregation of the Anniversary affection in actuality works,we’ll airing you through all the advice you charge to know.Every anniversary on the Tuesday,afterwards the NFL weekend has assured with the Monday night game,12 new Aggregation of Madden Mobile Account  the Anniversary players on the abhorrent and arresting abandon of the brawl will be arise into Madden 18’s MUT approach by EA.

You accept to afresh aggregate all 12 players on breach or aegis to alleviate the Aggregation of the Anniversary Master amateur card,who is decidedly upgraded from all the added Aggregation of the Anniversary cards.

In the final preseason week,for example,it was Derek Carr who had the abhorrent Aggregation of the Anniversary Master card,acceptation you had to aggregate all 12 added Aggregation of the Anniversary players on breach and put them into a alone set,if you capital to access the Derek Carr card.The exact aforementioned had to be done for the arresting Master player,which was Tyrann Mathieu.

Romagnoli is the pillar of Milan future

In an interview,Milan CEO Fa Sone said that Romagnoli is the future pillar of Milan.

Milan has already renewed with Romagnoli until 2022.In an interview,Milan CEO Fasone said: “It is an honor to be able to (FIFA 18 Coins) renew with Romagnoli until 2022,and I saw him linked to other teams.When I was in the news,I couldn’t help laughing.We agreed with his agent a few weeks ago.”

“Before the start of the new season,we have decided to retain the team’s future pillars.”

Mirabelli also added: “Renewing Romegno was an extraordinary thing.He didn’t hesitate to sign a long contract with the team.Despite all this rumor,he never cared.After these.”

“We must say awesome to him.I think he is one of the best in the world.I believe he is not the last time to renew the team.He will be here for many years.”

Why did the team play well

When the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 122-103 at home,the Grand Finals became 2-0.Sean Livingstone of the Warriors after NBA Live Mobile Coins the game was interviewed.

Why did the Warriors play well today? Livingston said: “Rhythm,rhythm.”

“Stephen played well.We got the kind of match we wanted.Stephen was hot,” said Livingston.

In today’s game,Livingston hit 15 minutes and got 10 points,5 rebounds and 1 assist.

It was a surprise that De Bruyne did not get the best player in the Premier League

Belgian coach Roberto Martinez believes that De Brune was the most prominent player in the Premier League last season.

Martinez can still not believe that De Brouney lost to FIFA 18 Coins Liverpool striker Salah in the PFA and FWA Premier League season’s best player selection,and is currently working hard to restore health to catch up with Russia’s World Cup.Salah scored a total of 44 Liverpool last season.The ball,which league 32 goals,got the Premier League Golden Boots.De Bruyne,as the team’s core,led Manchester City to double crowns in the Premier League and League Cup and ended the season with a record 100 points.Martinez said he will not hesitate to choose the Belgian national team and midfielder De Bruyne for the Premier League’s best player last season.

Martinez said: “I was surprised that De Brouney lost to Salah in the best player selection,and Salah achieved the best season of his career,but De Bruyne developed a brand new one under Guardiola.In the way of playing,this Manchester City almost broke all the records.Individual awards are used to recognize the individual performance of the players,but football is a team sport and individual performance is inseparable from the team’s achievements,and De Bruyne’s first half of the season The performance is unsurpassed.I know clearly Salah’s performance,but comparing the two,I think De Bruyne has a greater impact on the Premier League this season.”

The Belgian national team,where De Bruyne and Compagny are located,will face England in the World Cup this summer.The Stones,the defense core of the Three Lions,was also a disciple of Martinez at Everton.In response to this,Martinez said: “When I was coaching at Wigan,I began to pay attention to Stones.We missed him at the deadline.Then he joined Everton in January 2013.I coached Everton in the summer.He hasn’t finished the first show yet,but as soon as I came to the team I knew he should play back center and he had enough pressure to play the role of a playback center.It was nice to watch him continue to grow to the level of the center defender.He The future is bright.”

Stones is the only player in England’s front row who has worked with Martinez.Martinez once coached Swansea,Wigan Athletic and Everton in England,but he also tried to sign other international players.He said: “We have also visited Trippier.Our scout supervisor likes him very much.”

Ronaldo intends to establish himself as the boss

According to the Spanish media “Marca” report,Brazilian legend Ronaldo,plans to invest 30 million euros to buy the West B team Valladolid,ready to FIFA 18 Coins  establish their own boss.

According to the “Global News” report,Ronaldo has already negotiated with Carlos Suarez,the president of Valladolid.However,Suarez himself denied the rumors.He said he has not received any quotation or conducted any negotiations.Although he personally admits that the price of 30 million euros makes him unable to refuse,such attractive figures can obviously contribute to the conclusion of this transaction.

It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo and Mordo of Valladolid,the vice chairman of the club,do have a very close relationship,and the two work together to operate the Spanish Cepa 21 wine estate.

After retiring,Luo Luo has already set foot in the business community.In February last year,Ronaldo and professional poker player Andre Acari invested in the Brazilian e-sports club CNB.The CNB team is currently playing in the LOL league in Brazil.The team was established in 2015,but they were CS teams at the beginning of their establishment.